"Oh my god."Bob stood in the doorway as he looked at all the tests laid out before him. Helen was in the other room, putting up Violet's hair and getting her ready to go to church.

"I mean, Violet's nearly three and we've been talking about having another baby. This is not a bad thing, Bob. We're expanding our family." She finished Violet's bun and walked over to Bob, lifting his chin to meet her eyes.

"Bob," she grabbed his hand and placed it on her stomach, "we're having a baby again. WE are having a baby. And plus, it'll be Vi's baby sister or brother. She's been asking for one for her birthday and Christmas for the past year." Bob smiled gently but his worries remained.

"But what if they're a Super? You know how hard it is to deal with Violet being a Super. She turns invisible and it doesn't help that she's the quietest child in the city."Helen brought her finger up to his lips and kissed him. Breaking the kiss a few seconds later, she laughed.

"We'll deal. Plus, what's the worst that could happen?"

That was a mistake saying that. Throughout this pregnancy, Helen had severe morning sickness, very persistent cravings, and mood swings galore. This child was NOT cutting her a break.

Bob had tried his best to make Helen happier but the only person able to do that was Violet. Oh, it would make her so happy when Violet would walk in the door from coming off the school bus and Violet would show her all the drawings she made at school.

But then the due date came. And then a day passed. And another. And another.

Overall, Helen was a week and a half overdue when her water broke and Helen despited Bob every minute of the 28 hours she was in labor.

"I hate you, Robert Parr! Oh, you better bet you are NEVER touching me again! AH!" She yelped in pain as a contraction zinged throughout her body. Luckily, the doctor had come in and told her she needed to start pushing.

After an additional hour of pushing(even after discovering that the baby was breech), she delivered a healthy baby boy who was a very big baby boy, weighing nearly 10 pounds.

His name, after several hours of debating, was decided to be Dashiell Robert Parr. Dash had his father's blond hair and blue eyes which Helen found adorable.

The next day, Violet was brought over to see Dash and it was safe to say that she was over the moon.

She was hugging and kissing him, begging to feed him when he was hungry, wanting to change his diapers. Violet finally got the baby brother she had hoped for..and she loved every bit of him.