Ar: Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a great vacation! Sorry I haven't been updating lately. I had some work to accomplish. So, When I first saw you will be up later in the month or so. This is my first time writing a Little Vampire Fanfic. I love the Little vampire film in 2000's, but I was fascinated with the one for 2017. So I hope you'll enjoy this romantic roller coaster ride! The song that is used a bit is "Dangerous Game" From Jekyll and Hyde the Musical!

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Chapter one: A trip back to Germany.

It has been a year since Tony saw Rudolph and his family. It was his last day of school and off to the summer.

His family was planning to visit the Vampires again.

Fourteen year old Tony Thompson walks out of school and spots a girl who is 5'7, Light skin, Ocean blue eyes with a helmet on her head. The girl is wearing a black mid sleeve high low lace top, blue skinny jeans, black fingerless gloves, a black leather jacket and black buckle boots leaning against a black motorcycle smiling softly with another helmet in her hand.

"Violeta!" Tony said the girls name happily as he ran towards her.

Violeta is Tony's friends who is like an older sister to him. She is brave, Feisty, creative and just turned 18. Violeta also knows combat and rides a motorcycle which she learned how to ride.

"Hey Creature of the night!" Violeta greets Tony as she ruffles his hair playfully.

"You're picking me up today?" Tony asks Violeta excitedly as he spots the helmet in her hand.

Violeta giggles and nods in reply.

"Ready to go home?" Violeta asks her friend as she gave him a helmet.

"You bet I am!" Tony replies to Violeta happily. Tony puts on the black helmet and the two of them got onto the Motorcycle.

"Hang on tight kid!" Violeta said to him happily with a smirk on her face.

Tony hangs onto her waist as she began to rev the engine of her motorcycle. Violeta got her motorcycle running and began to drive Tony home.

As the two of them were on the road,

Tony noticed a piece of Violeta's hair coming out of her dark purple helmet. Her hair had strands of purple which never happened before.

"What happen to your Hair Vi?" Tony asks Violeta as she drives her motorcycle.

Tony heard a soft gasp from Violeta before she gave him a solid answer.

"It's nothing Tony…Just Nothing…" Violeta replies to Tony as she focused her eyes on the road hoping her cousin wouldn't ask anymore questions.

Tony left it alone since his cousin don't want him to worry about her.

The two cousin's made it to the Thompson's house safe and sound.

Violeta parks her motorcycle and helps her cousin off.

The two cousins headed to Tony's parents who were packing their luggage in the car.

"Hi Mom! Hey Dad!" Tony greets his parents happily.

"Hi Uncle Bob! Hi Aunt Dottie!" Violeta greets her Aunt and Uncle with a smile on her face.

"Hi you two! Thanks again for picking up Tony Vi!" Dottie greets the two and thanks Violeta for picking up her son.

"No problem Aunt Dottie! I would happily pick up Tony anyway!" Violeta said to her Aunt as she ruffles her cousins hair once more.

"On behalf of my parents, I want to thank you guys for inviting us on your trip Black forest Germany." Violeta thanks her relatives happily.

Dottie and Bob were going to reply until they noticed that Violeta haven't taken off her helmet yet.

"Did something at school Vi?" Bob asks Violeta in worry.

Violeta was silent for moment and hoped that her Aunt and Uncle wasn't going to ask her. She was going to deny it, but she knew it was going to worry her family even more.

Violeta sighs and takes off her helmet. Her relatives were in shock once they saw her hair.

Half of Violeta's hair is dyed purple.

"Whoa…" Tony said to Violeta in shock and amazement as he looks at her hair.

"What happened to your hair?" Dottie asks her niece as she looks at it in worry.

"The Jocks and Cheerleaders poured hair dye in our combs and hair products!" Violeta explains to her relatives in anger and frustration.

Violeta is part of the theater scene in her school, so having people mess with her hair is a huge no in her book.

"Did you get your revenge on them?" Tony asks his cousin in excitement knowing that messing with Violeta is a whole different story.

"Tony!" Bob says his son's name in warning.

"It's ok Uncle Bob! The theater club and I did a bit of dyeing ourself with their hair and uniforms to return the favor!" Violeta explains to her family with a smirk on her face.

"Nice!" Tony said to his cousin as they high fives each other while Bob and Dottie playfully rolled their eyes at their son and niece.

"Well, I should drive back home and finish packing for our trip tomorrow." Violeta said to her relatives as she puts her helmet back on.

"Ok. Drive safely." Dottie said to her niece in care. Violeta nods in agreement, waves goodbye and drives off in her motorcycle.

Two hours later,

Violetta arrived at her house and parked her motorcycle in her families drive way.

Violetta got off of her motorcycle, puts her helmet on the handle and enters her house.

Inside the house was a female in her thirties with blonde hair that goes to her upper back, blue eyes light skin wearing a black mid sleeve shirt, blue jeans and brown boots packing up her luggage in the living room.

Her name is Destiny Sanders, mother of Violeta Sanders.

On the opposite of Destiny, is a male in his thirties, fair light skin, brown eyes, black hair that goes to his shoulders wearing a Red short sleeve shirt with blue jeans and black boots.

His name is Lucian Florin Sanders, father of Violeta Sanders.

"Mom! Dad! I'm back!" Violetta greets her parents as she closes the front door.

Destiny and Lucian walks out of the living room to greet their daughter.

"Welcome back my little Violet flower!" Lucian greets his daughter happily as Destiny kisses her daughters forehead.

Violeta giggles at her parents antics before speaking to them.

Destiny and Lucian noticed their daughters hair and knew what happened.

"Another prank from the Athletes?" Destiny asks her daughter in a knowing manner.

"Yup." Violeta replies to her mom as she pops the p in her answer.

"Did you get even with them?" Lucian asks his daughter in curiosity.

"Ten times bigger!" Violeta replies to her dad happily with a smile on her face.

"That's my girl!" Lucian said to his daughter as they high five each other.

Destiny rolls her eyes playfully at the two of them before speaking to her husband.

"We shouldn't be teaching our daughter about getting even with someone you know.." Destiny said to her husband as she examines her daughter's hair.

"I know, but they always pull pranks on one another during the end of school Sweetheart!" Lucian explains to his Wife about the school that his daughter goes to.

"On the bright side, the color goes beautifully with your hair and you don't have to go their anymore because you graduated!" Destiny said to her daughter happily as she released her daughter's hair.

It's true. Violeta graduated from her high school Sunny field High school this years and is accepted to her dream college.

"I still can't believe my little princess is enrolled to San Prep Of Fine Arts College!" Lucian said to his daughter happily as he ruffles her hair a bit.

"Yeah, but the dress code for Uniforms doesn't seem to change." Violeta said to her dad as she fixes her hair back in place.

"Maybe your college will get rid of the uniforms! You'll never know!" Destiny explains to her daughter in a positive attitude.

"You're right mom." Violeta said to her mom as she agrees with her statement.

"I'm going to finish packing up before we head to the Airport with Uncle Bob, Aunt Dottie and Tony." Violeta said to her parents and began to head upstairs to her room. Destiny and Lucian nods in understanding and begagn to pack some of their luggage into their car.

Once Violeta arrived upstairs,

She made it to her room and began to finish packing her luggage and her purple and blue backpack to take with her on the plane.

As she was packing, Violeta picks up her sketchbook and began to look at a certain picture she sketched out this morning.

Lately, Violeta has been having bizarre dreams about this boy her age with pale skin that is cold to tough at first, short black spiky hair and red eyes.

Every time she dreamt about her and the boy, the two of them would be in multiple scenarios doing multiple things together.

In those scenarios, they were romantic and passionate as he whispered in her ear "I am yours and you are mine" and etc.

Since her dreams are in Black forest Germany, maybe the trip would shed a light on why she is having these dreams.

Violeta hasn't told anyone about her dreams because she want's to figure them out on her own.

Violeta closed her book and packed it in her backpack with the rest of her items she's taking with her.

She puts the backpack on, pins her long black hair up, tucks it in her black fedora, grabs her luggage and headed out of her room.

Violeta assists her parents in packing luggage in their car and headed to the Airport to meet their relatives.

Once the Sanders arrived at the Airport,

They met up with the Thompson's, gave their luggage to the workers, received their tickets and headed to their plane to Germany.

In the Airplane,

The Thompson's and Sanders family were flying first class to Germany, which was a complete shock to Tony and his family.

"You didn't have to do this Lucian…" Bob said to Lucian as he was still in shock.

"You guys do so much for us, I want to return the favor." Lucian

To sum it up, Violeta's Father comes from a rich family. He owns an antique shop which profits successfully for his family.

Since he has a great relationship with his sister-in-law family, he would treat them to nice things out of love.

While the Adults were having their discussion,

Tony and Violeta were sitting next to each other relaxing in the seats before the Airplane took flight.

"I can't believe Uncle Lu got us a first class flight!" Tony said to his cousin happily as he relaxes in his chair. Violeta couldn't help but giggle at her cousin's antics.

"Like he said, you guys have done so much for us. So, why not return the favor." Violeta explains to Tony as she takes her headphones and phone out of her bag.

"I can't wait for you to meet my friend Rudolph and his family! I can already tell that you are going to fit right in!" Tony said too his cousin happily.

"Especially that girl you talked about as well?" Violeta asks him with a playful smirk on her face. Tony blushes and began to change to subject.

"Oh look at that! Were about to move! Might as well get some sleep!" Tony said to his cousin as his blush stayed on his face.

Violeta giggles again, puts her headphones on her ears and began to close her eyes as they have a long flight ahead of them.

In Violeta's dream,

Violeta was in an huge unknown castle, dressed up in a Red Vingtage Victorian ball with her hair in a lose curly ponytail in red one inch heels.

"This is a new one…" Violeta thought to herself as she looks at her surroundings in front of her.

All of a sudden,

Music began to play in a subtle yet hypnotic romantic atmosphere in the castle.

The music put Violeta in a trance, that she didn't notice the footsteps behind her.

The music suddenly stops once she heard a soothing masculine voice took over.

"My love…" The masculine voice said to her in a sultry tone of voice.

Violeta went into a hypnotic trance once more by the male's voice.

"Let me hear your alluring voice my siren of the night…" The sultry male voice said to her in a commanding expression.

The mysterious male in her dreams began to touch her skin in a sensual and desirable sensation as she began to sing to him.

I feel your fingers~

Cold on my shoulder…

Your chilling touch...

As it runs down my spine~

Violeta felt his lips touch her neck as it makes her body burn in desire.

Watching your eyes~

As they invade my soul

The male turned Violeta around to face him as she met with his blood red eye.

She felt his cold hand touch her left cheek as she continues to sing to him.

Forbidden pleasures...

I'm afraid to make mine~

Violeta and the Male were about to kiss until….

"VI WAKE UP!" A boyish voice shouts in her ear happily.

Violeta wakes up with sweat running down her face as she breaths heavily.

"I hate it when you do that Tony…" Violeta said to her cousin annoyed with a hint of relief.

"Sorry about that! I wanted to wake you since we're about to land soon!" Tony explains to his cousin as he rubs the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Looks like I've slept longer than I thought.." Violeta thought to herself as she has a quick image of her dream with the mysterious boy her age.

"By the way, what were you dreaming about?" Tony asks his cousin out of curiosity. Tony notice Violeta became stiff when he asked her that.

"W-what do you mean Tony?" Violeta asks him in a stiff expression.

"You were murmuring about someone in your sleep…" Tony explains to Violeta as his curiosity turned into worry.

"It's nothing to worry about Tony. Besides, I'll finally get a chance to meet your special friend!" Violeta said to Tony as she changes to subject to put them in a happier mood.

Tony smiles and begin to talk to Violeta about his friend and his family.

Violeta sneakingly touch her neck where the mystery man kissed that made her feel a sensational desire.

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