Our Will of Fire


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Warning: Naruto will become quite overpowered compared to most others for most of this story.

xXxXx Location:?

Inside of a hidden chamber in a long forgotten location, there are marvels of the world, among which are carvings on the walls lit by a bright blue liquid depicting events that have long since been lost to time; first is a sea of clouds coating the land with a tree breaking the heavens at the worlds center, next is depictions of beasts as large as a small country bearing a people sailing amongst the clouds, third in the line is two swords clashing and the world aflame, however the rest of the mural is cracked and shattered, the blue hue no longer illuminating the beautiful yet terrifying visage.

In the center of a room looks to be two containers, almost akin to coffins, that contain two beautiful women that would make Senju Tsunade envious each in their own way but both have a few similarities, namely the green rectangle-like crystal in the center of their chests. A fiery red head with a golden circlet adorning her head and a brilliant green crystal earing on each ear, her outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination as it is a red body suit with black lining, green and gold highlights that covers most of her front leaving her back exposed, a set of red plated gloves with a gold attachment containing a green crystal, a rather fitting set of shorts, low heeled shoes that are red with green crystals inside of gold attachments on each boot, her leggings run up to her thighs while on her back are red and black tassels with green highlights on the inside.

The chamber beside the redhead contains a blonde wearing a similar circlet to the red head but with white wing like attachments added, a white one piece with green highlights, black plating, a small amount of exposed cleavage, and a short cut skirt. Her arms have white gloves with gold adornments containing green crystals, her right leg has a white band with a gold adornment holding a green crystal, her shoes are low heeled with a dominant white color that also has spiked gold adornments containing green crystals, and a set of white gold tassels on her back that have black on the inside with green highlights.


They always wondered if she would ever wake up again, always wondering if the promise of their one true driver would ever come to pass, "I know that one day, humanity will once again be worthy of your power and that you'll both find happiness then as well.", those were the last words their driver spoke to them before he placed a single blade in the ground before their resting place and then the two went to sleep once more to await their future in this new world. As they sleep they dream together of the past, of friends lost to time and battle, of good times and bad while bells toll in the distance.

"Hey sis, how long do you think we're going to sleep this time? We slept for 500 years last time, and when we do wake up, how much will the world have changed then?", asked the red head.

"I don't know but he trusted us to find happiness in the future as well. Whatever comes our way next time I'll embrace it, unless it's some perverted bastard who will spy on women bathing.", said the blonde. Somewhere far away in the distant future a white haired man hiding in a bush sneezes and alerts those in the bath house to his presence, "Well….. Shit".

The red head laughs at that comment, "Too true, I remember him telling me about when you threw things at him after waking up in his bed and you called HIM the pervert for staring. That's just like you though, isn't it, Mythra?"

"Yup, but neither of us like perverts Pyra. Remember when you saw Tora's collection of outfits for Poppi? You gave him probably one of the greatest death stares in history and I'm pretty sure you made him almost have a heart attack."

"Yeah, he sure did look like it didn't he." she says with an oddly sadistically sweet smile on her face. As they reminisce they feel a pulse run through the very core of their being, they both have somber looks on their faces as the pulse passes knowing it signals the end of the bond with their driver, "So….. He's gone then isn't he?" Pyra says with tears welling in the cornerof her eyes.

Mythra has tears rolling down her face as she says, "Y-Yeah, he's g-gone to be one with the Ether stream alongside Morag, Zeke, and Tora." The two sisters embrace crying their hearts out as the man they loved, the man who showed them love in return, and their first true driver leaves this world. "We'll keep moving on won't we Pyra, we'll find a new future together with a new driver?"

"Of course we will," Pyra says as tears run down her face, "we'll be found by our new driver and create a new future for ourselves again with new friends and family… I already miss them you know?"

"I miss them too Pyra. It's time for us to sleep though, so we can wait for our new driver so let's say goodbye to him." Said Mythra and Pyra nods in response.

They turn towards a grave sitting next to a familiar tree overlooking a peaceful land and say in unison, "Rest in Peace Rex."

The two sister blades sit down underneath the tree next to each other and let their hands grasp the others and fall into a deep sleep. On the grave reads Rex, Driver of the Aegis, Irreplaceable Friend and Ally, The one who showed us the way.

Flashback End

Their world starts stirring and the journey begins once more.

xXxXx Location: Konohagakure no Sato Date: October 10th, Day of the Fox

A child lies on an altar in an open field with a large being looming over said child. Blood drips nearby as two people are impaled on a claw belonging to a beat known as the Kyubbi no Kitsune or the Nine Tailed Fox. "I'm sorry we won't be there to see you grow up Naruto," said a red haired woman as she pauses to cough up blood, "but you need to be strong. You are the guardian of Konoha now…. Just like your mom was y'know! Grow up healthy and make lots of friends," she pauses to spit up more blood as tear run down her smiling face, "but stay away from your father Minato's ramen habit. Some every now and then is fine but make sure you find someone to love, to share your pain alongside."

A blond haired man wearing a white Haori with red flames that has the kanji for 'Yondaime Hokage' on the back stands impaled on the same claw behind the red head. Behind him is a specter with a spiritual duplicate of the man wrapped in its arms holding a blade in its mouth. The blond speaks with a smile on his bloodied face "Naruto, listen to your mother Kushina except for maybe the ramen part as it is the food of the gods." Minato coughs up blood and starts slowly running through handsigns after embracing Kushina, "I'm so sorry to give you this burden my son, especially since you'll be left without us, but if there is anyone who can control the fox and live a life full of happiness it is you. Our time is up Naruto but yours is just beginning."

The two parents of Naruto smile one last time and simultaneously say "We love you, Naruto."

Minto yells out "Shiki Fujin: Fuin!"

The specter starts sealing the fox into the child while some also is sealed into Minato; a seal appears on the stomachs of Minato and Naruto and the two parents pass on.

1 hour later

An old man wearing dark colored battle armor accompanied by dozens of ANBU and Jonin approaches where the nine tails was last spotted, "Fan out and search for survivors, prioritize Lord Fourth and his Wife but help all you can! GO!" The shinobi respond to the command of Sarutobi Hiruzen, the former Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato. Hiruzen also proceeds to search for signs of the Fourth. A few minutes of searching later he comes upon a sight he had hoped to not see, the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and his wife Kushina Uzumaki lie dead on the ground with large holes in their chests and blood pooled around them, yet strangely they have smiles on their faces, if it weren't for the blood and damage to the area one would think that they died peacefully or content. Hiruzen hears crying as he inspects the bodies, he proceeds to the altar where a newborn child lies with a Shiki Fujin seal on his stomach, "So Minato, you were forced to use THAT jutsu….. I'm sorry my friend." He creates a shadow clone to inform the others he has found the fourth and the tragedy is over, he then kneels down to pick up the child of the late Yellow Flash of Konoha, "So you're little Naruto aren't you?" the child is still crying but seems to calm slightly now that he's in the arms of another, "The burden you carry is one that is great and terrible little one but I feel as if you shall overcome it." He says solemnly.

Hiruzen notices new presences arriving all of whom are shocked at the loss of their beloved Yondaime, "Lord Third, what happened to Lord Fourth, and where is the nine tailed fox?" asked an ANBU.

Hiruzen sighs, "Minato used the Shiki Fujin jutsu to seal away the nine tails into this child." Hiruzen states solemnly. "He and his wife died bravely to protect Konoha from the nine tails."

Most of the shinobi present that nodded in respect, however, "The nine tails is sealed within that child is it not?" a chunin asked with tears running down his face, Hiruzen nods in response, "Then we should kill the demon while it's vulnerable!" Hiruzen is taken aback at that statement and others start murmuring in agreement 'We'll get revenge for Lord Fourth' 'I can avenge my wife' 'the demon needs to die'

Hiruzen starts releasing a heavy amount of killing intent, so much so that the chunin who started the conversation falls to his knees and throws up, "ENOUGH! There is not a chance in hell that I am simply going to allow you all to lynch an innocent child purely due to the fact that the beast was sealed inside of him, HAVE YOU NO SHAME! As of right now I am taking command once more and as the previous Hokage I have that right until a new Kage is chosen by me or the Ninja Council. Anyone who so much as mentions the fox being sealed in this child without my express permission shall face severe repercussions up to the death penalty. AM I CLEAR!" A chorus of 'Hai, Lord Third' is chanted through the field. "I am taking this child to the Hokage tower; please gather Minato's and Kushina's remains to be prepared for burial."

2 Hours Later Inside Hokage Tower

Hiruzen, the now reinstated Sandaime Hokage, sat behind his desk while Naruto napped inside of a crib he had ordered be brought to the tower, 'What to do now. Iwa and Kumo would love to get their hands on Naruto due to him being Minato's son, even more so should they find out that he's the Jinchuriki of the Kyubbi.' He stands up and walks over to the child of his successor with a solemn look on his face that is also comforting and warm. A knock is heard on the door, "Enter!" A man wearing a Dog mask enters the room. "Inu, I wish I could have called you here on better circumstances but this cannot wait."

The ANBU identified as Inu speaks "Of course Lord Third, what is needed of me." He says in a relatively bored and monotone voice that also has hints of sadness that are barely noticeable.

"Inu, I'll get straight to the point; this is Minato's son, Naruto." Hiruzen motions towards the crib containing the newborn Naruto.

"S-Sensei's son? B-but how did he survive?" Inu asks hurriedly and with exasperation.

"Minato used the Shiki Fujin to seal the Kyubbi into his own son," Inu gasps at this information presented by Hiruzen, "and while he grows up I'd like you to lead a team of ANBU to keep an eye on him as he grows up. To keep him safe from those who would harm him."

"But who would harm the son of Sensei, even if he is the Jinchuriki of the Kyubbi?" Inu asks with concern.

"Kakashi…." Inu/Kakashi goes wide eyed behind his mask at the use of his real name instead of his code name, "We can't let people know about Naruto's heritage, at least for a long time." Hiruzen says to a shocked Inu.

"But why Lord Third, we both know how Jinchuriki are treated in the world, if people knew he was sensei's son it would lessen or eliminate that hatred he would endure for bearing the Kyubbi! People need to know the legacy of the Yellow Flash of Konoha lives on!" Inu says passionately.

"You don't think I don't know that Kakashi!?" Hiruzen states with venom in his voice, "But what if Iwa or Kumo were to hear of our weakened state and the fact that while we lost Minato he had a son. In our weakened state an invasion would be inevitable for the sole sake of killing Minato's son out of spite for him. We need to keep his identity hidden until he is able to keep himself safe from those who would harm him just because of his parents. That's why he will be given his mother's name, Naruto Uzumaki."

Inu is upset but understands that it would be suicide to announce that there is a survivor of the Namikaze clan, "I understand Lord Third," Inu states "but what about the civilians that will no doubt hear of this, they'll ostracize him."

"I know Kakashi, which is why as of tonight the status of Naruto Uzumaki as the Kyubbi jinchuriki is classified as an S class secret punishable by death. Naruto will be informed of his status as the Kyubbi jinchuriki and of his familial heritage upon reaching the rank of Chunin. So until then keep an eye on him Kakashi, keep him safe by any means necessary." Hiruzen states with a commanding tone with an underlying hint of sadness.

Inu walks up to Naruto's crib and takes off his mask, "Understood Lord Third. I will watch over him until he is ready for the harsh realities of the world."

"Thank you Kakashi." said Hiruzen with gratitude in his voice. "We'll have him listed as an orphan with no known parents and send him to one of the orphanages." Hiruzen pulls out some paperwork from the desk and proceeds to fill it out. "Ugh, paperwork, the bane of all Kage." Hiruzen says with an annoyed voice to which Kakashi chuckles.

2 Hours Later Outside Kagura Orphanage

A green haired woman in her late 40's is putting to bed multiple children who have been brought to her, all of them lost their parents to the Kyubbi attack. A knock is heard at the door, "Oh dear, not another one…" she says with a solemn voice, "Today is hell on earth for so many."

As she opens the door she is greeted by an ANBU wearing a dog mask holding a blond haired infant, "Greeting Headmistress Kagura, we have one more child to bring you on orders of Lord Third." Inu says.

The now identified Kagura gasps when she hears that the rumors about the death of Lord Fourth were true, "So he's another child who lost everything in the attack correct? Any name and what's his age?"

Inu shakes his head, "We have a name, Naruto Uzumaki, and he was born today. We have no next of kin and no one has come forth to claim a missing child, he's alone."

Kagura signs solemnly and nods, "Thank you ANBU-san, please hand the child to me and we'll take care of him." She takes Naruto from Inu and starts rocking him back and forth in her arms. "Take care ANBU-san." After she says this Inu leaves in a Leaf Shushin and she's left alone with Naruto on the porch of the orphanage. She looks down at Naruto and see's he's sleeping contently, "Don't worry little one, we'll take good care of you." She says with a smile on her face.

She heads back inside the orphanage and walks up to a young woman with blue hair who looks to be in her early 20s with tears streaking down her face, "Konota-chan, we have another one."

She looks up in response to Kagura's presence, "S-sorry Kagura-sama, I was just thinking of my parents, like me these children lost theirs. So who's this little one?"

"Naruto Uzumaki, age 6 hours, no known parents, place of birth, or next of kin. Poor kid, just born and already orphaned like so many others." Kagura responds with a hint of sadness in her voice. "Also… Lord Fourth is dead, he died fighting the Kyubbi."

Konota looks up from staring at the young child with a face of shock and pain, "So much pain and suffering, what's the point of it all….. Did the Kyubbi at least perish?"

Kagura has a solemn smile on her face, "Yes, it seems as though it died alongside Lord Fourth."

Konota nods, "That's at least a silver lining, alongside so many innocent children surviving. I'll take young Naruto to the nursery and then come back to help." She takes Naruto from Kagura and proceeds to take him down a long corridor to the nursery, due to most of the orphans being young children a year or two older than Naruto he's the only one in the nursery when she lays him down in a crib. She runs her hand over his young face and finally notices the 3 whisker marks on each cheek, "Whoever your parents were, they gave you some pretty odd features, these little whiskers are almost… like…. A foxes… No, I must be imagining things; I haven't had too much sleep recently. Good night Naruto Uzumaki." She kisses him on the forehead and walks out of the room leaving Naruto alone and asleep.