Sometimes... all I want to do is shut my eyes and tell the world to go to hell.

School was out for the day so I rushed on home to play Life Is Strange: Before The Storm.

I set it to download while I was at school, so it should be done before I get home. I hate crappy internet.

Walking in the door, I hang up my bag and walk into the kitchen to grab a soda.

"Hey Raven. How was school today?" My mother asked me, placing the groceries in the fridge.

I smiled, opening my soda. "Long and boring. I wanted to get home and play that game my friend gave me."

"You mean Before The Storm? Didn't you watch someone play that on YouTube?" my mother asked confused.

I nodded. "It's not the same mom. I get to actually decide the fate of Chloe. Which, after playing the first game... Should be fun."

I kissed my mom good bye and ran to my computer. "Yes it's downloaded! "

I put my earbuds in and started up the game.

Several hours and tears later, the final credits rolled and I whipped the final tear away.

It's sad, I thought, I know where Rachel is and who did that to her. Even though Chloe is a video game character, I feel bad for her.

Max left, Rachel's missing, Her dad's dead, her mom is marring a "Step Douche"...

I just wish I could help her...

My computer shut off randomly. At first I thought it was my computer being old. Then the screen roared to life, a force pulling me into the screen.

I blacked out.

When I woke up, I couldn't believe it...