I wake up to the sounds of drunken yelling. I look around and the environment is very clear.

"Is that... The Barn?" I look closer and posters for Firewalk's concert were spread about.

I stood up and heard a familiar voice.

"Real cute. But I still don't know you." I turned around and saw the bouncer talking to Chloe.

The two had their talk and Chloe walked away pissed. I walked over and talked to Chloe.

"Hey." I said as casually as possible.

Chloe looked at me in disgust. "Who the hell are you?"

I thought for a moment then spoke. "My name's Raven. I hear that asshole of a bouncer won't let you in the concert? Same here. "

"I noticed he has some Girly flower stickers on his bike. I bet we could embarrass him into letting us in."

Chloe placed an arm around me and laughed. "You think that will work?"

We both headed over and Chloe got in another conversation with the asshole.

"Didn't I tell you to scram? Why did you bring him? Think he'd rough me up into netting you in? "

One backtalk later

"Alright, I'll let you two in here. Just don't get in trouble..."
The bouncer let us in and Chloe cheered.

We walked in and got jumped by a dog. "Deelah! Heel."bio

"Thanks for that tip dude! You want a beer? It's on me! " Chloe said. I nodded, and she walked off.

Chloe came back and we tried looking for a good viewpoint. "How are you a fan of Firewalk?"

Oh Jesus. I got to think of an answer without seeming suspicious.

"I was just browsing the internet and a friend of mine showed me one of their music videos. I was hooked."

Chloe took a swig of her beer before walking over to a car selling T-shirts out the trunk.

I walked over and saw her try to take one of the shirts.

I was about to say no, and hand her the 20 I had in my pocket. I remembered that Chloe could only choose to either steal it or forget it.

"20 bucks baby." the guy selling them said. Chloe got pissed and retaliated.

"20 bucks? That's robbery! And don't call me baby."

The guy looked at her and smirked. " 20 bucks Thief."

Chloe walked back over to me. "I really want that shirt."

I smirked then spoke. "the passenger side door is open. Go see if it has a stick shift!"