She though she was ready. She thought that all her preparations were complete. She thought that it was a sure-thing to summon a Saber Class Servant.

Not for the first or last time, Tohsaka Rin thought wrong. Evidence being the utter lack of a Servant in the summoning circle… and an explosion upstairs that rocked the house.

"Damn it!" she shouted in irritation as she ran upstairs, breaking the door open when she found it stuck… only to discover a hole in her roof, a small crater in the floor surrounded by collapsed and crushed furniture… and the perpetrator nowhere in sight. "What the hell happened here?" she wondered in a whisper.

"What are you looking at?" a completely unfamiliar voice whispered.

Stiffening in shock, Rin slowly turned her head to see the person looking over her shoulder.

He was a blonde young man with blue eyes and three whisker-like marks on each cheek. He was maybe three inches taller then her. And he had a headband with a metal plate bearing a leaf-like symbol tied to his forehead.

With a scream, Rin smacked him away and moved to put as much distance as she could between them.

"Hey, what was that for?" the blond demanded in annoyance. "Hmph, if that's the kind of greeting I get, I won't be answering any more of your summons in the future." He crossed his arms with a huff.

Now that she had put some distance between them, she could see him fully, such as how he was wearing a burnt orange and black tracksuit with a red cloak on top, the cloak having a black flame pattern at the bottom.

"…Wait, you said summons… does that mean… that you're my Servant?" Rin demanded.

"Well, yeah." The blond tilted his head. "Shouldn't you know that, given that you summoned me?" he pointed out.

"O-Of course I knew that!" Rin snapped, failing to hid an embarrassed blush. "I just expected you to appear before me!"

"Yeah, well, I had nothing to do with that." He shrugged. "Anyway, name's Naruto. Let's get along and win the Grail, yeah?"

"…Right. My name is Tohsaka Rin." Rin released a breath. "By he way, what Class are you? A Saber?" she asked hopefully.

"Nah." Naruto scoffed. "I mean, sure, I can use a sword just fine but I'm just as good with a bunch of other weapons."

"Oh." Rin deflated. "Then what Class are you?"

"I'm an Assassin, of course. What would you expect from a ninja?" Naruto gave her a grin.

"An… Assassin." Rin repeated, feeling as if the sky had dropped on her head.

She had summoned and Assassin, the arguably weakest Servant Class available in the Holy Grail War. Even a Caster would be preferable despite the unspoken agreement between the Tohsaka and their neighbors, the Matou, to avoid summoning the Servant of the Spell if possible. With a Caster, at least she could gain something in terms of knowledge of magecraft even if the Servant was not strong combat-wise, allowing her to further her family's research.

But an Assassin? They were infamous for usually being just above the level of a regular human in terms of power and ability, forcing them to resort to targeting Masters instead of other Servants. She felt ill at that thought. Sure, she was a magus and as a participant in the Grail War she was willing to fight and kill her opponents if necessary, but there was a difference between fighting them with honor with the best among them surviving and stabbing them in the back and running away like a coward.

"No." she decided firmly. "It won't come to that. I'll just have to be careful about how I make use of Assassin's abilities, and keep him from targeting Masters unless they are really unpleasant people that deserve it. Come to think of it, I haven't even taken a look at his stats." She realized and looked up from where she had been gloomily glaring at the floor… to find a large yellow stuffed toad plushie with a note attached to it just where Assassin had last been. "The hell!?" Rin exclaimed as she hurried over and grabbed the note. "You looked deep in thought, so I went to get something to eat." She read out lout, an incredulous look on her face. "But… Servants don't need to eat!" she exclaimed.

Timeskip – an hour later

An hour. It had taken Rin a whole hour to find him, all the while looking over her shoulder and concealing, to the best of her ability, the Command Spells on the back of her hand. She had looked through every restaurant and convenience store still opened at that time of night… only to find him at a ramen stand.

"You… idiot." Rin hissed once she had gotten close enough to him. "What were you thinking, running off on your own like that?" she demanded.

"I can handle myself, no worries." Naruto assured her with a grin… before going back to inhaling the ramen in his bowl.

"You might, but I might not!" she growled.

"Hey, it's not like I left you without any protection." Naruto defended. "Give me some credit here."

"…You place a spell on me? Or was it a Noble Phantasm?" Rin blinked, at the same time examining herself for foreign element and finding none.

"Not on you, exactly, but it is part of a Noble Phantasm of mine." Naruto whispered to her before gesturing to a tree a few meters away. As if on command, the upside-down torso of what looked like another Naruto poked out from among the tree's branches, gave Rin a wave and a grin, before disappearing again.

"Body-Splitting? The Assassin in the previous War had that too. It will be useful for gathering information." Rin remarked, having calmed down not that she knew he had not abandoned her just to stuff his stomach.

"It's Cloning, actually. They are complete copies of me and can use all my abilities, but have less energy than I do and are more fragile." He admitted. "As for information gathering? I already have a few dozen of them running around all over the city."

"A few dozen?" Rin stared. "Just… how many can you make?"

"I don't have any actual limit other than my available energy." Naruto shrugged. "With the energy I currently have, I could cover the entire city with clones that would be able to fight for a few minutes before dispelling."

"So, if one gets destroyed, you can just make more? You won't lose anything?" Rin asked.

"If a Kage Bunshin is killed or dispels itself, I get back the energy it had left as well as all its accumulated experience. That includes its memories. It's a jutsu created with information gathering in mind, but it's also great for combat." Naruto explained.

"A jutsu? Didn't you say it was a Noble Phantasm of yours?" Rin scowled.

"It is. It's a jutsu I used so much during my life that it became something of a signature of mine, transcending into a Noble Phantasm when I ascended to the Throne of Heroes. It helps that I was the best suited for the Kage Bunshin jutsu ever, more than even its creator." Naruto grinned.

"Wow, so you must have been a super-spy, right?" Rin asked curiously.

"Nah, I actually made hundreds of them sometimes when fighting to overwhelm my opponents." Naruto laughed before finishing his bowl and pushing it away. "I'm done here. The bill, please." He told the old woman in charge of the ramen stand who had been in the back and out of earshot.

It was only then that Rin noticed the large stack of ramen bowls at his side, no less than thirty empty bowls making her pale as she realized she would be the one to pay for it. Then, Naruto proceeded to surprise her by pulling a wallet from somewhere and paying for his meal before leading Rin away from there.

"Where did you get that? I seriously doubt you were summoned with currency of this day and age." Rin demanded.

"Oh, this?" Naruto innocently waved the wallet. "I swiped it from a snotty brat I walked past on my way here. Look, this is him." He showed Rin the ID in the wallet.

"Matou Shinji… you stole Shinji's wallet?" Rin grinned widely. "The trouble of coming all the way here after you? This makes it all worth it."

"Not a friend of yours?" Naruto asked.

"He's a bastard." Rin said bluntly. "He's from the Matou family, the other magus family here in Fuyuki, but he was born without a drop of magical ability himself, as their family's Magic Circuits have been in decline for decades. Because of this he's jealous of anyone who can use magecraft, but that does not prevent him from trying to get me to go out with him every chance he gets. He is somewhat popular with girls at school for his looks and the money his family has, but he's a rather unpleasant person all things considered."

"That's interesting…" Naruto mused. "If he can't use magecraft himself, how does he have a Servant?" he wondered.

"…What?" Rin stopped walking in shock.

"Yeah. I felt some vile energy on him, so I left a clone to keep an eye on him. It reported that a supernaturally beautiful woman with long light-purple hair and wearing a blindfold of sorts materialized to talk to him." Naruto explained.

"Definitely a Servant." Rin agreed. "Anything else you found out?" she pressed.

"She smells like a snake." Naruto frowned. "Reminds me of a snake summoner from when I was alive, but not as… vile as him. Her is more sickly-sweet."

"A Servant that smells of snakes… that has her eyes covered?" Rin asked slowly. "I can't say for certain unless we see one of her Noble Phantasms at work, but she might be Medusa, the Gorgon."

"That so…" Naruto muttered. "Hm, the Grail just gave me Medusa's legend. The Greek Gods really screwed her over, especially that bitch Athena and that rapist Poseidon."

"Not a fan of divinity, I take it?" Rin inquired.

"It's not that I hate gods in general. I just hate the ones that abuse their power over humanity." Naruto explained. "The fact that I died taking down a power-hungry goddess that had enslaved the whole world also contributes to that."

"Wait, you killed a goddess?" Rin stared in shock and no little awe.

"No, she was immortal cut a limb off and it regrew in moments." Naruto shook his head in irritation. "I sealed her away, ripping all her power from her. She got one last hit in, though, hence how I ended up here. But I did get a Godslayer skill out of it." he offered.

"I see… that reminds me, I haven't taken a look at your stats yet." Rin commented as they began walking once more.

"Well, you're my Master so you should be able of seeing everything, right?" Naruto pointed out.

"Right. Let's see…" Rin focused prana into her eyes to activated the Master's Clairvoyance… and promptly tripped and fell on her face a couple seconds later.

"Master?" Naruto went to help her up.

"I'm… okay." Rin said in a dazed tone as she got up and proceeded to stare at Naruto with very wide eyes.

"What's the problem?" Naruto frowned.

"Problem? No problem at all. The opposite, really." Rin continued to stare. "I'm just… surprised by how high your stats are… and how many Skills you have… and how may Noble Phantasm you have… and how you were summoned with the capabilities of a Caster as well…"

"Oh yeah, the Double Summon skill." Naruto shrugged. "As for having a lot of tricks up my sleeves… well, I worked hard and got help from a lot of people. That, and single-handedly wiping out a few armies to turn the tides of a world war and then taking out a seemingly omnipotent goddess did make me rather famous during my time, I guess, so it added to my legend's power."

"I… see." Rin blinked a few times. "A-Anyway, it's great that you're so strong. I was kind of worried when I summoned an Assassin, but it looks like you won't be at a disadvantage in the Grail War."

"Course not! I'm awesome, after all." Naruto grinned.

"So, Mr. Awesome, how do we deal with Shinji's Servant? What class is she, anyway?" Rin asked.

"He called her Rider… but there's something fishy there." Naruto mused.

"Yeah, I can't believe he's a Master." Rin grimaced.

"I mean he didn't have any Command Spells, like you do." Naruto waved at her hand. "On either hand. And yet, the Servant was obeying him."

"That… makes no sense." Rin said slowly. "A Master needs a set of Command Spells to even summon a Servant, as well as to provided them with prana…" she stopped. "Wait, if Shinji doesn't have any power of his own, how is he keeping Rider around?"

"I can think of a few ways… none of which are pleasant." Naruto said darkly. "What say we go raid the Matou Manor right now? He arrived there a couple minutes ago so my clone could not go inside."

"No, we're not attacking the Matou's!" Rin exclaimed with a little panic.

"…Rin." Naruto used her name for the first time, drawing her attention to his eyes which were narrowed at her. "What aren't you telling me? And why am I sensing a lot of shame and guilt from you when concerning this subject?"

"Look, it has nothing to do with the Grail War…" Rin began.

"You're refusing to attack the base of an enemy Master. It damn well has to do with the Grail War!" Naruto glared. "Now, spill."

"And if I refuse?" Rin glared… only for look to falter at the grin with way too many teeth that she received in response, his eyes narrowed giving him the appearance of a fox.

"You don't want to go there." he told her.

"…Let's get home. I'll fill you in there." Rin gave in. Sure, she could try threatening him with a Command Spell, but between his obscene Mana level, his Independent Action skill at A+ rank and his Magic Resistance at A+ rank as well, it was rather doubtful a single Command Spell would be enough, and even so its effects would not last long and ultimately serve to only piss him off.

Timeskip – half hour later

"So, let me get this straight." Naruto said slowly once Rin had spilled her guts to him regarding the Matou matter. "Because he didn't need a second heir, your father decided to give your younger sister Sakura away to the Matou family, despite their suspicious reputation and the unpleasant rumors about their magecraft, so that Sakura could learn the Matou magecraft since he would not teach her the Tohsaka magecraft… without even asking the girl if she wanted to or if she even gave a damn about magecraft in the first place?"

"…Yes." Rin muttered.

"And you spent the past decade pretending she did not exist, leaving her in the care of an old man that can't still be human after two centuries and with the brat I met earlier that hates Sakura for having power while he doesn't and essentially getting what would have normally been his birthright handed to her, and outsider." He continued.

"Yes." Rin's head sank lower.

"I see."

She winced at the sheer disapproval he could feel radiating off him.

"Tomorrow after school, I will kidnap Sakura and scan her mind for what the past decade her been like for her with the Matou family. And, if I don't like what I find, the Matou will regret being born." He stated.

"You can't just…!" Rin began to protest.

"Rin, I fought and defeated the progenitor of all supernatural power on this world. If you think I would shy away from what may seem like a political mess, you are very wrong." Naruto scoffed. "I have gone head to head with the post powerful and influential people of my time, people that could cause to have maps redrawn just from waving their swords. You think I give a flying fuck about whoever supports the Matou at this Clock Tower place you seem to care about so much? No, I do not. I have always followed my own morals in what I do and not bowed to peer and political pressure. And that is what I will always do. End of discussion."

Timeskip – Next Day

Naruto was not happy. Not at all. His plan to kidnap and examine Matou Sakura for whatever 'magecraft training' she was put through had been delayed, and he did not like it one bit. He did not know why for sure, but his gut was telling him there was something seriously wrong with the seemingly pleasant purple haired girl. The aura of despair she gave off as well as the intense vile energy coming from her that was yet not her own did not soothe his worries any.

Unfortunately, like it or not, this took precedence. Apparently, Rider had set up a number of magical sigils around the school grounds and between the scent of blood of those sigils and Shinji's inability to provide Rider with prana, he and Rin had a few guesses on what they were meant to do, especially given Medusa's legend as a monster that devoured countless humans and even her two sisters after a point.

Which meant that rather then doing what he had planned, they had to go around destroying every sigil they could find in case Shinji managed to activate it before Naruto could take out Rider.

"So? How are we doing this?" Naruto inquired as he glanced at the large red drawing.

"I'm not sure… what do you think?" Rin mused. "Destroying the structure that it is on would surely work, but I would rather not wreck the school if it can be avoided."

"Hm, let's see here…" Naruto crouched and placed a hand on the sigil, probing it with his own energy. "Yeah, our guess was right. It's some sort of bounded field that harvests the life of all within it." he scowled before with a small pulse of energy black patterns spread from under his hand and encroached on the red sigil… before they both glowed and faded away. "Done. And just in time, too." He got back up and turned towards the side.

Following his line of sigh, Rin flinched at the sight of a blue-haired red-eyed man wearing a blue bodysuit that was partially armored and who had a red spear resting on his shoulder.

"Yo." The Servant that was clearly Lancer greeted.

"Hey there; nice weather we're having, right?" Naruto greeted with a friendly grin.

"Yeah, su – Gah!" Lancer began to sarcastically replied when Naruto suddenly materialized within his guard, grabbed his face and threw his down from the top of the school building they were one down into track field in the courtyard.

"My clone will give you a lift." Naruto said shortly before jumping after his opponent.

"Eh?" Rin blinked before noticing the grinning Kage Bunshin at her side. "Oh."

Down below, Lancer was looking at Naruto with both annoyance and interest.

"So, if that overcompensating spear is anything to go by, you're the Lancer of this Grail War." Naruto commented.

"Why you… you sure got a mouth on you, kid." Lancer narrowed his eyes. "What are you? A Saber?"

"Nah, just a lowly Assassin. Do go easy on me, will you?" Naruto grinned back.

"Hm, you were sneaky enough to get into my guard without me noticing, so I guess I can see it..." Lancer thought it over "But what kind of Assassin wears orange?" he demanded.

"The awesome kind that can blend in while wearing anything!" Naruto declared grandly. "Now, prepare to witness my hidden power!" he declared grandly.

"A Noble Phantasm already?" Lancer instantly tensed and prepared to get the hell out of the way of whatever the blond threw at him… and then blinked in shock when something grabbed hold of his leg and pulled him down into the ground until only his head was left visible.

Next to him, another blond Assassin phased out of the ground with a satisfied grin.

"…You sneaky bastard." Lancer sounded, grudgingly impressed.

"Thank you, thank you, I'll be here until I get the Grail." The second Naruto mock-bowed. "You… not so much." He drew a kunai. "No hard feelings, neh?"

Before he could stab Lancer into the temple and end the battle, the ground around Lancer exploded, blasting both the earth and the clone standing on it back and causing it to dispel.

"Hoh, looks like you've got a few tricks up your sleeves as well." Naruto grinned. "Good, it would have been boring to end things like that!"

Without another word, they dashed at each-other kunai clashing against spear time and again, Naruto managing to score a few scratches on Lancer but nothing that would not heal with a quick application of prana from his Master.

Naruto was about to switch gears and had allowed himself to be pushed back in order to gain some distance so he could use his Ninjutsu… when a sound was heard from the side, causing both him and Lancer to look to see a teenager about Rin's age, with auburn hair and amber eyes looking on in shock… before he turned and ran.

And Lancer was in pursuit.

"Master?" Naruto glanced at Rin who had also seen what had happened.

"After them, don't let Lancer kill that guy!" Rin said urgently.

"Got it!" Naruto flickered away. It was not hard to find the boy in the empty and silent school, but apparently Lancer had found him first given that he was bleeding from a hole through the chest and heart. "Rin, I found him… but you're not going to like it." Naruto told her via their telepathic link.

The Tohsaka magus arrives soon after and dropped to her knees next to the boy.

"Is he someone important to you?" Naruto asked.

"He's… He's Sakura's only real friend. She has feelings for him." Rin absently replied as she examined him. "This sort wound, I can't heal… no, I can, but I would have to sacrifice my father's jewel…" she pulled the large ruby pendant and stared at it in consideration for a few moments before holding it over the wound where it began to glow…

Until Naruto grabbed her hand and stopped her.

"What?" Rin demanded angrily.

"I can heal him." Naruto said simply, placing his right hand onto the wound. Unseen by Rin, a white circle appeared on his palm before golden light flooded the wound and mended the flesh, as good as new.

"…Oh. I forgot you're a Caster as well." Rin sighed in relief.

"You do realize that according to the rules, you're suppose to hide the war form bystanders, right? And dispose of them if they witness it?" Naruto checked.

"Yeah… what of it?" Rin asked defensively.

"Nothing, I'm not really one for following those kinds of rules either." Naruto grinned.

"Heh." Rin chuckled. "Let's get out of here and track down Lancer." She decided.

Timeskip – an hour later

"You know, Master, something just occurred to me." Naruto admitted.

"What is it?" Rin asked telepathically, unable to speak properly due to the wind blowing in her face as she held on for dear life to Assassin as he traveled at speeds that made him look like a blur. "Did you figure out something about Lancer's identity?"

"Well, no, but it's about him." Naruto shrugged. "It's just… if he tried to kill that guy once being a witness to the Grail War… won't he do it again when he finds out he survived?"

"…Damn it!" Rin groaned. "Now that I think about it, he seems to be heading straight for Emiya-kun's house!"

"Emiya-kun, is it?" Naruto grinned. "My, it seems your sister is not the only one fond of him, eh?"

"S-Shut up and pick up the pace!" Rin mentally shouted at him.

"Yes, Master." Naruto chuckle. "Hold on!" he warned her before increasing his speed even further.

Emiya Estate

It had not been a good night for Emiya Shirou. First, he had to return to school when he remembered when he was halfway to his house that he had forgotten his school bag. The, he witnessed a fight between two men that were clearly not human, upon which he got chased down and killed by one of them for witnessing their fight… or at least he thought he had been killed, only to wake up with not a scratch on him, yet with his shirt ruined and soaked in drying blood.

Then, to top it all off, once he had gotten home and changed out of those dirty clothes, the blue-haired spearman showed up again to apparently finish the job and chased him out of the house, through the backyard and into the shed here he practiced his magecraft…

…Only for luck to finally shine upon him as from a magic circle glowing blue that he had never noticed before a petite armored blonde wielding an invisible weapon appeared and after a quick exchange drove of the man that had identified himself as Lancer.

Then, before he could get any explanations about what in the world was going on, the girl – Saber – announced there was another 'Servant' approaching and had run off. Quickly following her, he arrive at the sight of Saber trying to attack a blond about his age who was holding onto what must be Saber's invisible weapon without apparent difficulty no matter how Saber strained to push it towards him – or pull it out of his grip, for that matter. And, watching with vague amusement from behind him, was a ruffled-looking…

"Tohsaka?!" Shirou exclaimed in shock.

"Good evening, Emiya-kun." Rin greeted with a strained smile, her eyes falling onto his left hand where a red marking lay. "Aren't you going to invite us in? Then, you can explain how you are apparently a magus that has been living in my city without my knowledge and permission." Her eyes narrowed. "And how you managed to summon a Saber for the Grail War."

"Eh? Er, sure, come in." Shirou said after blinking a few times.

"Master, they are enemies and…" Saber began.

"Oh, put a lid on it." Naruto rolled his eyes, finally letting go of the invisible weapon causing Saber to stumble as she had been pulling on it. "If we wanted the kid dead, we would have just let him bleed out back at the school."

"You're the ones that saved me?" Shirou exclaimed.

"Yeah. Gorged-out hearts don't heal on their own, you know." Naruto remarked dryly.

"If you have indeed saved my Master, I am willing to postpone our battle." Saber finally lowered her sword.

Fifteen minutes later, Rin seemed ready to tear her hair off in frustration. Emiya Shirou, despite having managed to summon the Saber Class Servant she desired so much, was a complete hack as a magus, not even third-rate by most standards given that he could not even use the simple restructuring spell, a variation of Alteration, to fix the damage to his wall.

Saber's summoning had apparently been just a stroke of luck, and it had not even been done right as she was apparently stuck in physical form, meaning that it would consume more prana to maintain her presence in this world.

"Okay, here's what we're going to do." Rin decided. "I'll take you to the Church so you can speak with the priest there. He's the supervisor of the Grail War, so you need to register your participation with him."

"Really? You didn't go there after you summoned me." Naruto pointed out.

"I'm a Tohsaka. As one of the founding families of the Grail War, we have a Master spot reserved for every War." Rin shrugged. "And, given that I'm the only Tohsaka left, it was obvious I would be a Master. Plus, I've known Kotomine for years now, and I let him know that I've summoned my Servant over the phone this morning."

"I see, I see." Naruto nodded. "And it would be best if the newbie got an explanation from the supervisor in case he does not trust you, being another participant and all."

"That would be acceptable." Saber agreed.

"Well, okay." Shirou nodded in confusion.

A few minutes later, Naruto was disguising his amusement quite poorly as he looked at the disgruntled Saber who had been 'disguised' with a yellow raincoat that covered much of her body.

"Assassin. Shut up." Saber grumbled before turning towards Shirou "Master, is this really necessary? This is undignified!"

"Sorry… but you would draw a lot of attention if you walk around town in your armor." Shirou apologized.

"And while you could take it off, it's not exactly a safe time to walk around unprotected in the middle of the night." Naruto added.

"It's your fault, Emiya-kun." Rin shrugged. "You did mess up her summoning."

"I wasn't trying to summon Saber in the first place… not that I'm not happy she showed up." Shirou quickly added to a grateful look at the Servant of the Sword.

"Say, Saber…" Naruto began "That invisibility around your sword…"

"What of it?" Saber narrowed her eyes.

"I can tell that it's wind-based." Naruto continued. "Can't you, I don't know, expand it to cover your whole body so you won't have to wear that thing?"

"…" Saber paused mid-step as she considered it. "Perhaps, but I will refrain from doing so. It will place a greater strain on my Master's prana reserves, which I would rather not do so early in the War." she concluded.

"Fair enough." The male blond shrugged.

They eventually arrived at the Church where Saber elected to wait outside and stand guard, trusting Naruto not to harm her Master as he followed Shirou and Rin inside.

During the entire course of the discussion between Rin, Shirou and Kotomine Kirei, Naruto's eyes had narrowed more and more. It was not due to Kotomine not acting like he would have expected a priest to. It was not even due to him essentially emotionally blackmailing Shirou to participate in the Grail War to help prevent unnecessary casualties.

No, it was entirely due to the sheer evil Naruto's Negative Emotions Sensing skill allowed him to feel emanating from Kotomine Kirei. He had felt something similar within Matou Sakura, but in her it was distilled and inactive. In this man, this so-called priest that Rin rightly called fake, it was wrapped around him like a cloak and Kotomine seemed all too comfortable with it.

"Is there something wrong, Assassin?" Kotomine asked after he had convinced Shirou to participate despite seemingly offering him a way out via sanctuary in the Church.

"I don't know, you tell me." Naruto shot back. "Care to tell me why do you have Command Spells on you?" he decided to ask, making it look like that was why he was suspicious.

"Ah, you mean these." Kotomine nodded in understanding, lifting his sleeve to reveal over a dozen Command Spells covering his right arm. "Not to worry, these are merely inactive Command Spells left over from previous Grail Wars. At times, the supervisor may offer one or more as a reward to the Masters in exchange to helping ensure the secrecy of the Grail War. My father did so in the last war when the Caster summoned a monstrous creature that threatened the security of not just the War but Magecraft as a whole."

"I see. For a second there, I though you might have your own Servant." Naruto laughed.

"Of course not, the Church Supervisor must remain neutral." Kotomine chuckled.

Naruto did not miss how the man spewed lie after lie, but said nothing and followed the two Masters outside and then away from the Church.

"I want you two to stay as far away as possible from Kotomine." Naruto said seriously once he deemed they were far enough.

"Eh, what do you mean?" Shirou blinked in confusion.

"That man reeks of evil." Naruto said darkly. "I've met incarnations of hatred itself in my time that did not feel nearly as foul as that man. More than that, he's lying though his teeth, both about himself being a neutral party in the War and about having a Servant of his own."

"Are you certain?" Rin demanded.

"Positive, I have a skill that lets me feel negative emotions from others. Using it as a lie detector is easy." Naruto said grimly.

"This is troubling." Saber frowned.

"The fact that he has over a dozen extra Command Spells makes him incredibly dangerous." Naruto added. "Even if his Servant has a very energy-consuming Noble Phantasm, he can have it used again and again just by sacrificing those Command Spells. If used right, he could end the whole War within a few hours, maybe less."

"…he also has experience as a Master." Rin added. "He was the Master of Assassin in the last Grail War, but it was killed early on in the War."

"At least he can only use those extra Command Spells on his own Servant." Naruto muttered. "Kotomine needs to stay at the Church, supposedly to be able to offer asylum to other Masters, so if we manage to take out his Servant, whichever it may be, they will be useless to him."

"So, the question remains, which is his Servant?" Saber spoke up.

"Well, Saber and Assassin are out for obvious reason. Rider and Berserker as well as they were summoned by the other two founding families, I found out by gathering information since I've been summoned." Naruto mused. "That leaves Caster, Archer and Lancer. Hopefully, it's Lancer."

"Why's that? And, are you sure the Einzbern summoned Berserker?" Rin asked.

"Yeah, I saw a cute little girl that matches what you've described as an Einzbern homunculus talking to an Astralized Berserker." Naruto nodded. "As for Caster and Archer, they are working together and based up at the temple."

"Thank you for the compliment, Assassin." A young female voice spoke up from nearby, causing them to stop and turn to face the source. Sure enough, there was the Einzbern Master Naruto had just described wearing a purple coat with a matching hat, smiling at them. "Hello, Oni-chan." She greeted, looking at Shirou. "Nice to meet you. My name is Illya."

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