I made a Facebook... i dont know why. Its called Anthony Fandom, so go ahead and find it. Im holding a contest for fanart and whoever is the best gets a half and half split story, so get drawing! Im looking for mostly Friendships on Fire but do as you please. I honestly dont give a fuck, itd be cool tho.

It was July 27th, 2018, Lincoln and Lila walked down the road, having just came back from the McBride's house. "So, whats this huge suprise?", Lincoln asked. "You'll see.", Lila said as she smirked. She turned to her boyfriend and stared at him, his glistening eyes, the twos shared white hair, his toothy grin as he walked next to her. She couldnt help but sigh dreamily.

"Lila look out!", Lincoln exclaimed as he held his arm out, keeping her from walking into a pole. "Stop zoning out on me, we wouldnt want that pretty face getting ruined.", Lincoln said as he wrapped an arm around her. She hugged his arm, not wanting him to let go, which he wouldnt.

When they arrived at the house, he opened the door and saw Lynn Sr. and Rita on the couch. "Hey son! Who's yyour friend?", Lynn Sr. said. "Oh this is Lila, my... girlfriend.", Lincoln said. The parents smiled as Lynn Sr. gave a thumbs up and a wink. Rita just gave her son a look, which basically said, 'Treat her right.'

Lincoln gave grin back before Lila lead him upstairs, she opened the door to his room, and Lincolns eyes went wide when he saw the incredible size of the room. "H- h- how.", Lincoln asked. "Well I talked to Lisa about downgrading her room to half its size, to which she gladly accepted after the event of *ahem* 5 months ago.", Lila said.

"Yes, great reminder.", Lincoln said, closing and locking the door in the process. Lila chuckled as she knocked the boy on his back and blew her hair out the way before the two began their makeout session.

Lincoln almost lost his breath to the girl, who was going all out on him. "Lila, chill.", Lincoln said, although it was very muffled. Lila broke the kiss, "Welcome back. Theres the boy I know.", she said as she layed next to him. Lincoln turnt on the TV at the two fell asleep.

When they awoke, Lincoln stood up and yawned and stretched. He looked back at the bed and noticed Lila still fast asleep. He couldnt help but curve a small smile before covering her back up and kissing her forehead. He walked outside and saw Lynn peek out of her room, Lincoln instantly bolted into the bathroom, successfully getting there first.

When he finished up, he saw the sisters piling out of their rooms, he saw Lila slowly walking out to, he quickly motioned for her to run as she did, allowing Lincoln to leave and Lila to be second. And when she finishedm the two walked downstairs and began their breakfast.