He was here again. Rey stood stiffly, methodically cleaning out her blaster, ignoring the Supreme Leader who looked like he wished for nothing more than to cut her down with his sabre.

It had been like this for the past month, the force would connect them and they would do nothing except wait for it to be over.

When the Resistance had received no response from their allies on Crait they thought they had been abandoned. However, it turned out their equipment was sending out faulty signals. After a week-long journey on the Millennium Falcon, they made it to Mirrin Prime. The destruction of the Hosnian system had practically destroyed the New Republic, yet former members still existed. General Organa had been trying to secure communication and alliances between the remaining forces; however, it seemed many were willing to give into the First Order.

"Rey!" Finn came running into her quarters with a jubilant smile. "Poe just came back from his mission with Roba Pie. It's amazing, you need to try some."

Rey smiled, Kylo tensed. After living on Jakku for so many years, almost everything seemed luxurious to her.

"That's great Finn, tell Poe I'll be right there," Kylo bolted towards her, face stark with fury.

"Never knew you enjoyed the company of traitors so much scavenger."

Rey bit her tongue, her heart throbbed a little. It was the first time he had spoken to her since their battle on Snoke's ship and she felt his anger beat on her conscious like thunder.

"Better hurry before Chewie eats it all."

When Finn was at a safe distance, she slammed the door of her quarters shut, fury matching the Supreme Leader's.

"What the hell is your problem, Ren. They're my friends!"

"I suppose someone like you would accept anyone as her friend."

If Rey hadn't been so focused on her own outrage, she may have noticed the flicker of jealousy in his gaze.

"Oh, a what exactly is someone like me?"

Strong, beautiful.

"Someone obsessed with endearing herself to any straggler who comes her way."

"Fuck you Kylo!"

Rey panted, she wanted to strangle him, a month of silence now he acts like a Schutta. She turned away from him, ignoring him would be the best option until she found something in the Jedi texts that could teach her to block him out. Kylo clenched his fists. He wanted her attention back on him, it was pathetic, but as long as her deepest emotions were centred on him, he didn't care if they argued.

"If you joined me you could have eaten whatever you wanted. I offered you the galaxy." Rey reddened further. Fuck. What was he doing.

"You'd probably chain me to a chair if I ate with you."

Dammit, she was supposed to ignore him. She exhaled deeply.

"Look, can we just stop. I don't know why we're still connected, maybe it will fade. Let's just continue to ignore each other." Even as she said those words, a part of her wailed in denial. Yeah, that part could piss off too.

Kylo did not want that, a month of force connections had him on a razor's edge, much equipment had been lost in his 'releases'.

"If the Force is exerting enough power to connect us across systems, then I doubt it will just fade." Rey pinched the bridge of her nose. This entire situation was messy and frustrating, why couldn't the Force just give her a break. "You look tired," it sounded like a casual observation, yet his gaze ate up every inch of her.

"I am," Rey sighed as she slid on to her bed, she closed her eyes in exhaustion.

"Would it have been so terrible to join me?" Rey hearted twisted. No, it wouldn't.

"Please don't," it was the softest of whispers. When Rey opened her eyes he was gone.

The Roba pie was delicious, Rose had saved her a slice, impressively keeping it away from Chewie and the porgs. Rey smiled, she was a sweetheart.

When she entered her chambers she gasped, lying on her pillow was a food pearl. It had a soft yellow hue and when she picked it up, it glimmered in the moonlight. Ren. She knew it was him, she felt it in her bones. Her hand clenched around it, she had wondered if they were capable of transferring things through the bond. He could drop a bomb through it.

She knew with absolute faith he wouldn't. Her heart constricted.

Rey intercepted Leia as she returned from a diplomatic mission from Taris.

"Uh, Leia could I talk to you privately". The general took in the young girl's appearance. She looked as if she hadn't been sleeping. It had been exactly 3 days since their last force connection and she had no idea how she would react if she saw him again.

"Of course Rey, meet me in my quarters after supper."

Rey sighed in relief and smiled at the elder woman. She constantly worried about whether to reveal her connection with her friends or not. How would they react? Would they hate her? Call her a traitor? The thought almost brought her to her knees.

But, Leia would understand. Rey did not want to give her false hope, she didn't want her to feel the despair she felt when Ben refused to return with her. But she knew Leia would never hate her over her connection with Kylo Ren, and hopefully, she would provide some insight into the man which haunted her every thought.

Kylo turned the water on at full blast, he had just been in a meeting with crime lords in Hutt Space. He felt foul as if he had just trudged through one of their swamps. He immediately returned to his chambers to use the refresher.

They were vulgar, seeking only their self-pleasure. Kylo should be grateful, they would do whatever the first order wanted as long as they were paid. He gritted his teeth, leaning against the wall as the hot water poured down, almost scalding him.

He wanted to see her. It had been three days, the longest it had been since their first force bond. In fact, it was not unusual for them to connect multiple times per day, if only for a brief moment.

If being with her constrained his self-control. Not being with her was worse. He could barely concentrate on anything, much to Hux's delight. He had to visit his private training rooms more frequently, venting his frustration on inanimate equipment instead of an unlucky soldier. Turning the water off he donned his robes. Looks like he'll be sending off more equipment for garbage disposal.

"Chewie thinks you're a better pilot than me," Rey laughed. She had seen him in an X-wing and could most assuredly say that Poe was far better than her.

"That's sweet but I doubt it."

Poe grinned, "Well, how would we know for certain unless we put it to the test? You, me, and a race around the asteroid field."

"I would…" Rey felt a shift in the atmosphere. Dammit, not now! Kylo Ren appeared before her, sweaty and panting, it looked like he had just been sparring, although in reality, it was more like destroying.

"Rey?" Poe questioned her vacant expression and reddened face. She tore her gaze from Kylo's.

"Sorry Poe."

Kylo became enraged. "Get rid of him!" He demanded, she could feel his breath on her neck.

"Umm, I have to speak with Leia."

"That ok, how about afterward?"

Kylo wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her back flush to his front.

"Leave now," he growled, lips brushed her ear. Rey's body quivered, they hadn't touched him since their battle. She locked her body, giving Poe a tense smile.

"Sure, maybe later." Rey quickly turned around, darting off to her quarters, leaving behind a bewildered pilot.

"I can't believe you, Ren, this is the second time! Seriously what is your problem."

"You shouldn't be associating yourself with that pilot".

Kylo knew Poe well before he had interrogated him. His mother had been a close friend of Leia. He had first met Poe at a dinner party hosted by his mother. As a boy he was reckless, as a man that still held true, except now he possessed a charm which tended to leave a trail of broken hearts.

"Well it may surprise you, but us 'rebel scum' are capable of possessing integrity"

"I never said you didn't."

Rey grew frustrated, "Then what the hell do you want Ren!"

He looked at her with such torment that Rey wanted to reach out and hold him. It seemed as if he was on the verge of saying something when the force connection shut down. Rey slunk to the ground, she wrapped her arms around her torso. She felt lost.

"Rey, are you there? The General has sent me to escort you." Rey looked up and was greeted with C3PO's golden face.








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