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Dreary hazel eyes blinked open to unfamiliar sights, instantly widening as they registered the room that was certainly not their own. His body tensed for a split second, before relaxing once more as he closed his eyes again and opened his other senses, afterall, the person who put him there could still be in the room.

Nothing, not even a rustle.

Sam hesitantly examined his surroundings, head tilting to take in more of the room. It looked like a standard bedroom, if a little empty. The direction he had been facing when he had awoke held a simple, dark wooden dresser. On the other side of the room there was a wardrobe, and next to it a small, red plush chair. The walls were a gentle cream colour, and the floors a dark wood.

Where am I? He thought with a confused frown, and gently moved to prop himself up, only to be dragged down by an unusual weight on his back. While it wasn't heavy enough to be uncomfortable, it was still surprising. Noticing a full body mirror on the other side of the room, he got to his feet, deciding it would be better than trying to look over his shoulder. He walked cautiously, shoulders slightly hunched to swing at a moments notice, the fact that it helped a bit with the weight was only a bonus.

The weight was unusual, but as he approached the mirror he barely noticed it, as if it wasn't even there anymore.

He took a deep breath, before slipping into view, and what he saw made him leap back, eyes wide and heart racing.

He had wings…

Sam narrowed his eyes, regaining his place closer to the mirror and began to examine the feathery appendages.

They were long, almost six feet across and narrow, perfect for aerial maneuvers. The feathers were long and powerful looking, various shades of reds browns and creams, looking almost like a darkened sunset. Curiously, he looked over his shoulder at the wings, and reached out a hand, gently running his fingertips over the silky feathers. A tingling spark spread throughout his wings, and then down his spine, feathers fluffing and the appendage shuddering.

"They'll never really stop being so sensitive, they need to sense air currents." a familiar voice said from behind him. Sam spun around, gaze locking onto the man leaning against the corner of his wall.


Sam named his thought, eyes wide in disbelief as he stared at the long since dead angel.

"That's my name, don't wear it out." His tone was light, joking, but his eyes were sharp and concentrated. Sam's wings were ruffled, feathers raised, and positioned to half cover him, within blocking distance at an instant. That's when he noticed Gabriel's wings. They were half-cocked, prepared to take off. Nervous. His brain supplied helpfully, and he had little time to wonder just how he knew that before the blonde spoke.

"We were wondering when you would wake."

"We?" Began Sam, before he shook his head and moved on, eyes sharpening as they narrowed, "Where's Dean, or Cas? Where am I, and how are you even here?"

A smirk made its way to Gabriel's mouth and he kicked himself off the wall, arms uncrossing as he approached the youngest Winchester. "Dean is still asleep, as for where you are-" He just shrugged.

Gabriel seemed to realize that his wings betrayed his mood, because they furled to his back, and his posture straightened slightly.

"What do you mean, still asleep? Where is Cas? And who is we? Gabriel, what's going on?" He asked firmly, eyes narrowed and wings moving upwards, a bit aggressively, and feathers raising to make him look larger. He was scared, and he was angry, Dean was missing, so was Cas, Gabriel was alive and no-one was answering him.

Gabriel's eyes sharpened dangerously, golden-whiskey coloured orbs beginning to glow faintly with raw power, wings raising once more, this time, it was all six. They spread out to their full length, and while they were shorter than Sam's, there were more of them, and they radiated grace. The room began to grow heavy, breathing becoming more difficult, and suddenly his breath felt cold on his face due to the warmth of the room. Sam's wings smoothed out, sinking down to curl around him protectively, and his eyes dropped uncontrollably to the floor.

After a moment, the room cooled, and Sam risked a glance at the man. His wings were furled once more, and his eyes, while sharp, were no longer glowing, earning a small breath of relief from Sam.

"Next time you want to have a dick-measuring contest, Sam." The Archangel began, "Find someone else." With that, his largest wings unfurled and he took off to God-knows-where.

Sam frowned and moved to sit on his bed, wings furling to his back. Now that he was aware of them, he could feel their movements, like a second pair of arms. He settled down and rubbed his eyes, brain attempting to process the series of events.

"Sam." Came a deep voice from the corner only a few moments later, causing the brunette's head to snap up, meeting Castiel's eyes with ease.

"Cas. Where have you been? What's going on?" Sam asked, relief heavily evident in his voice. He noticed Cas' eyes drifting to his wings, and without his consent, they unfurled, spreading out to their full length, in no way were they in an aggressive, or pompous position, just spread out so that the Angel could see them clearly.

Castiel nodded, before moving his eyes back to Sam's and beginning to speak. "Michael, Lucifer and Gabriel are all here, they have all agreed to put aside their differences until we figure out what is going on. We suspect God may have been the one to bring us here, mostly because you and Dean now both have wings." The Angel explained a bit more bluntly than he probably should have. "Come, I can take you to him."

Sam followed Cas out the door he hadn't noticed earlier, entering a brightly lit hallway, filled with doors that each had names etched into them. He was surprised to see his own was in his handwriting, and Dean's was in the older man's printing.

Confused, Sam quietly entered Dean's room with the angel, recalling what Gabriel had said about Dean still sleeping.

Except he wasn't…

Dean was sitting upright, eyes narrowed as they locked onto the duo, faintly relaxing. His wings were spread wide, unfurled and sleek. They were shorter than his own, and Sam felt his wings extend to show him so.

Dean's eyes locked onto Sam's wings, and his eyes widened in shock as he opened his mouth to speak.

"Before you say anything, Dean, I suggest looking in a mirror." He pointed to the full body mirror in the corner and watched Dean get up, eyes still watching the duo from the corner of his eye. When Dean looked in the mirror Sam could see his face drain in the reflection as he stared at the brand new appendages.

"What's going on…?" The quiet voice broke the silence as Dean continued to stare into the mirror at his new wings.

Castiel hesitated, "We believe that you have been turned into Angels…"

Dean exploded… "What?!" He snapped, spinning around to face the duo. He got no further than that, however, because as he opened his mouth to speak once more, they were no longer in Dean's room.

"Glad you three have finally decided to join us." Called a familiar voice from the center of the room. Sam spun around and was met with Chuck, casually sitting back in a chair, Amara in the one next to him. While Sam knew that Amara now meant no harm, he couldn't help but feel uncomfortable around the ancient being.

On the other side of the room, stood Michael, Lucifer and Gabriel, the latter having finally calmed.

Chuck sat up straighter, "You're probably wondering what's going on… Well, I don't have time for this, so we'll do it fast. As a gift for reuniting Amara and I, we have decided to give you all a break. You're all in an Alternate Universe that I created recently, you will stay here until you have all learned what you have been brought here to learn. You," he pointed to Lucifer, "Will not be able to kill anyone without a good reason. I expect no major fights. Sam, Dean, you two are angels now, a little gift to help you in this new world. Enjoy!" And with that, he was gone.

Everyone sat in silence for a long moment, before finally one dared to break the silence.

"What, the hell…?" Dean finally asked, still staring at the place where the two had vanished.

Nobody responded…

Sam made his way to a seat on the couch and carefully and sat down, brow furrowed as he attempted to process the onslaught of new information. His wings moved to curl around him, and he found himself wondering just how to stop them from doing that and betraying his mood to the other occupants of the room.

"Your emotions, Sam." Lucifer pointed out as if having read his mind. "Your emotions control your wings more than you do, however, with practice, you will learn to control them." The Archangels of the room seemed to shift personas' in an instant, full-on teacher mode as they each stood up straighter, and began to survey the new Angels.

Oddly enough, it was Lucifer who took charge, approaching the newcomers with familiar ease, eyes scanning the duo. The Devil's wings shot out, dragging the two brothers close enough that he could place a hand on their shoulders, and they took off in a flutter of wings.

The duo leaped away from the Archangel as soon as they landed, warily glaring back at their ride. It took mere seconds before the rest of the occupants arrived, they were seemingly in some sort of training room.

This couldn't be good…

"You two are Angels now," Michael began, stepping forward, "That makes you our brothers, as well as fledglings. Untrained fledglings are dangerous, and as your brothers, it is our job to train you."

"In Heaven," He continued, "We would train the newest fledglings, Myself in fighting and defense, Lucifer in powers and control, Gabriel in flight and culture, and Raphael in healing and History."

"You two are going to begin today with Lucifer and your powers, however, due to mistrust," He shot a glance at the Devil, before continuing, eyes betraying nothing. "Gabriel and Castiel will aid you in all of your studies."

Gabriel snapped his fingers, comfortable looking chairs appearing for each of them, and everyone warily settled down.

Sam was speechless.

Lucifer grinned, "Let's begin."

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