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Sam awoke far too early the next morning, it was four o'clock, but he knew he wouldn't be able to get to back to sleep, so he decided to just get up and head to the Great Hall for an early breakfast.

He stretched, wings twitching as he changed into his school robes, and made his way into the common room. He was surprised to see a girl he recognized as the female prefect bent over a book, looking quite frazzled.

He approached with furrowed brows, and tapped her on the shoulder, surprised when she jumped. Her eyes focused on him and she blinked rapidly, "Oh, is there something you need?" She asked.

"Um, Miss?" He hadn't remembered her name, never even learned it, in fact, "it's… four thirty in the morning… Have you been here all night?"

She looked down at her book, and then back at him, "I… guess I have…" Her brows furrowed, and then she seemed to realize something. "What are you doing up at this hour?"

"Early riser," He said in a dismissive response, "you should probably get to sleep." She nodded, and gathered her books, heading up to her dorm, muttering to herself.

He frowned in sympathy, before making his way out of the common room, and following his memory, down to the Great Hall.

After a few wrong turns, he ended up at the hall, surprised to see Michael about to enter as well.

"Sam," his eyes widened slightly as he noticed the Ravenclaw, "you're awake early."

Sam nodded, and they entered the hall together, noticing it was empty.

"Which table should we sit at?" He asked, staring at the empty room.

"Ravenclaw?" Michael asked, turning to the table Sam had sat at the night before, "it was quieter last night."

The duo moved to the end of the table, close to the staff one, and sat down. Habitually they sat with a seat between them and began to chat quietly about how they would continue training while at school.

After a while, food appeared on their plates, and they began to eat, still chatting.

"Mr. Kearney, Mr. Winchester, what are you doing up so early? How long have you been here?" A familiar voice sounded from behind them, sounding a bit baffled.

Sam turned to face Professor McGonagall, a bit surprised to see her, but Michael seemed to have already noticed she was there when he glanced over at him.

"We're early risers, professor. As for how long we've been here… What time is it?" He already knew what time it was, but it was probably best to keep up appearances.

"It's five in the morning!" She sounded a bit concerned.

"Oh," He said, pretending to think, "then about half an hour, the others should be up soon, if they're not already. Well… Except for Dean, he'll be up closer to seven…"

Michael frowned, "Dean is capable of waking earlier if needed."

"No, he isn't," Lucifer said, approaching from behind the professor.

"Say, professor, is there a place we can swim around here?" Sam asked, head tilting.

The professor nodded slowly, "Yes, there is a pond available for swimming, I can show you after your breakfast, but you must make sure you get your schedules from your head of house."

"Don't leave me out." Gabriel approached, standing next to Lucifer, and they all agreed, watching the teacher move to the head table and they all settled down.

Lucifer settled between Sam and Michael, while Gabriel settled on Sam's other side.

Everyone tucked in, chatting quietly.

After a few moments, a dark, greasy haired man with a hooked nose entered the room, looking a little surprised at two Slytherins sitting with a Gryffindor and a Ravenclaw at the Ravenclaw table, before seemingly brushing it off and striding up to the staff table.

They finished eating quickly, and stood, chattering quietly, when Cas came through the doors, followed by a boy named Neville, who had also been sorted into Hufflepuff, and Dean behind him.

The professor had seemingly finished as well, because she stood, and approached them.

"Would you like me to show you to the pond now?" They agreed, however Neville stayed behind to speak with a few other Hufflepuffs that had arrived, and she led them out onto the grounds, and to a pond close to the lake.

"Your schedules will be given out at seven thirty, make sure you are there to receive them." And with that, she left.

Cas and Dean had followed, probably out of pure curiosity, and looked a little bit surprised to see a clear lake, shimmering brightly in the morning sun.

A snap from Gabriel had them all in bathing suits, and they were drenched with water as he jumped in.

Sam laughed and followed him in, jumping as well. A volley of splashes followed, and he found that everyone had hopped in. The pond wasn't too deep, enough they could dive under. Sam blinked his eyes open, finding that it didn't sting at all, and dove down to the bottom. He used his wings to push him further, and swirled around, doing a summersault before swimming back to the surface.

Lucifer and Gabriel had ganged up on Dean, and were splashing him with no remorse, while Michael was watching from his place on the bank, feet in the water. Castiel could be seen swimming underwater, wings outstretched. The pond was large, enough space for all of them, and yet he could still barely avoid the splashes.

He smirked, using his Grace to spray a wave of water over Gabriel, Lucifer and Dean, and then dove under the water to escape the wrath.

Hands wrapped around his ankle and he was jerked back to the surface, where he was instantly splashed with tons of water courtesy of Gabriel and Lucifer, while Dean held him in place, using the taller man as a shield.

"Revenge, Sammy!" His brother yelled, splashing his side with water. He squirmed, and eventually managed to push his brother away, and dove under the water, wings propelling him faster, when he suddenly noticed a cave-like tunnel. It was small, mostly covered by seaweed, but he was curious. Sam dove in, taking care not to be noticed, and began to swim through the darkened tunnel. Being an angel, his vision was much improved, and he could see where he was going.

Noticing his slow speed, he stopped and focussed his Grace on his hands and feet.

Something to help me move faster in the water.

He was completely surprised when webbing began to form between his fingers, and his feet morphed to look like flippers. Satisfied, Sam turned and continued through the cavern. Being an angel, especially one who specialized in water, he could breathe under the water, although it wasn't overly comfortable.

He checked his internal clock quickly.


He continued his swim, watching as everything got darker and colder around him, and finally began to see an exit.

The current grew a bit stronger, but he pushed on, breaking through, and found himself dragged sideways suddenly.

He got his bearings, and began to move with the current, finding himself in a river, snaking its way through a forest that he thought someone had said something about being forbidden and off limits. He poked his head out of the water, and looked around in curiosity, the forest was quite dark, and eerily beautiful.

You can imagine how surprised he was when Ace suddenly appeared, racing along the river and barking.

He had been allowed to have Ace at school as long as the Gamekeeper, Hagrid, he believed, took care of him. So why was Ace in the forest?

As if sensing his internal inquiries, the dog disappeared, and returned moments later with a small hare in his jaws.

He grabbed hold of the bank, watching the webbing fade away, and began to pull himself onto land.

He stood up slowly, legs a little bit weak from not being used to land, and let his wings snap out, water burning from them in an instant, as if sensing his need to fly.

He leaped into the air, and began to glide over the river, Ace having left, probably to do some more hunting.

Soon, he saw the cave he had entered from, and a powerful beat of his wings sent him flying into the cavern despite the currents.

After a little while, the entrance to the pond appeared, and he got an idea. He could still see Lucifer, Gabriel and Dean hunting him, although they looked a little concerned, probably since it was now 6:36, and they still hadn't found him.

Sam smirked at his plan, he moved back a bit, pushing off powerfully with his wings, sending him flying passed the confused occupants of the pond, and shooting clear of the water.

His wings dried immediately as he sent himself hurling into the sky, beginning to head towards the forest once more.

He heard three splashes behind him, and was glad he was so far ahead, because Gabriel would surely catch him otherwise.

He dove between the trees and veered sharply to the side, heading for the river, which he dove into with ease, heading back towards the tunnel, and swimming inside.

He snagged seaweed off the bottom, and tied it carefully so that it covered the entrance, just in case they managed to track him to the river.

Sam noticed occasional shadows that would flit over the bottom of the river, and figured they must be looking for him from above. Then, he felt the water ripple, and peeked out of his hiding place.


The man was only a few feet away, and was scanning the river, brightly coloured wings a dead giveaway of his position. Sam had a distinct advantage, his own were a brown-red, allowing him to blend into the mud if he was lucky.

Smirking, Sam used his Grace to make the water around his foot solidify, so it felt like a hand was grabbing his foot, and dropped it when the angel spun around, wings flaring

As he scanned the water. Sam grinned, brushing a wall of water over the older angels foot, watching him spin around.

He sent water currents rushing by Lucifer, and then laughed, just loud enough for the other man to hear it reverberate in the water.

Lucifer glared around him, and held up his arm, sending up a bright flare of Grace, and Sam felt the message clearly.

I found him.

He used water currents to make it feel like he had gone the other way, and then dove down the tunnel, careful to make sure the water around him didn't send any vibrations to the other angels. He stopped at the entrance, and peered out, Dean was hovering above the pond, standing guard. Suddenly, from afar he felt a flare of Grace, and watched Dean take off.

Sam slid out of the tunnel and broke through the surface of the pond, knowing Michael and Castiel wouldn't rat him out.

They were sitting on the bank, watching him appear with amused gazes.

"Having fun?" Michael asked at the same time Cas questioned, "How did you get back here?"

He watched them turn to each other, then back to Sam.

Sam nodded with a smile and decided to answer Cas next, "Come, I'll show you." And with that, he dove back under, feeling a splash behind him.

He entered the cave, and, noticing Cas wasn't behind him, poked his head out the mouth. Cas floated, scanning the entrance with wide-spread wings.

He followed Sam in after a moments hesitation, and chased the brunette through the tunnel. He showed Cas the other exit, when suddenly he felt Castiel's grace flare from behind him.

Found him.

He'd been betrayed! Sam tried to escape, but Lucifer was blocking his other exit.

The archangel grabbed him, and dragged Sam into the open waters of the river, where he kicked and squirmed to escape.

Sam flared his Grace, willing it to carry his message skyward.

Michael, help! I was betrayed!

It must have worked, because for a split second, Lucifer froze. He used it to his advantage, and tried to kick himself away, but was grabbed from the other side by Gabriel. They dragged him to the surface, where they all began to splash him, cackling.

Hearing faint wingbeats and seeing a flash of white from the bank, Sam smirked. Ace leaped, grabbing hold of Lucifer's hand, providing a distraction sufficient enough for him to wrestle his arm free and raise it skyward.

A hand grabbed hold of his own, pulling him away from the angels and dragging him into the sky. They were quite high when Michael let him go, and he began to fly on his own, speeding far ahead of Michael with ease.

Suddenly a powerful force crashed into him, knocking him straight out of the sky, and then there was a blur of golden speeding towards him. He watched a splash of white crash into the golden one, and the two fell tussling for the ground.

Sam gained control of his wings and looped around, slamming into Gabriel and knocking him away from Michael. He was grabbed from behind and yelped, wings flaring and beginning to thrash with the rest of him. Sam felt whoever had grabbed him being torn off by Michael. Dean went flying sideways, and he and Michael were moving again, doing all sorts of twists and loops in the air to dodge the other angels.

Without turning around, Sam sent a blast of water behind him, then a lightning bolt only powerful enough to stun.

Michael seemed to get the idea, because he drew up a wall of fire between them, using it so they could get further.

"Thanks!" He called over the wind to Michael, reaching over to grab the oldest angels wrist, and speeding forward, using his faster speed to their advantage.

"Of course!" He answered, "Four against one isn't fair!"

"And three is?" Sam asked playfully, earning a playful slap.

"Shush, I saved you." Sam was really surprised at how Michael had lightened up over the months, he had become sort of like a big brother.

Sam snorted, and peeked behind him, watching the firewall move to block the angels as soon as they tried to get around it. He chuckled, and dropped them in the forest, checking his mental clock quickly.


"We should get back to the castle." And with that, they approached Hogwarts on foot.

Professor McGonagall sat on a transfigured bench, watching the blurs dance across the sky, Gabriel- the easiest to pick up- was a golden smudge against the blue of the sky. Michael was also pretty easy to notice, he was the slowest, not to mention the bright, snow-white wings. Lucifer was like a blurred sunset, quite visible, and then there was Sam, a red-brown colour. Castiel was the black smudge and Dean was the silver one.

She had been able to see their wings from the beginning, but now was the only time she had actually seen them in action. Then, something startled her.

From Sam, a ball of blue shot behind him, hitting a turning Lucifer directly in the wing, and then a golden bolt hit Gabriel in the side from where he was trying to climb higher.

She stood up, mouth agape as Michael spun around, and with the wave of his hand, fire bled into existence, creating a wall between them.

Dumbledore needed to know about this!

Sam, knowing the teachers thought they had been swimming, had soaked his and Michael's hair as the archangel waved his hand, they were now both in their robes.

They entered the hall, surprised when it immediately fell silent.

Sam pointedly ruffled his wet hair and headed over to the Hufflepuff table, which had actually been even quieter than the Ravenclaws.

They settled next to Neville, much to the surprise of those around them.

"Hey, Neville-" Began Sam.

"-Why did everyone turn to stare at us when we entered?" Finished Michael, much to Sam's surprise, that had been exactly what he was thinking.

"Oh," The boy blinked, "right before you came in here, professor McGonagall rushed in and started whispering with Professor Dumbledore. As soon as you entered they stopped to stare at you."

Sam narrowed his eyes, processing this new information.

"Sorry I didn't swim with you earlier…" Neville apologized, fidgeting.

Sam waved a hand, "No worries."

"Mr. Winchester, Mr. Kearney, where are your siblings? I would like to see you all in my office." Sam turned to see an old man he recognized as the Headmaster standing behind them.

He noticed the man's gaze flit to his wings, and he glanced at Michael.

Michael had his wings outstretched aggressively, he had clearly noticed too. Sam's wings moved to mimic his superiors, and he stared Dumbledore down.

"What is this about, Headmaster?" Sam asked boldly.

He glanced pointedly at their wings, "I think you already know the answer to that."

Sam internally smirked, grateful that he had studied law

"Professor Dumbledore, is this a case of discrimination? I am absolutely abhorred that you should feel the need to discuss this at all, let alone in front of thousands of children." Every eye was on them, and there was a ripple of whispers at this statement.

His smile dropped slightly, "Mr. Winchester, you know very well this isn't a discriminatory case, I just need to speak with you about what happened this morning."

"Our training regime? I don't understand why this should be shared with you, there is nothing in the laws of Hogwarts that say anything about students getting up early to train their physical activity, especially when this school offers no such programs." He evaded, jabbing at the laws as he stood, wings flaring and shaking lightly. He had felt when the others had entered the hall, near the beginning of the conversation, just before he had spoken about discrimination.

He turned to look at Michael, and said only one word, "Fire." He then turned to Sam, "Water, electricity."

Sam kept up his law face, "Substantial evidence?"

"The memories of Professor Minerva McGonagall are currently available for viewing." He responded, eyes twinkling.

"And why exactly are we to be detained? State your reasoning." Sam was having a bit of trouble with this man, there wasn't exactly much he could say without giving too much away.

"Possible danger to the other students." He didn't sound very happy now.

Lucifer snorted, coming up to stand next to Sam, "You are a blind fool, Dumbledore, if you believe that any of us are a danger to the students, just because you do not understand something, doesn't mean it's dangerous." He lectured, placing a hand on Sam's shoulder and glaring at the man.

Sam was completely surprised when the prefect he had helped earlier that morning stood up.

"Sir, if I may ask, why are these boys believed a danger? Just this morning, Sam helped me to bed when I was caught up in my reading…" She blushed, but that changed nothing about what she was doing for them.

"They have exhibited powers that are dangerous, and without proper control can injure themselves or others."

"Who says we don't have proper control?" Asked Gabriel, glaring, "I have more control than you could even dream of."

Dumbledore sighed, "Is there truly a need for such a scene? Can we not just go to my office and sort this out?"

Hesitantly, they agreed, but their head of houses were to attend the meeting, along with Penelope, the Ravenclaw prefect who had won them over with the statement that she had been dragged in when she defended them, and they proceeded to the Headmasters office.

The Headmaster led them to a gargoyle, which slid open for him, and into a winding set of stairs upwards.

The office was nice, but Sam wasn't paying much attention, instead, he sat in one of the conjured chairs, the others sitting beside him.

"Where did you get these powers?" Dumbledore got straight down to business.

"We've had them since our creation," Michael explained coldly.

"Don't you mean birth?" Professor McGonagall asked curiously.

"No," Sam covered, "We had them even in the womb, it is why we were given away."

Dumbledore hummed, and the greasy haired man from this morning spoke up.

"Where do these powers come from?" He asked.

"We aren't fully human, as your headmaster can probably tell you." Gabriel snarked.

Everyone turned to the Headmaster, who leaned forward. "May I ask what exactly you are?"

They looked at each other, and shrugged, Dean spoke next. "We don't know."

The Headmaster hummed, "May I call someone over to take a look?"

"Absolutely not!" Michael growled, leaning forward, "Once, we may have jumped at the chance, but now…" He turned to Sam and Dean, "Now it doesn't matter if we're human or not, all that matters is that we have each other."

Dumbledore blinked, and then smiled, "Alright, I'll let you go after I see your control over your powers. "

Michael went first, holding up a palm and allowing a flame to flicker into existence. He let it dance for a moment, before it began to grow, and form the face of Dumbledore, moving his face into a smile. He watched the teachers' eyes widen, all except the dark-haired man with the hooked nose. He just narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

In his other palm, a bright light formed, making the occupants of the room blink as it formed into the Hogwarts crest.

A glance at Penelope saw her mouth agape, eyes wide.

Michael let it grow small, before closing his hands over the fire, and showing off his un-scorched palms.

Lucifer went next, using one palm to create a small sculpture of Hogwarts from his ice, and used his darkness to create the black lake. He threw it upwards, watching the ice turn into snowfall, and the darkness swirl upwards to spread over the ceiling.

Dean flicked his fingers skyward, and watched sparks fill the darkness, looking like stars. He pointed at one corner, and a bit of fire filled out and created a moon.

Darkness began to fill back into his palm, and the fire and sparks dissipated.

Gabriel used his water to make a pair of wings, and used his wind to keep them aloft. The wings disappeared when they soared over the teachers' heads, evaporating away in a wisp of smoke.

Castiel went next, using his Grace to power roots that twirled and twined through the air in a beautiful dance, flowers began to sprout from it. He twirled it into a flower crown and used his wind to push it onto his Head of Houses hair, and the plump woman smiled brightly at him.

Now it was Sam's turn…

He took a deep breath, and used his water to form a dog, looking like Ace, he allowed it to grow older, and had him begin to run, then, he twirled and formed it into a dragon, breathing lightning and sparks instead of fire, and moving to fly around the room. He let it breathe lightning onto the ground, and landed on his dancing sparks, twirling the electricity around him in a storm, and then disappearing in a bright flash of light.

Everyone was awed, eyes wide as they watched the students show.

Wide eyes, the students were dismissed with their timetables, and began to speak quietly together.