034. Promise



During the middle of their last summer as a Host Club, Haruhi invites them a local festival.

"You put a wish inside your lantern, and the river will carry it to heaven," she informs them. Haruhi doesn't say whether or not she believes, but stands on the river's damp, soily bank regardless.

Tamaki babbles on about wishing for excessive luck from the gods and Haruhi's femininity to return to them, earning him a narrow-eyed look.

"What are you wishing for?" Hikaru asks pryingly, trying his best to spy over Kaoru's hunched shoulder. A twinge of annoyance seizes Kaoru's eyebrow, as he turns away sharply with his paper.

"Make your own, Hika. It's okay. You don't need to copy me this time, alright?"

A noisy, exaggerated sigh.

"Whatever," Hikaru mumbles, balling up his paper and tossing it carelessly aside, marching to join Haruhi.

Kaoru's stomach hitches, twisting painfully.

With a meticulous and gentle intention, he folds his colorful, frail wish-paper scribbled "Please don't let Hikaru leave me" into his glowing lantern, nudging it into water just as everyone does, too.

The river shimmers in the murky, blueish twilight, dotted in candlelight, reflecting back in Kaoru's pupils and his dimmed, golden irises.

Just this one.



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