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Amelia couldn't sleep. With the combination of Raleigh's kiss and the thunder in the distance, her mind wouldn't stop running. Thoughts of possibly getting close to someone all over again engaged in a fear that wanted her to run. She didn't want that responsibility to another person. She spent too long building walls to protect her heart. She worked hard to put away the heart she always wore on her sleeve. How can one kiss to a guy she barely knew throw such a wrench into everything?

By the time Amelia finally fell asleep, the loud, obnoxious buzzing from her old clock radio jolted her awake. She laid in bed, stared at the white ceiling, and just let the bright morning sun warm her skin. Although the Alaskan air chilled her, she always found warmth in the sun. When she finally decided to get her day going, she got dressed and made some coffee. She went downstairs to prep the bar and turned her newly fixed tv on to have some background noise.

"BREAKING NEWS! In yesterday's Los Angeles' kaiju attack, the Jaeger narrowly made it out in one piece. Piloted by the Beckett's, the giant machine eliminated the unexpected Kaiju. It was a brief, successful battle, but the Jaeger has sustained an incredible amount of damage from Kaiju blood. It was able to reach the Los Angeles Shatter dome, where it was rinsed before any future damage was sustained. Stay tuned to hear how exactly the battle took place."

The television turned off with an audible click, and Amelia let out a sigh. Her brows furrowed together and her face became locked with concern. Frustrated with the confusion in her head and heart, she finally felt brave enough to leave the small comfort of her bar, hoping to go to the market for a distraction. She grabbed her bright pink magnetic note pad from her fridge and wrote down some essentials. She played with the idea of finally using her stove to make a get a good basket full of goodies for Raleigh.

What am I doing? I've only met him a handful of times.

She grabbed her coat and her bag and made stride toward the door with a new determination. The weather only made Amelia pull her coat tighter. The strong winds whipped pieces of an oncoming storm against her cheeks. Not being prepared for the rush of the wind, Amelia raced to the market to hide from the raging gust. Her hair circled her face making it difficult for her to see. Once she finally made it to the store, she adjusted her coat and grabbed a handbasket.

As Amelia walked through the aisles, she picked random items and would place them in her basket. Against her better judgment, Amelia even stopped by the baking section to try and make some treats when Raleigh and his brother come home.

They should come be coming home soon, right? It'll only be for a job well done for saving humankind. Yes, let me make baked goods for basically a stranger.

But ... are we strangers anymore?

Amelia's thoughts drifted. She was torn. They spoke about their lives for hours, but does that constitute knowing someone? Everything seemed fine, and then the simplest of kisses turned everything upside down. It was a strange feeling that filled her heart with anticipation and anxiety. The reporter didn't mention the pilots were injured. Amelia was positive that they would have a few bruises, but considering what they went through, that was a miracle. She knew Raleigh wouldn't be back today. She worried for him, but isn't it too soon to worry about someone she's known for such a short time?

She felt the heat when he touched her. She felt naturally pulled towards him. She's never had such a reaction to someone like this before.

Amelia realized she was staring at the back of the pasta box for far too long.

Jeesh, when did I even get into this aisle?

Putting the last few items into her basket, she headed to the front for check out. She walked by the cashier and started to place her items on the counter. She could feel the spot between her eyebrows become stiff with frustration.

I gotta stop thinkin' so hard about everything.

"MAM," Amelia jumped in surprise, bringing her attention to the frustrated cashier in front of her. She quickly looked to her side, seeing a line of equally frustrated customers.

"I'm sorry?" She quickly apologized and gave the money over. She grabbed her bags and rushed out of the store. Amelia walked down the deserted street, pulling her scarf and coat tightly around her body. She rushed to the bar seeking the warmth and protection it provided.

Once Amelia was able to unlock the door with shivering hands, she threw her body into the heat. She shut the door with a slam, locked it, and leaned against it breathing hard. Once Amelia collected herself, she started to make way to her dark stairs up to the apartment. She kicked off her winter boots and started to shed the many layers of warmth, shaking off the chill that still stuck to the clothing. She immediately reached for her oversized sweater. She stripped off her feet, the cold socks and tucked them into her warm, fluffy house slippers. Instantly feeling better, she went back to the kitchen to put away her groceries.

Amelia put the stovetop on and placed her tea kettle over the small flame. She glanced over at the baking materials she left on her counter, contemplating the decision to make the baked goods.

Fuck it.

Amelia started to grab bowls and spoons and placed them out on the countertop. She got to work, and before she knew it, her entire little kitchen was filled with cake and cookies. Amelia stood back, leaning against the counter covered in batter and looked at her work. She glanced over at the old clock on the wall and realized it was near 1 am; way later than she had hoped for. Gathering the used utensils and bowls and placing them in the sink for cleaning tomorrow, she grabbed the kitchen rag and wiped the countertops quickly, promising a scrub down first thing in the morning.

Amelia looked down at herself, realizing how much batter she was covered in. She stripped her clothes and made way to the bathroom. Amelia's thoughts finally drifted back to the blonde Jaeger pilot as she reached down to turn on the hot water. The baking had been the distraction she needed, but it seemed only to be temporary.

She stepped into the steamy shower letting the water roll over her. The thoughts of the kiss that Raleigh left her with had produced heat from within her body. She closed her eyes, drowning herself in how soft his lips felt against her own. She allowed her thoughts to wander and imagined the connection lasting longer.

Amelia lathered the soap in her hands and scrubbed her scalp. With her eyes still closed, she wished it was Raleigh's hands instead of her own tangled into the red locks. She grabbed her washcloth and watched as the soap slid slowly down her body. The thoughts of Raleigh in front of her turned a switch on. It was as if she forgot it was left off. She felt her nipples harden at the illusion of his hands on her body. If she wasn't already wet from the shower, she was sure she would've needed new underwear.

The steam was making it harder to breathe. Her lungs worked harder as the hot water rolled down her body. The feeling of her hand rubbing her breast and working its way down her body made Amelia realize that it's been too long since her last sexual encounter. She suddenly craved a man's touch, and her thoughts wildly reached to Raleigh.

Suddenly, it wasn't her hands on her body; it was his. She could feel the rough, calloused hands reach from behind her and around her waist. It rubbed along her stomach and across her navel until it reached her soft folds. She stabled herself against the tiles as his fingers grazed across her clit. His other hand came up her side to her breast as his head rested on her shoulder. Amelia felt his hot breath on her neck, and she felt herself get closer to that peak. His fingers danced on her clit, and Amelia moaned. His one hand was holding her back to his front as he worked harder and faster until she finally cried out as she spilled over the edge.

Amelia felt like she ran a marathon. Breathing hard and realizing the water turned cold, and she came to the hard realization that she was alone in the shower. She shut the water off, also noticing that her fingers felt numb from neglect. Its been so long since she last was with someone. She was with her high school boyfriend for nearly three years. When she turned sixteen, she asked him to be her first, and he happily obliged. They learned each other's bodies, and even as a teen, she enjoyed the normalcies that came with it. It took her out of foster living and into a world with teens discovering themselves. She loved him, and he loved her, but since he was on the verge of eighteen and going to college, they both agreed to part ways.

Amelia always felt more mature than the typical girl the same age. She graduated high school early but felt so restricted living in foster care. Amelia made to find her means of living. She was lucky enough to stay with some of her friends until she was able to get her ticket to Alaska.

So here she is, a mess over a young man she just met in a place she virtually knows nobody besides Mr. T.

Amelia, although physically satisfied, felt a strong headache from the mental exhaustion of overthinking. She grabbed some pajamas and made her way to her bed. Reaching for the covers, Amelia finally settled and rested against her pillow, hoping for a dreamless sleep. She finally felt herself dozing off, listening to the winds howl outside until she finally succumbed to the darkness.


Amelia immediately jumped up. Doubts were filling her that the sound may be from natural causes when the banging continued. She grabbed her metal baseball bat from under the bed and headed towards her door. She opened her door only to hear someone shuffling downstairs. Creeping slowly down her stairs, she reached the bottom step when she lifted the bat, ready to swing. She walked towards the front slowly until a shadow walked quickly through the door.

The bat raised high over her head, getting ready to swing. Amelia reached over to feel for the light. She flipped the light on, causing the stranger to spin around. Just when she was about to swing, the hooded figure pulled down his hood and stepped back with hands raised in front of his body.

"Raleigh? What the hell?!" She immediately dropped the bad.

Raleigh attempted to shake the shock off. "Uhh.. hey. I'm sorry for coming so late. We just got back, and I couldn't stop thinking about you.

Distracted by his works, Amelia nearly forgot how he got into the bar.

Nervously, she found her voice. "Raleigh, as happy as I am to see you, how did you get in?"

He looked at her, confused. "The front door was unlocked."

Alarmed, Amelia went to the front of the door to check for any signs of break-ins. She walked around and checked the bathrooms and closets just to be sure. Raleigh picked up the bat and followed close behind her. With one last check to the safe, Amelia took a deep breath.

"That's odd. I'm normally very careful with things like that. You don't think someone was in here, do you?" Amelia's voice carried with concern. Raleigh didn't miss it.

"Usually, it's pretty tight nit here. The community doesn't have much crime. I wouldn't worry about it." Raleigh wasn't aware of any crime in the town, but that didn't seem to ease Amelia.

"I don't know, Raleigh. I can't remember if I accidentally left it open or not. I grew up always checking to make sure things are locked." Amelia was extremely troubled but went back to the door to make sure it was locked again. She stood there staring at the lock, daring it to move.

"Amelia, are you okay?" Raleigh was getting worried at her concentration on such a little thing. Though to Amelia, it wasn't a little thing. Growing up in New York always meant locked doors and even locked windows. She didn't grow up in the greatest of neighborhoods. Amelia knew the dangers that lurked around the corners in the dark. Her precaution did not change just because she was in another part of the world.

She was startled out of her thoughts when Raleigh spoke. "Yeah, I guess. I just could've sworn I locked the door."

He came over to her and wrapped his arms around her rigid body. He felt her relax a little but could still feel the tension. Raleigh released the hug but kept his hands on her waist. He looked at her eyes and was captivated by the blues and greens. He noticed she had a small brown dot on her iris. It was like a freckle on her eye. Her hair was messy from sleeping but framed her face in a wild array of messy curls. He pushed some of her hair behind her ear, and she relished the warmth from his hand as it brushed against her face.

Raleigh was the first to find his voice. "I uhh... I should go. It's late, and you should rest"

Amelia immediately felt panic race through her veins. The thought of being alone right now terrified her. What if someone broke in and would come back? Could she defend herself? She was pretty tough, but there are stronger and tougher people out there.

"You don't have to go. I mean.. I know we haven't known each other for long, but the open-door thing has me a little spooked. I would appreciate it if you could stay with me." Amelia usually took pride in defending herself, but she doesn't know what she would be up against. That unknown factor scares her to her core.

Raleigh looked at her and saw the fear deep in her eyes and watched as she wrung her hands back and forth.

"Yeah, it's okay, I can stay." Raleigh was put off guard as to why she was so on edge from the door being open. It wasn't that type of area for break-ins. He watched her sigh with relief when he agreed. "Great, let's get upstairs." He saw her glance back at the door one last time before making her way behind the bar to her stairs. He glanced at the door double-checking the lock, didn't move, and turned to follow her through the back.

He went up the stairs after Amelia. He was worried why made her feel so on edge. What did she go through to feel so afraid?

She walked past him to the small love seat with a pillow and blanket in her arms.

"I'll take the couch. You can have the bed," he looked at her and then at the small price of furniture.

Raleigh looked at her like she has fifteen heads.

"I'm not gonna kick you out of your bed. You're nearly as tall as me. You won't fit lying on that thing. Besides, I'll be up for a little while." Raleigh walks up to her and grabs the pillow out of her hands softly. He puts the pillow against the arm of the loveseat, plops down, and looks at her.

"Go, rest. I'll keep busy." Raleigh lifts a book Amelia is just now noticing.

"Is that.. my Harry Potter book?" She looked stunned as she tried not to burst into laughter.

He flipped the book over and looked at the cover. "Well, I guess it is" He kicked his feet up and leaned back, opening to the first page.

Amelia laughed out loud and walked over to the bed. She pulled back the blankets and sat against her pillows. She looked at Raleigh reading the old book. She took a mental picture secretly, hoping this will be the first of many. Amelia reached over and shut her bedside lamp off. The only light in her studio apartment is now coming from the small lamp beside the loveseat Raleigh was sitting on.