Dean and Sam stayed silent for several minutes, as Dean drove them back to the bunker. Finally, Dean broke the silence.

"I'm going to wring his neck." The older brother growled. "What the hell was he thinking?"

"Maybe the same thing you were thinking when you were sixteen, and went after that werewolf alone." Sam replied.

"Dean glared at the younger man for a long moment, before returning his eyes back to the road. "Don't you dare defend him."

"Look, I'm pissed at Jack too." Sam said. "But I also get why he did it. He wanted to prove himself, the same way you did." He let out a sigh and added. "And the same way I did when I was seventeen and went after that angry spirit alone."

"I remember that." Dean said, once again glaring at his brother. "I ran into that building and saw you on the floor and that damn ghost hovering over you."

"When I did it, you handed me my ass. Bobby did the same to you, when you went after the werewolf. And unless I am mistaken, Cass is about to do the same to Jack."

"Well he deserves it." Dean groused.

"I know." Sam agreed. "But cut the kid some slack."

"He stole my car." Dean reminded him. "He's lucky I didn't beat him to a bloody pulp right there in the woods."

They heard a whooshing sound and all of a sudden Gabriel appeared in the back seat.

"Damn it!" Dean shouted, nearly running his car off the side of the road. "Will you stop doing that?"

"No." the Archangel smirked. "It's too much fun."

Dean glared at him, then returned his attention to the road.

"You get Cass and Jack back to the bunker?" Sam asked, not able to resist smiling. The sudden appearance of the man had startled him as well, but he did not have to admit that to anyone.

"Yeah." Gabriel said. "Dean, I need to tell you something."

"What?" Dean wanted to know.

"It's about Jack, about what was said after you left." Gabriel said.

"What was said?" Dean asked.

"The kid did what he did mainly to impress you." Gabriel said. "And he thinks you won't want to train him anymore because you saw him crying. He thinks that you think he's worthless."

Dean gave a frustrated sigh and said, "He was pinned to a tree, with several broken bones, and was about to be sucked dry and torched by a damn grousta. He was also just informed that his actions was going to cause a lot of innocent people to die. Of course he was crying. Hell, I would've been crying myself."

"You need to tell the kid that." Gabriel said. "I'll even say please."

"I'll tell him." Dean assured him. "After I wring his fool neck."

"Dude, you are not going to wring his neck." Sam said.




After his shower, Jack changed into a clean shirt and pajama bottoms. Then he stood and faced the wall. As he stood there, he replayed everything that had happened since he read the news story.

He knew he had made many bad choices, and that his bad choices could have had horrible consequences. The thought of all of the innocent people who could have been killed made a sickening ball of guilt form in his stomach.

Jack could feel the tears starting to form in his eyes and he tried to make them stop. But the more he thought about all of the lives that could have been lost, the more the tears started to flow. He was soon crying hard.

"Jack." He heard Castiel's concerned voice blind him, but he didn't turn around. The youth just cried harder, when he thought about how he had disappointed the man whom he considered his Father.

"It's okay, son." Cass said, as he gently turned the teen around and wrapped his around him. "Calm down, Jack."

Jack wrapped his arms around the Angel and laid his head on his shoulder. "I….I'm s..sorry." Jack stuttered out as he cried.

"It's okay, Jack." Cass said, as he rubbed soothing circles on the boy's back. His other hand cupped the back of his head. "It's over, you're safe."

"I could have been responsible for a lot of deaths." Jack cried out. "And now you and Sam are disappointed in me, and Dean h….hates me."

"Jack." Cass said, pulling the youth away from him far enough to look into his face. "I am not disappointed in you, and neither is Sam. I am disappointed in your actions, but not in you. And Dean does not hate you. If he hated you, he would not have been so upset by you putting yourself in danger."

Jack's tears slowed down as he let his guardian's words sink in.

"Come here, Jack." Cass lead the youth over to the bed and they both sat down, facing each other. "I love you, and I always will. Even when you pull a dangerous stunt and land yourself into hot water."

"I love you too, Castiel." Jack said, his tears had completely stopped and he was feeling a little better. He was still feeling guilty, but he believed Castiel. He knew he was still loved.

"Alright, Jack." Cass said, his voice turning slightly stern. "Now we need to discuss your actions. You have racked up a long list of very bad decisions. First off, you did not let us know that there was a monster out there killing people. You did a very good job at finding the case, but you should have told us as soon as you found it. Understand?"

"Yes Sir." Jack said.

"Then you went after the thing without doing a bit of research." Cass continued. "Did you even read the entire news report? Or try to obtain the official police report?"

"No Sir." Jack said, hanging his head. "I just read about the body being burned, but nothing else. So I thought it was a witch."

"Eyes up, son." Cass said, his voice sterner.

Jack's eyes returned to Cass's.

"More then one creature have the same characteristics. That is why research and gaining as many facts as you can, is vital to our job. Then you went alone, which is the worst of your transgressions. That decision put your live in unnecessary danger, and placed other people in danger as well. It is our job to protect people, not get them killed."

Jack dropped his gaze, his face heating up in shame and remorse.

"Eyes up, young man." Cass ordered.

Jack once again returned his eyes to meet Cass's, and the Angel continued.

"You are a good hunter, and have good instincts and capabilities. But you are still way too inexperienced to hunt alone."

Cass placed a gentle hand on the youth's knee, but his voice was still stern. "Hunting is a very dangerous job, and I know that there will be times when you have to place yourself in immense danger in order to save lives. I hate that fact, it scares me very badly. But I accept it, because I know how much hunting means to you, I know how much you want to help people and rid the world of monsters whom prey on the innocent.

That is why we have rules, to try to lessen the danger. I know Sam and Dean do not always follow those rules, and neither do I. but we are older and more experienced. I know we should follow them more. But as I said, we are more experienced."

Cass studied the young man sitting beside him and saw the look of remorse on his young face, he knew that the youth knew that what he did was wrong. And that he felt guilty for his actions. With a deep sigh, Cass decided it was time to move on to the punishment. He dreaded this part, but knew it was necessary.

"Those are the reasons that I am going to punish you for." Cass said. "And only those reasons. You are not in trouble for getting caught by the grousta. Even seasoned hunters make mistakes. Even the most skilled hunters find themselves outsmarted or out gunned by the creatures they are hunting. There is no shame in that. I myself have been captured on numerous occasions, as have Dean and Sam. You are only being punished for not telling us about the case, not doing the proper research, and going on a hunt alone. Do you understand?"

Jack gave the older man a confused look, and asked. "What about stealing Baby? Taking Dean's car was wrong, you do not steal from family. I was planning on returning it, but I still had no right to take it without permission."

"You are correct, that was wrong. And you do deserve some sort of punishment for that, but I am leaving that up to Dean. It is his car, so he will be the one to punish you."

Jack's eyes went wide with worry. He knew Dean loved that car, actually, he was obsessed with the car. But he still nodded his head slowly. Castiel was right, Dean was the one who he had wronged.

"The first part of your punishment will be a spanking." Cass said, causing Jack to gulp slightly. He had expected as much, but that did not mean he enjoyed the idea.

"After the spanking, you will remain in your room and get some sleep." Cass continued. "The sleep is not punishment, you are exhausted and need it. By the time you wake up, Dean and Sam should be back. You are to apologize to them and find out what Dean's punishment is for stealing his car. You are also grounded for one week. Is that understood?"

"Not really." The teen replied, a slightly confused look on his face. "What is grounded?"

"In this case, it means you are restricted to the bunker for one week. You are not allowed to use your phone, the computer, listen to music, or watch tv during that week."

"Okay." Jack said sadly. "I understand."

"Stand up." Cass instructed, as he repositioned himself on the bed. "Lower your pajamas and boxers, then lay across my lap."

"Yes Sir." Jack said, miserably. Those swats that Cass had given him earlier had hurt, and those were given over his jeans. He knew it would hurt much worse on his bare butt.

But he also knew that he deserved the punishment. He lowered his pants and boxers, then laid across the older man's lap. His feet were touching the floor, and his upper torso was resting on the bed.

Cass wrapped one arm around the teen's waist, then began spanking the bare backside in his lap. Jack jumped slightly and gasped at the first swat. Then he tried to stay silent for the remainder of the punishment.

But he was finding it very difficult to do. The swats were hard and were landing at a quick pace. As his butt turned from white to a dusty pink, Jack could not resist wiggling around and trying to twist his body. The pain was building rapidly.

"Jack." Cass said, in a stern voice, stopping the spanking for a moment. "I know this hurts, it is supposed to. But I need you to stop moving around so much.

"S..sorry." Jack mumbled, as he felt tears starting to prick his eyes.

Cass resumed the spanking, this time concentrating on the boy's upper thighs. Jack gasped again at the pain, then started crying softly. When his thighs were the same dusty pick as his butt, Cass started landing harder swats on his butt again, causing Jack to cry harder.

"P…please, s….stop." Jack cried, as the pain intensified. He didn't think he would ever be able to sit down again. The pain was horrible. He knew he deserved the spanking, but that did not make it any easier to take.

"We are almost finished." Cass said, as he lowered one leg and raised the other. He hated having to do this, but he loved Jack. He could not allow him to get away with putting himself in that kind of unnecessary danger again.

Cass started landing hard swats to Jack's sit spots, causing the boy to start sobbing and drumming his feet onto the floor. After several searing swats, Cass stopped and looked at the red butt and pink thighs. He was making sure that he had not hit hard enough to cause any bruising. he knew that Jack would be in pain for a little while, but there were no signs of bruising.

Jack continued to sob over Cass's lap, and the older man started rubbing soothing circles on his back. After a few moments, the sobs had stop, but the youth was still crying softly.

Cass gently pulled the boy's boxers and pants back up over his burning butt, causing Jack to whimper. Then he gently lifted the boy up and sat him in his lap, wrapping his strong arms around him. Jack leaned into the man's chest and laid his head on his shoulder.

"You are forgiven, Son." Cass assured him. "You did wrong, and were punished for it. It is over, you have a clean slate."

"I really am sorry." Jack said, through his tears.

"I know, Son." Cass replied. "It's okay, all's forgiven."

"I really miss my healing powers right now." Jack sniffled, causing Cass to chuckle.

"Come on." Cass said, helping the boy to his feet. "Time to get some sleep."

"Yes Sir." Jack said, he was extremally tired.

Cass pulled the covers back and Jack crawled into bed and laid down, on his stomach.

"Will you stay with me until I fall asleep?" Jack asked, not wanting to be alone.

"Of course I will." Cass smiled, as he sat on the bed beside him and started to once again rub comforting circles on his back. Within a few minutes, Jack was sound asleep.




Jack woke up several hours later, and sat up in bed. Then he yelped and quickly scrambled to his feet. His butt was still sore. With a groan, he rubbed his aching butt.

He heard noises coming from the kitchen and knew that Dean and Sam had to be back. He was not looking forward to his conversation with Dean, but figured it was better to get it over with.

He was a little worried about how Dean would punish him. He knew the man would never hurt him, but he might spank him. And Jack wasn't sure if his butt could handle another spanking. It was still real sore.

"Best to get it over with." Jack said with a sigh, as he walked out of his room.

He walked into the kitchen and saw Dean stirring something in a pot on the stove. Sam was standing by the counter, chopping vegetables for a salad. Cass was sitting the table.

"Hello, Jack?" Cass said. "I was about to wake you, dinner will be ready in a few moments."

"Good." Jack said, with a small smile. "I am starving."

Dean turned the burner off and turned towards the teen. "We've got spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad. The salad was Sam's idea." Dean's voice was calm, but he was giving the teen a hard look.

"Dean." Jack said. "I am sorry."

Dean took a step closer to him, then wrapped his arms around Jack. "I was so worried about you, kid." Dean said, squeezing Jack in a tighter hug. "You scared the hell out of me."

"I did not mean to scare you." Jack said, as he melted into the older man's embrace.

After a couple moments, Dean pulled the teen from him. Then he grabbed his upper arm, spun him around, and landed five hard swats to his butt.

The swats forced the youth to his toes and caused him to yelp loudly.

"Don't you ever do that again." Dean said, glaring at the boy. "Do you hear me?"

"Yes Sir." Jack said. "I promise, never again."

Dean nodded, his face softened, and he once again pulled Jack into a tight hug. "Never again, Kid." Dean said.

He released Jack, and Sam stepped forward and wrapped the boy in a hug.

"Dean's right, Jack." Sam said, as he hugged him. "Don't ever do that again. I don't think my heart could take it."

"I won't." Jack assured him.

Sam released the him, and Jack turned sideways and gritted his teeth. Sam gave him a confused look for a second, then chuckled.

"Don't worry, Jack." Sam said. "I ain't gonna swat you."

"You're not?" Jack asked in relief. Sam had huge hands.

"I will admit, I was tempted earlier." Sam replied. "But I'm guessing Cass showed you the error of your ways."

"Yes Sir." Jack said, with a frown. "Castiel has a very hard hand."

"I'm sure he does." Dean said. "But you do know you deserved it, right?"

"Yes Sir." Jack replied. "I know I deserved it." He turned towards the hunter and said. "Castiel did not punish me for stealing your car, he said that you would do that."

"I know." Dean replied. His voice was calm, but still held authority. "I was planning on wringing your neck, but Sam won't let me."

"Thank you, Sam." Jack said, with a slight smile. He knew that Dean would never actually do that.

"You're welcome, Kid." Sam said.

"But I am going to punish you." Dean said, causing the small smile to disappear from Jack's face. "After dinner, you and I are going to the garage and you are going to clean Baby. Top to bottom, inside and out. I will be there to supervise, to make sure you do a through job. Understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"Good, now let's eat."

Jack looked at the hard wooden kitchen chair and frowned. This was not going to be pleasant.

"Can I stand to eat?" He asked Cass, giving him his best puppy eyes.

"Yes." Was Cass's answer.

Dinner was quickly eaten, as they talked and laughed. Cass did not eat, but he sat with them and laughed with them. Soon dinner was done, and Dean and Jack went to the garage.

Jack filled a bucket with soapy water and grabbed a sponge, then he began to wash the outside if the car.

"Sam and I were talking on the way back to the bunker." Dean said, as Jack washed the car. He was leaning against the wall, his arms crossed across his chest. "We were talking about when Sam was seventeen and he went after an angry spirit by himself. He was pissed because I told him he was too young to hunt alone."

"Sam did that?" Jack asked, looking at Dean.

"Sure did." Dean replied. "Keep washing."

Jack continued to wash the car, as Dean continued.

"I burst into the building and saw my baby brother about to be killed by a ghost, I was terrified. Sam already had the remains found and in a pile, so all I had to do was shoot a couple rounds at the thing to slow it down, then throw a lighter on the bones."

"Sam was lucky you showed up." Jack said.

"He didn't think he was so lucky after I got him back to the motel we were staying at." Dean said. "I dealt with him like Cass dealt with you."

Dean grabbed a sponge and started helping Jack wash the car.

"We were talking about the time I was sixteen and went after a werewolf alone." Dean said, as they washed.

"We were staying with Bobby, been there for about a month, when I found out that a werewolf was killing people about fifteen miles from Sioux Falls. Bobby was on another hunt, so I decided to take care of it myself.

It was a perfect plan, or so I thought. That thing was stronger then I expected. It had me on the floor and was about to rip my throat out. I was so scared."

"You were?" Jack asked, it was hard for him to imagine Dean being scared of a single werewolf.

"I was terrified." Dean said. "This thing was had already broken my wrist, and gave me several cuts and scrapes. I was hurting and scared. And when Bobby found me, I was laying in the floor crying. Bobby took care of the werewolf pretty quickly, then he knelt beside me and held me as I cried.

Then, three days later, I was pretty much recovered from the beating the creature gave me, with the exception of the broken wrist. So Bobby then went from caring and compassionate nurse maid, to pissed off Uncle wielding a damn belt. I was once again in tears and he was once again holding me while I cried."

They were silent for a few moments, as they continued to wash the car. Jack was feeling better about what had happened. He knew now that Dean was not disgusted with him, that he too had once been a frightened kid.

"Being scared does not make you weak." Dean said. "Neither does crying. What we do can get ugly at times. Fear and tears are kinda of a given when you deal with all of the monsters that we do. Never be ashamed of either."

"I won't." Jack said, with a smile .

"You missed a spot." Dean said, nodding towards the car.

When Jack returned his attention back to the car, Dean grabbed his wet sponge and wrung it out over the teen's head, causing soapy water to spill over his head.

"Hey!" Jack protested, as he grabbed his sponge and flung the water at Dean.

For the next several minutes, they chased each other around the garage, drenching one another.





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