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Hold On

Chapter 1 - Shocks

Severus ran into the house, a house that looked like it was seconds from collapsing. He just hoped that Pettigrew hadn't given him the wrong address, though he very much doubted it. Severus could be very persuasive when getting information out of someone although Pettigrew didn't know who he had told the information to, as Severus had his hood on. As soon as Peter had come to gloat how he was Voldemort's favourite one now because he had given the Potters to Voldemort, Severus first thought was for Lily. He and Lily had always been good friends in school, even if she was going out with James, they had always been best friends. And although they loved each other, it was love for a friend. Different from the one Lily and James' shared.

Lily, James and their child, Harry had been in hiding for 4 years, ever since Harry had turned one. Peter had always been their secret keeper, which makes one think 'why did he wait 4 years before giving out there location?' But Pettigrew had never been let out of sight once being made secret keeper. There were always 5 fully trained Aurors around him as well as Black and Lupin. Not only that but they were also at a secret location. But Pettigrew waited, and waited until everyone was in such a state that they felt that if anything was to happen it would have already, and then he ran.

Why was so much effort put into saving one family? Well simple, though it was not common knowledge, James was the surviving heir of Gryffindor, not only that but when his son was born, Harry, there was such a force of magic on him, such power which would radiate that Dumbledore went to the books to find out what was happening to Harry.

Later research revealed that a prophecy that said of a child who would be the descendent of Godric Gryffindor, that child would be the one to bring light to the forces fighting against the dark. He would be the one and only saviour who would bring down the darkness that was sure to enslave all, but with great loss to him. That child was Harry Potter. And unfortunately James' told his friends, which had included Pettigrew, so soon after Voldemort also knew which was why he was after the Potters.

No one expected a thing until Pettigrew escaped that morning, running back to Voldemort and giving him the information that he needed. No one knew the location of Lily, James or Harry Potter except Pettigrew himself, so no one knew where to look, where to send Aurors to try and save them, where to give them warning.

Severus had been sent to go to a Death Eater meeting and try and find their location. Once Pettigrew told him he immediately sent an owl to both Sirius and Remus, and another to Dumbledore.

Severus had ran as fast as he could after Apparating into the village where the Potters were currently living, he apparated as close as he could get, but there were certain protections placed around their house and the houses around them, meaning that Severus had to run quite a fair way.

Once he found the house he was looking for he was in shock. He knew he was at the right house because it looked like it had been attacked. He also knew it was about to collapse, but he had to see if Lily was all right, though he had little hope that she was. No one had survived an attack by the Dark Lord.

He ran into the house to find it looking as though someone had come in and demolished everything in sight. Every picture, every piece of furniture looked destroyed.

Looking down the hall more he could see a body laying on the ground. Running closer to it he could see James lying dead on the floor, eyes still opened and unseeing, and wand pointed out, ready to attack. Severus crouched down and looked at his enemy. All through school he remembered hating James and wishing he were dead. He now knew how stupid that was. Seeing it he knew that nothing had changed, just a life taken away for no good reason.

Severus shook his head slightly and reached out to James face, bring his hand over his eyes and closing them.

He stood back up and went in search for Lily. Not once looking back.

He walked up the stairs and entered the first room on his right. And there he saw what he had feared all along.

Lily lay on the ground, dead. A look of fear across her face, eyes still wide open. Severus immediately fell to his knees beside her. He put his hand to her check and he could feel her cold wet face, the tears still there. He pulled his hand back and put his face into his hands. Crying, yet no tears were falling. Severus had not cried since before he could remember. Yet he couldn't help it when one slowly leaked down his face. He kept muttering the same word, looking helplessly at the woman that lay in front of him.

"Lily..." he kept repeating it softly, more to himself then to her body.

Severus again put his hand over her face, and he closed her eyes to. He then got up and was about to pull out his wand when he heard a small weeping noise. Looking up he saw him, little Harry Potter, huddled in the corner of the room, muttering wordlessly to himself, as if still in shock.

Severus had completely forgotten about Lily's son. Severus took a step forward but immediately stopped, hearing some not good noises from the ceiling above, and with one look at the ceiling, he knew it was just about to collapse. He could hear it cracking.

He quickly took out his wand, he ran over to Harry, and bent down in front of the scared looking boy, who didn't even seem to notice Severus at all, picked him up and balancing him with one arm and his hip, he levitated Lily in front of them.

Once they saw James Severus heard a small gasp from Harry, straight after the boys face immediately buried into his chest.

Severus levitated James too and quickly left the house.

He could hear something collapsing towards the back of the house, and moments after they were clear from the house, out in the street the house fully collapsed making a loud crashing noise.

He carefully laid Lily and James onto the grass of their front garden, and just stared at what was the house, not being able to look at either Lily or James. Knowing there images were already engraved in his mind, he knew he would be seeing those two faces, haunting him in his dreams for a long while.

Harry pulled his head back so he could look at Severus' face. Once he was sure he had his attention he began to speak.

"They aren't just sleeping are they..." He whispered, looking into Severus' eyes, searching.

Severus opened his mouth but no words came out. He didn't know what to say to this small boy that was still huddled in his arms with Lily's eyes, gazing into his own. Instead he just shook his head. And seeing the pain and despair cross over Harry's face he couldn't help but feel something for the boy. Even if he was part of James, he was also part of Lily.

Harry lay back against Severus' chest, tears rolling down his checks, and it wasn't very long until he was fast asleep, too exhausted to keep going.

A few moments later there seemed to be a strong surge of magic, Severus knew the ministry was taking down the enchantments that were on the house and the ones around it so they could get there quickly.

Soon after, it stopped and pops could be heard all around. The ministry had got there. And just after you heard the pops, were the collected gasps of each and everyone.

He then heard cries of sadness. He saw Sirius and Remus rush towards James and Lily's bodies and falling to the ground in front of them. Sirius was openly weeping for them. Remus just sat there shocked, mouth slightly opened and just staring at their bodies. Reaching out and taking Lily's cold hand into his own.

Everyone there was all pretty much ignoring Severus, all too rapped up with looking at the now destroyed house in front of them or at the dead bodies of Lily and James Potter to take much notice of him.

Severus almost jumped when a hand landed on his shoulder. He turned around too see Albus Dumbledore, looking grave, none of the twinkles that you could almost always find were in his eyes. They now looked dull and lifeless.

"Severus..." Dumbledore started, knowing that he would be very upset, seeing one of his closest friends dead.

"...I'm so sorry." He looked like he was going to say more but Severus cut him off.

"Don't. I'm too tired for this speech." He let out a breath he didn't realise he had been holding. Feeling completely saddened. "I would just like to be alone if you don't mind" then he added as if an after thought "Please..."

Dumbledore nodded, but then focused on the little boy in his arms.

"Is that Harry?" Dumbledore asked, indicating towards him.

Severus just nodded.

"He survived?"

Severus again just nodded, not understanding how he had, but not prepared to think about that right now.

"Poor boy... I can't image what he's going through right now." Dumbledore's eyes, if possible looked even duller at the thought of the boys pain that he was to endure.

Severus didn't say anything, and after a moment Dumbledore spoke again.

"Please do me a favour Severus, can you take him to Sirius' manor, and stay there with him until we come back. I need to have a talk with Sirius and Remus." Dumbledore didn't really think that Severus would agree, knowing that he had just said a moment ago that he wanted to be alone.

Severus looked down at the boy that lay sleeping in his arms, his face hidden from view. His head was screaming 'No!' He firstly didn't want to have to step foot in Black's house, also what if Harry woke up? What was he meant to say? Plus the pain of looking into his eyes, Lily's eyes. He would be a reminder of Lily. But at the thought he knew that he couldn't turn down Dumbledore's request.

He would do this for Lily.

Anyway, as soon as Dumbledore, Black and Lupin came back he could be alone, angry and sulk all he wanted at his own house.


After flooing inside Sirius' house, Severus carefully sat down on a couch there, not really wanting to look around the place. He was careful not to jolt Harry too much, not really wanting him to wake up either.

It had been a long day and Severus found himself feeling immensely tired. He carefully shifted Harry into a more comfortable position, and closed his eyes, trying to forget the events of the day. Soon darkness took over and he was asleep.


Sirius, Remus and Dumbledore flooed into Sirius' house to find something quite of a shock to them. Severus Snape was asleep on the couch, in his arms was a little boy, also sleep, both looking exhausted.

Remus, after looking at Harry and Severus went straight to a close by chair, collapsed in it, he leaned his elbows on his knees and placed his head in his hands, silently crying.

Sirius went on a rampage. He went over to his mantel above his fireplace and hit everything off it, making a smashing sound echo throughout the once silent house. He just started hitting everything in sight, screaming in anger.

Severus who had woke up as soon as Sirius hit the first thing off the mantel, quickly stood up, carefully placing a surprisingly still asleep Harry back onto the couch before trying to restrain Sirius, putting his arms around him, preventing Sirius from hitting anything else.

Sirius struggled to get him off.

"BLACK! STOP! Do you want to wake Harry?" Severus all but yelled at Sirius.

Sirius immediately stopped, and for a moment just did nothing. Everyone was still, Remus still quietly crying in the corner, and then Sirius went limp in Severus' arms, crying.

Severus slowly lowered Sirius to the ground, as he saw that he was no longer trying to smash everything in sight and slowly stood up and looked up at Dumbledore who was looking thoughtfully at him, Sirius still on the ground crying.

"Severus, could you take Harry and find him a spare room, I know Sirius has a few around the place, and could you put him into bed. I need a word with Sirius and Remus in private" Dumbledore asked, not looking at Severus but keeping his eyes on Sirius.

Severus nodded and went back over to Harry. He carefully picked him up and began looking for a room.

The first couple of rooms he found he was sure that they were both Sirius' and Remus' as they were both in a mess. He shook his head at it and continued looking.

After a few more rooms he finally found one that looked unused which had a bed in it.

He lowered Harry onto it, then took his shoes off and put him under the covers, he muttered a spell on the blankets making sure they stayed warm throughout the night, pulling the blanket up close to his face, he brushed a few stray hairs out of his face. Gasping at what he saw. Upon the boys forehead was a scar, in a very odd shape, it looked like a lighting bolt. Severus placed a finger over it and traced it. He briefly wondered what actually really happened that night. He shrugged and headed over to the door, taking one last look at the boy sleeping in the bed before him.

And then he left, closing the door behind him.

He headed back out and found Dumbledore sitting at the Kitchen with Sirius and Remus.

Severus poked his head in and spoke to Dumbledore. "I'll just be leaving now. Harry is in the room 4 doors to your left." Severus turned around and headed towards the fireplace before he was called back by Dumbledore. He looked longingly at the fireplace before he walked back into the kitchen.

"Yes?" Severus asked.

"Please sit down, this concerns you too," Dumbledore said, waving his hand and making another chair appear out of thin air.

Once Severus had sat Dumbledore spoke.

"Now there are two possibilities for Harry. One is that Harry be placed with his Aunt and Uncle from Lily's side of the family.

Sirius and Remus looked slightly horrified at the thought.

Another is that he be placed here, with you three.

Sirius and Remus looked hopeful at that. Severus looked shocked.

"What do you mean 'you three'?" Severus was horrified at what Dumbledore was implying.

"Yes, I would like you to stay here with Sirius and Remus to look after young Harry."

"WHAT?! Why?" Severus asked starting to feel a bit light headed.

"Well I'm sure that Sirius and Remus would spoil him rotten, I need someone to even him out a bit." Dumbledore said, smiling at Severus.

Severus was not amused.

Dumbledore sighed and tried again.

"Sirius and Remus are not fit enough to look after Harry."

"WHAT!" Sirius shouted outraged at what he was hearing.

"Don't get me wrong Sirius, you will both be brilliant parents one day to your own kids, and I'm sure to Harry. But at the moment you have just suffered a great loss. And what happened when you arrived will be just the tip of the iceberg to what you are both going to feel. And Harry is also going through that. In order for you both to heal you can not have to look after a 5 year old child who is going to need a lot of attention to also heal from this." Dumbledore said, watching as Sirius and Remus looked understandingly at him, Severus only looked at him like he had grown an extra head.

"Severus, I know you are also healing from Lily's death, but I feel that in order for you to heal, you need to help Harry heal. You just need to trust me."

Severus looked like he wanted to do anything but what Dumbledore was suggesting.

"I'm sorry Albus but I can't." Severus said, refusing to have to be near Black and Lupin anymore then was necessary.

"Albus, you're sure that Harry can't just stay here with Remus and I? You could just ask someone to do this besides Snape if there has to be someone else" Sirius asked hopefully.

"I'm sorry but I will only allow Harry to remain here if Severus agrees." Dumbledore said, knowing that he could really just ask someone else to stay with Sirius and Remus, but he knew that Severus needed this. Even if he didn't know it yet. Besides he didn't trust anyone enough to do this except Severus. Anyway, maybe Harry will help Severus to loosen up a bit.

Sirius, who didn't really look to fond of the idea of having Snape living in the same house with him, spoke up. "Do it for Lily, she wouldn't want him to grow up with her sister. Lily hated her...Please Snape... For Lily..." Sirius begged, just wanting Harry to be able to live with him, not caring that he was actually begging Snape for something.

Severus looked away, thinking of what Black had just said. Damn that stupid annoying fool, Damn that werewolf, Damn that old bloody annoying man! Damn them all! They all knew that Lily was his weakness, and now they were using her against him.

He sighed "How long would it have to be for?" Severus asked, looking defeated and tired,


Harry woke up that morning feeling strange. His bed didn't normally feel like this? He opened his eyes to realise he didn't recognise any of his surroundings. He looked around and there was nobody in the room. But he could hear talking somewhere else in the house.

He sat up and then everything from the previous night hit him, making him gasp and catch his breath.

After the last memory of last night hit, falling asleep while that man was holding him, Harry stood up, feeling the need to be with someone, and not alone.

He walked towards where he could hear the voices, and stood in the doorway of what looked to be the kitchen.

He saw four men all sitting around a table talking, all looking very tired. His concentration was broken by one of the men as he spoke to him.

"Harry your up. Do come and sit down, you must be starving." Dumbledore said. A couple twinkles returning to his eyes as he boy gave him a small smile.

Harry sat down in an empty chair that appeared out of nowhere and just looked around at his surroundings.

"Harry, I doubt that you remember me, but my name is Albus Dumbledore."

Harry just nodded looking back at the man that had spoken to him before. He then turned to the other man next to him.

"Severus Snape." Severus said shortly.

"And I believe you know Sirius and Remus." Dumbledore continued, giving Severus a pointed look.

Harry nodded. Looking at the men that looked like they were about to break down in tears just by looking at him.

"How are you feeling Harry?" Dumbledore asked kindly.

Harry just shrugged.

"Harry, can you tell me what happened last night?" Dumbledore tried again.

Harry looked frightened at the very prospect.

"It's okay Harry, you don't have to say anything if you don't want to." Dumbledore said, getting up and walking behind Harry, he then pointed his wand at Harry and muttered a charm that no one else in the room heard, and then all of a sudden Harry was asleep in the chair.

Dumbledore then closed his eyes and concentrated on Harry, pointing his wand at him.

After a couple of moments the events of last night started to play out on a 3D picture in the middle of the kitchen, in front of them all. By the end both Sirius and Remus had tears in their eyes, which were leaking down their faces. Severus' eyes glazed over when he saw Lily, who died protecting her son. Everyone was amazed at what happened to Voldemort. He seemed to just disappear after having the spell rebound from Harry.

Once the last scene played the picture suddenly left and everyone was in a state of shock.

Harry began to slowly wake up.

"What..." Harry began but he stopped half way, not seeming to care about the question anymore. A few tears escaping his eyes.

Dumbledore put a supporting hand on his shoulder, squeezing it a little.

Harry quickly wiped his tears away and looked anywhere but at the eyes that were all staring at him intensely.

Dumbledore then waved his wand and food appeared in front of them all.

"Well dig in" Dumbledore, trying to sound cheerful but failing miserably.

Harry looked down at the table and his eyes widened. There was toast, eggs, cereal, milk, juice, pancakes and things that you could put on your toast and pancakes.

Shame really that he wasn't very hungry!