Summary: In 12 August 30 BC, Princess Cleopatra Rania is cursed for falling in love with the deceiver God Set. Buried alive, Rania is awakened thousands of years later by her former beloved's return to Earth. Vowing to bring him to justice for all the wrongs he has done to the people of Earth, Rania joins a team of supernatural beings who oddly call themselves the Avengers. Loki/OC

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Rania Ascending

Narfi's death would haunt the Queen of Egypt for the rest of her days. Such a small child innocently unaware he was the child of Set and the traitorous sorceress that was her sister. Yet, the child was a danger to her reign, so he was deposited of. "Has the child been dealt with?" Cleopatra asked the guard to her left. His solemn nod told her all she needed to know. Narfi was in the underworld where he belonged. Her royal court gathered, with her four-year-old son Caesarian seated on the throne to her right. "Bring her in!"

The double golden doors were thrown open and the prisoner was dragged before the feet of the Queen. The guards tossed the girl at her feet. She raised her head from the floor, her muscles protesting. Cleopatra Rania, the younger sister of the Queen of Egypt lifted her head defiantly at her sister, her eyes filled with malicious and hatred. "Princess Cleopatra Rania, you are brought before her Majesty, Queen Cleopatra to answer the charge of treason. How to you plead?" The Royal Seward asked, standing beside the Queen.

Rania scowled, not answering the steward's question. "Where is my child?!" She hissed, her hair going wild. "What have you done with my son?!"

The High Priest of Isis answered Rania's worst fears. "The demon child of Set has been sent back to the underworld with his father." Rania let out a heart wrenching cry. It couldn't be true! Narfi! Her little boy! Her little sun was gone from this world!

"Murderer!" She hissed at Cleopatra. Rania sprang up attempting to kill her sister was struck down hard by a guard. Little Caesarian let out a cry of surprise. He loved his aunt, but to see her in such a state, it frightened him! "I swear to the Gods. You will not get away with this!"

Her older sister was such a hypocrite. Cleopatra loved Julius Caesar and bore him a son, Caesarian. Why was she to be punished for loving a deceiver? The man took her love and vanished, leaving her behind to face the consequences of their doomed love. Now their son was dead and she was all alone.

Queen Cleopatra tried not to think back on the times when their family was whole and perfect. How she tucked Rania in at night and told her the stories of the Gods. How could she forget the love she bore her? She needed to harden her heart. The Romans needed to know that Queen Cleopatra never backed down from an enemy and would protect her Kingdom at all cost.

Even if it meant sentencing her sister to death, or worst, cursing her for all eternity. "Pretty lies." The Queen said. "Cleopatra Rania, for your treason against the Crown of Egypt, I condemn you to the shadows. Never will you reach the gates of Eternity. You will walk the sands of Egypt for all time."

Rania's eyes went wide at the old High Priest came forward to take her away. "No! Please, not this!" Her screams filled Cleopatra's heart with such sadness, but her face remain hard as she saw the priests drag her sister away to her fate. All of this for loving the wrong man! How could she be so blind?! The man who wooed her, loved her, turned out to be the God Set. He lied to her and went away when she needed him the most!

The guards took her out to the edge of Alexandria. The citizens were dead silent as they looked upon their former princess in shame. They had loved her, but now, they feared her. Before her were the endless sands of Egypt. The guards cuffed her as a priest blew incents in her face, muttering an ancient spell binding her to the sands of time.

Rania was sentenced to walk the deserts if the sun rose in the sky. She would never know the comfort of human contact or the taste of food. She would be the undead for all eternity. Just endless sand.

Rania cried out in pain as the priest finished the spell. She could feel her heart stop beating, her blood frozen in her body. She fell to the sand crying for sweet relief until she felt nothing at all. Rania rose from the ground with the help of a guard.

Cleopatra stood behind her with Caesarian no-where in sight. "Be gone!" She bellowed to the crowd.

Rania looked back to her with such hatred. "Be aware dear sister. The gods' judge whose heart is the heaviest and yours will be devoured." She turned to the citizens of Alexandria. "Be aware good people of Egypt. The end of her reign will come! The Romains will come for this land all because of her folly. Don't resist, for you shall not suffer. Egypt will be spared if you let them have her." With one final warning, Rania turned away from the crowd and began to walk to her fate. To be the undead, never to stop walking in the sands of time.

Rania kept walking and walking. The sand dunes became one and the same. Up and down, trip and roll. The blazing sun beating on her back. She didn't know how much time had passed, it felt like she had just walked out of Alexandria. Rania tried climbing over a sand dune, but her dress got caught under her feet and she fell.

Fresh tears fell down her face as she sat in the blinding sand. Her thoughts were always on her son. He only lived to be one and to be killed by his aunt in cold blood. She prayed to Isis to bring him to the gates of Eternity and live forever.

She had no hope. There was nothing but eternal sand in her sight. Sentenced to never reunite with her son or other family. "Why!" She bellowed at her eternal damnation. "Why did you abandon me!?" She bellowed at her former lover who abandoned her to Cleopatra's wrath. "Curse the day I met you!"

"I never knew you to give up." Rania bounced back in shock as someone came up behind her. She turned around, and it was a woman wearing green armor with black horns on the top of her head. "Close your mouth dear. You may catch flies."

Rania closed her mouth and asked, "Who are you?"

"Your savior in this endless sand that is our imprisonment."

"What are you called?"

"Many names my dear girl, but in your culture, I am called Sekhmet." Rania's eyes widened in fear! She was speaking to the goddess of the desert like she was a mortal woman.

Rania fell to her knees. "Forgive me goddess. I didn't know."

Hela chuckled at this young woman so easily amazed that she was in front of a goddess. But Hela could see deep in her heart. This creature had the potential to become something wondrous and deadly. When Odin passed, Rania would become a powerful ally. Her executioner. "Stand up from the ground. I have a gift for you." Rania stood up looking the goddess straight in the eye. "Would you take your vengeance against the ones who have wrong you?" Rania's eyes widened. Justice, for her son, country and against her former lover.

Hela held out her hands, presenting Rania with a dagger. It was long, black and had a red jewel encrusted on the top. "Take this. It will give you part of my power. Escape this prison and wreak vengeance on the ones who wronged you."

Rania gazed over the dagger and attentively took it in her hand. Newfound pain exploded into her entire core. Just then, a new feeling of strength came over her. Slowly, hieroglyphics carved themselves into her skin. Ancient spells that could grant her power of the sands, shape shifting, and other wondrous things. "Now you have part of my power," Hela said, proudly looking at her creation. "Use it and feel power at her fingertips."

Rania stood up from the ground.

Rania had the power to punish those who wronged her and take the throne of Egypt for herself. She would drive the Romans away and then turn her eye to her former lover. Rania would have her revenge.

She was reborn.

A portal opened to her left. On the other side stood the great city of Alexandra. Cleopatra Rania looked back at her savior. "What do you want in return?"

Hela smiled. "When I return to this world, I will call upon you. Be my ally to those who have also wronged me."

Rania nodded, before setting foot on the other side of the portal. Sekhmet just disappeared into the sands of eternity as the portal closed. Cleopatra Rania could feel the heartbeat of Egypt beneath her feet.

She would have vengeance against those who took her son and country away from her. Cleopatra would die for Narfi's death and the Romans would die for trying to take Egypt. She was the rightful Queen of Egypt and it was time to take back the throne.

Under the cover of night, Cleopatra Rania slipped into the halls of the palace transformed into a snake. How much time passed in her imprisonment? The castle seemed more warn and breakable. She listened to all the whispers of the approaching army that would be in the city limits by tomorrow. She slivered into Cleopatra's bed chamber where she saw her older sister lying over the body of a man. A roman solider.

In her snake form, Rania slithered up her sister's torso and with one bite, poisoned her sister. Cleopatra gasped, her eyes wide open from sleep was unable to move. "You should have buried him while you had the chance."

The snake moved into the shadows and out of them came her younger sister. She had pitch black eyes with ancient hieroglyphics covering her face, arms and legs. "You – I banished you."

"I was set free and now you will die for your sins against my son and Egypt." Rania advanced towards her sister with a black dagger in her hands. Just as she was about to lunged at Cleopatra, two priests from the temple of Isis sprang out of the darkness. They shot two darts full of mercury. Rania screamed in pain as the liquid flowed through her body, making her paralyzed.

For her sins, the creature known as Cleopatra Rania was mummified alive. To keep her power at bay, the dagger was destroyed and buried in a coffin of unique metal provided by another country.

They buried her in an unmarked grave, away in the sands of Egypt. Never to be found, for if she was. A deadly force would rise, the bringer of plague and death.