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"Uravity, you're closest to that explosion! Head three blocks south by southwest!"

"Roger, Uravity responding!" Ochako took a deep breath as she turned in the direction her operator had directed her. The buildings in her way weren't huge. Her eyes settled on a building in the distance. She crouched, priming the springs in her boots and heels. Her stomach lightened as her quirk activated, and it lurched back towards the ground as she leapt onto the roof of the shop closest to her. Her recon spot was a tall building two blocks south of where she'd started. She reached the roof in a few minutes, though climbing the side of the building pushed her stomach's limits.

"Uravity reporting. I'm looking at a villain tearing up the reported location. One target. His quirk is throwing rubble around somehow."

"Understood. We've got reinforcements on the way. Can you engage?"

"Yes. The police are stuck behind cover, though, so I'll be engaging alone."

"Back up won't arrive for ten minutes at least. Good luck." Ochako bit her cheek in frustration. Too many incidents came up lately. Some days there weren't enough heroes for things like this. Without another new number one…

"I'm dropping in. Keep me posted. Uravity out!" Ochako threw herself off the side of the building.

Deku groaned as he leaned against a broken column. The villain was shooting pieces of rubble through buildings like sniper rounds, jeering and cursing at the police as they fired bullets blindly from behind cover. A fire had broken out across the street. He counted three, no, four cars totaled. Five buildings had structural damage. More than ten people had injuries. His eyes hesitated for too long on a large pile of rubble. Blood dripped down his leg from where he'd almost gotten caught beneath it.

It was pure luck that he glanced upward, away from the rubble, in time to see a pink-and-black missile plummet towards the street.

Deku knew who Uravity was. He knew every member of her class and had researched them all extensively. There was a lot of content on that particular class. Uravity was aspiring to be a rescue hero. Her quirk was incredibly useful for the job. But while she wasn't a 'Combat Hero', watching Uravity fight was something else.

The villain's reaction was slow. She landed between rubble rounds, and Deku couldn't help smiling as she kicked him backwards off his pile of rubble. Deku scrambled down the sidewalk to keep the fight in view. Uravity had her opponent on the ropes for a moment. In close combat Uravity held every advantage other than height and weight. But it didn't stop the villain from dragging a large, flat piece of a building into the fight right as she got close.

Deku cringed as the hero came flying past where he was hidden. The stone didn't fall on her, thank god. He only had to crawl over a shop's windowsill to reach her.

"Uravity-sama? Uravity-sama!"

Ochako groaned. Before she moved, she took a breath and mentally checked herself.

Visor's broken. Broken ribs? Probably… Concussion is definitely on the list.

Aizawa-sensei's tired voice came back and started rattling off advice for ambush tactics. She grinned as he scolded her for such a sloppy entrance.

"…sama!" She sat up and groaned. The shaking and whisper shouting was coming from a civilian, of all people. "You're alright?"

"Been better." Ochako muttered. The young man got glanced over his shoulder, probably looking out the window. "You should get to safety. This place…"

"I can help!" Ochako blinked. He wasn't anything special to look at. Honestly, the only things that stuck out were his doctor's mask and the All-Might hoodie. Even if he had a quirk…

"You aren't authorized for combat. Get out of here."

"That's not…" He glanced over his shoulder again. After a moment's hesitation he ripped off the mask and began talking.

"His quirk is accelerating stones. It only works in straight lines. It doesn't affect metal. How heavy the rock is affects how long it takes him to move it. Right now, I'd guess he can move ten pounds of rock with three seconds to focus. Anything lighter he can move without a delay. He almost always moves things up first, so that he doesn't hit anything other than his target. You'll have four seconds, maybe five, before he attacks. He's limited to stone in his field of view, and he can't move multiple pieces in more than one direction. The police outside are behind new, armored vehicles. They won't move, but they're safe for now. We've got around ten injuries, at least two casualties, and people are trapped in the unstable structures he's ripping ammo from."

Ochako wanted to say something. She wanted to yell, tell him she already knew all of that.

"If you're trying close combat, you need to move him. He has too much rubble out there. If you can get him here, you have a chance. There's nothing for him to use in here. But you'll have to be fast. I can only buy you thirty seconds before he'll get annoyed with me. Can you stop him?"


"We don't have time!" The boy hissed. Ochako yelped as he pushed her backwards. She hadn't realized she was sitting in a pile of clothes until he shoved her off of them, behind an overturned shelf. Glass broke, and the villain's voice sounded from the other side of Ochako's hiding spot.

"Hey kid, where'd that bitch go?"

"Please don't kill me!" Ochako groaned and rolled her eyes. She'd been played. Usually, people weren't so out for themselves that they would openly sell out… "She's behind the counter!"

Ochako hissed as she rolled over and crouched on the floor. The shop had been left mostly undamaged by the struggle. Her civilian friend had pushed her into the shadows behind a large pile of merchandise. From where she stood, she could easily see the villain stomping towards the register. She winced as he pummeled the shop with ammo from outside, destroying the counter and most of the wall behind it. As he stomped toward the wreckage, she darted out and caught his arm.

Once Uravity had a hand on the villain, it was over. He was pinned, unconscious, cuffed and unmasked in less time than it took Deku to lay out the plan. Deku grinned as she sighed and turned to face him. The moment her glare turned to him, his smile vanished. She looked the same as every hero he'd ever "helped" before: angry, confused, and ready to school him on just how civilians were supposed to behave in a crisis. As she approached he pulled on the surgeon's mask and ran a hand through his tangled hair.

"Thanks for your help." Deku blinked. Had he not been wearing the mask, Uravity would have seen his jaw drop and hang open for several seconds. The glare had subsided, and she looked more tired than anything. "Do you have an analysis quirk, or some sort of scanning ability? I'll need help identifying where those injured people are."

"Um, I c-can direct you, if you'd like." He trailed off a bit at the end, but she nodded and looked out the window.

"That would be helpful. Back-up should be arriving soon, but I'd rather not waste any time." For a moment he hesitated. Uravity was probably injured, and she had to look after the villain. He sighed.

"I can find some of them and offer first aid. You should get the villain to the police." Uravity looked back, then nodded.

"That works out. Here, I've got some supplies."

Ochako was tired. It had taken four hours to recover all the people from the ruined buildings plus the people her 'assistant' had caught sight of in the battle. With his directions they were able to move surprisingly quickly, but the debrief was delayed by how many people there actually were. It wasn't until she was calling in to her agency that she noticed the boy from before being scolded by an officer.

"…Going to be arrested if you keep doing this!"

"I really just got caught up in it, Sansa-san!"

"Bullshit, Midoriya." The cat faced officer growled. "You're at more crime scenes and villain attacks than any hero, sidekick or police officer in the district. One of these days people are going to wonder why. Stay out of trouble, or else!"

"Hey!" Ochako stalked towards the officer, who seemed shocked. The boy jumped into the air as she moved to stand next to him. "I don't know what kind of problem you've got with him, but he was a big help during the fight. On top of giving me information on the villain's quirk, he directed us to almost all of the trapped citizens and a few of the injured. He sped up the process a lot."

"Uravity-san, please. While I understand that he was useful, his presence at these scenes is becoming problematic for the department. I was simply…"

"How is someone helping people during a crisis problematic for the department?" Ochako scowled. The officer's turmoil was plain on his face, then after a moment he turned and walked back towards the scene. Once he was gone she huffed a bit and turned to the green-haired boy. "He was really rude, don't you think?"

"I-I, uh…" Ochako giggled as he began stuttering.

"Sorry if I startled you or interrupted something important, Midoriya-san. I just wanted to say thanks again for all your help. Were you off duty today?"

"Huh?" Ochako met his wide-eyed stare with one of her own.

"You're a sidekick, right? Don't you have an analysis quirk or something like that?" Ochako regretted her words immediately. She'd never in her life seen anyone wilt as quickly as Midoriya did. His shoulders slumped, his hands shoved into his pockets, and twitched constantly, and his eyes fell towards the street.

"I'm, uh, well… q-quirkless, actually." Ochako didn't mean to gasp. The way he flinched made her regret it immediately.

"I'm sorry! I just thought, since you knew where all those people were, and you knew his quirk so well, I mean."

"It's fine!" Midoriya's hands waved between them wildly. "It's not a big deal! Really, I'm glad I could help out. And I got to see you fight in person! That was really neat, Uravity-san. I'm a big fan!"

"Eh?" Ochako yelped a bit as his eyes began to gleam. With his mask on, she couldn't help but feel a little crawling sensation in her spine.

"I follow hero news pretty closely." He broke off as he noticed her reaction and took a step backward. "Sorry, sorry! I'm not a stalker or anything, I promise! I just know who you are! You're rising through the ranks of sidekicks really fast, so everyone would know who you were if they watched the news right!"

She couldn't help but share in the awkward laughter coming from behind his mask. She wasn't really sure what to do with Midoriya. Or if she wanted to do anything with him at all. Her train of thought had stopped as soon as he said 'quirkless'. As she tried to find something to look at, other than that damned mask of his, she caught sight of the blood on his hands.

"Did you hurt yourself?" She caught his hand, ignoring his yelp as she pulled him over and inspected the wounds. His palms were cut and encrusted with blood and glass shards. When she pressed her thumbs to the wound he hissed and pulled back, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"I'm fine, really. The paramedics should worry about people with real injuries. I'll clean it once I'm home."

"I can treat it for you…" Ochako reached for his arm only to have him dart away, under the police tape.

"I should really… b-be getting b-back, Uravity-san! Thanks for everything!" Ochako watched as he walked quickly down the block. He wasn't heading for any train station she knew, though that didn't mean much. Part of her couldn't help worrying as he turned the corner and disappeared from sight.

Ochako wasn't surprised to hear she had two days off after the event. Her agency took every chance they had to give her days off. At first, she'd fought them but after a while she'd just accepted it. Whenever she saw a doctor after a fight, they gave her two days off. Her boss said it was a compromise for all the extra hours she worked. Maybe she shouldn't have complained, but it did irk her a bit. Few people ever treated her like a combat hero, and she didn't exactly want to call up Bakugo just to get in a good spar. She groaned as the train stopped and she was forced into the crowd of people getting off at her stop. Even if she wasn't injured, that slab of rock had left her more sore than she'd care to admit.

Her destination was a popular, bustling café and bookstore. Usually, she wouldn't compromise on price, but…

"Ah, Ochako!" Momo stood up and waved as Ochako entered the top floor of the shop. Tsuyu sat across from the tall young woman, waving and waiting for Ochako to take her seat.

"Sorry I'm late, I overslept a bit." Ochako sighed as she sat and sipped from her tea.

"You should have taken the day to relax, Ochako." Tsuyu chirped. "I heard you took down another villain yesterday."

"It wasn't that big of a deal. Honestly, I only got hit once." Ochako huffed at her tea. Tsuyu was far too blunt for Ochako's ego sometimes.

"You work more than almost anyone in our class, Ochako." Momo smiled and set a gentle hand on her shoulder. "No one blames you for some rest after a big fight like that."

"Guys, I'm fine!" Ochako whined. "I had more trouble with a civilian than the villain. It wasn't anything to worry about!"

"A civilian?" Ochako grinned as Momo's face wrinkled in confusion.

"Yeah. A green-haired guy helped me out during the fight." She sipped at her drink and rolled her next words around on her tongue. "Then he ended up being quirkless. The police yelled at him and everything."

"A quirkless boy fought the villain for you?" Tsuyu croaked. Ochako's eyes widened.

"No! He just helped by distracting the guy, and then he helped us with the injured. But they got mad at him afterward. Honestly I'm not sure how I feel about it all."

"Meeting someone without a quirk is rare indeed." Momo muttered. "Who was angry with him?"

"A police officer. They didn't even bother pulling him aside, they just scolded him in the middle of the scene. It almost sounded like he was a nuisance or something." Ochako pushed her drink onto the table. She had a nervous habit of tapping her fingers when something worried her and setting the cup afloat wasn't a fun idea.

"I don't blame them. Any pro who caught a quirkless person helping at a crime scene would do the same." Tsuyu croaked. "Was he okay?"

"I doubt he was doing very well after such a series of events." Momo sighed. "Truly, we are blessed. It's difficult to remember that there are people like that in the world."

Ochako swallowed a bit of indignation as she listened to her friends' words. It wasn't as if she had any reason to be attached to the strange person from the day before. Thinking of him too much wouldn't do anything for either of them. Even if the way things ended may bother her, it was for the best if she moved on.

"Ochako?" Tsuyu croaked to her left. "You're staring off into space again."

"Hmm? Oh, sorry! Sorry. Just thinking. What were we talking about?"


This is a piece for an event called Green Tea Tag Team held in the IzuOcha discord! The art was done, as listed in the intro, by some beautiful human person (I only assume they're human) tagged LazyPinecone, who deserves lots of love!
Some things about this story, just in case you've got some... misgivings.

1. Yes, he refers to himself as Deku. We understand if you don't appreciate it, but bear with me please. I like to think it says something about who this Izuku is and what kind of life he's been leading. My apologies if it sounds like it just doesn't fit, in your humble opinion.

2. There's a lot to this Izuku that doesn't come to the surface. It's touched upon, but I think several readers can relate to some of the things I've tried putting in to words. However, this is the story of Izuku and Ochako forming a new relationship. When we started, this was supposed to be a short piece, and it turned into... well, you'll see.

I honestly hope you guys like this piece. Please, try to make it through to the end if you found something you didn't like in this first part. Hopefully we'll draw you in somewhere down the rabbit hole.

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