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The first six to arrive were Princess Ravyn (Rei) of Mars, Princess Amizu (Ami) of Mercury, Princess Harukaze (Haruka) of Uranus, Princess Michiko (Michiru) of Neptune, Princess Setsuna of Pluto, and Princess Hotarushi (Hotaru) of Saturn.

"Hello, Princess." Princess Mars said to Serenity, bowing, and then turned to greet Venus.

"Hello, Princess Serenity." The shy Princess Mercury greeted, and then, also turned to greet Venus.

"Hello, Neko-Sere." Princes Uranus greeted Serenity, winking.

"Nice to see you again, Princess Serenity." Princess Neptune said, nudging Princess Uranus lightly, as both of them turned to greet Venus.

Princess Pluto bowed on her knee, and got back up. "Pleased to see you again, Princess Serenity." She said, holding Princess Saturn's hand in hers.

"Hello, Princess Serenity." Saturn said, smiling and bowing, an then turned with Pluto to greet Venus.

After she had greeted Venus, Princess Mars turned to the king and queen, along with the other princesses.

After they had all greeted one another, more guests had come in, from Mars, Mercury, Uranus, and so on.

A long way into the night, Venus was sitting in a corner, with no one to dance with, for she had already danced with Princess Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, even Princess Serenity. ((NO! NOT SHOUJO-AI!!!))

Three men walked up to her then.

One was very tall, well built, and had shoulder-length silver hair, with ice cold eyes, but, somehow, warm and comforting. He was in a button-up grayish suit, with two of the buttons unbuttoned.

The second one was a younger man, and he also had silver hair, but his was longer and was tied into a thin ponytail. His green eyes were shining with attitude, kindness, and humor, but also, his eyes had a glint of sparkle that showed he had a fiery temper.

The third young man had spiky chocolate brown hair, and brown eyes, and was somewhat tall. He was wearing a green suit, meaning that he must be from Jupiter.

'Hm, I guess Jupi-chan let the rest of her kingdom go, while her mother and herself stayed behind to take care of the king. That's very sweet of her.' Minako thought.

"Hello, miss. Would you care for a dance?" The first man said.

The second one glared daggers at him, and held out his hand as well.

"This hand is better suited for a maiden like yourself." The second one said.

The man with brown hair looked at the other two, and smirked as he saw, out of the corner of his eye, his best friend Yamato running towards them.

"Princess Venus, I believe that my best friend, Yamato, wishes to dance with you."

Yamato stopped in his tracks, blushing furiously as he heard his friend say that.



Venus also blushed a tiny bit, but smiled and got up, walking over to Yamato.

"It'd be my pleasure, Yamato."

The two men who asked to dance with her glared daggers at Yamato, and Yamato didn't even look at them, he just kept blushing and staring at Venus.

"Come on, Yamato-chan!" Venus said, giggling at him blushing, which made Yamato blush more. "It'll be fun!" She finished, grabbing his hand and pulling him out into the crowd.

"B-But, Princess Venus, I-I dont know how to.. d..d.."

"Dance? Dont worry! I'll teach ya!"

"B-But, I dont want to st-step on your shoes."

"Dont worry, Yamato-chan, I've gotten used to it, hehe. Princess Mars didnt exactly pay attention during her time to learn how to waltz. I had to teach her myself."

"O-Oh. W-Well, okay then. S-So, like this?" Yamato asked, noticing that as they were talking, she had been waltzing, and he had been following perfectly.


"Wow, Princess Venus, you're really good at this stuff."

"Thanks." Venus said, winking.

She twirled out of Yamato's arms, and Yamato smiled. I'm learning to waltz, but not just with anyone, with Minako....Minako.. I wish I could call her that, but.... She's a princess, and I'm not a prince... and anyways, that's her Earth name, and she's not on Earth. This is the moon, and I must call her by Princess Venus unless she says otherwise.'

Venus twirled back into his arms, and they danced more.

The two men who had asked her to dance were dancing with other people, keeping an eye on Yamato and Venus.

All of a sudden, a wall of the Silver Millenium palace crashed and fell, and people looked at it, not knowing what to do. Venus looked terrified, and looked over to see the Queen and King. They were also looking around, and were clearly alert.

Venus caught the eye of Mars, who was dancing with someone who seemed to be in the same party of the man who asked her to dance first. He had light blonde hair, short, like Prince Endymion, and blue, but somewhat gray eyes.

Venus then heard a scream from the other side of the ballroom, and spotted Princess Mercury

A man with a blonde ponytail had drawn a sword, and had pointed it at her.

She heard three more swords being drawn after that, and a scream from Mars, Pluto, and Saturn. Uranus and Neptune ran to Venus, covering her, knowing that she and the other princesses would be targeted as well.

Princess Serenity looked around, frightened.

Another wall fell, and people ran around, frightened as well.

The Queen and King then called out, "Princesses! NOW!"

Uranus and Neptune got the message first.

"Uranus Planet Power! Make up!"

"Neptune Planet Power! Make up!"

Pluto and Saturn looked at their fellow outer senshi, and nodded to each other.

"Pluto Planet Power! Make up!"

"Saturn Planet Power! Make up!"

Mars saw the four shining lights, indicating that the four outers were transforming.

"Mars Crystal Power! Make up!"

Venus got the point after Mars.

"Venus Crystal Power! Make up!"

Mercury was too busy, grabbing everything in sight to block the man's attacks. But once she was far enough away, she took out her henshin pen.

"Mercury Crystal Power! Make up!"

By this time, Uranus had already drawn her Space Sword, Neptune had already drawn her Submarine Mirror, Pluto had already started fighting with her Time Staff, and Saturn had started fighting back to back with Pluto with her Silence Glaive.

Mars drew out her Flame Bow and Arrows, Venus drew her Love Whip, and Mercury drew her Aqua Harp.

"Space Sword Blaster!" Uranus screamed at the man she was fighting. Serenity was getting shoved everywhere by the crowd of screaming, and terrified men and women from every planet.

"Submarine Reflection!" Neptune yelled beside Uranus.

"Pluto Deadly Scream!"

"Silence Wall!" Saturn yelled defending herself and Serenity.

"Mars Fame Sniper!" Mars yelled at the man she was dancing with.

"Venus Love and Beauty Shock!"

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