It had been a couple of weeks since Emma had seen Loki, he had gone with Thor, Steve, Natasha and Clint on a mission previously and when they had come back, Tony had got her working on other things.

Emma had told Tony about how Loki had helped her when she was drunk and sleeping outside the compound and protective dad mode had gone off automatically and he was now trying to keep the two of them separate from each other. He still didn't trust Loki and he felt if he was being nice to Emma he was obviously up to no good.

Emma had been working late but she hadn't realized how late it was until she looked up at the clock to see it was gone past midnight, she had definitely inherited Tony's traits for working. Emma decided that she was done for the night and closed down the lab and made her way towards the common room to grab a scotch and go to bed. This was definitely something she had inherited from Tony.

Emma poured herself a scotch and took a sip savoring the burning sensation it caused as she swallowed it. She needed this after today, after the long hours she had done and still hadn't had a break through with what she was working on. "I wouldn't have picked you out as a scotch drinker" came the familiar voice of Loki, Emma looked in the direction it came from and there was Loki sitting in a chair in the corner reading a book. She could feel herself becoming nervous already, Emma hated the way her body responded to Loki.

"It's all the years of working with Tony" she mused trying to shut the conversation down.

Loki nodded, his attention going back onto his book as he now spoke, "can't sleep?"

Emma shook her head though it didn't matter as he wasn't looking at her, "I've been working in the lab" she told feeling herself becoming drawn to him as she moved towards where he was sitting. "Can't you sleep?"

"Not at all little one" Loki said now closing his book, "I find I do my best thinking late at night. Would you like to know what I've been thinking about?"

Loki's eyes were burning into Emma, she could feel herself getting more nervous. She chewed on her lower lip and nodded.

"You my dear Emma," Loki told her now standing up and walking towards her. Emma started walking back automatically unable to look away from him. "If you continue to bite that lip I'm going to bite it for you," this caused Emma to stop biting her lip and she let out a small help as her back came into contact with the wall. "Would you like to know what about you I've been thinking about?" Emma nodded which caused Loki to let out a chuckle, "ask me" he demanded his voice firmer and more demanding.

"What about me having you been thinking Loki?" She asked, her voice cracking slightly.

"That's better," he mused closing the gap between them further that Emma could now feel his breath. "I've been thinking about how I make you nervous and I want to know why" Loki was now smirking down at her, Emma wasn't sure why but the way Loki was behaving was stirring something inside of her. "Or is it because your father, Stark doesn't trust me and you don't trust yourself around me?"

Emma wanted to protest and deny that Tony was her father but by judging Loki's face, her reaction had obviously given him the answer he wanted. "I wonder what stark would say if he knew what we had just done?"

Emma looked at him confused, "what do you mean-" she was cut off by Loki, his lips crashing down onto hers. It was a hungry passionate kiss which was causing her body to react to him, she could feel the desire and lust burning up inside her.

This is wrong, I shouldn't be kissing him.

She found herself ignoring her inner thoughts and continuing to kiss Loki, she let out a moan as she felt his hands wander down to her breasts and cupping them gently, her mouth parting slightly and Loki taking advantage of this and slipping his tongue in. Loki's hand started to slip underneath her top and bra, she let out a small gasp when Loki started pinching and rolling her nipples between his finger and thumb. "it's amazing how exceptive you mortals are" he mused, "how you give into your desires so easily" Emma moaned as Loki tweaked her nipples harder causing her to moan again.

"Loki...I...please" Emma said barely able to get a sentence together.

"Oh, but you don't really want me to stop do you?" He said as his hands made their way down to her skirt and slowly started lifting it up, his hands traveling up her thighs. Emma bit her lip, "what did I tell you about biting your lip?"

She released her lip immediately and a small whimper escaped her lips when his fingers brushed against the lace of her underwear. "Do you want me to stop?" Loki asked and she shook her head. A smirk appeared on his face as his hands now moved away from her underwear and back to his sides.

"Don't worry little one, good things come to those who wait."