Hello friends.

So life got hard. Like really hard. Between issues with the story and the global pandemic, it got hard to write this story. On top of all that I was in a kind of bad relationship that killed my love of writing in general. I got out of it around last summer and I'm only gaining that love and drive back now.

The main thing I want to say is, while this story will be written, it cannot be in its current form. To all of you who really liked where its at, I apologize. My reason's, if you are interested, can be found below.

As I said, this story will be written. I'm in the process of reworking it, taking into account all that we have learned from the anime and manga. It's looking pretty cool and vibes more with the original spirit of the piece.

I have no idea when that new version will be finished, but I won't be posting till it is. Don't want to go through all that again.

When it is finished, I will post again in this one for anyone interested in seeing the final product.

Please, I would love to know if anyone is actually interested in reading something like this anymore. Let me know in the comments or via PM. It fuels the will to write and keeps me going when down.

I might update this author's note in the next few days if I decide it doesn't quite fit what I wanted it to be.

Till next time,


My reasons are as follows:

1. Primarily, it is because of the involvement of the League of Villains in the story. The issue with this is I am a logical writer. If something doesn't make sense logically, I will not be able to write it. The fact of the matter is, if someone wanted to get to Izuku, there are better targets. Todoroki, for example, is two birds with one stone. Get to Izuku and Endeavor. Iida is from a rich family that can be used for manipulation or other such stuff. They all live on a secure campus. Izuku's mom, however, does not. She would be decently easy to get to and arguably a better option if someone wanted to hurt Izuku. Uraraka is poor, her family has no influence, and she's done nothing to actually get on the League of Villains radar.

In the new version of the story, Uraraka's capture and subsequent agony isn't a targeted thing. It isn't something done in order to get to someone else. Uraraka is the focus, and is the reason for the capture, but maybe not in the way you might think.

2. Which leads me to point two. The spirit of the story, the idea that inspired it, was I wanted to write something about Uraraka, and I wanted to write a whump recovery fic. As the story developed in its current form, it drew further and further away from Uraraka being the primary focus. The focus became Izuku and his choices. In fact, Uraraka only shows up once.

In the new version of the story, Uraraka will be the main focus of the story. Izuku and the others will, of course, be major characters, but the story itself will focus on Uraraka and her choices, her trials, her journey.

3. The final reason I have is how the original story would have affected the canon. I really like the canon of MHA. How the story was going in its original form was turning it into a complete rewrite of canon, which throttled my ability to write it. I couldn't figure it out because I couldn't suspend my own disbelief for the story.

In the new version, the story's outcome itself will not be tied to the main events of the manga. I will select a specific point and place it in a time bubble. Of course, events of the manga will define the characters themselves, such as where they are at in their abilities and skills.

4. And most of all, beyond all of this, I will be writing the story this time for myself. It will be something I can sit down and enjoy reading. Only once it has reached that point will I share it with all of you.