Author's Note: And yet another ficcy written by me ^_^ I got the idea for it when my best friend Deacon and I were making fun about a book we both had read, which was about a magician and  a ring which was very odd. Hope you all like it ^_^

Disclaimer: I don't own Haruka, Michiru or the book "The Spirit Ring". I just stole the title ^_^

Dedication: Dedicated to Deacon, my very best friend :)

The Spirit Ring

Prologue: The New Home

Michiru carried her last travel bag into the new house she had bought, letting out a satisfied sigh when she put it down. Being a woman in medieval times was difficult but being a single woman in medieval times was even more difficult. Especially if the woman also had a certain liking for other women and didn't even want to think about marrying. The aqua haired girl let out another sigh and closed the heavy oak door behind her, glad that no one had noticed her arrival. She had moved from the big city Rome to this much smaller village, named Montefoglio, after her admirer in Rome had started to get on her nerves with all his proposals and presents he sent her. Luckily, the aqua haired girl had managed to buy an unoccupied house in Montefoglio, which had once belonged to a magician who had mysteriously disappeared. Of course, most people were too afraid to move into the house of a magician – who could know what kind of magical bans were on it? – but Michiru wasn't one of the women who believed in magic. More likely, she thought that all people who claimed to be magicians were impostors and swindlers – except for the ones who could make fire, like herself. Michiru looked around in her new home, checking all the rooms, before she started to make put her things – most of them clothes – to where they belonged. Her work got interrupted when somebody knocked the door. "Oh no." the aqua haired girl thought to herself. "Please let it be some old woman and not a guy who's keen on marrying me." She quickly prayed before she went to answer. Upon opening the door, Michiru found herself face to face with an old woman – Thank you, Lord! she thought to herself – who smiled at her, showing teeth which passed through a whole rainbow of colours, from yellow to black. "Welcome in Montefoglio." The old woman now chirped, two or three of her teeth shaking threateningly while she did. "Um…thanks." Michiru replied, smiling at her guest. "I'm Michiru Kaioh. Nice to meet you." "I'm Roberta Beneforte, same here." The old woman replied, still grinning from ear to ear. "So you live in the Magician's house now, huh?" Michiru nodded, returning the woman's grin. "Indeed, yes." She confirmed, already knowing what would come next. "Oh, but you should be careful, child. Maybe Wizard Tenoh put some bans on her house before she disappeared." The old woman now spoke, while Michiru suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. Then, she suddenly perked up. "She? I thought the magician who lived here was male." The old lady giggled and shrugged. "Most people thought that Wizard Tenoh was male, she looked a lot like a man…and also behaved like one, if you know what I mean." The last words were accompanied with a suggestive eyebrow wiggle. "Oh, I see." Michiru replied, also wiggling her eyebrows at the old woman. "But then, Wizard Tenoh disappeared, from one day to the other." The old woman continued her little speech. "Nobody knows where she went…but rumour says that she left a very mighty magic ring here, which has the power to fulfil every wish of the one who wears it." Michiru frowned inwardly before she asked: "And no one came here to search for it?" The old lady shook her head, giggling. "No. The people in Montefoglio are too superstitious for entering a magicians house without his permission…ever since Wizard Tenoh disappeared, no one has put his foot over the doorstep. Until you came, that is." "I see." Michiru mumbled again, hoping that the old lady would leave soon so she could continue her work. "Well, I'll leave now." The woman now spoke, almost as if she had read Michirus thoughts. "I still have dinner to cook, for my family." She already turned to leave, but suddenly looked back at Michiru and showed her teeth once more in an odd grin. "If you find the ring, you'll never have to worry about anything again, my dear. Maybe you should search for it." "I will, if I find the time." Michiru replied, smiling. The old woman said her goodbye and left while Michiru closed the door again and let out a small sigh. "A magic ring…yeah right." She then mumbled before she returned to unpacking her things. For now, the ring was completely forgotten, but soon, Michiru should remember it again.