Epilogue: No Regrets

„No, not like that! You gotta make the last move like this." Haruka scolded while taking Michirus hands into hers. "Just follow my movements now." She then commanded. Michiru nodded and allowed the magician to lead her; after a row of complicated figures performed with both hands, a bolt of lightning suddenly shot from Michirus fingertips, nearly hitting Robertas roof. "Hey!" the old woman's voice came floating over the fence, "watch where those lightning goes!" "Sorry!" Haruka and Michiru shouted back before both laughed and Haruka let go of Michirus hands. "Well, now you know how to produce lightning." The blonde spoke with a wink. Michiru nodded and smiled, looking up at her taller partner.  Haruka smiled back, and the couple shared a short kiss. "I love you." The blonde whispered after they had parted again, earning another smile and a whispered "Love you too" in return. There were a few moments of silence until Haruka finally spoke up again, her voice soft and slightly worried all of a sudden. "Michiru…tell me, did you ever regret that you used you last wish to free me?" Michiru looked at her lover slightly shocked. "Of course not, Haruka! What gave you that idea?" Haruka grinned sheepishly and shrugged. "I don't know. I'm just worried, I guess…" she let out a sigh. "You could have wished for everything. Health, unlimited money…whatever. Instead you decided to free me." Michiru smiled while she replied: "I decided to free you because I cared for you, Haruka. And because I fell for you." Haruka blushed and grinned at her partner, her happiness literally shining from her eyes. The couple kissed again, and after this kiss, it was Michiru who spoke up. "I never had any regrets, Haruka. No regrets at all." Haruka nodded and pulled Michiru into a loving embrace, holding her tight. "No regrets…" the blonde thought to herself, the corners of her mouth twitching upwards. "No regrets, and together forever. Finally, I found my significant other…and I'll never let her go again." After making this oath to herself, Haruka finally let go of Michiru and smiled down at her once more…both women women feeling happier than they ever had felt before in their live.

THE END!!! :-)