Chapter 2 Conclusion.

Ratchet wasted no time getting Knock Out to the med bay and got to work trying desperately to save the red transformer's life.

Knock Out's body was already starting to tremble again as the massive amount of circuit speeders he'd been given was causing the sedative to wear off faster then it normally would.

"Rat..chet their killing th..em!" Knock Out choked out as his optics shot open. "Their killing.." "The race..ers.." He tried to tell Ratchet about what Pharma, Conduit and Lockdown were doing but his voice was shaking and his words came out slurred and continued to cut out at times.

"Easy don't strain yourself you need to rest and recover." Ratchet told him gently. "I promise we'll catch whoever did this to you and we won't let them hurt you or anyone else again." Ratchet said to the Austin Martin as he put him into forced power down.

Ratchet had to induce stasis in order to counteract the circuit speeders and keep Knock Out under heavy sedation if there was any chance of saving him. Or the circuit speeders would keep pushing him into overdrive and cause his body to overheat until it would eventually make his whole system crash and burn it's self out.

Knock Out appeared to try to fight it at first because he was trying hard to tell Ratchet who had tried to kill him and what they were doing to the racers. His optics blinked several times and looked up with a dazed expression before he finally fell into recharge.

Ratchet stayed by the cherry coloured mech until he was stable but would have to keep him under heavy sedation until the circuit speeders were out of his system.

Ratchet insisted on being Knock Out's medic because after seeing his reaction to Conduit. Ratchet knew the black, blue and silver medic had something to do with Knock Out's current state and didn't know how many more of the medics might be in on it and didn't want to give them the chance to finish him off.

And the next thing Ratchet did was inform the other Autobots about what happened and they decided to try to find out more about Conduit so they'd know who they were dealing with.

Smokescreen and Blurr were going to be in the last practice race. So Bumblebee took a ship to Cybertron knowing he'd have plenty of time to make it back before the Speedea 500 began. He knew someone who might be able to tell him about Conduit.

A few hours later Bumblebee arrived on Cybertron and drove to Voss the seeker capital had been destroyed during the war but had been rebuilt since the planet had been revived and liberated.

Most of the seekers had been Decepticons but a few of them had been aerialbots and some bots from Caminus had moved there as well so it was now considered a neutral zone where flyers from both sides could live.

Bumblebee just hoped he could find the one he was looking for. He drove around until he saw what he thought was the seeker he was looking.

"Hey I need to talk to you." He shouted over to the flyer who was parched on a rock.

But upon getting closer he realized it was a sparkling who had just looked bigger from a distance. And Bumblebee could tell it wasn't very old.

"Your a stranger." The sparkling said tilting it's helm. "Mommy and Daddy always say never talk to strangers." "But I just talked to you." "Oops."

"Sorry I thought you were someone else." Bumblebee apologized and started to drive away when a jet flew over.

"There you are how many times have I told you not to wonder off by yourself." Said the seeker who transformed from his jet mode and revealed himself to be Starscream.

"Sorry Daddy." Chimed the sparking.

"It's alright I'm just glad your safe." Starscream told his son as three other seekers landed behind him. A femme and two more sparkling the same age as the first one.

"I heard you were released because you turned yourself around I'm glad to see it's true." Bumblebee said to Starscream who had only just then noticed him.

"I'm sorry for everything I did as a Decepticon." Starscream told him. "Now I just want to live in peace with my family and watch my sparklings grow up happy and healthy."

"That's a pretty good goal if you ask me." Bumblebee said with a smile.

"Let me introduce you to them." Starscream exclaimed. "This is my spark mate Moonbeam." Starscream said as he introduced Bumblebee to a pink and purple seeker femme with blue optics.

Then he introduced him to the sparklings.

"This is Sky Rocket." He told Bumblebee as he pointed to a male sparkling with a blue and purple color scheme. "This is Air Strike." He added pointing to a female sparkling who was pink and red.

"And this is Starscream junior." He explained pointing to the sparkling Bumblebee had mistook for him from a distance earlier. Bumblebee could see where Starscream junior had gotten his name he looked just like his Dad. Even having red optics where as his brother and sister both had blue ones.

Just then Bumblebee saw a familiar cybertronian jet fly their way. It was Megatron. Bumblebee didn't know what to expect and was now concerned about the safety of the sparkling and their parents for that matter remembering Starscream and Megatron had not been on the best of terms.

But what happened next surprised him. All three sparklings ran over to Megatron and started hugging him and took turns climbing on his shoulders and he even patted them on the heads. "Uncle Megatron." All three sparklings chimed.

"Hello there little ones." Megatron told them softly. Then Starscream went over and he and his former master greeted each other like old friends.

And they explained to Bumblebee that one day Starscream junior had wondered off which had always been a bad habit of his to wonder off and get himself into trouble. And that particular day he'd wondered right into a scraplet nest.

Starscream had told Moonbeam to watch over the other sparklings at home while he looked for Starscream junior which had been a good thing because he found him just in time to see the scraplets start to swarm his son. And without thinking he rushed over and wrapped his own body around the sparkling's as a shield just wanting to protect his child and not caring what happened to himself.

Then Megatron had shown up and killed the scraplets by blasting all of them with his arm cannon. And after that he and Starscream made up and both apologized for everything they'd done to each other in the past. And Starscream had introduced Megatron to his family and told him he could visit anytime.

Bumblebee was glad to see the two former Decepticons on much better terms with each other and that they had both turned themselves around.

Then he remembered why he had come there in the first place and asked both of them about Conduit. And explained what was happening on Velocitron. And everything that had went down. And both Starscream and Megatron showed concern for Knock Out when they heard what happened to him.

Starscream then explained that Conduit had been a medic on the Decepticon side during the war and was an outliner with the power to give energy or drain it from other bots he had used it to heal his allies and kill his enemies and was extremely dangerous.

And Megaton agreed to go with Bumblebee to help him and the Autobots on their mission. Then Starscream asked Megatron to hit the bot who hurt Knock Out extra hard for him because Knock Out had been Starscream best friend during the war.

And then Megatron went back to the speed planet with Bumblebee after they both said goodbye to Starscream and his family. And saw them all waving to them as the ship left.

Meanwhile on Velocitron Ratchet had been called away to help with an emergency over his com-link and had left the med bay to help whoever had been hurt. But unbeknownst to him Conduit used this to sneak into Knock Out's room.

Knock Out had regained consciousness a little while ago but was still heavily sedated so he was awake but couldn't move or speck right now. Conduit saw that he was trying to open his optics because Knock Out had heard him come in and was trying to see who was in his room.

But he was to weak to open them right now and only felt another bot move him on to a stretcher and start wheeling him out. Then he got his optics open while he was being rolled down the hallway and saw Conduit was taking him somewhere.

Knock Out was trying desperately to cry out for someone to help him. But he was still so sedated that he couldn't scream. Or talk or even move for that matter and could only lay there helplessly as Conduit took him out of the hospital.

Conduit saw that he was aware now and also saw the fear in his optics.

"Don't worry I'm not going to kill you yet." Conduit told the frightened and immobile red transformer. "I have another plan for you." He added in a mocking tone. And Knock Out could only lay there as Conduit took him off to who knows where.

Meanwhile Smokescreen was getting ready for the Speedea 500 when he felt a servo grab him and turned to see Lockdown trying to use a circuit booster on him but knocked it away because the bounty hunter hadn't counted on his phase shifter.

Then Smokescreen punched Lockdown who realized he had gotten more then he bargained for and tried to run for it only to run right into Bumblebee's fist. And quickly pushed pass the yellow Autobot and tried again to make a break for it only for the door to open and hit him right in the faceplates knocking him out cold.

"I'm so sorry about that I was coming in and didn't know someone was trying to come out." Blurr apologized.

"Blurr you just caught one of the bots responsible for killing some of the racers." Bumblebee told him.

"Oh in that case I'm not sorry the guy had it coming." Blurr told them.

"Great job." Smokescreen said fighting back laughter.

"Who knew they'd go after the one with the phase shifter." Bumblebee chuckled.

Just then they heard a crash and ran over to see what happened. Then were greeted with the sight of Pharma laying in a room where he'd been literally punched through a wall. And Megaton standing on the other side of it.

"I heard this guy gloating about how he almost killed Knock Out with a circuit speeder overdose." Megatron explained. "So I punched him through a wall." " well I did promise Starscream I'd hit him extra hard." He added.

Then both Lockdown and Pharma were taken into custody. But then Ratchet called and informed them Knock Out had been kidnapped from the hospital when he had been called away to deal with an emergency that had actually just been to get him to leave so Conduit could take Knock Out.

They knew it was Conduit because the other two had been captured.

"Where did Conduit take him?" Bumblebees asked Lockdown and Pharma after the call ended.

Both Lockdown and Pharma refused to say anything until Megatron made a fist and then they told them everything about their operations. Including a plan to blow up the track if something went wrong and where the bomb was planted.

Then they rushed to the location they'd been given. And found Conduit coming out from under the track and grabbed him before he knew what hit him then they hurried under the track and found the bomb and Knock Out who had been strapped to it.

"Be careful he hooked me to a bomb." Knock Out warned them. He was now fully awake and back to himself but not out of danger. "If I try to free myself or move wrong or try to disarm it it'll go off." He added in a voice that sounded like he was about to cry.

Then the others noticed to their horror it was already counting down. And they had to act fast to save Knock Out and make sure no one else was hurt or killed in the explosion.

"I've got this." Said Smokescreen who used his phase shifter to phase Knock Out through his restraints so the red medic was free. But they still had a bomb that was counting down to deal with.

"Tell us how to disarm it!" Bumblebee almost screamed at Conduit. But the Decepticon refused not even caring that he was going to be blown up with them.

Then Blurr showed up with a Velocitronian bomb squad to help them. For a minute they all got worried when they saw the bomb squad leaving but saw they were just getting some equipment to ground bridge it to a building that was scheduled to be demolished anyway so when it went off no one would be hurt and no damage would be done.

Then everyone almost had a spark attack when the portable ground bridge wouldn't start. But luckily they got it fixed and sent the bomb through it with only five seconds to spare. And the old abandon building was the only thing that blew up.

Then Knock Out fainted after everything that happened to him and how close he'd come to being killed multiple times sink in. And the others didn't blame him.

Later Ratchet put Knock Out's T-cog back in him and gave him his weapons back. Luckily they had found Knock Out's T-cog among the stolen parts and took his saw and drill off Lockdown and gave them back to him.

And Ratchet gave him a check up to make sure everything was working properly and he was OK which fortunately he was and had made a full recovery. Though he did swear off doing undercover work. But said if they ever needed a medic or scientist he was there for them.

Then they took Lockdown, Pharma and Conduit to jail. And Knock Out busted out laughing when he heard about how Megatron had punched Pharma through a wall. Because he'd promise Starscream he would on his behalf.

Then Knock Out decided he'd go to Cybertron and pay the seeker a visit to meet his best friend's family. And Megaton decided to go there as well. While Bumblebee went back to his team on Earth and Smokescreen and Blurr decided they'd join them for awhile. Now that everyone on Velocitron was safe.

The End.

"Hope you all enjoy my first two shot." "And feel free to check out my other stories." "Sorry if this one felt a bit rushed I was literally making it up as I went and this was the best I came up with." "Thanks for reading."