Working Title: Save My Soul

Team centered fic with strong Sam/Jack pairing towards the end. Sam gets kidnapped and is missing for a year. When they finally find her, it's going to be a long road back to who she used to be, and she will never be quite the same. Third POV. Italics denote Goa'uld speaking unless otherwise noted.

Chapter 1

Drip. Drip. Drip. Major Samantha 'Sam' Carter groaned while rolling out of bed, hearing the incessant pitter patter of water, letting her know that leak in the bathroom faucet has yet to be fixed. It's been that way for longer than Sam can remember, but there hasn't been the time or energy to put towards getting it fixed. These past few months have been relentless. If it wasn't mission after mission, it was some other catastrophe that has plagued her mind. But it is a blessing to be busy, not only that but to have found something that has been a lifelong dream. Space exploration up close and personal. Much more than NASA could ever offer. It's funny to recall the efforts of Jacob Carter to get his daughter into the program and his confusion at the hasty denial. And to see him get a clear understanding all on his own. It was like a kid at Christmas, opening up their first present.

The Stargate Program has brought so much that could only be imagined. Much more than the perfect job. It reunited Sam's family. Gave her a rich relationship with her father that otherwise would never have occurred. Even mended the tenuous ropes of her relationship with her brother Mark. Every now and then, Sam even got a chance to act out the title of aunt to his two young children. Well, from time to time. Not to add confusion, there's still room for improvement. But especially with the passing of their dad, the effort has been a two way street.

Nostalgia aside, Sam turns the tv on to add background noise and prepare for today. The team is scheduled to have another mission today, a 5-day trip to PX5983. UAV showed that it's largely uninhabited with the exception of some small hut-like houses scattered around. Preliminary scans highlighted some mineral deposits that may be of use. Of course the SGC are hoping that it is Naquadah, but it could be something new and just as desirable. Which had been a point of contention for Colonel O'Neill. He was a firm believer in things that were too good to be true. But Sam would rather look on the brighter side of things, skeptically of course but still have hope.

Throwing some final stuff into a bag, the house is locked up and Sam is finally headed off to the base. Walking up to the entry point of the mountain, Sam sees her female confidant, Doctor Janet Frazier. Janet is the one person that Sam is able to lean on for other types of support, to show a softer, more civilian side. Even though both are military, they are female first. Usually she is already inside playing busy bee. So it is surprising to see her rushing along.

"Hey, look who is late!" Sam tease her, light heartedly.

"Yeah, yeah. Cassie was dragging her feet, trying to convince me to let her stay home."

"She usually likes school, what's wrong?" It is a wonder at what issues a 16 year old girl could possibly conjure up. Then again, Cassie wasn't your ordinary girl.

"Somewhat of a mystery. You know how private kids like to be these days," Janet shook her head. They both flashed their badges to the gate guards habitually. "But I am pretty sure she is trying to avoid this boy who has been after her. I think he has a crush."

"And I'm guessing Cassie is not interested?"

"Cassie has her hands full with suitors these days!" Janet and Sam both laugh carefree yet wistfully.

Must be nice to have a list to pick from. Without a care in the world, but what the best outfit to wear or what movie to see with friends. Time doesn't allow the SGC women, or people in general, such luxury, it's safe to say that both Janet and Sam are married to the job. Which one can view as depressing if you really think about it. They are risking their lives to save a world that will never know what was at stake. But that is essentially the point of it all. Survival.

Major Sam Carter has had her fair share of experiences with the opposite sex. It's not as though she is some shrewd. Even intergalactically. None of which worked out for several reasons, lack of trying not being one of them. The men that Sam has met and dated, if it got that far, either lost patience with her job's secrecy or busy schedule, or much more dramatically, have died. Some have even nicknamed her the "black widow" secretly on base. It's not hard to hear all the rumors that churn. One of the greatest, at least the most damning rumor, is one that Sam can only fantasize about. Like they say, the heart wants what it wants despite the legal ramifications of what that entails in this special case. The way Sam's mind is set up, the easy route and settling for an unattached man would be to simple. Nope. Sam's sights have to be set on the the most complicated, and unavailable, professionally and emotionally man ever as luck would have it. And speak of the devil, so shall he appear.

"Ladies, imagine seeing you two here." Colonel O'Neill inanely commented upon seeing his coworkers exiting the elevator.

"Good morning Colonel."

"Hi Sir, ready for mission?"

"You mean the death trap, Carter? Of course, I was born ready!" the Colonel pumped his fist in the air. Biting her lip, Sam shakes her head slightly to hide signs of laughter and to metaphorically remove the nonsense of her previous thoughts. Janet rolled her eyes, unabashedly.

"Well, I'll let you guys prepare for your trip. And for what it's worth, I'm betting on you being wrong and completely bored, Sir." Janet smiled and turned down the hallway leading to her office.

"Me? Bored? Only simple minded people are bored Carter. You don't think she is implying that I'm not super intelligent do you?" Colonel O'Neill feigned shock.

"Of course not, Sir. Have no idea why she would ever suggest that." Sam smiled mischievously. The smiling lasted only a second as doubts colored Sam's mind as she saw the beginning signs of a frown appear.

"If I didn't know better, I would say you were giving off a shadow of insubordination. But I know better." he smiles, reassuring her that the easy banter is harmless.

"Of course not, Sir." Earlier sentiments repeated. It is moments like this why Sam would always cherish time in the Mountain. She wouldn't give this up for anything or anyone. At least not anyone else outside of her aforementioned fantasies.

Both head to the briefing room, noting that it's time to start the day and prepare to leave. They all meet the rest of the team, and discussions begin about expectations and strategy.

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