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Chapter 3

Being a creature of habit, most of all being innately the military man he is, Colonel O'Neill, woke up at his time to take over watch from Carter. Looking around, O'Neill frowned as usually she was the one prodding him to take his turn so she could crash. Peeking out of the slit in the tent, it was still dark outside as expected. Though no one had determined the length of night on this planet, but it was safe to assume that it was at least 6 hours in duration. Strapping his bootlaces up, O'Neill hoisted himself up, grabbed his gun and scooted out of the tent.

"Carter, time's up!"

He looked around when there was no reply. His senses heightened, he made quick work of the perimeter and saw no sign of her. She wouldn't have gone to the bathroom, she was supposed to wake one of the team members up before going alone or leaving the camp unguarded. And as long as SG-1 has been SG-1, that would be a rookie mistake.

"Carter! Where are you Carter!" O'Neill yelled out this time, restrained panic coloring his loud bark. Running back to the tents, he quickly shook Daniel and Teal'c awake.

"Jack, what's wrong?" Daniel reached for his glasses and started sitting up.

"Carter, she's missing. She wasn't standing watch when I went to take over." O'Neill's voice was rash and hurried. The fire was still going, despite Sam's absence.

"O'Neill, perhaps she is simply relieving herself?" Teal'c hoisted his gear higher on his back, having already broken down his tent.

"If she did, I swear I'm gonna wring her neck out, she knows better! Now come on, something isn't right." O'Neill surged forward, newfound energy filling his body. His hair felt like it was standing on end, he just knew something more nefarious was at play.

The team walked hurriedly checked the perimeter of the clearing in case she was ducking behind a tree. Finding nothing, they go the direction of the town, as that would have to be the only other probably place to find Sam. No words are spared as they all pick up the pace and all are filled with a strong sense of urgency. The town was three hours away from when they made camp, so while there was no way of telling when Sam was taken if that was the case, it gave them a good idea of the possibilities.

Two hours pass and they can see the town up ahead. Daniel calls out, bringing them all to a halt.

"Wait, we should think this through," Daniel pauses, trying to catch his breath as they were going at a breakneck pace. "We don't know these, people and if we go into their village guns blazing, they are going to feel threatened."

"Carter is missing, possibly kidnapped who knows, we are threatening Daniel!" Colonel O'Neill growled exasperated at the delay.

"I believe what Daniel is attempting to reason, O'Neill, is that these people may not have anything to do with Major Carter's disappearance. They may be able to assist us, and if we threaten them, they may not be willing to do so."

"Exactly!" Daniel confirms.

O'Neill takes a moment and along with it a deep breath. He knows they are right, yet his anxiety and instantaneous fight or flight mode has long since been kicked in.

"OK, Daniel, you go ahead and do your thing, with the introductions and all that. Then we'll go from there."

Everyone nods in agreement and they close the distance between them and the village. Guns still at the ready, they cautiously walk past the first few huts. Activity around the area is understandably minimal considering the suspected hour. Heading further in to the center, what looks to be a common meeting point or some kind of market place is found.

All the huts look similar with no signs of varying importance. It seems everyone is still sleeping. Which alludes to one thing. Carter is most likely not here. Daniel walks to a hut nearest him, and looks to O'Neill for approval.

"Only way to find out, be careful." O'Neill warns.

The door seems to be composed of a mixture of straw and tree bark. Logs are gathered which make up the walls, with bamboo like leaves creating a roof. Cautiously, Daniel knocks on the makeshift door a couple of times and steps away.

"Ok kids, let's see if this is a friend or foe."

Moments pass, an impatience rises. Finally an older man opens the door slightly, cautious himself about unknown visitors.

Daniel waves slowly, and puts both hands up in the air, letting his gun hang around his shoulders. The man seemingly is put at ease with this display, and steps out a little bit further. Taking caution to close the door to his hut.

"You?" the man uttered, slowly looking at each of SG-1 and their guns.

"Um...hi, we are friends from the Stargate." Daniel began to explain, relieved that the man seems to speak some semblance of English.


"Yes, the big circle." Daniel points to the general direction of the Stargate. The team must have some other term that they use for it. Though seeing how primitive this village appears to be, it's possible they have not used it. Or have known about what it can do.

The man's eyes get big, and he begins to kneel. Frail knees make him struggle with this behavior was common across people who had little to no contact with the Stargate aside from Goa'uld coming through. Often times, they equated a visit from someone as though they were gods. SG-1 always took care to correct this and try and show that they were not false gods. This time was no different, as Daniel carefully made to lift the man back to his feet.

"No, you don't have to do that. We are friends, not someone to bow to."

"I...see...so who?" the man asked, not quite believing Daniel.

"We go through the circle, looking for friends. Explorers. Now we had a 4th person with us, have you seen anyone?" Daniel points to each team member, attempting to signal the missing person.

Confusion once again colors the mans face, though he does make a concerted effort as though he is trying to recall earlier events. Alas, he shakes his head.

"No see, but I hear big space bird." the man gestures in the sky and spreads his arms out wide. Daniel turns to Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c after trying to piece together the man's meaning.

"He must mean he heard a ship go by."

"Shit!" O'Neill exclaims. The possibilities of where Carter could be, and the likelihood of finding her, just grew exponentially with her having been taken by some kind of ship. "Let's go Daniel, time to go home. Maybe another team can come make nice, but we gotta plan to set up."

Knowing that the chances of other members of the village knowing where Carter had gone were slim to none, Daniel thanked the man and bid farewell. The team began the long and tense trek back home, armed with determination, motivation, anger to whoever took Carter, and above all else, concern.