Chapter 3: The Beginning

Author's note: Thrawn in this fan fiction is alive until the end, despite this I'll be using Disney's canon… Because it'd be a waste to not have him here.

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Grand Admiral Thrawn was in Lothal, when a imperial officer suddenly bashed into his office. Thrawn asked the officer: "Captain Te'Kok, what is the issue?"

Te'kok replied: "Admiral Durril has just warped here… His fleet isn't with him and his ship is battle damaged, moderately. He requests to speak with you."

Thrawn nodded: "Allow Durril in."

The Chiss stood up from his chair after the officer left and said: "This will be interesting, another painting to make, more art to discover."

Admiral Durril went into Grand Admiral Thrawn's office, hoping to ask for help and a meeting with Emperor Palpatine.

He had never liked the Chiss, the Chess was more-so an enemy rather a friend. If it wasn't for the Chiss, he would've been a Grand Admiral now, commanding one of the Empire's feared dreadnoughts in battle, bathing in the riches. Instead he was here, destroyed by an enemy fleet with unknown origins. Humiliated, broken.

"Admiral Durril, what is it that you seek me for?"

"Grand Admiral Thrawn… You were the closest major stronghold the Empire had, so I decided to warp here after the Assault on Hoth had failed due to unknown circumstances."

"Admiral Durril, please elaborate on these circumstances."

The Admiral wasn't sure what to say, as he didn't want Thrawn to believe he was amassing a fleet to rebel against the Emperor, despite his ship's appearance. Thrawn was a tactical genius, he wouldn't be simply tricked by such nonsense.

"Sir… An unknown enemy fleet attacked us."

Thrawn replied: "An rebellion one, or raiders?"

Durril shook his head: "No, something from outside… Grand Admiral please believe me! The survival of the empire is at stake!"

Thrawn knew of this… Outside threat. It had to be… The Haydonites. Their technology was much more advanced than there's and this was what the Empire had been preparing for… Despite preparing for this, nothing has been successful against them. The only hope was the in-operational death star II.

"Rest assured admiral, all will be done within time. They will bow to the Imperial fleet, their numbers are not high."

Durril nervously nodded and exited the room. Thrown contacted the Emperor: "Your majesty Palpatine, they have arrived."

The emperor replied: "Yesss. They have indeedddd. It is timeeee forrrr meeee to keep the promiseeee I haveeeee promiseddd you for so long."

Thrawn nodded and the Emperor continued: "Haveeeee the 7th Grand Fleet intercept and attackkkk. Bring a hundred twenty star destroyerssssss."

Thrawn simply nodded, as the emperor's hologram left the room. He went into his rooms and started barking out orders: "Prepare the fleet, use the super star destroyer Execudor as our flag ship. Gather a hundred twenty ISDs, and be prepared.

Thrawn knew he couldn't win. His tactics relied on understanding, and lacking understanding on the enemy was the way to lose the battle. To perform his skills in "art", he must "understand" the enemy. So he wished to first send Durril back into battle, to view how they fought.

However with the executive order made by the emperor himself, Thrawn must now throw himself into battle without knowing the clearest specification of the enemy. He boarded his flag ship, the Super Star Destroyer Execudor.

"Princess Leia. Are you sure they can do it?"

"Yes Mon Motha, their ship's cannons are far superior to our own. Their fighters aren't only stronger and faster, but also pack more punch than our X-Wings."

The Rebel leaders were silent, unknowing if they should prepare an assault on the mid-core or core worlds. However, one rebel cell's leader spoke up. It was ghost squadron's leader, Hera Syndulla.

"I have worked with Kanan and Ezra, for too long. I believe… If they couldn't do this damage to a star destroyer's armor with their lightsabers, and our enemies can, then we definitely stand a chance."

Leia said: "Fellow rebels, allow me to introduce to Admiral Rick Hunter, the admiral of the forces that have been communicating with us for quite a while now."

Rick walked in and said: "Thank you for allowing me to talk to you all, as you all know my fleet is the one responsible for the destruction of those ships above Hoth. We originally didn't have any intention of fighting here, until they fired. I hope we can fight along-side you to free you from this horrible regime… In return for your assistance of you helping us finding our way back home. To the Milky way."

There was a long period of discussion among the rebel leaders… But it was soon decided for a formal alliance between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Robotech Expedtionary Fleet, to help each other towards their goals. It was mutually agreed by both sides that, the Empire had to be overthrown. That was the first step.

Mon Motha took charge of the questioning and asked Rick: "If you may, I would like to ask you what your world is like. Is it a empire like our galaxy here… Or is it simply a democratic republic?" Leia cried out: "Mon Motha… We can't-" Rick put his hand over her and shook his head. He replied: "Our world is one of chaos, full of wars. In all technicality our government structure is that of a democratic republic."

He recalled the United Earth Government before the rain of death, and the new government which was rebuilt before the Invid arrived. "Sadly, we have barely any civilians. Most of our civilians are on our homeworld, enslaved by a race named the Invid, and a handful which have retired from the military formed a democratic government on a planet named Tirol, which conducted all of our affairs, including war declarations.

Mon Motha looked at Rick, and saw his serious and sorrowful expression, especially after he said the words "Rain Of Death." She could tell he was a man of sorrow, full of sadistic tales to tell. A man with a mission left uncompleted. A man which had hope within to one day complete his goals… Despite this though, he wasn't like the Emperor. He wasn't manipulative, he was just. He told truth, and his emotions were ones that couldn't be faked.

Despite the bickering between the Rebel Leaders, Mon Motha finally said in a clear loud tone: "I welcome you to the rebel alliance, you are a man of a truly just heart. I can tell by your expression when you described what had happened in your world. We officially accept the alliance, and hope we can help each of our own causes and have peace and prosperity between both our Galaxies."

Rick replied: "Yes, I too hope so too." Mon Motha then turned towards the rebel leaders and said: "All splinter cells are to report to Hoth, we'll begin our advance onto the core systems from there."

The other rebel leaders saluted as the holograms each individually began to disappear. Elsewhere in the Galaxy… Rebel splinter cells began moving their fleets, preparing for a hyperspace jump towards… Hoth.


"Trained in the force, he is not. Too old, he is." A green furry creature was talking to what appeared to be a blue hologram… The Ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi.

"Master Yoda, he is the last Jedi."

"True that is, for that afraid I am. Vader's son he is, dark side is strong with him, like the force it is."

The two suddenly sensed the disturbance in the force, following the Robotech fleet's arrival.

"Master Yoda…"

"Sensed it I have, dangerous is this. Deal with this, I must. Too inexperienced he is, for this… Is danger dark side can never hope to compare."

"Master Yoda, he is still the chosen one. He will solve all."

"Know that we not. But agree with you, I must."

Obi-Wan nods, and begins to notify Luke.

Hours after the attack.

The X-Wing traveled towards the planet, immediately facing towards Dagobah after exiting light speed. Going towards the swamp world, it slowly began it's descent.

Alright, this is it. I need to find… Master Yoda.

Luke begins to land his X-Wing on a swamp, and after a successful landing he opens his cockpit and gets out with a blaster in his left hand.

He takes out his rations begins to feast, as he eats the rebel rations, a green creature comes out. The creature steals the rations.

"Hey! That's the only food I got!"

The creature continues running, as Luke points his blaster at the creature above the crate: "Give it back you."

The creature looked back. fumbling down from the crate and said: "No no no hurt!"

He growled, the creature looked pretty hungry. Once he found Master Yoda, he'd probably have more food. "Alright you can have it, R2 let's go find Master Yoda."

R2 beeped, as the creature looked up to him and asked: "You mean the Jedi Master Yoda?"

Luke slowly looks towards the green creature and said: "Yes, the Jedi master Yoda, I'm here to train under him, ben told me he could teach me the ways of the Jedi."

The creature laughs, as it replies: "I and Yoda, good friends we are."

Luke naively asked him, without knowing the creature's true identity: "So can you take me to Yoda? Please? You can have the rations!"

The creature nods and said: "Yes, but first, eat we must. Rush do I not want."

Yoda takes the rations and leads Luke towards his home on Dagobah, it was a hut in the middle of the swamp. How he made it, how long has it been there, Luke doesn't know, nor is he concerned why the green furry was here.

Yoda ate Luke's rations, as he gave Luke his own food, fresh made local Dagobah cuisine. Luke spat it out: "Ugh!" Tastes pretty bad. Wait why am I even eating?

Luke begins to get impatient and asks the green creature: "Where is Master Yoda?"

The creature ignores him and instead talks to a ghost: "Impatient he is, like his father he is, too old for training, he is."

"He is our last hope."

"Unless I go myself, he is not."

"Master Yoda… Your life span."

"Understand that, do I. Action, I will take."

The ghost fades, as Luke exclaimed: "You're Master Yoda?!"

Yoda replied: "Yoda I am, but Master no longer I am."

"Them… Then it's really you…"

Yoda cuts off Luke: "Take me to the rebellion, you must."

Luke bows in respect and replies: "Alright, Master Yoda."

He bought Yoda towards his X-Wing, and placed him on his lap. "Master Yoda is this alright?"

The Jedi Master nodded and said: "Hurry you must, life itself is in stake."

The X-Wing lifts off, with it's repulser lifts lifting the entire craft up, then slowly but surely it's engines began to heat up and the X-Wing zipped off into Hyperspace, exiting Dagobah.


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