After three years of dedication and training, Naruto Uzumaki had finally returned to Konoha.

He can become stronger, faster and smarter than before, but one of the most biggest changes was his relationship with the Nine tailed Fox, who still remained sealed within Naruto's body, only now he wasn't resentful towards the blond, but actually respected him, to which both Tailed Beast and Jinchuuriki quickly became friends, with Naruto even learning the name of the Bijuu, Kurama, while Kurama willingly shared some of its Chakra with Naruto, giving him more power and energy.

But wanting to get a better view of his home after so long, the whisker-marked blond quickly shot up a nearby pole and surveyed the village around and below him.

"Man, the village hasn't changed one bit." Naruto said out loud with a smile as he looked around, feeling nostalgic to see his old home once again.

{Look again, Kit.} Naruto heard Kurama say through their mental link, causing him to look towards the Hokage's mountain, before smiling at seeing Tsunade's face right next to the Fourth's.

"Glad to see she's finally up there." Naruto commented with a smile, before his mind began to wander as he thought about his friends, wondering how much they had changed in the time since he had left, before focusing on one person in particular, a certain pink haired girl.

"Naruto!?" Called a voice below him, causing Naruto to look down with a smile to see his lone female teammate, Sakura Haruno, smiling happily at him as she waved, while he thought. 'Speaking of whom.'

Jumping down from the pole, Naruto landed right in front of Sakura, before taking a moment to quickly examine her appearance after so long.

Looking at Sakura, while Naruto could see many things that had remained the same with the Kunoichi, including her pink hair remaining short, her headband tied as a hairband and her still wearing red, the Uzumaki could also see Sakura had changed into a fine looking woman, her body being more shapely than he remembered, her skin had a little more tan to it as he looked over her smooth arms and legs, and just looking at her, Naruto could tell she too had been working hard to get stronger.

Likewise, thanks to his keen eye, Naruto could tell that she had wrappings on her chest underneath her outfit, holding in what he suspected were a pair of large C-cups that made him smirk internally, making him want to try out the new technique he had gained from his bond with Kurama.

{Patience, Kit, let's wait until we can get her alone.} Kurama said, smirking as he knew exactly what Naruto had in mind, wanting to use his new abilities on the pink haired girl from the moment he learned it, while the Fox himself was looking forward to the results as well.

Not noticing Naruto's eyes wandering around her body, Sakura took a moment to examine the blonde herself, happy to see her friend after so long, while wondering how much he had changed himself.

Seeing Naruto after three years, Sakura could still see the same determined boy within him, due to his same hairstyle, his blue eyes and his whisker marks, but looking past that, Sakura saw just how much Naruto had changed.

The first thing she noticed was Naruto's height.

Remembering back when they were still Genin, Naruto being the shortest of Team 7, he was now taller than her, obviously having a growth spurt or two.

Another thing Sakura noticed was how Naruto had changed physically.

Looking at him, Sakura, after looking at his change of clothing, his jacket now consisting of an orange and black ensemble, orange pants and a black headband, she had to admit to herself that Naruto had become quite handsome, before noticing his arm muscles, causing her to blush a little, finding the blonde had become quite attractive, which lead to her having certain thoughts about him.

Quickly shaking her head of those thoughts though, Sakura then, mostly out of curiosity, struck a pose as she asked Naruto with a smile. "So Naruto, do I look more womanly now?"

{Kit, remember what I told you!} Kurama quickly yelled out, not wanting Naruto to mess this up for either of them.

Mentally rolling his eyes at his partner's words, Naruto looked at Sakura and gave her his trademark smile as he told her. "You've grown even more beautiful than I remember, Sakura."

This response caused Sakura to blush even more, while she began to stutter slightly, reminding the blonde of Hinata, as she replied. "Th... thank you."

The moment between the two of them was then interrupted, first by Konohamaru, who wanted to show Naruto his new Sexy Jutsu, only to be shocked when Naruto told him he wasn't into such childish tricks anymore, a statement that caused Sakura blush to deepen as she smiled brightly, not even noticing as Naruto leaned closer to the young Genin and whispered into his ear. "I'll show you a better one later."

Giving the blonde a nod of approval, Konohamaru welcomed him back before his team headed off, while Naruto secretly noticed the blush on Moegi's face as they left.

Naruto then turned to Sakura, who smiled at him as they were about to begin another conversation, before Jiraiya appeared between them and said. "Alright you lovebirds, you can flirt later, let's go see the Hokage."

The Sannin's statement caused Sakura to blush even brighter, while Naruto merely grumbled silently at the old pervert for ruining the moment as the two former members of Team Seven followed him to the Hokage's tower.

-Later that Evening-

The rest of the day was eventful in Naruto's eyes.

He happily met with Tsunade, as well as had a run in with Shikamaru, who was escorting Temari from the Sand Village around, both eagerly happy to see the blonde again as they had a quick chat, no one noticing the quick glances he sent Temari's way.

After that, the Jinchuuriki and his pink haired teammate were reunited with their sensei, Kakashi, and worked together against him in a renewed bell test, where Naruto not only showed everyone how much he had improved, it allowed him to see Sakura's own changes, where his eyes bulged out at seeing her new, monstrous strength, causing him to think to Kurama. {This technique of yours' better work or we're both dead.}

{It'll work, I promise.} Kurama replied with a little nervousness in his voice, causing Naruto to think that he was saying it to reassure himself more than Naruto himself.

But after a long and argus battle, Naruto and Sakura managed to get the bells.

"That was great work, both of you." Tsunade said as she, Shizune, and Jiraiya emerged from the treelines.

The blonde Hokage then proceeded to congratulate them as well as announce the reformation of Team 7, before looking at Naruto and saying. "Naruto, since you just got back to the village, I'm going to give you about a week off to get yourself readjusted, if you don't mind."

"Sounds good to me." Naruto said with a smile as he though. 'That also give me some time to have some fun.'

Tsunade smiled at his response, though slightly surprised, having expected him to want to get back into the action as quickly as possible, before turning to her young, pink haired apprentice and adding. "As for you Sakura, with all the hard work you've put in, I'm giving you the week off as well."

"Thank you, Lady Tsunade." Sakura replied happily with a bow, while thinking of all the things she could do with her time off.

'Maybe I'll get together with Ino later...' Sakura thought to herself as Tsunade dismissed all of them, where everyone left until both she and Naruto were alone in the clearing, causing her to look and smile at the blond as she then thought. 'For now though, I want to spend some time with him.'

"So, want to grab something to eat?" Naruto asked her with a smile, while Kurama was whispering in his ear, reminding him of what do for the technique to work.

Sakura gained a smirk on her own as she began to walk, saying. "Fine with me, but you're paying."

"I'm good with that." Naruto replied as he began to walk himself, while the pink haired girl stopped in her tracks, shocked that Naruto actually agreed to that, while blushing as she began to think what a date with the blond would really be like before quickly catching up to him.


The two Shinobi spent much of the evening together, having dinner as they talked about Naruto's trip, while Sakura told him all that had changed while he was away.

Eventually, the pair arrived at Naruto's apartment, where Sakura smiled as she said. "I'm impressed with how much you changed, Naruto. I had a really good time with you."

Naruto, meanwhile, smirked at finding his opening, before he smiled at her and said. "So did I, I'm just a little said that I didn't get the chance to show off another new Jutsu I learned while I was away."

Her curiosity peaked, Sakura asked. "What Jutsu is that?"

{This is going to be fun.} Kurama though with a smirk as Naruto turned towards Sakura, closing his eyes and forming hand seals as he focused some of Kurama's Chakra into his eyes.

"Fox's Eyes Jutsu." Naruto then said as he opened his eyes, showing Sakura they they were glowing a light red.

As she kept looking in his eyes, Sakura found that she could not look away, and the more she looked, the more relaxed and calm she felt, like all the stress was leaving her body.

The pink haired medic also found her mind clearing of all thoughts, leaving her without a care in the world, save for one thing, a strong, unbridled desire to serve and obey Naruto Uzumaki.

It felt so right to her, like it was the only thing that truly matter to her, and Sakura felt the more she obeyed him, the more happy she would be.

For Sakura, this revelation felt like it was a long time of discovering her true purpose in life, but in reality it was a mere second as her eyes glazed over and a blank smile grazed her face, her arms limp at her side.

{She's all yours, Kit. Enjoy her.} Kurama said with a smile, one Naruto mirrored.

"Sakura, can you hear me?" Naruto asked as he placed his hand on her shoulder, smirking as she lightly nodded her head.

"Yes... I hear you..." Sakura replied in a distant voice, causing Naruto to smirk as he continued.

"Sakura, listen to me. You want to obey me, nothing else matters to you but doing what I say." Naruto instructed.

"I want to obey... nothing else matters..." Sakura parroted, while Naruto went on.

"You are my slave, Sakura." Naruto then said.

"I am your slave..." She replied distantly.

"I am your Master." He then said.

"You are my Master..." Sakura said in reply, continuing to smile blankly at Naruto as the mental commands were being set in her head.

"I am the most handsome, sexiest man you have ever seen, no other man interest you but me. You long to please me with your body, and use your mind to serve me as I see fit. You will think of various ways to please me, and you will not be jealous of any other girls I enslave as well. Instead, you will find yourself just as attracted to them as I am." Naruto then commanded, smirking as Sakura nodded her head, while blushing a little, absorbing what he just said to her.

"Yes Master... sexiest man I've ever seen... no other men interest me... I long to please you... I am attracted to other women as you are..." Sakura replied, which kept Naruto smiling, before he continued, cupping her cheek as he moved closer to her face and instructed. "When we are alone or with other slaves, you will act as my loving sex slave, but around everyone else, you will act normal, except for the fact that you are now my loving and caring girlfriend."

"Yes, Master... I will obey... I will be your sex slave... your girlfriend..." Sakura replied, causing Naruto to smirk before he snapped his fingers, dispelling the effects of the Jutsu, where Sakura then blinked her eyes, looking confused for a second as she looked around, wondering what had happened, before her eyes landed on her Master, causing her body to heat up, her nipples to harden, and her pussy to get very wet as she saw her reason for living standing in front of her, his hand caressing her cheek.

"Hello, my Master." Sakura said with a smile and submissiveness in her voice, resting her head against her Master's hand as she then asked. "How can your loving sex slave serve you?"

"I can think of so many ways." Naruto replied, before bringing her head closer as he moved his hand from her cheek, to the back of her neck and captured her lips with his in a passionate kiss, one the brainwashed Kunoichi gladly returned, wrapping her arms around his neck as she moaned into the kiss, feeling nothing but bliss at her Master's lips on hers'.

Parting from the kiss, Naruto looked at Sakura with a sly smile.

"Come with me." He said, taking her right hand and escorted her into his apartment, making the pink haired Kunoichi smile, looking forward to whatever her Master had planned for her.

After getting Sakura inside, Naruto let go of her hand, where she watched on longingly as the Jinchuuriki took a seat on his couch, getting comfortable as he took off his jacket, revealing he was wearing a black shirt underneath, allowing Sakura to get a better look at her Master's muscular body, making her lick her lips in obvious desire.

But being a good slave, Sakura remained in place, waiting for her Master to say when they could indulge in pleasure.

"Now, my sexy pet, strip for me, put on a show for me." Naruto said with a commanding voice, one Sakura found irresistible as she moaned lightly.

"As you desire, my Master." Sakura replied with a seductive purr, smiling flirtatiously at the blond before she closed her eyes and began to sway her hips to music only she could hear.

Still swaying her hips, Sakura brought her hand up to the front of her red top and pulled the zipper down, revealing her tone stomach and, just as Naruto has predicted, white wrappings around her breasts, before the pink haired girl pulled the top off, letting it fall to the floor.

Sakura then quickly removed her gloves and boots, before pulling her pink skirt off, revealing the skin tight black shorts she wore underneath, allowing her Master to see her tone legs.

The brainwashed Kunoichi then turned around and bent over, allowing Naruto to see her tight ass as she pulled the biker shorts off, revealing the pink panties she wore underneath, before discarding the article of clothing with the others, allowing Naruto to see Sakura's shaven pussy, causing him to blush at first, before he smiled.

"You have a very beautiful body, my sexy slave. Believe it!" Naruto commented, which made Sakura smile at his words, the heat in her body rising.

"Thank you, my Master. I am glad my body is to your liking." Sakura replied, spreading out her pussy lips with her left fingers as she added. "I hope you enjoy it."

She then stood back up and faced her Master, reaching behind her and unwrapping the white wraps around her chest, letting them fall to the ground, revealing her two perfectly rounded, large C-cupped breasts in all their glory, her nipples hard as she brought her hands up to play with them, thinking how good it would be when her Master would finally touch them.

Loving the sight in front of him, seeing the girl he had a crush on forever now standing naked before him, Naruto got up and walked towards her, causing Sakura to bring her hands down and stand at attention, before the blond used his hands to examine her body.

"Very nice, my pet. Very sexy." Naruto said as he placed his hands on her breasts, gently massaging them, making Sakura moan and sigh with pleasure.

But she obediently remained in place, allowing Naruto to continue to run his hands on her, before he moved them down her body, caressing her tone stomach, before he gently inserted a finger into her wet folds, making the pink haired Kunoichi moan even louder.

"That feels nice, I'm definitely going to enjoy you, Sakura, believe it." Naruto said, loving how tight Sakura felt around his finger, making him look forward to the fun he was going to have with his slave, while his other hand moved down her back, caressing her ass cheeks for a bit, causing Sakura to moan a little at the wonderful feeling of her Master's touch.

"Th... Thank you... Master... my body is yours'... Do with me as... as you desire... please... please let me serve you... Master..." Sakura moaned, her hips starting to move as she began to fuck herself on her Master's finger.

Smirking at Sakura's reply, Naruto then removed his finger, much to her disappointment as she began to whimper lightly, before she regained her smile as Naruto stepped back and instructed. "Pleasure yourself for me."

"Yes Master." Sakura replied with a lustful tone, closing her eyes and moaning as she brought her right hand up and massaged her breast, pinching her own nipple every now and then, while her left hand trailed down her stomach, her index finger caressing her increasingly wet folds before inserting it in, slowly pumping it in and out.

"Master... oh Master..." Sakura moaned as she played with herself, her eyes opening half way as she smiled seductively at the blond, blowing kisses every now and then as she made herself look as sexy as possible.

Naruto licked his lips excitedly, the site of his pink haired crush pleasuring herself, her lightly tanned skin glistening from her sweat, was having the intended effect on him, and he wanted her.

"Alright, you can stop now Sakura." Naruto then said, causing Sakura to stop as she let her hands fall to her side as she panted heavily, her eyes filled with lust and longing as she looked at her blond haired Master, hoping that she would soon be given the chance to please him physically.

And soon enough she got her answer as she swoon with joy when Naruto removed his shirt, allowing the brainwashed Kunoichi to see his muscular chest and perfect tanned skin.

Licking her lips, Sakura moved closer to her Master, placing her hand on his chest and moaning lightly as she felt his muscles against her skin, before leaning forward, pressing her lips against his chest as she lightly kissed and licked it, doing her best to memorize each and every muscle.

"Sakura..." Naruto groaned as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer, causing Sakura to moan as she felt her naked body press closer to his, while not noticing her Master leading them into the bedroom.

Once inside, Naruto put his hand on Sakura's chin and tilted her head up, smiling down at her as he commanded. "Go lie on your back, make yourself ready, my sexy pet."

"As you will, my Master." Sakura replied, walked towards the bed with a sway in her hips, before lying down on the bed and spreading her legs, where she then used her left hand to spread her wet folds as she began to beg. "Please Master, take me, ravish my body, take my virgin pussy and make me your personal sexy toy!"

Naruto merely smirked at her words before he removed his pants and boxers, causing Sakura's eyes to widen with lust and excitement at seeing her Master's large member, for as a medic she had seen many cock before during her medical studies, but none were as large as the blond Jinchuuriki's.

"Oh, Master, you are so big." Sakura commented, continuing to stare at the blond with a seductive smile and a longing in her eyes, feeling her body getting that more aroused at seeing Naruto naked.

And it only increased as Naruto joined Sakura, climbing on his bed and on top of her, where he claimed Sakura's lips in a deep, passionate kiss, one that made the pink haired Kunoichi moan in her Master's mouth and return the actions, before the Jinchuuriki moved his hips down, his manhood slowly sliding into Sakura's waiting pussy, making Sakura break from the kiss and moan.

"Yes, Master, Yes...!" Sakura moaned loudly, feeling absolute bliss at having Naruto inside of her, encouraging him to continue as she wrapped her arms and legs around him, pulling the blond closer to her.

"Sakura, you are so tight...!" Naruto groaned, feeling Sakura's folds clamping around his member tightly.

As he continued to push further into her, Naruto found it strange that he did not hit her hymen yet, before remembering Kurama telling him that all Kunoichi lose them during their seduction classes, making the Jinchuuriki smile, knowing he wouldn't hurt Sakura and didn't have to hold back, causing him to start to move his hips back and forth, his member moving in and out of the pink haired Kunoichi, which made her moan louder and louder.

"Master... Master..." Sakura moaned repeatedly, unable to form words as her body was overloaded with pleasure, releasing sighs of pleasure when she felt her Master kiss around her neck, causing her to raise her head and allow him more access while she moved her hips in sync with his.

Her mind a haze, all Sakura could think of was the pleasure she was receiving from her Master and how she could continue to show her love, loyalty and obedience toward him.

After what seemed like an eternity to the pink haired medic, she began to pant and moan loudly as she tried to say. "Master... Master, I'm... I'm...!"

But before she could finish, Sakura let out a loud cry of pleasure as her orgasm hit her, her folds clamping tighter around Naruto's cock as she came, causing him to groan a bit.

However, thanks in no small part to Kurama, Naruto was nowhere near spent, and continued to thrust his cock in and out of Sakura, causing her to moan and beg for her Master.

"Master... you are so good... I feel amazing... Please don't stop... don't stop...!" Sakura let out, continuing to hold Naruto close to her as she felt him continue to make love to her, wanting this feeling to last forever.

As he continued to fuck his pink haired pet, loving how she moaned his name and begged him to keep going, Naruto decided to test how obedient and loyal she was to him now.

"If I asked you to give me a blowjob in the middle of the Village, would you...?" He asked with a groan as he continued to fuck her.

"Yes... Yes...! It'd be so hot to let... let everyone know I'm yours'...!" Sakura moaned out as images played in her mind of actually doing as he suggested.

"If I asked you to fuck Kiba, would you obey?" Naruto then asked with a smirk.

"I would give him the time of his life, but I... I would be thinking of you the whole time..." Sakura moaned, before commenting. "No man can satisfy me like you have..."

Smirking at her reply, Naruto then asked one final question that was on his mind. "And if I asked you to forget Sasuke...?"

"Then I'll never think of him again..! He means nothing to me... You... you are all that matters to me now, my Master...!" Sakura all but screamed out, her eyes glazed over in a haze of lust and pleasure.

Satisfied with her answers, Naruto continued to make love to his pink haired slave, with Sakura getting lost in a sea of pleasure and bliss.

Eventually, Naruto felt his release approaching as he groaned out. "Cum... Cum with me, my pet... my slave...!"

"Yes... Yes, Master...!" Sakura moaned in reply as she obeyed as her second orgasm hit her hard, causing her to arch her back as her folds once again clamped around her Master's shaft, causing Naruto to groan out as he came inside of her.

Taking a moment to catch his breath, Naruto pulled his cock out of Sakura, who let out a deep moan as she basked in the afterglow of their sex.

The blond Jinchuuriki took the moment to take in the sight of his sexy slave, her skin shining from the combination of their sex and her sweat, making Naruto want her even more, thinking of all the ways he wanted to pleasure her.

It was then that he got an idea as he gained a devilish smirk and said. "Sakura, stand up and use the Clone Technique. Make two more Sakuras as sexy as you."

"Yes, my Master." The pink haired slave replied happily as she rose from the bed and moved in front of her Master before concentrating as she brought her hands close to her body, using the Jutsu to cause two puffs of smoke to appear on either side of her, before revealing two equally naked clones of Sakura who smiled longingly at the blond.

Naruto licked his lips at the sight in front of him as his eyes roamed at the trio in front of him, each getting more and more aroused as their Master examined them.

The blond then went to a scroll he had on his nightstand and opened it, forming hand signs that caused a puff of smoke, leaving a long rope in its place.

"You two." Naruto began to say as he handed the rope to the Clone on Sakura's right. "Tie her up so that she's hanging by her wrists."

"As you command, Master." The Clones said in unison, with the original Sakura holding her arms up in the air, allowing her clones to do their task as they tied the rope around her wrists.

Soon, the original Sakura was hanging by her wrists, her toes barely touching the ground, while her Clones caressed her body as the three waited to see what their Master had in mind next.

Naruto then surprised them when he performed hand signs himself, causing a large puff of smoke, before revealing four Shadow Clones of himself, a sight that merely increased Sakura and her Clones' arousal.

"You're with me." One of the Naruto Shadow Clones said as he took the Clone on Sakura's left by the hand and lead her off to the side, while two others took her other Clone towards the bed, leaving the pink haired girl with the original Naruto and the last remaining clone.

Naruto then approached Sakura, placing his hands on her hips, causing Sakura to quickly wrap her legs around his waist, moaning lightly as she not only felt the tip of his cock once again near her pussy, but also felt his hands move down and grip her ass cheeks.

"Ready for some more fun, my hot, sexy pet?" Naruto asked with a mischievous smirk.

"Always." Sakura replied, smiling at her Master, before saying. "Please, let us make love again. I want the pleasure only you can give me once again."

"You don't have to tell us twice." Sakura heard her Master's voice behind her say, causing her to look over her shoulders as she saw the Shadow Clone right behind her, placing his hands on her hips, while positioning his cock near her tight passage.

Before Sakura could say anything else, the original Naruto then thrust his cock into her, causing her to cry out in pleasure as she began to move back and forth on it, before feeling the Shadow Clone's cock enter her from behind, adding to her pleasure as she threw her head back and began to scream in pleasure and ecstasy.

"Oh, Master... Master, it's so good... You are amazing...!" Sakura let out as the two Narutos continued to ravish her, leaving her mindlessly moaning, feeling nothing but pleasure and not caring about anything else.

"Man, she just as tight here..." The Shadow Clone groaned out, loving the feel of Sakura's tight passage.

Meanwhile, off to the side, the first Sakura Clone sank to her knees before the lone Shadow Clone she was with, before reaching up with her right hand and gently began to stroke his erection, causing the Shadow Clone to groan approvingly.

"That's it Sakura... that feels very good..." He groaned, just before the Sakura Clone began to use her tongue to lick around his member, her hand still stroking it, before she engulfed it in her mouth, moving her hand aside and bobbing her head back and forth on the Shadow Clone's cock.

Meanwhile, her left hand snaked down her body, before she inserted her index and middle fingers into her wet folds, pumping them in and out in sync with her head as she pleasured her Master.

Finally, over on the bed, the last Sakura Clone was lying against one of the other Naruto Clone's chest, her arms and legs bound to the bed posts by Chakra Chains, another technique Naruto learnt, courtesy of Kurama, as the Shadow Clone reached around and played with her breasts, which made the Sakura Clone moan in pure pleasure, loving the feel of being bound and pleasured by a copy of her Master.

Meanwhile, the last Naruto Shadow Clone was between the Sakura Clone's legs, focusing on pleasuring her as he began licking her pussy at a slow and steady pace, adding to her pleasure.

"Master... oh, Master... so good... so perfect...!" The Sakura Clone moaned out, her eyes nearly rolling in the back of her head as she gave into the pleasure, enjoying the feel of the Shadow Clone lashing at her pussy.

The erotic display continued for several hours, with Sakura and her Clones all moaning, all feeling nothing but absolute pleasure at serving their one and only Master.

Though after a while, the Naruto Shadow Clone that was receiving the blowjob let out a loud groan as he came, releasing his load into the Sakura Clone's mouth, who happily swallowed all the cum that filled her mouth, glad she had satisfied the Shadow Clone as she took her mouth off of his member and licked her lips clean, before moaning herself as she reached her own orgasm, causing both her and the Shadow Clone she was serving to disappear in a puff of smoke.

Next was the Sakura Clone chained to the bed, who let out a loud cry of pleasure as she came all over the Shadow Clone's face, causing her and the two Clones pleasing her to also disappear in puffs of smoke.

With her Clones gone, Sakura instantly received their sexual memories, causing her to cry out in pleasure from the pleasure they felt as she climaxed, her folds clamping hard around Naruto's cock, causing him to groan out as he came inside of her, while the last Shadow Clone did the same, groaning out as he came inside Sakura's ass, before also dissipating in a cloud of smoke.

Both Master and slave took the moment to relax, their chests heaving from the pleasure both had received and experienced, before Naruto untied Sakura and brought her to the bed.

Getting on her hands and knees, Sakura looked up at her blond Master with a look of lust and longing as she smiled seductively at him, where Naruto smirked and asked. "Are you ready for round two, my hot, sexy slave?"

"Yesss!" Sakura replied with a shutter of arousal as her mind finally registered how her Master's excessive stamina would come into play.

For the rest of the night, and early on to the next morning, the blond Jinchuuriki filled Sakura with great amounts of pleasure as he made seemingly endless hours of love to her.

And for Sakura, it was the best experience of her life, and she would do anything to experience it again, as well as please her Master to his heart's content.

As for Naruto, it was a dream come true, as well as a homecoming he would never forget.