Hello! My name is Rebecca aka Mustard Lady and this is my very first FLASH fanfic! I don't own FLASH or the original characters. Until a few months ago, I'd never heard of the show, but then my sister kept begging me to watch it with her and now it is one of my top favorites! The season finales always make me cry. This show is awesome, created and produced by very talented people!

I'm nervous as this is my first story for this community, but I sure hope it will get better. I love most of the leading characters in the show Barry, Iris, Joe, Harry, Caitlin, Henry Allen...but Cisco? Cisco is my number one favorite! This is the first show where a supporting character got me more than the hero-don't get me wrong. I love Barry and think he's wonderful!-! There are so many things I like about him and I believe most of my CW fics will be centered on him.

As to my readers for my other community fics: I have not forgotten my stories! I'm still mentally working gradually on each of them!

This story takes place during Season 2, when the team was still getting to know Harry, Harrison Wells from Earth-2.

"You guys doing okay?" Iris asked with her infamous dazzling smile as she stepped toward the table.

"We're fine." Barry threw her back his winning smile.

"I'm good. Thanks." Caitlin said.

"Good. So...what's new at STAR Labs, today?" Iris asked curiously, joining them at the four-seater table inside CCJITTERS. She sat down next to Caitlin and clasped her mug of coffee.

"Nothing." Barry and Caitlin said at the same time, knowing Cisco would pick up the rest of his previously interrupted disputing.

"I'm telling you guys, he's driving me nuts!" Cisco exclaimed in annoyance, rubbing his temples to illustrate a terrible headache. His friends snickered at him. "He's a jerk and a big, literally out-of-this-world know-it-all. Now, not only is he using my workroom for whatever bigger, better ideas he can counter me with, but he is destroying company supplies when he has a fit!"

"Destroying?" Iris creased her eyebrow. "That's a bit strong, isn't it?"

"Hey, it's our facility, not his! And in my book, knocking essential items in pandemonium so that they shatter and break, just because you're having a bad day, falls under the heading of destroying company property." Cisco grumbled.

"Oh." Iris nodded. "And just which STAR Labs regulations book does that come under? Hmm?" She asked cockily.

"The one I keep formed, stored, and written down inside my brain." Cisco huffed. Caitlin and Barry laughed. "What? Come on! Are you telling me this new, egotistically rude Dr. Wells from Earth-2 isn't driving you crazy?!"

"I...didn't say that." Barry shrugged casually. Cisco still frowned, shaking his head.

"Ohh. How did I end up with this secret society of pacifists?" He groaned in exaggeration, leaning back in his chair.

The bell on the front entrance doors chimed as a new customer rushed inside, panting anxiously. It was a young lady. Iris excused herself from the table and stepped over to her. "Excuse me? Are you all right? Is there something I can do for you?" Iris asked kindly. It was at that moment, that Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco turned to see the newcomer.

She was of medium build with sandy brown long, wavy hair pulled back in dark blue barrettes. She looked to be in her early to mid-twenties. She wore a mint green sweater over a short turquoise floral printed dress, with tan clogs, and was holding a black book bag.

"Who is that?" Cisco asked no one in particular.

"I hope so!" She replied frantically to Iris. "I...I'm in a big hurry, and seem a bit lost."

"Damsel in distress...just our specialty." Cisco remarked under his breath. Caitlin rolled her eyes while Barry's brows rose.

"What is it you're looking for?" Iris asked calmly.

"Do you know where the Feldman Publishing House is?" The girl asked.

"Yes." Iris nodded.

"Could you possibly be able to give me directions?" The girl begged. "I don't know my way around here and I can't miss this appointment!"

"Yes, I can. But it will take a minute. And if that's where you're heading, than a hurry is out of the question I'm afraid." Iris frowned.

"I don't have much time! And I can't be late!" The girl panicked. Barry quickly sprang over to her.

"Hey, if you need a lift, I can get you there in a jiffy." He offered.

"You can?" The girl's bluish-green eyes lit up.

"No need for that, Barry." Cisco said rather loudly, brushing his friend aside. "I'd be happy to show you the way, Miss..."

"Barfield. Sheila Barfield." The girl introduced herself.

"I'd be more than happy to take you there myself." Cisco smiled widely.

"Cisco!" Barry whispered. "You don't have super speed."

"Would you let me handle this?" Cisco whispered back through gritted teeth.

"Look, I can get her there faster than you ever could."

"I have to go!" Sheila interrupted them. Barry didn't wait for an answer. He grabbed her by the arms and whisked her to the said publishing house downtown before she could even blink an eye. "Wha...w...wow! I mean...whoa!" She gasped, laughing. "Well, that was exciting. Thank you!"

"No problem." Barry smiled.

"So...you're...you're the Flash?"

"Well..." Barry shrugged.

"Oh my gosh! I was just assisted by the Flash!" Sheila covered her mouth, dumbfounded. "That was just...amazing."

"Happy to help. Well, this is where you needed to be." Barry said.

"Oh, dear. My car is still at CCJITTERS!" Sheila gasped.

"Well, I'll escort you back as soon as you're through." Barry said.

"I would appreciate it. Thank you so much." Sheila smiled, shaking his hand. "What is your name?"

"Barry Allen."

"Thank you for the lift." She laughed at the pun. "Well, I'd better get inside. Really good to meet you!" She waved and briskly tromped up the long, concrete stairs leading inside the large company. Barry grinned and whooshed back to the coffee shop.

"All taken care of?" Iris cocked her head.

"Aww, yeah." Barry said. "So, uh...what were we talking about?"

"You just killed my award-winning Good Samaritan deed of the year." Cisco muttered, with his arms crossed.

"What?" Barry chuckled.

"He means your convenient act of chivalry." Caitlin said.

"Oh. Hey, look, man. If she hadn't been in such a hurry..."

"Yeah, sure." Cisco rolled his eyes. "Wait a minute. I still have time! I can make it!" He jumped from his chair and excitedly jangled his car keys. "See you guys back at the lab. And, thanks for the coffee! See ya." He backed out the front doors.

"What was that about?" Barry asked.

"And we should get back." Caitlin smiled, picking up her purse. "Thanks for the coffee." She told Iris.

"Uh, yeah. She's right. We should probably get back." Barry sighed.

"Okay then." Iris smiled widely. "Oh, say. Will you be home for dinner tonight?"

"Uh, yeah. I mean, sure."

"Good. Pizza night!" Iris eyed him knowingly.

"You got it." Barry nodded.

Cisco pulled up in front of the Feldman Publishing House, and emerged from his car. He skipped up the steps and leaned back against one of the stair railings with his arms crossed, looking very much like a high school teenager waiting for his pal or girlfriend to come out of class. He watched various people, young, old, and middle-aged pass by the large building on their own business, going about their own lives. He couldn't help wondering if any of them were meta-humans. He wondered how many of these people realized how suddenly their lives could change should another of the particle accelerator explosion's production suddenly go wacko and endanger the public.

Caitlin and Barry walked into the STAR Labs cortex. "Seems pretty quiet." Barry mentioned.

"He must be down in the workroom again." Caitlin smiled, as she removed her jacket and took her seat at the computers. She was referring to the newest member of their team, Dr. Harrison Wells from Earth-2. Not only was the doppelganger the newest member of their team, he was also the most boorish, stubborn, arrogant, unapproachable team player! He'd only been at STAR Labs for a month and a half, and was still the big question mark everybody seemed unable to eject answers from. When Harry didn't want to talk, he was tight-lipped, with an unquestionable air of inflexible stiffness.

"I cannot begin to tell you what a weight has been lifted from my mind since we don't have lie to Iris anymore about me being the Flash!" Barry sighed heavily, with his hands behind his head. "It's been an incredible relief."

"You know, I'm honestly surprised she didn't find out sooner! I mean, she's not stupid. She's very bright."

"Yes, she is." Barry said fondly, getting that dreamy-eyed look again. "Oh! By the way, that girl at the coffee shop? Sheila? Her car is still at JITTERS. I told her I'd bring her back to get it."

Caitlin was about to reply when the computer emergency alarm went off, alerting them to a dangerous disturbance downtown. "What have you got?" Barry asked as he sped over to her side, looking above her shoulder.

"Public disturbance downtown." Caitlin said, her eyes focused on the screen.


"The radar signals aren't giving off meta-human data. No. Armed man with a deadly weapon in a middle of a public setting. No way!"


"He's at the Feldman Publishing House!"

"And Cisco's there too! I'm on my way." Barry said firmly before she zoomed out in a streak of lightning.

It had been nearly forty minutes since Cisco arrived, and he was hoping she hadn't already left. Just when he was about to give up, he saw a figure in a blue floral dress and green sweater walk through the revolving doors and step out into the sunlight. Cisco grinned and hurried over to her. "Hey!" He greeted eagerly.

"Oh! Uh...hi?" Sheila said, feeling awkward.

"Hi. I saw you at the coffee shop." Cisco said quickly.

"Oh, yes. You were the guy who tried to stop the Flash from doing his job." Sheila teased.

"Yeah." Cisco mumbled, embarrassed. He scratched the back of his head. "Well, about that..."

"I had no idea who he was, and then? Here I was! It happened so fast! I can't believe it. I got to actually meet the Flash! Are you two friends?"

"Yes. We work together, at STAR Labs." Cisco found his voice again.

"What do you do?"

"I make the toys, girl." Cisco smiled widely.

"Toys?" Sheila furrowed her brows.

"Well, you know. Our secret trackers, stuff like that."

"Really? So, you're an inventor." Sheila remarked.

"Mmm. Yeah." Cisco shrugged, smirking. It was at that moment that he realized just how bluish-green her eyes were, nearly matching her chosen wardrobe. He stared at her not realizing how big he was smiling.

"Well, it was nice to meet you..."

"Oh. Cisco Ramon!" Cisco shook her hand.

"Yes. My car is still at CCJITTERS. But I'm not sure I can find my way back there."

"No problemo! That's what I'm here for! I'd be more than happy to give you a ride back!"

"Uhh..." Sheila grinned nervously. This guy was very friendly, and really-oh, soo cute! But he was a stranger. "That's really nice of you, but..." Just then, Cisco's emergency alert on his phone started shrilly buzzing off. "W-what's that?"

"I don't believe this." Cisco stared wide-eyed at his phone.

"What?" Sheila gulped.

"Cisco! There is an armed man approaching your vicinity!" Caitlin's voice warned him. "You'd better..."

The crowd around them screamed and everyone ran in different directions. "Too late!" Cisco blurted back to Caitlin. A lean man, wearing a black leather overcoat and black gear, was marching into the middle of the concrete courtyard. He had intense eyebrows with gray eyes and jet black hair pulled back in a ponytail. He was holding a sophisticated weapon, only it looked like a combination of a compound bow with a gun muzzle and butt. The man leered at the frightened people around him, as if trying to decide which one would be the most fun to harm first.

"What the heck?" Cisco felt glued to his spot. "Which Lazarus Pit did he come out of?" Sheila screamed too. Cisco grabbed her aside and shoved her into the small roof of the publishing house entrance.

"What's going on?" She asked frightfully.

"Barry! Where are you?" Cisco called frantically. "There's a real creep here with a...a...I don't know what it's called, but it's one heck of a weapon!"

"I'm almost there!" Barry replied, rushing to their aid as quickly as he could.

Sheila was dialing 911 when the slick freak opened fire on a round man in a business suit. His weapon blasted like a shotgun, but what came out was another story! Several sharp shaped things zoomed from his firearm and slashed not only at but also through the helpless man and sent him dropping to the ground. People around screeched and ran for their lives. Sheila hid her face in Cisco's shoulder and he grimaced sickly at the mauled cadaver on the ground.

"Who wants to play next?" The perpetrator laughed loudly, turning around in circles, waving his gun-thingy. Seeing the horrific damage he'd done to his chosen victim, the whole block was empty now, save for Cisco and Sheila, and the many police cars that could be heard in the distance arriving with all possible speed.

"Barry? Be careful. This guy's got a gun like even I haven't thought of yet!" Cisco gulped.

"Barry? You better hurry." Caitlin said.

The man with the gun found a target: the two young people hiding in the corner. He sneered, looking ever the classic villain, and set his sights on them. But just when he was about to pull the trigger, a red and yellow streak of lightning snatched him and rammed him into the wall of the adjoining building. The man in black glared at Barry. "Stop this!" Barry begged. The guy reached into his own pocket and jabbed Barry hard in the arm with something jagged. Fiery pain reeked through Barry's upper arm as blood poured down his wrist. Barry gasped and grabbed his badly injured arm, giving the criminal a chance to escape. He wasted no time and darted as Barry dropped on his side, gasping and moaning in extreme pain.

The CCPD, the county coroner, and paramedics camouflaged the perimeter of the street as the police scoured the area for clues and interrogated witnesses. A paramedic was suturing Barry's arm in the back of an ambulance. "And then he looked right at us!" Cisco further explained to Joe West, Iris's dad.

"Yeah. I've only ever seen such a creepy look on TV!" Sheila agreed, still quite shaken up.

"And you can't tell me exactly what kind of firearm he was using?" Joe frowned at Cisco.

"No. Trust me, Joe. I've never seen anything like it! And believe me, when I tell you that we've seen some bizarre things in this city since the particle accelerator explosion!" Cisco exclaimed.

"Yeah. Tell me about it." Joe grunted. "And what were you doing here again, Miss?" He turned his attention back on Sheila.

"I came here to speak to Mr. Brein." Sheila explained. "You see, my new book is going to be released in a couple days, and he was going over last minute details with me. Plus there will be a book signing in a few days. I came to this place thinking I was on the brink my life's greatest adventure! But this was definitely not part of what I had in mind!"

"You wrote a book?" Cisco gaped wide-eyed, momentarily distracted.

"Well, yes." Sheila nodded. Her arms were still shaking.

"Well, you need a ride back to get your car?" Cisco looked at Sheila.

"Right now I'm a little too scared to try and go back there." Sheila said with a feeble smile. She kept her eyes averted from the dead man a few yards away, his torso a bloody mess with ugly, gaping holes in five different places.

Barry walked up to the small group. "Joe? Here. I asked them to let me keep this for the investigation." Barry said, holding up a CCPD evidence bag up with a bloody blade inside it.

"Is that what...they pulled out of your arm?" Cisco asked.


"You gonna be okay, Bare?" Joe asked seriously.

"Aww, I'll be fine. Remember? I heal fast." Barry grinned warmly.

"I do remember." Joe said, wide-eyed.

"You saved our lives, Flash. Thank you so much." Sheila said.

"That's all right. That's what we do." Barry smiled with a nod.

"Well...this doesn't look like any general on-the-market blade I've ever seen!" Joe declared, turning the bag over and over again, peering closely at the weapon that had brutally been used to harm his son.

"I know." Barry agreed.

"Cisco? Think you could help us figure out this...this weapon this creep had?" Joe asked.

"I will certainly be glad to try!" Cisco replied. "Anything to put this crazy away and get him off the streets!"

"Good." Joe nodded.

"I think you should come with us." Barry told Sheila. "It's clear that the streets aren't safe right now, and it'd be irresponsible of us to let an unsure stranger wander them without proper protection."

"What about my car?" Sheila asked.

"We'll take you back to it later. Right now your safety is more important." Joe said firmly. "And you are one of the only available witnesses in our handful that we have at the moment."

"Okay..." Sheila said slowly. All of these people were strangers, but they were kind and seemed to be the only ones she could trust at the moment. Cisco smiled warmly and took her hand.

"Hey, this will give you a chance to visit STAR Labs, and see where I work and all the cool stuff I do!" He told her.

"That's true." Sheila nodded, feeling a little better but still nervous and apprehensive. "I'd like that, I guess. But what if that guy comes back?"

"Don't worry. We'll get him!" Barry assured her.

"Do things like this happen every day in this big city?" Sheila glanced at Cisco.

"Ho, ho, ho. You have no idea, girl!" Cisco exclaimed.

Next chapter will take place at STAR Labs, and will include more details of the investigation.