Chapter 1 Darkness Arises

11:00: Two mutants break out of a maximum security prison Insight The leader of the two being able to see a person for everything. Thier Consience soul and and pure existence. The other had the ability to influence other comscience and soul.

11:43: As Rebecca was the daughter of one of the richest men in the world Tony Stark she had leard now matter how much money you spend some things are better with hard work thats why her custom made Iron Diamond suite was her prodest possession. Trimmed with a dark red and midnight purple with a sleek design and loaded with weapons it was amazing. Currently her father was off somewhere in the world fighting a world threatining invasion so she was home alone. Thats when she got the call. Jarvis came over the speaker saying Miss Stark we have a call request from wakanda. Out of confusion and Curiosity she accepted and to her suprise she was greeted my a boy who looked about her age around of 15 who replied with this message Rebecca you might not know me but-- He was stopped shot by rebecca say NOT KNOW YOU YOUR THE FRICKIN PRINCE OF WAKANDA. His simple reaction was yes Miss Stark i need your assisstance 2 Mutants have just escaped from a S.H.I.E.L.D prision near you im en route now i need the Iron Diamond and any other help you can get. But- But-But listen Rebbecca people need you Meet me outside ASAP

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