Dumbledore cleared his throat and the Great Hall became silent at once. 'I've got a small surprise for you...' People started to smile. 'I'm not sure whether you should be happy or not...' The smile became curious looks. Dumbledore continued. 'Everyone gets a parchment with some questions on it. There's a Truth Spell on it, so cheating won't help. Oh and with that, when you don't answer honestly, you'll get an electric shock. Have fun!'

Suddenly, everyone had a piece of parchment in front of them, quill and ink.

Dumbledore smiled when everyone, including staff, started to fill in their list of questions and thought, 'This will be interesting...'


'Headmaster... these questions, they are totally ridiculous!' Severus Snape complained. 'What's so bad about them?' Dumbledore asked, with a twinkling in his eyes. 'You know that very well! "Do you have any piercings, if so, where?", "What colour socks are you wearing right now?", I'm not going to answer these damn questions!!'

Dumbledore sighed. 'That's too bad, Severus... Pity, I was just thinking what a wonderful Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher you would be...' Snape scowled. 'Damn you...' The Headmaster smiled at himself, he still had his manipulate skills...


Draco Malfoy smirked. He could cheat. Of course he could... Like Muggle electricity would be so bad it would bring a Malfoy down... Never! ' "Do you have any tatoo's... if so, where..."' He muttered to himself, grinning. ' "No." ' 'ARGGH!' Draco screamed as he got a shock. 'Damn it!!!' he changed his answer immediately. ' "Perhaps." ARRGHH!!!!! FUCK!!!!! There just GOT to be a way to cheat at this!'


' "Do you have any kinky fantasies?" ...All right, Dumbledore really is freaking me out now..." Ron muttered to Harry, who nodded. 'It's going from bad to even worse with every question...' They looked up when Hermione screeched.

Ron gasped. 'Hermione! Did you try to CHEAT?!!' She looked at him, nervously. 'Errr... No! Noooo... not at all...' Ron, being naïve, simply said, 'Oh OK than...' Hermione silently laughed. 'Sucka...'


'SON OF A BITCH!!!' Snape yelled, getting a shock for the twentieth time. 'I QUIT WITH THIS SHIT!!!' Everyone stared at him. 'IT'S RIDICULOUS AND I REFUSE TO CONTINUE!' He threw his quill on the table, crossed his arms and looked stubborn.

'Come on, Severus... it's not THAT bad!' McGonagall kindly said. 'That's because you've been a Gryffindor, Gryffindors just don't lie!!' He replied simply. 'THAT'S WHAT YOU THINK, SIR!' Hermione yelled, laughing maniacally. Now it was her turn to be stared at.

'I AM CHEATING, AND THOSE ELECTRICAL SHOCKS REAAAALLY TURN ME ON!!' She continued. 'Told you she was mental, told you on the first damn day!' Ron said to Harry. 'COME HERE, SEVVIE, I WANNA KISS YOU!!!' Hermione ran over to Snape, who ran away, yelling 'GET IT AWAY!!! GET IT AWAYYYY!!! EWWW GIRLS HAVE COOTIES!!!!'

Draco frowned. 'Ewww... cooties...' His hair was standing in all directions possible, as he just kept on trying to cheat on the test. 'The shocks ARE kind of erotic, she's right about that...'

'I'm very sorry about this, Miss Granger, but... Stupify!' Dumbledore's spell hit Hermione, who fell on the ground, relieving Severus. 'Thanks... I'm glad I didn't get any cooties from her... Girls are gross...But still, I'm *not* going to continue that damn test!' He crossed his arms again. 'I can make her wake up just as easily, Severus...' Dumbledore threatened. The Potionsmaster immediately sat on his chair again, picked up his quill and fill in the rest of the questions.

The Headmaster sighed, slightly annoyed. 'Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea after all...' He looked into the Great Hall, seeing a lot of people nearly electrified. 'If you're done answering the questions, you can give the parchments to me...'

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