Chapter 1

So, this was a request from a friend of mine. I don't know why, but the idea intrigued me so why not. Forewarning I did not watch any of the Marvel TV shows nor do I read the comics, I just watch the movies, so forgive me for not knowing much.

Somewhere in Texas


In a rural town in Texas, Steve Rogers, more famously known as Captain America, was in a small café, silently drinking a cup of coffee while he read a newspaper. The newspaper was about how the Avengers stopped a recently revealed HYDRA cell operations and managed to arrest the key figures, effectively destroying that particular part of HYDRA. Well, what Avengers stayed loyal to them after the Sokovia accords.

"Things have changed." Thought Steve as he finished his coffee. Once he was finished, he thought back to the events that led to the fracturing of the Avengers and the loss of his friendship with Tony. If those damn accords never happened, none of that would have occurred. Now, the team was more fractured than ever and the ones that refused the accords were being hunted down like criminals. He really wished that he can go back in time and stop those damn accords from ever happening, but what's done is done. He and his friends made their choices and they had to live with them. Scott Lang, or Antman, had gone back to his family to face the consequences for his actions and Wanda left to be on her own, saying that she needed to be alone. Something that Steve didn't believe, but allowed nonetheless. To his surprise, Natasha joined them later on, saying that she needed to lay low for her part in helping Steve during the airport fight. Steve and Sam were happy to have her alone, but they all decided to go their separate ways in order to stay hidden better. Still, they kept in contact with each other and were ready to help each other out should the need arise. After he payed for his coffee, he was on his way to the nearest grocery store for food before making his was to the cheap motel he was staying in. After acquiring the food he needed, he was standing in line in the cash register. He was minding his own business when some people decided to talk about the Avengers.

"I don't know man, I think the accords were justified." Said an adult male speaking to the another man and a woman. "But I think they went a little too far."

"Well, I think that the didn't go far enough." Said the other guy. "Did you see all the damage those Avengers did in Sokovia and back in New York. And don't get me started on the Africa."

"Yeah, but all that was unavoidable." Said the woman. "If they weren't there, a lot more damage could have happened."

"She's has a point." Said the first male. "I mean, those Avengers saved a lot of people in New York and Sokovia, who all could have died if it weren't for them."

"I know that." Relented the 2nd man. "I just feel they need to be regulated more and punished if they ever go overboard. Like back in that airport fight they had between each other." As they argued with each other, Steve was next in line for the cash register. He paid for his food and left for the motel. As he walked, he couldn't help but think about the conversation. In a way, he was glad that people were arguing against the needs of the Sokovia accords and if they were even needed. He was also glad that people were taking both sides, seeing the merits of both. While he was against the accords or any sort of restrictions being placed on the Avengers as they were suppose to be an independent group that helped all nations, he could see why people thought that enhanced human beings needed restrictions. People feared things that had more power over them, which lead to either jealously or a need to see them shackled. To show that they weren't infallible. Still, he wondered how fear of such a thing happened when the Avengers had done more harm than good over the years. Sighing in frustration, Steve eventually made it to his motel room and opened the door. Upon turning on the lights and setting the groceries down, Steve opened his mouth.

"You can come out now." Said Steve as he waited. His patience was rewarded with a scoff and the door leading to his bathroom opened and out came something that he didn't expect to see. Blinking in surprise, Steve saw that the person coming out of his bathroom wasn't human. Well, actually, the person was remarkably human, but with enough key differences to tell him that it wasn't human. As said thing approached him, Steve was eyeing it. Whatever it was, it was clearly female given her body shape and chest with the form fitting body suit she wore doing a good job at showcasing them without being too provocative. What really helped him identifying her as non-human was her face and the weapon she wielded, which was a three-pronged spear that looked extremely advanced. Her skin color was gray in color with everything just above her nose being black, which also had horns forming on the sides of her face that framed her blue hair. She also had a black mark between her mouth and chin that was in the shape of a line. Her amber eyes were fierce looking and were akin to that of a ruthless warrior. She stopped a few feet in front of Steve and looked him in the eye.

"How did you find out, earthling?" Asked the alien as she starred at him.

"Definitely an alien." Thought Steve as he looked at her. Playing it safe, he decided to indulge her. "I got a gut feeling that something was in here when I got close to my room. Tends to happen when your on the run." Huffing at his answer, the alien just sat on a chair and looked at Steve. "What are you here for? Turn me in or something?" If that was the case, then Steve won't go down without a fight. He may not have his shield, but he can still put up a hell of a fight.

"Please." Said the alien after a scoff. "My appearance alone should tell you that I'm not working for your government. What I want is your help." That caused Steve to widen his eyes a bit. Before he could speak, the alien beat him to it. "You're aware of the Infinity Stones, correct?" How could he not be, Thor had explained to him and the Avengers about them and how powerful they were. And what would happen if one acquires all six of them together. That was also the cause of Thor's departure. He felt something was off and that someone was out collecting them. So, he left Earth to go in search of the remaining Infinity Stones and to find out whose searching for them. One, he knew was on Earth. The one in Vision's forehead, but he didn't know about the rest. Though Thor did say that one was on Asgard and that another was with a trusted collector of exotic artifacts. To have this alien speaking about them, left him guarded.

"What about them?" Asked Steve, suspicious of her. The alien just had a poker face on before speaking.

"I know who's collecting them and what they plan to do with them." Said the alien woman. "I could tell you all about this person, but I need your promise for assistance." Steve frowned at that.

"Why?" Asked Steve. Why was she out seeking him and not Tony. He had unlimited resources and Vision was on his side. Steve only had Natasha and Sam on his side while Tony had the entire U.N. on his side. Well actually, he was sure T'Challa was on his side along with Wakanda if worse comes to worse, but he rather not have Wakanda be dragged into his affair. They were dealing enough as it is with their recent unrevealing to the rest of the world. "Why not ask Tony Stark?" Hearing that made the woman scoff again.

"I would if it wouldn't involve so much talking and inaction." Said the woman. "Your governments won't allow a military buildup or mobilize your "Avengers" against an enemy that they don't have proof that exists nor believe will come for them until its too late. Besides, what the enemy wants is something that they won't believe."

"So you came to me?" Asked Steve, now sure that she wasn't here to fight, as he took a seat in front of her. "You think I'll believe you?"

"You're my best shot." Admitted the woman. "Will you listen?" Steve just starred at her, thinking on what to do. He wasn't sure if he can trust her. He doesn't know her or her motives. Or if she wasn't just trying to trick him. He thought long and hard about it until he made up his mind.

"Alright. I'll help." Said Steve. The woman smirked at that, pleased. "Now who is collecting the Infinity Stones and what they want with them?" That caused the woman to lose her smirk. She sighed a bit before speaking.

"His name is Thanos." Said the woman. "He's been trying to collect the Infinity Stones for years, decades even. His ultimate goal is to use the powers of all the stones to wipe out half of the universes population." Hearing that made Steve widen his eyes in shock and horror. Wipe out half the universe? That was…insane.

"You're kidding." Said Steve in disbelief. Upon seeing that she was serious, Steve shook his head and held it, trying to wrap his head around this information. "Why would he do such a thing? Is he insane?"

"He is." Said the woman. "He believes that, by wiping out half a world's population, he can save the species that inhabits it form wiping itself out due to overpopulation." Hearing that made, Steve shake his head. It took a few minutes, but Steve managed to get his bearings and looked at her with disapproval and disgust.

"That's insane." Said Steve. "That's not saving people, that's slaughter." The woman just nodded in agreement. "And he's trying to collect them to do this insane genocide?"

"Yes." Said the woman. "For as long as I can remember, he's been doing this to countless species in the universe, gathering up the people of a world and then slaughtering half of them, then letting the rest go on their lives. Well, as much as possible anyway. He's done it so many times that he's called the Mad Titan." Steve just closed his eyes and sighed. This Thanos certainly lived up to his tittle. One has to be mad if they believe killing half a world's population will save it in the end.

"And he's collecting them to help him in this quest?" Asked Steve. The alien just nodded.

"With the Infinity Stones, he'll have enough power to complete his mission with a simple snap." Said the woman. She then leaned over to Steve. "I want to stop that and my best shot in preventing Thanos from getting the Stones on this planet is you. Now, will you help?"

"Of course." Said Steve. "I already said that I'll help. So, what's your plan?"

"My plan was originally to warn the Avengers about Thanos and help them prepare. Unfortunately, with what I can only describe as incompetence or idiocy, your Avengers are divided and the ones loyal to your government are being caged like dogs. Unable to do anything without their permission. And I said before, I doubt your government will believe me, even with proof." Steve had to agree on that. Its unlikely that Ross will believe an extraterrestrial lifeform will suddenly come to Earth and warn them that a mad psychopath was out seeking stones of immersible power so he can wipe out half the universe's population.

"So, what's your plan now?" Asked Steve.

"Well, it involves you gathering what followers you have and try and convince the rest of your Avengers to side with you." Said the woman. "If you can manage to get your various governments to trust you along the way, all the better. You'll need all the help you can get when Thanos comes for the Stones here." Hearing that made Steve raise an eyebrow.

"How do you expect me to get the other Avengers on my side?" Asked Steve. "You already know that I'm on the run and that they'll likely arrest me the moment they spot me and whatever allies I got left."

"*scoffs* Don't assume that I'm an idiot and that I had forgotten that." Said the woman before pulling out a flash drive from her person. "If I'm not mistaken, there's an organization that is being hunted down by the Avengers along with your governments. They're called HYRDA, no?" Seeing Steve nod, she handed him the drive. "This data drive contains the location of HYDRA cells, facilities, and personal in it. It may not be all of them, but a good portion I believe. This should help in gaining some trust from your former comrades." Hearing that the drive contained information about HYDRA made Steve blinked in surprise. He knew of how slipper and tenacious HYRDA is. They're still finding cells of HYDRA to this day, despite several declaration by the government that HYDRA is finished. If this drive did contain info on HYDRA then this should help take them down for good.

"How did you come across it?" Asked Steve as he eyed the woman. The alien simply smirked before revealing a hidden blade in one of her gauntlets, giving a subtle message to Steve.

"They weren't exactly cooperative when I was out collecting all that data." Said the alien. "It was messy a few times. Now, what you plan to do with that info is up to you, but I recommend you try and use it to gain the trust of your comrades. With that, our business is concluded for the moment. Expect to see me again in the near future." The alien woman then got up and began to walk out the door, unafraid of being spotted.

"Hold on." Said Steve. "Can you tell me your name, at least." Hearing that made the woman pause. Turning around, she starred at Steve, which looked more like looking down at him as she was a couple of inches taller than him.

"Why?" Asked the alien woman.

"Well, it shows that there's some trust between us." Said Steve. "And so, I know what to call you when we meet again." The alien starred at him before relenting.

"Proxima." Said the alien. "Proxima Midnight." With that, the alien woman left, leaving Steve blinking at her name. Once she was gone, Steve pondered on her name.

"Proxima Midnight." Thought Steve. "Odd name. Then again, different species." Steve then looked at the drive and immediately knew who to contact. "Hope Sharon doesn't mind a call."

Few minutes later


"Is your reconnaissance on Earth proved valuable?" Asked another alien as Proxima was starring at the screen from which the alien was using to contact her while she was aboard her ship.

"It did, Ebony." Said Proxima. "The earthling's so-called Avengers are divided and I discovered the identity of the one that has the Mind Stone. I still don't know where the location of the Time Stone is, however." The alien she called Ebony just nodded, pleased with her answer.

"I see." Said Ebony. "Then perhaps this wasn't a waste of time, after all. Very well, keep an eye on the planet, figure out the location of the Time Stone, discern any exploitable weaknesses, and, if you can, retrieve the Mind Stone. Thanos will be pleased if you do."

"I understand." Said Proxima. Ebony just smiled before turning off the transmission. Once he did, Proxima immediately scowled. "Loyal to a fault, you dog." With that Proxima went to the cockpit of her ship and began to wonder if she made the right move. "That fool better do his part well or this would have been for nothing."