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"Oh, it's you," Grace said quietly as Dimitri vigilantly opened the guest room door. Duh, she thought to herself, who were you expecting?!

"Did you find everything all right?" Dimitri asked, forcing casualness. Grace bit her lip shyly and nodded. Dimitri had seemed not to have taken notice to the scrap of terry cloth that was the only thing standing between Grace and her birthday suit.

An awkward pause fell between them, and they stood uncomfortably six feet from one another. In an attempt to break the silence, Dimitri spoke.

"Uh, there's extra pillows in the closet up here, " he said, crossing the room. His pj'ed body brushed lightly against Grace's towel-clad figure as he approached the closet. He rummaged around on the top shelf, and Grace came up behind him.

"Ah.., here they are," he said, presenting her with two clean white down pillows. He and Grace's eyes met in that captivating way once again, they burned the imprint of their irises onto one another.

"Thank you," Grace said, a statement that was all too familiar, having been spoken in the kitchen downstairs nights before, concerning the book that adorned the night stand.

"I didn't realize pillows were so important to you," Dimitri joked lightly, not taking his eyes from Grace's. "I'm not talking about the pillows," Grace said, and she dropped them as he took Grace's face in his hands, more forcefully this time, and kissed her.

The next morning, Grace awoke to the scent of coffee. She sat up and rubbed her eyes, disoriented. Where am I? She thought. Then she caught a glimpse of the discarded towel that lay on the floor from the night before, and it all came rushing back to her, creating a dull ache between her eyes and a churning in her stomach. Had things really gone that far? It had to have been a dream, she thought to herself as she dressed.

The uneasiness that met Grace at the foot of the stairs proved to her that it wasn't. She felt nervous as she came into the kitchen, trying to act natural.

Dimitri was hunched over a stack of papers, sipping coffee. He avoided looking at Grace, and for the first time ever, she was glad. She didn't' know what to do, so she wandered over out of habit and opened the fridge, half expecting him to offer her some cheese.

"Well, I'm going to be late," Dimitri said, rising and checking his watch for aesthetics. He shuffled the papers into his briefcase and put his hand on the doorknob, pausing.

"See you in class," was all he said as he walked through the door. Grace never turned around, only stared blankly into the fridge until the tears blurred her vision.