Chapter 1: Captain America

Jessica was running across the train station trying to catch her train on time. It was the last train of the evening and there was no way she could miss it. She ran across the more or less empty train station, she caught a few people staring at her as she continued running towards the correct terminal and of course she had just missed it.

Jessica let out a load grown as she now made her way towards the main area of the train station. She noticed a blonde sat on a chair with his sketch pad, he looked awfully familiar but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. "Excuse me" Jessica said to the person behind the ticket counter, "what time is the next train to New York?" She asked, trying not to look at the blonde who was looking at her.

"6am tomorrow morning" the ticket lady told her, "however the train station is now closing"

"Thank you" she told her now walking away from the ticket desk, Jessica ran her fingers through her hair sighing as she now made her way walking towards the exit. Jessica took out her phone in the hope to try and contact someone, anyone that could help. She managed to unlock her phone before it died, letting out a loader groan she closed her eyes and rolled her head back whilst putting her phone back into her pocket.

"Excuse me ma'am are you okay?" She turned around to see the blonde who was sitting near the ticket booth who had been sketching, he was kind of cute but she really didn't have time for this.

"Just peachy" she told him, giving him a small smile and continuing her way out of the train station. She stood up against one of the walls hoping if she continued to try switching her phone on it would atomically come back to life. She was so focussed on her phone she didn't even see the guy from earlier approaching her,

"Miss are you sure you're okay?" He asked her again, she knew she obviously didn't look okay with this being the second time he had asked her.

"Yeah I'm fine" she told him again, as cute he was she really didn't want to break down in tears in front of him. He went to walk away but soon backtracked on himself and was stood in front of her again,

"May I ask why you're standing outside the train station?" He asked,

"It's closing, it doesn't open until tomorrow morning" she told him giving up on her phone and putting it back into her pocket.

"And you're going to wait outside all night?" He asked, she could hear a slight concern in his voice. She could feel one of her soulmarks tingling slightly, she decided to pay it no attention as she had five soulmarks and since the attack on New York they started becoming more active.

She looked up at the guy, "my purse got stolen, my phone is dead and all I have is this train ticket to get home" she told him now leaning against the wall. "I have a job interview first thing tomorrow and now there is noway I'm going to get back there in time. This is probably my own karma for traveling up here to break up with my boyfriend,"

The guy shifted so he was now leaning up against the wall, "sounds like a tough day" he said to her putting his hands into his pockets, "so where's your interview?"

"Stark towers" Jessica told him, "I didn't even apply for a job, but I solved some coding online and there we go,"

"Impressive" he told her, "I'm Steve by the way" he told her now facing towards her offering his hand to shake.

Jessica smiled up at him and extended her hand and shook his, "Jessica" she told him. She swore she could feel some sort of spark between the two of them but she chose to ignore it, she had much bigger problems to worry about for now and the main one was how she was going to get home without any money.

"So let's get this straight, you need to get back home to New York. You have no purse, no working phone and just a train ticket" Steve asked,

"Got it one" she told him giving him a small smile, she now watched as Steve made his way towards one of the cabs that was outside the train station.

"Excuse me, how much would it cost for a taxi from here to New York?" Steve asked the cab driver, he looked at him like he was crazy. "It's an emergency" he added.

After a few moments the taxi driver spoke up, "that's $500" he told him.

"Steve you're forgetting I have no money" Jessica spoke up, stepping towards him.

"Do you take card?" Steve asked, ignoring Jessica's comment and cab driver nodded, he took out his card and passed it to the cab driver.

"Steve, I can't let you pay for this" she told him trying to stop him,

"You know what how about we make a deal. When you get back to New York you can pay me back half of it?" He suggested, though Jessica could tell he was quite lenient about it.

"And how do you know I will pay you back?" She asked shocked at his trusting ways, she had never known anyone so trusting as Steve,

"Let's just say I have faith in you" he told her pushing her towards the cab, "now come on you don't want to waste anymore time" he encouraged her into the cab and shut the door behind her,

"Thank you so much Steve, you're like my hero" she told him through the open window and before he could even respond the taxi driver started pulling away in the cab. Then it dawned on her, she didn't get his information. "Wait, I didn't get your info" she shouted out to him.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Steve stood there chuckling to himself when he could hear Jessica shouting out about how she didn't have his information. He would be making his way back to New York City in a couple of days and now he knew Stark would have her details he know he could find her again. He put his hand on the top of his bicep, placing it over his soulmark.

He knew instantly when he had seen her who she was, his mark had started to tingle and he knew it was her, his soulmate.