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Summary: An AU fic. In it Harry is one year older than his brother Kevin Potter is, and the order of the phoenix knows that Voldemort is after one of the young Potters, though which one? Sirius, the Dursleys, Remus Lupin, Voldemort and Dumbledore will be in it. It will be full of angst, and will have no slash or romance.

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Chapter One

Albus Dumbledore, the greatest wizard of the age, was standing at the window that showed the massive and beautiful campus of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Of course the grounds were empty due to it being the summer, still the old sage hated this kind of quite. It made him feel as old as his looks showed. Not that he wasn't! And the magical-worlds problems weren't helping his mood at all. With the dark-lord loose, there really wasn't a safe place on the surface of this earth, even the majestic castle Hogwarts wasn't safe unfortunately, as many thought it to be.

The wizard sighed and turned back to his desk. He didn't show it but he detested paper work. Sometimes keeping the barriers up for everyone can be hard work, but he was responsible for all of these people. He had to keep their morals up. He had to show them that there still is hope, even in these dark times. However he noticed that it is in human nature to lose hope as soon as possible and try to hide in dark shadows. If only the people held their heads up high and fought, then this sick war would have been over in no time. They were all afraid, but he couldn't really blame them. He kept telling himself that they will get themselves together, and do the right thing, but deep inside he knew they wouldn't.

Either way it didn't matter anymore. They had a savior, or will have. That is what the dear divination professor prophesized. He didn't like the idea, but who is he to stand in the way of fate.

He called for a meeting with the members of the order, as he should have two years ago. But he was never much of a believer in that branch of magic, and he took the prophecy for granted. Something he shouldn't have done.

Sybil prophesized that one of the Potters is going to rid the magical world of evil. He thought it to be one of the poor woman's illusions again, but it wasn't, for his spy's had informed him that the dark lord knows about this. Voldemort was going to do something about it. Albus could feel it. Alas, he had only told the order yesterday. James and Lily Potter were, well the word worried wouldn't fit at all. They were hectic. However, the headmaster had thought of a solution. He told them about the secret-keeper, and they decided that Sirius Black would be him. Though Albus couldn't ignore the slight look of hurt on Remus Lupin's face, but the young man understood the reason.

The important thing though is that they were a step ahead of Voldemort because the order may have a clue about which of the young Potters will be the savior.

The dark-lord only knew about the prophecy this year. It also happens that Kevin Potter was born this same year. Therefore the bets are on Kevin Potter. He even heard Mundungus and Alastor betting 100 gellons on which of the two Potters is going to be the one. Alastor said it was oing to be young Harry, whereas Mundungus said, "I'll break my wand if that boy didn't turn out to be like his father." Mundungus had a little disagreement with James Potter, but he adored Lily. After all who wouldn't.

The headmaster sighed and went back to his work. What will come will come and they'll meet it when it does. (A/N I'm not sure if this is the sentence because my GoF book is not with me)
Some miles away, two-year-old, young Harry Potter was sitting quietly in the armchair. He didn't want to move. His parents were very upset. Yesterday they came from, well wherever they go, and told the babysitter to leave, after giving her some gellons. Then Harry noticed that his mother was crying, and his mother never cried. But Kevin, his one-year-old brother started crying too, very loudly, so she held him and started rocking him softly.

Harry then waited for his father to pick him up, but his dad didn't. Instead he went to his mother and started soothing his little brothers head. Later that night harry slept without his father coming in and telling him a scary story or his mother tucking him. He just slept, and quite badly as a matter of fact because sometime after he did his parents started shouting at each other. Something about "leaving" and "Cant do it" and "We have to find another way".

That didn't matter now, because Padfoot and Moony are coming, and when they come, everything is better because his parents would always start laughing. His mum also said that Peter won't be coming because he was going to be busy. Peter was nice, but Harry really felt awkward when he is with him, and so did Kevin.

The doorbell rang and Harry immediately jumped off the chair and ran to the door, tumbling once or twice because of his feet. His dad was already at the door. He was smiling but not like he always did. It was a small smile and quite a pitiful one because it looked more like a wince. There on the doorstep was Padfoot and Moony but they weren't cheerful as they always were, and they werent even bickering like "cats on a piece of meat" as his mother once said. It just wasn't right.

Padfoot started talking sometimes grinning and sometimes frowning, then Moony placed his hand on his fathers' shoulder, and started talking to James very seriously, but his voice was lower and calmer. James smiled a little better this time, then Padfoot saw Harry standing and waiting. So he picked him up and threw him in the air and caught him again. Harry giggled and said, "more!"

"Yeah, well count your blessing my dear prongs jr. because you are getting quite heavy," said Sirius grinning. Harry pouted, he really didn't understand all of what Padfoot said but he knew that there was going to be no more flying. Then he tugged at Padfoots jacket. He always let him wear it, even though Harry usually sweaped the floor with it because of how big and tall it was, but Padfoot wasn't answering Harry because James was talking to him. Harry tugged harder.

"Hold on a minute, Harry!" Sirius said raising his voice a little then continued to talk with James. Harry let go of the jacket and pushed himself away from padfoot, but padfoot simply put him on the ground. This wasn't right. He was always the one who made Harry feel better when Harry was upset, and he never yelled at him, or the sort, just like he did.

Harry looked up from the ground at Padfoot with his eyes a little wet, and his lower lip trembling. If Padfoot saw him like that he would surely pick him up again, and start playing with him. Padfoot didn't even look down, he only continued talking to James and then went upstairs with the other adults to Kevin's room.

Harry stood in the corridor all-alone, and by now his tears had leaked down his little face. Where was his mum? Why didn't Padfoot talk to him? He sniffed a little then walked slowly and awkwardly back to the big armchair, daddy's armchair and sat in it.

Padfoot and Moony will come to him soon. And they are going to play with him all day, and they are all going to smile. Maybe James would also take him for a spin on the broom and mommy would shout at him and hit him with the towel. But none of this happened and he sat most of the day all by himself, until finally Padfoot and Moony left without telling him Goodbye, and ruffling his hair like they always did.
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