The morning was just like any other, it was the day of the festival and I got up with extra pep in my step. I put on my school uniform grabbed all my supplies and walked out the door. I decided to skip breakfast and walk over to Sayori's house to meet her there. After learning about her depression and expressing my feelings for her I figured she might appreciate me meeting her here. I walked up to the door and looked inside. All the lights were out and it looked like no one was home. I always knew Sayori was a late sleeper but with my new knowledge of her depression I decided to wake her. I knocked on the door and yelled her name but I got no response. I tried the door and to my surprise it opened. I walked up the stairs to her room and knocked on the door. After a second of no answer I managed the courage to open the door.
"Sayori?" I started before I looked in and saw her hanging from a noose. She was still alive, her hands were clutching the noose but it was still choking her. I ran over and grabbed her legs lifting her into the air keeping her from suffocating. With me supporting her she was able to remove the noose from her throat, I set her down and looked her in the eyes. She was crying uncontrollable and when she saw the look of horror on my face she started to cry harder.

''I'm sorry Kaito" started Sayori in a raspy voice ''I just can't keep living like this!"

I told Sayori it was okay as I wrapped my arms around her I used my phone to dial 911 and I called for an ambulance. Sayori seemed hurt that I called medical help, but I didn't care. This depression she was suffering from was too much for me or Sayori, she needed real medical help and I intended to get her some.

''an ambulance is coming and they will help your throat.'' I said as I stroked Sayori's hair.

''I cut my fingers and throat as well.'' Said Sayori with a chuckle ''I'm so useless I can't even kill myself right!"

''Sayori don't say things like that!" I started as I looked her in the eye ''you are not useless! If It wasn't for you I don't think I would even be alive. I can't live without you… so don't ever do something like this again.'' I realize that tears are coming down my face as well. Sayori looks at me with the saddest expression I've ever seen. She weeps into my shoulder until the ambulance arrives. As the paramedics take her to the car one stays behind to ask me some questions.

''I can see from the noose this was a suicide attempt.'' Started the paramedic. ''we are going to need you to come to the hospital with us, we need to ask you some questions.''

I agreed to go with them and I hop in the ambulance with the doctors. I wonder how the festival is going to go without us being there. I hope Monika will be able to keep Natsuki and Yuri from being too scared to go. But That doesn't matter right now, all that matters is Sayori and getting her the help she needs. She is sitting next to me not saying a word, the paramedics did what they could in the ambulance but she needed to be at the hospital. I felt Sayori lay her head on my shoulder, she quickly fell asleep. I guess she was up all night thinking about whether or not she should do it.

''what's your name kid.'' Asked the paramedic that spoke to me earlier.

''I'm Kaito and this is Sayori.'' I say still in shock from what has happened. I stare blankly at the paramedic. ''what's going to happen to her?"

''that depends on the situation, was this a spur of the moment suicide? Is she depressed? Abused?'' asked the paramedic.

''she…she has horrible depression, until recently she has kept it a secret from me but she told me about it yesterday…so I told her how I felt. I told her I loved her, she said she loved me as well but….'' I drift off unable to continue.

''it is okay don't think this is your fault.'' Said the paramedic with a kind smile ''the way depression works is it causes your body to stop producing dopamine, it is the thing that makes us happy. If depression gets bad enough nothing can make you happy, and when the things that should make you happy make you sad, bad things happen.''

''how can I keep Sayori safe?" I ask after hearing this ''how can I make her happy?"

''the doctors will need to speak with her parents, we can prescribe medication for her, book therapy sessions, or put her in a mental institution if it is bad. The drugs we can give her will cause dopamine to start flowing again and with time she will become happy.'' Said the paramedic ''but she will need you, you will need to be there for her all the time. Be nice to her, support her even if she shows no emotion. Remember her brain is wired to make everything miserable only with time will she get better.''

The rest of the ride is in silence until we reach the hospital. Sayori is still asleep so I lift her up in my arms and carry her to the hospital. I follow the paramedic to the emergency ward and put Sayori in one of the waiting chairs. It is morning still so there are not very many people in the hospital. I walk over to the front desk where the paramedic and a doctor are talking. I overhear the conversation, they are talking about Sayori and her situation. A couple minutes later doctors walk over and wake Sayori, I watch them take her back into a room. I start to follow but a doctor stops me.

''young man I need to ask you some questions.'' Said the doctor I looked at her tag and saw that her name was Hana. ''we need Sayori's parents, do you have their number so we can call them?''

''uh yeah but they are both archeologists and they are out of the country right now.'' I say as I pull out my phone. I look through my contacts and find Sayori's parents. I tap the number and the phone starts dialing them. I start to hand the doctor the phone but she says I should pick up. I put the phone to my ear and I hear it click as someone picks up.

"Hello.'' Says Itsuki, Sayori's father.

''hi Mr. Itsuki this is Kaito.'' I start before pausing

''hi Kaito… uh what do you need?" asked Itsuki

''I'm afraid I have some bad news. I'm at the hospital right now, Sayori….Sayori tried to kill herself last night.''

''what!'' yelled Itsuki I heard someone else come over in the background. "Kaito I'm putting you on speaker so Akari can hear as well."

''is my baby okay?" I heard Akari ask. Akari is Sayori's mother, Sayori is the spitting image of her mother.

''yes I went to your house to meet her today, we were going to walk to school today. She didn't answer the door so I went in to find her. I found her in her room hanging from a noose. If I had been five minutes later she….'' I stop talking as I hear Akari crying.

''she is in the hospital they are treating her bruises, I spoke to her the day before and she told me about her depression.''

''Depression? We had no idea.'' Said Itsuki "Kaito we need to speak to a doctor.''

I hand the phone over to doctor Hana and she starts talking to them as she walks out of the waiting room and towards the room Sayori is in. she motions for me to follow so I grab my school bag and walk after her. After walking past several rooms and down several hallways we stop at a room that looks like all the others. Dr. Hana opens the door and lets me in.

''I need to speak with them a little longer. I will be back with your phone in just a bit.'' Says Hana before she closed the door behind me. I look at the room and see Sayori sitting in a chair with a doctor observing her neck. He turns and gives me a smile before motioning for me to sit down. I take the chair and watch the doctor work on Sayori.

''alright Sayori the bruising is going to make it hard to talk and it will hurt if you do. I am going to go get some ice for your throat. Now don't mess with the bandages okay?" said the doctor as he left the room. Sayori had bandages on her throat and fingers she gave me a weak smile.

''the doctors had me call your parents, I think they are on their way here.'' I said with a smile

''oh no, they had to leave there dig site for me.'' Croaked Sayori ''I'm such a burden!"

''no Sayori when I called them they were already on their way home.'' I lied ''they wanted to end their trip early to surprise you!"

''oh well…'' Sayori stops talking before she breaks into tears. "Kaito I'm so sorry, I never should have done what I did. All I bring is pain and sadness you deserve someone better than me!"

''Sayori…to me there is no better and you didn't know what you were doing.'' I said as I got up and took her hand. ''Sayori don't apologize when it should be me apologizing. I was a bad friend, for months we rarely talked because I'm so antisocial. You inviting me out to the literature club is the only reason I even do anything now a days. Without you I would be nothing.'' Sayori cries into my shoulder and we stay like that for a long time. I hear the door open and I see doctor Hana with my phone. I stand and walk out of the room as doctor Hana hands me my phone.

''her parents will be here tomorrow.'' Started Hana ''thank you for calling them, I know it must have been hard. By the way your phone got several calls from some people.''

I turned on my phone and saw that it was already 2:45. Clubs were supposed to meet then to plan for the festival. I saw that I had missed calls from Natsuki, Yuri, and Monika. I dial Monika back since she would handle the news the best. She picks up and starts to say hello before I hear someone grab the phone.

''Kaito where the hell are you!" yells Natsuki ''and where the hell is Sayori?"

''we uhh…Natsuki please give Monika the phone.'' I say in a cam voice.

''no you explain to me right now!" yelled Natsuki

''something has happened and I need to speak with Monika.'' I say with more of an urgent tone, Natsuki realizes that something bad has happened and hands Monika the phone.

''sorry about that Kaito, but seriously where are you?" asked Monika

''Sayori…she tried to kill herself.'' I say in a bitter voice ''I found her this morning hanging by a noose. We are at the hospital right now.''

''my god, is Sayori okay?" asked Monika

''she is fine, but we won't make it to the festival.'' I say with a sigh.

''hey that is fine, just be there for Sayori, we will come as soon as we can.'' Said Monika ''and don't worry I will break it to the others as well as I can.''

''thanks Monika.'' I say as I hang up. I walk back into the room to find Sayori reading over her poem she had wrote for the festival.

''I had it in my pocket, but I guess I don't need it now.'' Said Sayori as she started to throw it away.

''hey don't do that, why don't we have a little festival right here. I have my poem as well, why don't we read them to each other?"

''okay… sure just let me say mine in a whisper.'' Said Sayori before she started her poem "it's hard sometimes to say how little i'm worth. Sometimes even harder dealing with the hurt. When no one is there during the pain. I have nothing left to lose and nothing left to gain. I struggle through the days, with no one at my side, sometimes hoping to just die. But one day I met someone, he saved me from my life. He looked after me through the rough times and the strife. His heart full of compassion and love. Always with me ready to offer a hug. But not even he is enough, for this feeling I feel will never end. Goodbye with all the love I can send…. I added that last part last night.''

''Sayori that was really good, I will try to be the one for you. With time I will be enough, I won't let you ever feel sad again.'' I say before I start my poem. '' When I first meet you we were just friends. Who would have thought that I would love you in the end? We talked and played for months and years. We got to know each other in a way that no one would. Any way I can help just ask away. I promise to love you in every way that I can and to be by your side in every way. You just make me feel like the luckiest boy in the world to have you as a girlfriend and my best friend. With all my love Kaito.''

Sayori's eyes water up but this time she has a loving smile on her face. She wipes the tears away and reaches out for the poem. I hand it to her and she clutches it against her chest.

''Kaito…this is the nicest thing anyone has done for me.'' Said Sayori as she read over the poem again. ''thank you so much.''

''sure thing Sayori…you know I'm kind of glad we didn't make the festival because that would have been hard to read to everyone.'' I say as I blush. Sayori giggles at me and it reminds me of old times. ''hey Sayori do you remember that time you fell out of a tree and broke your wrist?"

''yeah, the branch snapped and I fell…you tried to catch me but you were too far away.'' Said Sayori

''this is kind of like then.'' I say with a smile ''except this time you have nothing for me to sign''

''well it is okay you gave me this poem.'' Said Sayori with a smile. She looks up at a clock on the wall and realizes it is already 3. ''man time flies, I could really eat.''

''I will try to have the nurse bring some food.'' I say before calling the nurse in. she is reluctant to bring the food so early but she sees Sayori's throat and decides to bring the food anyways. A few minutes later we are munching on sandwiches and watching TV on the small TV in the corner of the room. Sayori wanted me to climb into the hospital bed with her, it is a tight fit but I'm not about to complain. After another hour a knock on the door brings our attention from the screen. I get up to open the door but it bursts open before I can get to it. Natsuki comes running in and runs straight past me over to Sayori. Before Sayori can react Natsuki has her arms wrapped around her.

''don't ever scare me like that again!" yelled Natsuki as she let go of Sayori. Yuri walked over and hugged Sayori as well.

''I'm so glad to see you okay.'' Said Yuri with a sigh of relief

''I'm fine…please don't worry about me.'' Said Sayori with a smile ''just made a small little mistake. How did the festival go?"

I can tell that it is hurting Sayori for having affected the others this way, and I could see why she wants the subject changed.

''yeah tell us about the festival.'' I say with enough force in my voice for the girls to understand

''well it went well.'' Started Monika ''with a little help both of these two shared their poems, which were beautiful. Everyone loved the cupcakes and decorations. With a little time the literature club may grow in size!"

''that is great!" said Sayori ''more friends is always a good thing!"

''so how are you two doing?" asked Monika with concern on her face.

''well it has been quite a day. I'm staying with Sayori until her parents arrive tomorrow.'' I say before I yawn. I check my phone and see that it is 6:43 the day flew by. I look at the girls, they all are so concerned for Sayori. It is good that she has other friends who care about her as well ''now I can't speak for Sayori but I am alright'' I think back to the moment when I saw Sayori hanging from a noose. I am in fact not alright, but I don't want to upset anyone with my emotions.

''I'm better guys, this depression hit hard yesterday and I couldn't handle it.'' Said Sayori with a weak smile ''but now I am just fine!"

After a little more talking the three other girls say their goodbyes and head back home. I guess I am just going to miss another day of school, but there is no way I would leave Sayori alone again. I look at her and see that she is fast asleep her head rested against my shoulder. I look around and make sure there is nothing dangerous in the room. I just don't want her doing any more harm to herself. I look at my phone one more time. 10:52 I guess it is time to sleep. I close my eyes and quickly fall asleep in the hospital bed.