This is my first fan fic That I have been working on for a while and it isn't even finished but I thought I would run the first chapter past everybody.

I do not own any body in the show of Wolf Lake, though it would be an interesting place to live. That is to the creators and UPN/CBS. I do own any characters you see such as Rose :)

Chapter 1

The smells of the forest were teasing and whispering to Sophia. Two more weeks and she would be in New York visiting her Grandparents. She could not wait and was glad her father had suggested the trip a few days ago. This would solve some stress for bother her and Sheriff Donner.

He came into the clearing and stopped once he saw his Sophia. He was glad for an opportunity to talk to her alone. Things between them had been strained since the night he went after the human boy and Sophia almost flipped. Seeing she was preoccupied Luke took the opportunity to sneak up behind her.

Hi Sophia, he stated ever so nicely, What are you doing?

Luke that is non-of your business, She stated in an annoyed voice. How dare you think you can just walk up and interrupt my thoughts!! You are unbelievable!!!

I'm sorry Sophia, Please don't be mad. I didn't mean to upset you.

Well? What do you want Luke? Asked Sophia impatiently,

I want to know if you would come with me further up the lake to my favorite spot, Luke gave his best seductive smile, I like to go there for a couple of weeks after schools over, I thought that with it just being us you might do ok with out the extra pressure.

That is a nice thought Luke, stated Sophia, but I have plans after school lets out already.

How can you have plans already Sophia, fumed Luke, school still has two weeks.

I have plans Lucas Cates, and I will not drop them because you want me to.

Why don't you want to spend time with me? Whined Luke.

Because you are a pain And I have not seen my family for a long time.

What other families besides your dad and me do you have? Asked Luke impatiently

YOU are NOT my family Luke. Do you think my mother just appeared out of thin air one day?

WHAT! Sophia you can't go see your mom's family when you are about to flip! Screamed Luke at the top of his lungs.

How dare you make a statement like that Luke. I do not fall into your groupies. I am my own person and you can't give me one good reason not to go.

Sophia!! Would your moms family no what to do if you flipped while there? Not to mention I will miss you, Thought Luke.

That's a poor excuse Luke, My mother's family is fully aware of my dad and I.

Oh and how is that Sophia? Yelled Luke.

I'm not sure but every time we talk to my grandparents both will ask how their wolf kin are doing.

That is a poor joke Sophia ...... IT IS NOT A JOKE, Lucas, stated Sophia, It does happen and I'm going to New York to see them end of argument.

Deciding not to continue the fight Sophia Stood up and attempted to run for home. Luke not wasting any time stepped into place beside Sophia and grabbed her arm so she could not get away from him during the walk.

How long would you stay? He tried to keep his voice calm but it came out a whine.

I'll be gone a month, while I visit, stated Sophia irritably.

A month is way to long; you can't stay that long. What would I do here?

I'm sure Presley could entertain you just fine Luke. I know she does when I'm still here.

Sophia, I have told you several times that Presley is nothing to me, she is a member of the pack nothing more, so quit talking like she is my mate.

Well aren't you the suave one !!!

Sophia's house came into view and she heaved a sigh that Luke almost did not hear.

Luke I need to get ready for work. I need the overtime for money for my trip, So I can't hang out with you. At this point I don't think I would need work to have decided not to.

You can't go Sophia, yelled Luke

You have no say in the matter.


Vivian finished her paperwork and walked over to the window. It was a beautiful day with the beginning of spring, It's a good day for a run, she thought, I think I'll visit the woods. Just as she was going to go to the kitchen door the front door slammed shut. Followed by Luke's heavy footsteps coming down the hall. V could tell be his stride that he was upset.

He walked into the office and sighed while flopping into one of her leather chairs. You seem quite somber for a Saturday after noon, V tilted her head to the right waiting for an answer. Why aren't you at a party or something to the extent?

Mom Sophia is leaving for a month. Luke stated half growling in frustration.

Oh? And where is she going for this month?

To New York to see her mother's family, But I don't think she should go.

Why do you think this Luke? You know I have told you not to get attached to the half-breed, and this is one of those reasons why.

She's close mom. Just three weeks ago I got upset because I saw her kissing a human. I over reacted and threw him into the street. She picked me up one handed and threw me into my car.

Is that why there is a huge dent in the hood of your car?

Yep. And it will stay there. I would have left the windshield busted to, but it was to cold for the newly flipped pack and the music would not stay in the car.

Well I'm glad she did not flip right there it would not have been a good meeting with Matt, but you may be right. If she flipped in New York it could be disastrous for the pack.

I know mom. Plus I would miss her. She is pretty determined to go on the trip though, She screamed at me like I was over reacting or something.

Over Reacting or not Luke you do have a valid point. V gave her son her best smile, He may be a good alpha some day even though this is sort of selfish it does involve more than he and Sophia, I'll talk to Matt and Sophia

Thanks mom. I may be in trouble for a while for this but at least she won't be all the way across the country.


Yeah this is short, but I did not want to add more until I get a verdict, it is amateurish storytelling but read so often I thought I would try. :)