I do not own Wolf Lake. I'm just having fun with the characters and still looking for the DVDs locally.

Chapter 8.

Rose became instantly alert as the others changed gears from their previous conversation. "How do you mean Sophia?"

"Luke says he saw us transpose." Sophia began pacing the living room agitated. "He came into the diner full of himself, and issuing orders like he was king of the world."

"This is so a problem." Rose stood from her chair and walked over to the front window. "Mom you should probably head home now, before they decide to attack us."

Yes! I believe you may be right. Ruby stood up, but stopped at the bottom of the stairs. "I would be happier though if we had a plan of action. I don't want to leave you two here to be slaughtered."

"Well look mom John is already calling the airlines on his cell phone. I'm sure we will be fine. I would rather you got out of here though; you know being high on our council and all." Rose flinched when ruby pointed a finger at her.

"Young lady, do not patronize me."

"So Sophia, What else did Luke say? Rose asked as she sat at the table next to the window.

"He said that I was acting stupid." Making a huge sigh Sophia sat down in the chair across the table. "He told me to stop keeping things from him."

Ruby walked up and offered Sophia a glass of water, While John stayed on the other side of the room talking on his cell phone.

"This is bad you guys! I had thought Luke would be territorial, but not so quickly. I had hoped he was only thinking years into the future, not right now." Rose and Sophia stared out the window as the Sheriff's SUV skid to a halt outside.

"Alright everyone, There's a flight leaving Seattle in 4 hours." John opened the front door as Matt ran up looking upset. "I can get us all seats. Once we're in the air toward UT we can decide what to do next."

Ruby Smirked crossed her arms, and stared her son down. "What happened to 'I'm not leaving this town until I find my Fiancée, Mother!'?"

John shuffled his feet and smiled nervously. "Well I figure that if both Sophia and Sheriff Donner are this freaked out about it. We all should probably get to a safe place to get ourselves strait."

"All four of you need to be out of here as of 10min ago." The Sheriff sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Vivian's cronies could already have already surrounded this place."

"I only see two." Rose tilted her head to the left as she stood from her chair, looking out the front window. "They're probably just here to see how fast we escape."

Sophia sighed and slouched down in her chair a bit more so that only her head could be seen through the window. "Can I still go to New York? I mean , I was going there anyway."

Rose turned away from the window and smiled a Cheshire cat grin. "I think she may be on to something there."

Everyone in the room looked at the young woman as if she had gone mad.

"No really! They want us to over react right? Freak out and run so that they are justified in hunting us down."

"I see what you're getting at." Matt stroked his chin. He Smiled at Sophia and looked back to Rose. "So what plan are you hatching in that head of yours?"

"Well I think that since mom's business here was to come and check on us. She should be that first to leave." Rose put her hand up to stifle her mother's protest.

"That does sound good. We can just say that the Sheriff came up fast because he was late for taking mother to the airport." John walked into the kitchen to finish booking the flight he had on hold.

Ruby scowled and crossed her arms. "Then after I leave what will happen, HMMMM?"

"I'll put in another couple weeks of tutoring, and then head for New York." Rose sat back down in her chair at the table. "John will have to decide, with the Sheriff, the best way to leave town. It's risky I know but it's better than all of us running only to be cornered and who knows what else."

"Fine, I'll go with this." Ruby sighed as she started up the stairs "For now."

"This is going to be tricky, but I think your right to play it out this way." The Sheriff met Mrs. Kanin halfway up the stairs and took her bigger bag. "I can use this scenario to try and calm all the alarms that will be going off."

Ruby followed Matt to his SUV. John, Rose and Sophia walked out of the house a few minutes after. All said goodbye to Ruby waving as the truck drove off. The group then proceeded back in to the house and resumed their day as if nothing happened.

ooOOOOoo ooOOOOoo ooOOOOoo

Livid was not the word for Luke's mood. He had sat at the counter for 30min. waiting for Sophia to reappear from the kitchen. It wasn't until he decided to invade the kitchen, and was told she had left. The Cook told Luke she had said she was late for her tutoring session. Luke had convinced himself that she had gone to warn Rose. So he was quite surprised as he stood on the sidewalk in front of Kanin's house. Rose and Sophia were in their normal places in front of the window. On top of that they were going through the normal motions he had seen many times before.

"Hey you brat! What are you doing here?" Tyler demanded from his post on the edge of the woods. "you'll blow our cover."

"I'm checking on my friend. What do you care?" Officially thrown off Luke got back in his car and headed strait for his Mother.

Vivian informed him of how, the guards she posted before going to see Matt Donner, had seen both Sophia and the Sherriff rush to the house. Then, only Sherriff Donner and the older Kanin woman left in a hurry 5 min later. This really confused and angered him. Finding that Sophia just plain left after their argument, only not to warn people that should not know what they do. He wasn't sure now why he had been so positive that if he went in issuing orders that Sophia would bend and obey. She not only stone walled him, but had left him hanging. Now he had to figure out some damage control between the two of them. Only the wolf in him really wanted to kill them all, and bring his mate home.

ooOOOOoo ooOOoo ooOOOOoo

Rose Smirked and continued to look strait at Sophia as they watched Luke get into his car. both had been watching him through the corner of their eyes for the past 5 min. and had to contain their laughter at his obvious confusion.

"I'll take this as a small victory for our plan." Rose turned to John watching TV on the couch. "We're not gone, so he's giving some space."

"That's good." John turned to the girls and stretched. "I was out of that conversation since I was booking mother's flight. What is this plan?"

"I'm staying another week or two. Then I'll head for Sophia's grandparents. Meet her in NY." Rose crossed her arms as she stood up and walked to the couch. "We need to come up with your exit strategy now."

"I'm going to stay here with the sheriff." John yelped and leaned back as Rose attempted to smack him upside the head.

"Don't be stupid John. These people are fanatic about others knowing about them." Rose sighed and plopped down on the couch throwing her feet on John.

"Hey, I was only going because we needed to get mother out of here and we didn't need her putting up a fight." John threw Rose's feet off and stood. "I'm not leaving here with out my Ruby."

"You're not going to find her." Sophia stated. "No one can find her most of the time."

"Well, maybe if you guys try helping me look while doing your exercises." John protested as he put his jacket on.

"Fine, I'll look" Rose Sighed. "But don't forget we're under surveillance now. It will make it harder."

John growled and threw his hand up. "I have to go. My shift starts in 30min. We'll talk about this more later."

"I should go home too." Sophia sighed. "He's probably waiting to give me the third degree. Probably yell for leaving him at the dinner too."