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Owl x

"Yo Raph- April n Casey's here" Leo's voice called out as the sound of thumping and clasping hands ran out. They were early. I lifted my head from my weight bench and huffed. My muscles coiled from my past work out and my neck clicked.

"Comin'" my gruff vocal chords rolled against my throat as I stretched my neck the other way. Looking ahead I could see my reflection in the gym mirror my red bandana had slipped a little from the workout as I pulled it back down over my head. A large whole sat behind my tie; I really needed to sew that soon.

I jumbled my body out of the dojo and found everyone sat at the dinner table tucking into the largest pizza Mikey could order.

"Ey man!" Casey called coming over to clasp my hand in his and slap the back of my shell.

"Hey Casey- how yer doing Ap?" I called leaning over Mikey. He groaned at my movements as I pushed his head to the side to grab a slice.

"I'm good Raph thanks- what's new?" she asked kindly, her hair falling across her shoulders as she grinned.

"Nothing much- usual work out before dinner" I shrugged with a smile as Casey came to stand beside her, leaning against the bars of our raised dining area.

"you clean the bench?" Leo asked looking back at me. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Course" I hadn't, but he didn't need to know that right now; he could yell at me later. He nodded seeming satisfied with my answer as I brushed it off. I turned back to the conversation with Casey

"You up for a run out tonight Case?"

"I can't tonight- I got shift at 4 tomorrow morning- but tomorrow night I'm good if you wanna hit east side" he said to me as I weighed up the options; it didn't matter to me I nodded at him with a smirk, but then he turned slowly, eyes wide looking at April softly.

"Asssss long as its okay with you, babe?" he grinned to her and she rolled her eyes at him and nodded.

"Whipped" I coughed under my breath as he elbowed me in the stomach. My brothers laughed.

"if its fine with Leo its fine with me" She commented looking to me pointedly. Leo grinned to her, loving her confidence in him. I gawked at the idea.

April turned her attention to Donnie- "so how did you get on with that thing I asked you about?"

She asked him kindly, her eyes glimmering with hope. He smiled to her gently; he always had a soft spot for her, not in a roll around on the floor in love with her, but there was just a glint in his eye when ever he talked to her; it was happier, brighter. It wasn't completely noticeable, no one seemed to mention it- Casey never said anything to him either. But I understood that. Donnie's look wasn't dangerous; he just appreciated April, they were extremely close friends and if Donnie wanted to think about her every now and again- it was okay.

As long as he never acted upon it.

Besides; we were mutant turtles- Not exactly threatening to a devoted human boyfriend.

"What thing?" Casey asked with his mouthful as April swatted his rude insert away.

"For Bonnie!" She said with a crossed look in her eyes and he crossed his own eyes looking confused. April sighed and shook her head. "I asked Don if he could set up some security measures for her, she doesn't live in the best area of town"

"Oh-oh hey not a bad idea!" Casey agreed nodding in her direction as she and Don both rolled their eyes at him playfully.

"Whose Bonnie?" Mikey asked cramming three pizza slices together into the little tub of ranch dressing.

"She's my cousin; moving to the city from Jersey; She's going to NYC in a couple of months"

"Wow NYC, impressive" Leo nodded to Donnie who nodded back raising their eye brows in appreciation.

"Yeah she's the smart one in the family; we used to be real close before I moved out here" he said his eyes going sad for a moment.

"So is that alright Don? Il take you over to her apartment; I'll get Ap to take her out for the night so you can get in alright- just to keep an eye out on 'er"

Donnie nodded.

"Yeah yeah- no issues, sounds all good to me"

"Would appreciate it if you guys wouldn't mind checkin' up on 'er building every now and again as well" Casey eyed Leo who looked back with a smirk and nodded to him.

"No problem Casey; what are friends for right?"

He grinned and fist pumped him from across the table.

"I think were missing the bigger picture here" Mikey called as he raised his hand in the air and flattened it down on the table as if laying down rules. A few seconds of silence passed between us waiting for Mikey's big announcement.

"Is she hot?"

We all groaned and rolled our eyes away.

"As if she's gonna be interested in ya- were turtles numb-nuts" He shrugged at me and waved me off.

"She ain't seen my dazzling charm" he said turning to look at April dramatically as he winked and flattered himself with his hand. She giggled at him and I reached out to slap the back of his head.

"She ain't gonna be seeing your charm Mikey; you know we don't expose our selves" Leo added pointing at Mike sharply.

"Sure, sure" Mikey said with a wink to Leo as he rolled his eyes.

We carried on in small conversation about tomorrow's patrol; Casey made all exchanges with April before nudging her with his shoulder privately, a look of love travelled between them; it was intimate. I looked away feeling like I was intruding.

"Don't you ever dream of being loved like that?" he sighed with wide puppy dog eyes as he leant into me. I growled at him and thrust his body away.

"Knock I' off" I grumbled as Mikey ducked away from my hand, almost taunting me. He chuckled and moved away, skating around on his board again before I turned to Donnie. He was busy concentrating looking down at his small laptop screen that he had pulled up in his lap.

"Is this her?" Donnie asked turning the screen to April. She smiled and nodded. Casey looked over with a small sad smile and soft eyes. Mikey rushed to the screen excitedly.

"Awww yeah she's real pretty! How lucky are we?!" he grinned to us as Leo hit him around the head. "Oww!"

"Were not going to seek her out; just keep an eye out- she could do without all this crazy in her life if she's going to college" he told him as Mikey rolled his eyes.

"Where's the fun in that Leo?"

Casey laughed. "if anything- she'd be the one to be the most chilled about this; shes gotta strong head look out on the world- nothin' phases 'er" he said with a shrug. "but im not goin up to her asking if she wants to come meet four turtles yano; she'll think im crazy" he chuckled as they all shook their heads.

"More like terrified" I mumbled. I leant over for a minute; mainly reaching for the root beer on the table when I caught the edge of Donnie's screen in my eye.

Her face was soft and skin glowing; her eyes were big and bright; blue deep in them. He hair was dark and rich like chocolate, flowing over her shoulders like silk. She was bigger than April from what I could tell on her photo; her shoulders wider and her chest huge. A good wrack on her…

Mikey was right; she was pretty…

I casually leant over and grabbed my root beer, leaning back in the chair; the conversation kept flowing as I watched quietly, mumbling something whenever they decided to ask me something.

But the night stayed the same until we watched a movie then dove off to bed.

Not expecting anything to change…

The next night we ran our patrol like normal; Leo was being the constant dick he was usually when in leader mode and the other two following like lost puppies. I went along begrudgingly. I had to admit; we were better as a team than when we were fighting. The night was quiet and nothing seemed to cause a stir like usual; my muscles coiled angrily- wanting the adrenaline rush. Hopefully that would come later when Casey and I could go beat up some punks causing no good.

We drove over east side; Casey was coming to meet me from here as we waited on the tenth building. I rolled my eyes at Leo who told me he would wait until he arrived so he knew where I was and who I was with.

Fucking mothering turtle…

"Hey guys! Come see!" Mikey called happily. He almost whispered as we all turned our heads and watched him.

"Mikey; what's with the whispers?" Donnie asked scrunching up his nose. it was probably nothing; Mikey liked to drag us all into some little scene he had found.

"Just come here!" he said as I huffed and we all moved to look down over the right side of the building.

A smaller apartment building stood opposite. Its building maybe only a small street away from us. Two sets of lights lit up it in different places.

I narrowed my eyes down at the closest balcony; the lights brighter here; a pile of boxes sat on the balcony way; the door wide open.

Casey stood in the door way.

I leaned further in; he didn't live there…neither did April…

"So these the last?" he called as he turned onto the balcony grabbing a box.

"Mikey!" Leo hissed as Mikey tumbled forward, getting a closer look. He jumped onto the roof and turned to lean over the wall; looking directly about 6ft away from Casey's head.

I shared an annoyed look with Leo as all three of us barrelled over to join him. I knew Leo would only be doing it to catch Mikey and shut him down. But I had a genuine interest. What was Casey doing in a new apartment?

Was he cheating on April?

If he was id rip his fuckin' head off. April was a sister; our hogosha- I'd fucking kill him twice over and I knew my bros would help.

"Yeah that's the last one; oh just leave that there, Case- I'll take the rest down tomorrow" A smooth female voice entered the scene. She walked onto the balcony, rich chocolate hair over her shoulders.

"Its just his cousin" Donnie sighed. Almost sounding relieved.

"Oh! Oh! Can we meet her? Can we? can we?" Mikey bounced. I smacked him round the back of his head.

"No idiot; course we fuckin' can't; she'd freak- we ain't normal New Yorker's Mike" I told him with a growl. He rolled his eyes at me.


"We should leave; get back before they hear us!" Leo hissed in a sharp whisper; wanting us to lower our voices.

"Come on; lets go"

My brothers began heading the left away over the building. Mikey kept further back until Leo pulled his shell.

I stayed put.

All three turned to look at me with confused expression.

"I'm meetin' 'im in ten; I'll wait 'ere" I told them. Donnie and Mikey turned not even thinking anything else over it. But Leo stayed; his eyes poured into mine.

"She cannot see you Raph" he told me strongly. I growled at him.

"I know fearless- I'm not Mike" I sneered. As if I would…as if I could…

my head seemed to stream back to the mental image of her eyes.

It was the only time I had really appreciated the colour blue.

I shoved the thought back down just as fast as it had surfaced.

"Thanks for your help Casey; its been crazy"

"No worries Bon- everythin' been okay in the area?" he asked as they both appeared again. Both leaning on the balcony with their elbows; a cup in their hands.

"Yeah yeah; no issues- I can handle myself Case" she added pointedly. He chuckled.

"You ain't trying to knock me down with a bat anymore girl; New York's a scary place- if ya get into any trouble; you gotta call right?"

I could hear her huffing.

"I know; thanks Case- and thank April for me on the job; it was really nice of her to let me do shifts in the shop"

I watched as Casey shifted his weight; I couldn't see their faces, just the tops of their heads but I pictured him smiling to her.

"Yeah- she's awesome"

"sooo everything's going good with her?" Bonnie asked raising her tone. He laughed.

"Come on Bon- don't make me go all soppy on ya" she giggled. And it sat with me.


"Yeah yeah- just come to me when you're gonna buy a ring" she said.

"Anyway- I gotta scram. Meeting my friend; going to catch bad guys and what not" she laughed again.

"Yeah yeah; whatever Detective Jones- be careful"

They hugged once tightly and he turned to leave. I stayed for another minute, just watching her as she looked out across the way as the taller building.

Probably lost in her head.

Must have been scary; moving around the city on her own.

She sighed and I could hear her doing so.

"I can take care of my self" she mumbled. And then she turned. Her face looked so 3D here; it sounded stupid but it was the only description I could think of. She was chunkier than April; a ton load more curves- almost the perfect chest size I imagined my fantasy women to have. Her hips were wider and her legs a lot thicker. She was taller too- longer limbed but well proportioned. I studied her face in the short two seconds that she passed back into her apartment; Her eyes were so big and fluttery. Her skin even more beautiful in real life and so flawless. Her lips looked soft.

She was beautiful. Not looking anything like Casey; maybe the height…but that's all.

I listened to her sweeping back the balcony door. I waited for the click to come, for the lock to seal. But it didn't.

I looked over to the building opposite- Casey would be there in a sec. I needed to go.

But I looked down again.

Why? Why did I look down again?

What the fuck?

She hadn't locked her door.

Fucking hell how could she look after her self if she couldn't even shut the door?

I huffed, almost growling as I stood ready to dive back over onto the other building.

Its her own damn fault if she gets in trouble

She shoulda locked it…

She shoulda…


I jumped down. I grabbed the pipe above to hold myself up so that it didn't sound like a crash of thunder dropping onto her balcony. I moved silently following the shadow of her curtains as I crouched down, sandwiching my self behind the balcony railing and the glass that thankfully was coated inside with a dark curtain.

I moved slightly knowing what I was doing was stupid as I took hold of her glass door and moved it an inch; listening for the quiet click of the glass as it locked in shut.

I listened hard; and moved so slow.

It clicked almost immediately as I blew out a deep breath. I shook my head once and bolted, jumping back up onto the roof I was on and then barrelled across the roof back up to where we all were originally stood.

My heart hammered seemed to still as I crouched down the side of the wall; hoping to god she hadn't come back out to see what that noise was.

She hadn't; and the lights in her flat went off- must have gone to bed.


"What the fuck dude?!"

I span round on my heels; Casey stood a few feet away from me.

Oh shit; he must have saw…

Oh shit.

My brain tried to scramble some form of excuse; why did I do it? I shoulda left her, She meant nothing to me- it was nothing.

Just a favour to Casey. He had asked us to keep her safe. She was a fucking stranger for crying out loud!

I opened my mouth to throw shade at him, to tell him it was what he wanted- but he beat me to it.

"You guys took down left flank without me?! I thought we were gonna do east!"



"Leo text me; said to look west instead- told me you'd done east; I wanted to hit that grease bar- get the last of the drunken foot members!"

"Oh…yeah- sorry bro, lets jus' go round again; sure it'll be cool" I told him with a shrug. He groaned at me and huffed swinging his hockey stick threw the air.

"Whatever" he groaned. I swallowed; getting one last look in at the little apartment I had just been stood outside.

"Raph- ya comin'?" he asked again sharply. I turned and fell in line with him.

"yeah yeah; lets go"

We rolled out to the left barrelling over buildings leaving that one behind. I shoved every little thought down I could and flew into the night.

I definitely needed to pulverise some foot. That was for sure.