My eyes scanned the hand through the glass, looking up slowly. A huge muscular body took up most of my balcony. It was crouched over slightly, reaching for my door. Brown boned looking abs filtered around green scaled skin. And the muscles on this guy…fuck.

My eyes dragged up to its face. It was must have been 8ft at least… And my eyes clamped down on amber ones- bright and piercing; holding about the same amount of shock as my own did.

Its face scaled too- a dark green, with a light scar and a wide mouth.

It looked almost like…

Was that a turtle?

But it was so human, so real.

I gasped inwardly, my heart hammering.

I could feel the gurgle of a scream coming to me but it stopped in my throat. Paralysation fell over me as everything on me felt heavy.

I noticed it's face covered in a red torn bandana, covering its head- some sort of Chinese or Japanese writing on the centre.

Tails flowing in the wind.

I blinked hard.

I blinked again.

It was still there.

Then I felt it; the scream coming gurgling up my throat ready to pierce the air.


I clamped my vocal chords together my eyes wide. My body and brain seeming to knit together in an instant, slapping my face internally.

Why had I said that? Of all the things to say and scream or shout and threaten.

And I chose that.

It kept still, like a picture, not even moving an inch. There was a second I thought it was just a cardboard cut out- and Casey was trying to scare me.

Then it breathed and I screamed again.

This time a proper scream and a loud one curdling, my insides.

The creature which I thought would roar and jump for me, leant back- its face crunching up in pain as it clasped the side of its head.

It then looked behind it panicked and in a total human move:

It shushed me.

I gasped as it used its hands to bring a finger its mouth pleadingly another out as if trying to fan me down gently.


The thing growled and shushed again, a look of anger crossed its features.

"jus' listen! I ain't gonna hurt ya! Just shhh woman jeeze!"

My mouth fell open.

"YOU TALK!" I shrieked and suddenly it was rolling its eyes at me as it pushed me backwards, opening my door and barrelled in. I fell back against the glass. It turned to speak to me again; its hands up and in them, two metal spiked forks.

I yelled and backed away again.

"Hey HEY!" I walked backwards nearly tripping over my sofa leg scrambling for my bat. My hands flared out looking for it, or anything to protect myself.

He came in, gruff and tall- huge. Dressed in seemingly modern clothes and sneakers, twirling metal forks expertly. And the thing seemed so human; so animated with moving attitude dressed in all of its features.

I grabbed whatever I could find in my grip.

I held it out in front poised.

I could fight with anything that was remotely close to a bat…

Turns out it was a candle stick.

I growled. I had told Casey to throw these out. He looked at me then down to the stick and blew out a chuckle amused.

"Seriously princess ya wanna 'urt me you'll have to do one betta"

I growled.

But in my head I recognised the accent; the thick tone in his gruff voice…

"Ooooh you got a fight in you…I like that"

"Then you're gonna love me…"

And then I was released. Both men were pulled away from me as I fell back against the wall with a small crack to the back of my head…

I stood my self back up, straightening my back out.

"You…" I said watching him as he watched me. The thudding of his feet seemed to still as he watched my movements. I took him in again;


Twirling metal forks…

Bandana tails blowing in the wind…

"You…you saved me tonight…"

His face fell stoic and in a small grimace; it didn't touch his eyes- his eyes seemed to watch me; Interested and innocent.

He remained silent as I let the air settle over us.

"Why?" I pushed as his eyes crept in with twinkles of anger. He huffed and took a step towards me.

"What ya mean why? So I shoulda let those bozo's rape ya? Jesus girl- you're a danga magnet; ya leave ya balcony door wide open, walk down alley ways, get ya sel lost, damn Casey shoulda put safety net on you as soon as ya landed; you're a liability girl, your-"

"you know my cousin?!" I said strongly my eyes now mirroring his with anger and a hard expression. I could hear a growl being held in the back of his throat as he huffed and looked away from me for a second.

"I asked you; Do you know Casey?!" I growled and his eyes flew back to me. I could tell he had fucked up. his shoulders lifted tightly and fell down.

"If you don't tell me who you are…what you are! Then I'll-"

"You'll what? Look at me girly- ya t'ink a few officers would stop me if dey came up 'ere?"

I froze. My eyes turned wide. What was he planning on doing to me? My shoulders turned stiff as my blood ran cold.

Nothing could stop him…

He seemed to realise what he had said and widened his eyes at his mistake. He licked his lip once and sighed.

"Listen, If I wanted to 'urt ya then trust me- I would have" He huffed and shook his head looking straight down onto me.

I looked up to his face which was now hovering above near me. I looked up into the light amber orbs, they melted and moved like liquid in a glass. I gulped. His scales were well set on his structure and a beautiful colour.

We stayed like that for two minutes, just studying each other. I breathed taking in his size; his height, his muscles… He could certainly kill me with one hand if he wanted too. I gulped again.

He noticed my uncomfortableness and backed away. He dropped his eyes and walked back away from me, letting me get my bearings.

"Look- da only reason a was even out dere in the first place is coz ya balcony is wide open! I mean- fuck girl- dis is New York, and you'll get eaten alive AND the ONLY reason I'm in 'ere now is coz YOU screamed! If I had run off leaving you screamin' after me, everyone would- "

"Who are you?" I asked interrupting him. My voice suddenly much calmer. He fell silent as he watched me, his rant stopped for now as his eyes seemed to study me again. I let him carefully. My own eyes busy trying to work him out.

He had saved my life- a good trait

Had a temper- a bad trait

Hadn't killed me- very good trait. Extremely good.

Had followed me home- a creepy trait

Had lectured me on how to stay safe- a caring trait.

Had kept me safe…

This was new; no one had ever done that for me.


No wonder he had hidden from me in the shadows, he was smart enough to keep safe. But not smart enough to leave me alone?


"What you t'ink I am?" he asked a little quieter, a solemn look on his face. I looked him up and down slowly; raking him in closely. He let me for a minute; just watching as I took a step closer.

"some sort of…batman- vigilante-copy cat?" I said as he looked dead up back to me. His eyes met mine; he looked at me like I was insane.

"Seriously? You look a' me and that's what you t'ink?"

"Well what should I think?!" I exasperated at him. He looked himself up and down pointedly.

"Do I look like some sorta 'Christian Bale' dude?"

"Well…I guess Bale has darker eyes than you do" I shrugged crossing my arms, pushing his buttons. He crossed his eyes at my comment.

"Are you blind princess?! 'Ow many talkin' walkin' crime fightin' turtles ya met before?"

"So that's what you are" I said pointedly. Another minute of silenced filled the air as I thought over what he was.

A talkin' walkin' crime fightin' turtle…long name.

He huffed and rolled his eyes.

"Very funny" he said almost in disgust as I rolled my eyes at him.

We stayed silent for a moment, again the tension strong as I decided to un pick it.

"So…you're really not going to kill me?"

He looked at me silently; pointedly. I got the message.

"And you know my cousin?" I asked folding my arms.

He gave me one strangled nod.

"Were close. "

"And he knows you're a-"

"pretty hard not to notice" he said tilting his head.

I nodded looking to the floor as I swallowed. Trust my cousin to be involved some how.

Typical Jones trait.

"I'm guessing you've been following me?" I said slightly annoyed. He shook his head his features scrunched again.

"No- not a' all- you jus' happened to be on my side of the radar; trus' me I ain't been on ya tail"

I didn't believe him; and I think he knew that as I shared a look with him. But he sighed sharply a breath flaring out from his nostrils as he clicked his teeth at me. I eyed him again carefully for what seemed like the fifth time. He was huge; I couldn't get over how big he was or how little he had made me feel in comparison; yet he manoeuvred round my little flat with expertise and skill like a lithe gymnast would do. His facial features were striking; but in the most glorious way.

He wasn't some ugly hidden creature; but something….



"Ya gettin' a good look at me? wanna picture of the freak?" he growled out as I met his eyes again.

"Is that what they call you? The freak?" I asked him as I swallowed the dryness that sat in my mouth.

He twirled a fork in his hand again, almost like a nervous habit. I had relaxed an inch more around him; settling in to his presence.

"It's a little dry for my taste. I prefer names for faces rather than titles" I added trying to relax him more.

He wasn't a freak…he was just…something different…

A silence fell over us as I took another step towards me. He let me. Then another, and then another until I was stood a few inches away; our feet nearly touching.

I looked him up and down slowly; dragging in the muscles, the clothes, the oversized bandana.

"What's your name?" I asked. His mouth fell open slightly and I could see the human teeth sat inside of them much more clearly.

"Raphael" he told me as I nodded.

"Raphael" I tried it on my tongue, letting it fall naturally. Another silent moment blossomed between us naturally. "I'm Bonnie" I added, and my mind seemed to barrel at the normalcy of it all.

"You ain't freaked?" he asked watching me quietly as I met his eyes. I blew out a small laugh.

"I screamed didn't I? but come on; you were creepin' outside my apartment!"

"Hey! I wouldn't of needed ta if ya would've jus' locked ya door! That's twice now and-"

"I Thought you weren't following me!" I added quickly as he crossed his arms and looked away for a moment.

"So…you've been on my balcony before? It was You who shut my door that night…I thought the wind had…but that was you?" it came out as more of a statement than a question as my eyes looked to the floor confused.

None of it made sense. But I guessed if he hadn't killed me last night, then I was pretty safe around him. But why would he do that?

"Did- did Casey asked you to do this? To be my body guard? because I can take care of my self" I told him waving a hand at him and crossed my arms on my chest.

He watched me with a crazed expression.

"Oh yeah- you had total control ova those punks in dat alley; what would have happened if I didn't turn up? huh?"

"I would have-"

"What princess? What exactly would you 'ave done?" he growled to me angrily. I looked away from him gritting my teeth. My anger seemed to die down as I looked to the floor thinking it over. The memory of those men made me shiver as I felt my spin shake a little, I blew out a nervous breath as I rubbed my arm that the creep had grabbed. I shook it off. Raphael seemed to notice.

"Thank you for that" I said quietly looking to the floor. I knew he could sense my discomfort; he sighed seeming disappointed in himself as he grumbled and corrected his own words.

"Hey- sorry…listen they won't getcha - d'ere just some dumb idiots tryna be cleva, tryin' to try it on with a pretty girl they can't 'ave"

His comment made me snort. His eyes watched mine confused at my sudden abrasive laugh.

"No I don't think they would want a girl like me; most likely looking for a hole to put their dick in really" I mumbled.

He was about to say something else but I waved him off shaking my head.

"Its fine; I'm fine…it's just...I'll avoid alleys from now on" I said as we shared another moment of silence. He looked at the clock, then took one of the forks out again.

"Listen, if ya alright- I should go- I didn't mean to startle ya- its jus' we can't have ya blabbin' about me in da streets- gotta stay hidden yano" He gestured to himself as I nodded to him in understanding biting the very tip of my bottom lip in my teeth. As I looked him over, studying him as I went.

"You're not gonna tell anyone right?" he seemed to push; his eyes raised pulling the red bandana up with him as he spoke.

"I wont tell anyone…not even Casey…as long as you wont tell him I got attacked; he's already anxious enough with me here…I don't wanna cause trouble; not when it wasn't anything big" I said in a sigh.

He nodded too- softer this time. His features more relaxed.

"I'll keep quiet" he nodded and I half smirked. It was an odd feeling. I actually felt myself smile; not directly at him, but just at the situation in general, feeling more relaxed now than half an hour ago. I looked up to him as he turned to go.

"So…is this goodbye?" I asked him with a shrug. He nodded.


I nodded at his words; probably for the best. He took hold of the door handle in his grip.

I sighed looking down at my phone- it had gone ten. I thought about turning to sit back on my sofa and watch the whale documentary like I had planned on doing. Soon he would be gone from my mind like a cartoon in a comic, never really having existed in the first place.

It was probably better that way…

That was until my eyes caught the back of his head as he turned. A trickle of blood fell down the side of his neck as my eyes spied a sliced cut.

"Oh shit you're bleeding!" I told him as he turned back to look at me. He tilted his head and crossed his eyes at me.


I moved closer to him, my hands which were folded across my front seemed to reach up to touch his bandana. He let me. But froze as I touched the back of his head. His scales a lot smoother and warmer than I envisioned. He hissed as I yelped and jumped back.

"Sorry! Sorry!" I told him my eyes bubbled with fear as he reached up to touch the back of his head. A small scrape of blood crossed his chunky finger.

"musta been one of those punks- its alright- it'll go" he said with a shrug. Now it was my turn to look at him crazed.

"What! You could get concussion or something!"

he seemed to laugh.

"Look at me girly- do I look like I get concussion?"

I stayed silent.


I huffed.

"Well…I should check it…at least let me check it…you did save my life; a life for a life?" I offered with a raise of my hand. He was about to wave it off opening his mouth to speak when I interrupted again.

"I have beer a thank you?" again, I chewed the tip of my lip.

His mouth shut. His eyes lifted a little from their crossed state.

"Well…I have time for one" he said with a small nod as if he tried to convince himself with little difficulty. I smiled again.

I knew a way into a guy's heart. I wasn't sure what pushed me to get him to stay, but I was glad about it. Probably because the only friends I had around here were April and Casey, and a change of pace had seemed to blown my interest through the roof.

I was far too interested in him, and I was liking it far too much.

I lead him into my small kitchen and sat him down at my wooden table. He followed me unsure of what I was doing. Hell I was unsure what I was doing too; but I opened my fridge and handed him a bottle of beer. He took it quickly, as he popped the lid and sipped it carefully, completely un-passed at the moment. I wanted to giggle at how normal this seemed, like I had just invited a guy round for a beer.

Not that I had invited a 7ft talking turtle up into my kitchen, after saving me from three drunk potential rapists.

I felt myself pale.

I poured myself a small glass of whisky and took a heavy drink ceasing my tongue at the twinge. It seemed to do the trick.

"Ya okay?" he asked as I took a breath and turned my eyes back to his. I looked to him as I picked up my whisky in my hand.

"Sorry- just… you ever think life is set one way…and then the next thing you know-" I said with exaggerated hands.

"Ya sat in ya kitchen with a giant ass turtle after jus bein' felt up in a alleyway?"

"Damn; you talk and read minds too?"

I took another mouthful. He smirked at me. I looked back and smiled to him; leaning against my sink. I laughed a little at the normality again. I rubbed the side of my head with my hand.

"Is it weird for you that I'm not freaking out?"

"Most people run screamin' when they see us…or faint- you're a slight success story"

"I screamed- but then again you were breaking into my apartment" I said with a point of my finger.

"Hey, I wasn't tryin' ta-"

I hushed him putting my glass down and moving to grab my first aid kit from the top of the fridge.

"You're- you're hushing me now?!" he said with an abrasive tone. I grinned and opened up the kit, grabbing cotton swabs, as I turned to wash them under my tap. I turned to look over my shoulder at him.

He looked up at me, then leant back in my chair, extending his leg out in front of him taking another sip of the beer I handed him. I turned towards him as he eyed me or more so, the cotton swabs; a nervous look in his eye.

"You aren't gonna bite me if this stings, are you?" I asked him honestly as he took another swig of his beer.

"Depends" he said causally watching me with a new playful look in his eyes.

I froze.

He chuckled under his breath as he rolled his eyes at me.

"You're too easy"

"Jerk" I breathed as I moved over to him and leant over to his shoulder.

I eyed his cut slightly as I pressed the cold swab to his neck. His skin was rough, but smother than it looked, almost like elephant skin; and warm. My fingers splayed out a little as I pressed on him, feeling the green beneath my prints. He gritted his teeth together once; eyes squeezing shut in pain. I lifted my fingers away, only placing them on the cotton swab away from his skin.

It was odd, but as I worked he seemed to grumble and growl. I all but muffled a small giggle under my breath.

"What so funny?" he asked gruffly as I turned my head to look at him. My fingers gently pressed against his neck as I pressed down onto his cut soothing it again; he growled twice over rumbling in his chest. This time I didn't back away. I kept just as close.

"You can take down rapists, officers, probably buildings by the looks of you…but a little swab on your cut…and your growling at me like I'm the threat" I giggled again, and I could see him trying to recompose himself as still as possible.

I pressed again a little harder as he turned away and flinched.

I hushed him again studying the cut, my fingers slowly began dancing away again, this time over the light coloured scales on his neck. I could feel the movement of body and breath lifting underneath my fingers. The bleeding was easing slowly as I pressed against him against; my other hand coming to rest on his shoulder lazily, not really noticing it as I concentrated on his small cut. The room fell quiet as I worked for a few minutes; a gurgle or purr fell out of him as his eye caught my own. Making me stop slowly what I was doing as I lifted my fingers away from him.

His light bright eyes shone into mine almost capturing me for a moment as he watched my moves gently.

"You're good" I told him swallowing down the growing lump in my throat as I smiled nervously; it didn't touch my eyes.

I turned and threw the cotton swab in the bin and grabbed my whisky cup again. Taking another gulp, squeezing my eyes shut at the burn.

"Fucked up day" I whispered to myself as I huffed and turned back to him. He watched me with a small smug look on his face. His free arm crossed across his hip as the other touched the bottle to his lips again.

"What?" I asked feeling his eyes rake over me.

"Ain't never seen a chick drink whisky straight before" he said with a shrug. I rolled my eyes.

"well, guess we're both one of a kind then" I said lifting the glass to my lips. He put the empty bottle of beer down on the counter and stretched his neck left and right with a satisfying crack.

"You drink whisky?" I asked him as he tilted his head coolly with a soft nod. I lifted a glass out of the cupboard and sat down beside him.

"every now an' again"

"Jack? you seem like a 'Jack' guy to me" I said pouring a little into the glass and refilling mine. He looked to me for a moment; a longing look, then laughed shaking his head.

"What?" I asked again.

"Not'in…jus'…you sittin' with me like a was a normal guy at a bar"

He smirked gently at me as I looked to him with wide eyes and then burst out laughing and shook my head.

"wow" I said to him tucking one of my legs over my other. "I don't think I've ever sat with a guy at a bar…ever…you're not the only one who thinks people will run screaming from you" I said with a sad pointed smile. He dropped his eyebrows tightly and grimaced.

"How come?"

I looked my self up and down amusedly. He remained the same, confused.

"Lets put it this way…I'm assuming you've seen a picture of April before? Casey's girlfriend?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. He nodded still pulling the same face.

"well…I'm no 'April', and 'April's' are what this world runs on" I said honestly, taking my eyes away from him as I took another sip of my drink.

He stayed silent; stoic almost as I sighed and shook my head.

"dose guys down dat alley seemed to want ya fine" he said and I looked to him with a 'are you for real?' look.

"yeah…because that's what you want in a man" I giggled and rubbed my eye. A yawn fell out of me. "Nah, all the good ones want good looking ones; no big deal" I shrugged. He looked at me with a confused expression. I thought it might have been pity.

"I'm good being alone; less trouble" I told him with a half hearted look. He twitched.

"Ya caused plenty on ya own" he asked with a smirk as I laughed lightly at his words.

I turned away, lowering my eyes as I let a small yawn out. "besides, ya look good to me" he said with a shrug. For a minute I could have sworn I felt myself blush. But I let it go as I stifled another nervous yawn.

"I should letcha sleep…I need ta get back anyway" he said as I swallowed looking up to him.

I followed him as he stood for a minute, his height still took me by surprise as he towered over me. He shuffled out of my kitchen- I followed on his tail, taking in his large shell as we walked. It was covered in patterns and lines and Japanese symbols up and down.

He turned once as he reached my windows.

"Keep this locked" he told me with a point of his finger. He reached down and pulled a fork out of his pocket, twirling it it expertly in his hand. I wasn't sure if that was meant as a warning or a threat as I watched his hands move.

He caught my eye again.

"An listen to ya cousin; no more alley way adventures"

"Yes sir" I snorted as he smirked at me and turned diving out of my window. He flew up onto my roof as I ran out after him. The grin on my face mischievous and wide. I didn't see him after that; just the darkness and the slight smoke coming from the rooftop pipes.

Silence rang out as I stayed on my balcony for another moment, taking in the beautiful sky lights of New York. I always wanted to see the sky line, but from my tiny building I could never really see it.

I looked over to the apartment next to mine, further down, lights off.

I pulled my phone out again and looked down to my phone.

It had gone 1 am…

Jeeze, were we sat there that long?

I shivered as I felt a chill around my body as I turned heading in sliding the door shut and walking passed my curtain…

"Damn girl, wait for the click!" an annoyed voice called as I turned round snappishly. A smile fell to my face as I laughed heavily. I eyed the roof top unable to see him.

I giggled and stuck my head out through the door.

"Good night Raphael!" I called longingly in a sing song voice. With a final growl I shut the door; waiting for the click as I turned and headed straight to bed. I walked with a bounce in my step that felt new and breezy. My mind rushed through the events of the evening as I felt myself barrel down a weird path. The attack, the rescue, the run home…Raphael...

I shut my bedroom door behind me tightly as I rested my head against it.

I had taken it all so lightly, everything seemed so peachy…but then I felt the day's exhaustion hit me like a brick to the face.

Sleep was definitely what I needed- sleep would help me get through the day tomorrow.

I pulled on the best PJ's I could find and swirled the covers over me. Finding sleep was a hell of a lot easier this time around as my mind drifted softly into my recount with Raphael…

Allllrightttt- what do we think of this? i wanted them to have a playful banter with each other- i think Bonnie could hold her own against him.. she may have something to prove though...

ahh! I do love this story! hope you guys are too!