A/N: In our original drafts for Glad You Came, Kurt started working at Satire almost immediately after running into Sebastian at the bar (Bas literally told him they were hiring in sc 3), and we didn't have him break up with Blaine until the routine at Satire (which was originally only about 5 scenes later…it was only ever going to be 8 chapters or so!).That means that in this scene, Kurt's first night at Satire, he's still rather conflicted about his relationship.

We ended up cutting it and doing a rewrite because we felt it was moving too fast to be realistic; and as we started re-writing, we also realised that Sebastian would still be under legal drinking age, and can't exactly drink as much at the bar as we had him do in this draft. We ended up using a few of the dance bits later in ch 10, though we also cut the bit where Kurt talks about the bashing, because we decided to strike that from canon. Kurt's been through enough without that!

The pacing and the style is a little choppy - our drafts are really just outlines for rewrites later on. Still, we thought there are a few fun moments in this scene, and maybe you'd like a peek into the infamous draft #1.

Kurt was never more grateful for his sensible, flat Doc Martens than he was at the end of his first night on the new job. His feet were killing him - but he would have died hours ago if he'd worn his heeled ankle boots with the pointed toes. Finally, the last patrons had left, and it was time to clean up and unwind. It was Friday night, Kurt had no more early shifts at Spotlight, and no intention of going home soon.

Exhaustion aside, he felt pleased with his first shift. He'd shared with Sebastian and Marc, another colleague, because he was still learning the ropes. Whenever someone ordered one of the cocktails Kurt had already practised, they'd ask the customer if they were interested in getting a 'rookie discount' in return for feedback about their drink. Most of them were happy to try it, and nearly all had been satisfied. Some even ordered the same drink a few times, telling Kurt 'a little more of this', 'a little less of that' until he got it just right.

He'd also been slipped quite a few tips... and phone numbers. A part of him wished he could throw them in Blaine's face when he got home, but that would only make things worse. At least the evening had distracted him.

"That last triple order was crazy," Kurt said, putting the bottles away. "I've never seen anyone drink down that much Tabasco without flinching."

"It was a first for me as well!" Sebastian said shaking his head. "I thought he'd be sick for sure." He lifted a bucket of warm soapy water onto the ledge behind the bar, grabbed the cloth from within and began wiping the bar down.

"Not bad for your first night, Hummel!" he said, nudging Kurt with his elbow. "A regular Tom Cruise."

"Thanks," Kurt replied, smiling happily. "I'm a lot taller than Tom, though." He winked and reached for the broom.

Kurt had even tried a few tricks. Sebastian was right; YouTube was full of instruction videos. Kurt had been practising with anything he could get his hands on; water bottles, the remote, his hairspray can...and of course, the bottles he had taken from the bar. The wrist-flip and pour he had down quite quickly, and he'd tried it a few times tonight to great success. A simple pass around the back worked as well, but for the most time, he was just happy if he didn't have to check the ingredients on the menu.

The floor was sticky and would need more than dry sweeping, but they still had a few drinks to pour, so Kurt only swept up the bottle caps, straws and napkins for now.

Marc walked up with the last tray of empty glasses he'd gathered and as he headed to the back, he called out: "I think it's time!"

"Time for the pitchers!" several others replied, and cheered.

Kurt narrowed his eyes. "Pitchers?"

Sebastian grinned. "Cocktails...in a pitcher...Friday night special." He grabbed a jug from the shelf and placed it on the counter. "They are not on the regular menu it's a sure fire way to get people drunk too quickly...but we break them out after work."

"That sounds...enticing," Kurt said, not entirely convinced. Still, the others seemed to be in a good mood and he didn't want to be a buzzkill.

Soon enough, several tall, fruity concoctions stood lined up at the bar, as well as a row of shooters and a bowl of limes, and someone had started up the party music.

"I have to warn you," Kurt whispered in Sebastian's ear over the music, "the last time I was drunk, I made out with a mall Santa who tied me up and then robbed the place."

Sebastian closed his eyes for a moment at Kurt's words then opened them and looked down at him. "Guess I'll have to keep an eye on you then," he said in a low voice, reaching back to get a shot glass and passed Kurt before taking one for himself. "Bottoms up."

He downed his shot and felt the warmth his his stomach. "I don't have to be up in the morning..." he said reaching for a pitcher full of Blue Lagoon and offering one of the straws to Kurt. "This could get messy."

"Santé," Kurt replied, and downed a shot as well. When Sebastian handed him a straw, he briefly hesitated. He'd only ever shared a drink that way with Mercedes, and Blaine. But the thought of Blaine made him feel rebellious, and he accepted the straw. "Messy is just what I need," he mumbled, and put his straw down in the drink.

Sebastian detected and hint of something in Kurt's voice but decided not to press. He didn't want another near argument or whatever it was that kept happening when Blaine was mentioned, so he let it pass and focused on making sure Kurt had a good night.

They drank their way through the pitcher and the mix of alcohol in his system caused a happy buzz to wash over him. A familiar song came on and he offered his hand to Kurt.

"Dance with me?"

"I thought you'd never ask," Kurt replied, letting Sebastian lead him to the dance floor.

The beat pumped the alcohol through his veins, and his hips found the rhythm easily, swinging from side to side. Others joined them quickly, but Kurt hardly noticed. He let himself go in the music, mouthing the lyrics, his eyes nearly closed. Whenever he did open them, he'd find Sebastian looking at him, dancing close by. With a smile on his face, Kurt ran his hands up and down his body, well-aware that months in the gym and professional dance classes stood between this night and that awkward shuffle in Scandals.

Sebastian had stepped up his game as well. And when had he unbuttoned the top half of his shirt, anyway? Kurt was sure he'd worn it buttoned up earlier. To catch up, Kurt followed suit, loosened his slim tie and popped the buttons on his shirt as well.

The way Kurt was moving was sinful and it was all Sebastian could do to not replace Kurt's hands with his own.

He watched with amazement as Kurt unpopped his shirt exposing pale flesh which contrasted with his black undershirt and Sebastian longed to touch. He swallowed. Two could play at that game.

He untucked his shirt from his jeans and ran his hand through his hair, letting other other hand run down his chest. He bent his knees and gave in to the beat of the music letting his hips roll in time.

Songs flowed seamlessly into each other, and Kurt gave his all. He wanted to dance it all away; the fights, the humiliation, the disappointment. It was like he only had this one chance to make it count, before he had to go home again.

He watched Sebastian unabashedly. If Blaine could look at other men, so could he. And Sebastian was definitely giving him something to look at. Kurt danced closer, matching his style and motion to Sebastian's so as to get close without bumping into him.

Sebastian noticed Kurt getting closer to him and to start with he kept trying to keep the distance but as the night wore on and the alcohol and music flowed in abundance his resolve was fading first.

Figuring he'd probably be going to hell anyway he decided to let his resolve go completely. Staring directly into Kurt's eyes he dropped to the floor, knees spread wide, he curved his body as he stood back up, sticking his as out behind him and stepped close to Kurt, closing the last bit of distance between them.

He reached for Kurt's hips and began to move them in time with the music, slowly at first to give Kurt time to pull away if he wanted to.

Now there was something he'd never seen the Warblers do, Kurt thought amused. God, it was hot. The audience would probably have exploded.

It wasn't until Sebastian put his hands on him that Kurt realized how starved for touch he was. It was almost like Sebastian's hands threw sparks. This, this was all he wanted, to feel appreciated, to be drawn in. To have someone who wanted him, instead of pushing him away. He closed his eyes with a sigh and let the music lead him. The alcohol in his blood was making him sway, and he put a hand on Sebastian's chest to steady himself. He could feel it rise and fall. Kurt opened his eyes, and swallowed. This close, he imagined he felt Sebastian's heart beat.

At Kurt's touch Sebastian closed his eyes and dropped his head forward to rest their foreheads together, his hands slid up to hold Kurt's waist under his undone shirt.

"Kurt." He whispered almost desperately, what was wrong with him? He was so far in over his head.

Kurt wasn't so drunk that he couldn't recognise the situation for what it was. He'd let it come this far, encouraged it even, but deep inside he knew he couldn't go through with it. He'd sworn to himself he'd never cheat, and even though Blaine had repeatedly accused him of doing just that, Kurt could honestly say he had never crossed that line. It was tempting to do it now. A part of him really wanted to. It seemed especially appropriate that it'd be Sebastian. It was with his arrival in their lives that it had all begun.

"I cant," he said hoarsely, and let his hand drop. A slow song had started playing. Kurt nodded at the bar. "Maybe we should cool down a little."

Sebastian squeezed Kurt briefly at his words and nodded, sucking in a deep breath and stepping away. "I get it...I'd never want to do something that would compromise you...I'm sorry." He shoved his hands into his pockets and smiled at Kurt warmly. "How about I make you my famous Smythe Spectacular?" He grinned.

Kurt smiled in relief. He hadn't been sure what Sebastian's reaction would be. His experiences with turning down Blaine's avances when he was intoxicated weren't exactly pretty.

"That sounds spectacular," he said. He took a seat at the bar. He still felt quite flushed, and hoped Sebastian's special drink had plenty of crushed ice in it. "You're a good dancer," he said, to fill the silence.

Sebastian smiled as he started mixing the drink. "Thanks...you're not so bad yourself...your moves have uh...definitely improved since high school." He chuckled. "You are full of surprises Kurt Hummel..."

Kurt rolled his eyes and shimmied his shoulders a little to mock his former go-to dance move. "It's easier here in New York," he admitted. "Especially in places like this."

It had a lot to do with Schue - and everyone else in Ohio, except maybe Finn, in the end- telling him to tone it down. Even Blaine... though those rules never seemed to apply to himself. The thought of his fiancé twisted something in his gut. To distract himself, Kurt picked up one of the remaining shot glasses. He licked his hand, sprinkled some salt on it, and took a slice of lime between his fingers.

"To New York!" he said, and took the shot.

Sebastian watched Kurt carefully, not too inebriated to notice that some was off.

"Kurt..." he started warily. "...is everything okay? You're knocking those shots back quicker than normal..."

Kurt's first instinct was to go into counter-attack. But he held himself back, knowing that it wasn't a real attack in the first place. So now what? The truth? The last time he tried that, it only made him feel worse. But something inside him nagged him to share it, to reassure himself that he wasn't at fault. He wasn't, was he?

"Blaine and I had a fight today," he started, and shook his head a little. "Another one."

Sebastian bit his lip and surveyed Kurt. He didn't get it, Blaine clearly made him miserable and yet he was still with him?

But then who was he to judge...he'd only known them for a few months back in Ohio and the circumstances then were terrible. And now he and Kurt had only met a couple of weeks ago...they didn't know each other or anything really about each other's lives...but he couldn't help but be drawn to Kurt. There was something about him that made Sebastian to want to get to know him...to protect him. Not that he couldn't handle himself but he shouldn't have to.

"What was the fight about?" He asked gently.

"A couple of days ago I walked in on him looking at porn on his laptop," Kurt said, then sighed. "So I asked him how long that had been going on, and if that was why we hadn't had sex in weeks. He got... very defensive."

Kurt paused. "It came up again today when I came home. He'd cooked dinner, and it was all...triple-fried, extra cheese...I don't even know what it was supposed to be under all that stuff. So I told him I couldn't eat it, and offered to get us a salad from the deli. He got angry and said I was manorexic, and all I did was work out, and show off my body to other guys-"

He broke off, knowing the last bit sounded a bit hollow considering the display on the dance floor just now.

"He meant at class," he added softly. "He doesn't know about the Tuesday nights. And then he somehow twisted everything around to say that I changed so much since Ohio that he felt more at ease jerking off to porn than being with me."

A lot more had been said, but Kurt wasn't sure he could bear to repeat it. Blaine had actually admitted he could only feel good in their relationship if he had the upper hand.

Sebastian swore under his breath and shook his head. "Kurt..." he started and shook his head again not wanting to over step and push Kurt away.

"There is nothing wrong with wanting to look after yourself, or for expecting your partner to spend more time sexually with you that with himself..."why the fuck are you still with him? He added in his head. "Does he attack you like that often?"

Kurt shrugged. "It's gotten worse since he moved to New York." He bit his lip. "I know he likes to show the world this super confident persona, but he's actually very insecure. It was easier for him to shine at Dalton. Until you came, he basically had no competition. Then at McKinley, he had to share the spotlight with Rachel, Finn, Mercedes, and the new kids later on. Here, the whole of NYADA is his competition."

He sighed. "Unfortunately he thinks I am against him too. Like I am getting good grades to spite him. Or that I deliberately let myself get kicked into the hospital just to look better than he."

"Wait...the hospital?" Sebastian asked urgently. "You were in the hospital?"

"A few weeks ago," Kurt answered. "I was coming from a club when I heard someone being called names. You know, nasty stuff. Stuff we've all heard before." He nodded at Sebastian and his co-workers. "I went to look, and these guys were beating up this kid, and I just-" He shrugged. "I went in to help, but they were a lot stronger than me so I ended up getting the shit kicked out of me. The kid got away, though."

Kurt hesitated to tell Sebastian the rest. He seemed really on edge. "I passed out at some point. Woke up in the hospital." He paused. "Someone at NYADA heard about it. It was a big deal for a week or so. Another thing Blaine couldn't share with me."

Sebastian walked briskly round to the other side of the bar and grabbed Kurt's shoulders shaking him slightly. "What the hell were you thinking?" He said in a panicked voice. "They could have killed you Kurt! Is that what those scrapes and cuts on your face were that first night you were in here? Residue from the flight?" He shook his head, the mix of alcohol in his system mixed with his heightened nerves to make him feel light headed. "Kurt..." he groaned sliding his hands down to grip Kurt's arms. "What the hell were you thinking?" He repeated, quieter this time.

Kurt stood his ground, though his pupils were blown wide and he studied Sebastian closely, ready to react. He relaxed a little when Sebastian took his hands. This was familiar territory. He didn't like it, but at least he could anticipate it. He'd seen this look in Blaine's eyes often enough, and in David's, right before they kissed him.

"That's what my father asked," he replied quietly. "The truth is, I wasn't. Thinking. I just didn't want that kid to be alone, like I was at his age."

Sebastian breathed out deeply trying to calm himself down, his slid his hands down to grab hold of Kurt's and squeezed them before dropping them and stepping away. He could see the fear in Kurt's eyes through his panic and that was enough to calm him down.

"Kurt." He whispered. "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to scare you." He swallowed. "I saw those marks and though that...he'd done that to you...I didn't say anything because we'd just met and I didn't want to push...but...Jesus...you walked into a fight you knew you'd lose just so some other kid didn't get beat on?" He stepped forward again but slower this time, calculated so that Kurt could see him. "You're amazing." He whispered. "But you're not allowed to do that again...ok?"

For a split second, Kurt was disappointed when Sebastian stepped away. Then his rational mind corrected him; this was good, he even offered an apology for personal boundaries breached. Kurt pushed it away. Now was not the time to evaluate how screwed-up his notion of passion was.

"You thought Blaine had hit me like that?" Kurt asked, shocked. It did explain why Sebastian had spoken so harshly about his acceptance of the proposal. He shook his head. "No. He may have his... moments, but..." Without wanting to, Kurt remembered that night when Blaine, revved up by Sebastian, had held him down on the back seat of his car. "He's not like that," he said decisively. He offered Sebastian a small smile. "And don't worry. I think one cracked skull counts for enough good karma for a while."

"How can you joke Kurt?" Sebastian asked weakly. "Those guys could have killed you!...Wait...is that why you go to the gym and eat properly? You want to make yourself stronger...so you can defend yourself?"

Kurt smiled. "Well, that's a plus, yeah. But I also just kinda like having abs. I'm training to be a performer. My body is my instrument." He put a hand on Sebastian's arm. "Relax. I learned my lesson, ok? Next time I'll call 911."

"Now how about that special drink you were mixing? Is its speciality...melted ice?" he teased gently. The moment had passed, and he wanted to get back to enjoying his evening.

Sebastian was shaking violently from the pent up emotions of the last 10 minutes but at Kurt's touch he finally started to relax.

He huffed out a laugh at Kurt's teasing and smiled at him, tension almost gone.

"I'll have you know there are many drinks in the world made using melted ice." He said with a grin. "It's called water."

Kurt laughed. "Of course. Well, I could use some water, too, I guess. I don't have an early shift tomorrow but I don't plan on spending the morning over my toilet bowl either."

Sebastian was still looking at him the way people had at NYADA after they found out, and it was a bit unsettling. Kurt didn't think of himself as some kind of hero. More like a guy with too little care for himself to stop and consider the consequences.

"Come on, hit me up with the Smythe Spectacular," he encouraged Sebastian.

Sebastian grinned it was the first time he'd heard Kurt laugh properly and it was sound that went right through him, it was enough to settle his anxiety completely.

"Alright...have a seat."

He made his way back round the bar and began mixing the drink. Once done he poured it into two glasses and handed one to Kurt. "Cheers."

"Cheers." Kurt sipped it carefully, licking his lips, and waiting for the taste to unfold. "I like it," he said, taking another sip. "Aniseed?"

He hoped Sebastian wouldn't treat him differently now. Kurt felt a bit better, knowing that Sebastian agreed with him about the fight with Blaine, but it had come at the price of divulging a lot of his private life. And what he did really know about Sebastian?

Sebastian watched a Kurt take a sip and was pleased at his response. "Yep...glad you like it."

They drank their drinks in companionable silence and Sebastian finally started to feel the effects of the evening. His eyes started to blur around the edges and his body felt lax.

"Let's dance again?" He offered as the music changed again.

"Yes," Kurt agreed. "Dancing is... good." He slid off his stool. The floor swayed a little, like on a ship, but it stopped after a few seconds and Kurt found his footing.

An old pop song was playing, and Kurt grinned. It sounded like something they covered in Glee club. He tried to remember a few steps. What was that spin Sam had shown them back then?

Sebastian followed Kurt back out onto the dance floor a little bit more steady on his feet than Kurt was but he too was feeling the effect of the last few hours of drinking.

He watched almost as if in slow motion as Kurt span around, saw as he lost his balance and started tumbling towards the floor.

Sebastian lunged forward to steady him but stumbled under Kurt's weight and then fell into a heap on the floor with Sebastian pinning Kurt to the floor in a very compromising position.

Kurt grunted with the impact. For a moment, he wasn't sure where he was or why he got there. At the feel of a warm body on top of his, realisation hit. He stared up at Sebastian. "Hey," he said sheepishly.

He was dimly aware of some people around him applauding and whistling, but made no move to rise. He couldn't have if he wanted to.

Sebastian froze and stared down at Kurt "Hey." He said quietly, unable to stop staring at him.

Kurt shifted uncomfortably under him and it was then that he realised when his hand had fallen and he sprang up quickly blushing.

"Sorry! Sorry!" He stammered. "I saw you fall and thought I could catch you...I'm normally steadier on my feet."

He offered Kurt a hand to help him up.

Kurt followed Sebastian's eyes to his hand, and licked his lips. "That's...okay," he mumbled, and scrambled up.

He brushed himself off, avoiding the looks of his brand new colleagues. Great first impression! Well, second- but still.

"Thank you for trying, though. I think your spectacular drink both did us in." Kurt offered him a smile.

A slower song started playing. "Another try?" Kurt offered Sebastian his hand.

Sebastian chuckled awkwardly and flared at a couple of their colleagues who were leering at them.

He chuckled at Kurt's words and smiled back at him.

Trying to compose himself he took Kurt's hand and pulled him closer. He kept hold of Kurt's hand and slid his free one round to settle on the small of Kurt's back.

"Can't believe it's only been two weeks since that first night here." He said quietly, his voice slightly slurred.

"I know," Kurt replied. "You are a game-changer, Sebastian Smythe. Just like last time." He sighed and rested his head on Sebastian's shoulder. "Only nicer."

Sebastian smiled and tipped his head against the side of Kurt's.

"A game changer huh?" He tried to play it off cool but his brain started whirling, what does that mean? he asked himself. "How so?"

"I mean, you turn my life upside down. Here I am, a new job, new people...a new friend." Kurt paused, swaying with the music. He was getting drowsy, dreamlike. "And last time...oh boy." He chuckled softly. "A few words with you, and Blaine had only one thing left on his mind... ready or not."

Sebastian closed his eyes and smiled, subconsciously holing Kurt tighter. "Glad I can be of service...now." He trailed off. Hating the idea that Kurt may have been pushed to have sex before he was really ready.

Suddenly, Kurt felt something vibrate between them. It took him a moment - and a few rings- to realise it was his phone. "Oh my god, I'm sorry, that's me," he said, letting go of Sebastian to reach into his tight jeans and pull out his phone. Of course. Blaine.

Kurt looked at Sebastian. The reality of what they'd been doing hit him, and he had to turn away to take the call.

"Hey. Still at work. It's...an after-party. No, employees only. I'll be home soon." He glanced over his shoulder, his face falling a bit. "No, I'm not angry anymore. Ok. Bye."

The vibration from Kurt's phone popped the bubble Sebastian had let himself be cocooned in and brought him crashing back to reality.

As Kurt turned away to answer his phone Sebastian stepped away and folded his arms over his chest awkwardly.

Kurt glanced back and him and he smiled sadly.

"Is it time to turn back into a pumpkin?" He asked in an attempt at humour as Kurt hung up and turned back round.

Kurt pressed his lips together in a thin smile and nodded.

He didn't want to leave. The club was a safe haven full of people who accepted him. And Sebastian...In two weeks, he'd shown more care, concern and genuine interest in him than Blaine had in months. It felt wrong, like it was too good to be true. Blaine had been caring and concerned at first as well. Was this the way Dalton boys courted?

It didn't matter - he wasn't, couldn't be, available for courtship.

"Thank you," Kurt said. "For all of this. I'll see you on Tuesday."

Sebastian nodded and smiled. "Any time! Congrats on surviving your first night!" He said, guiding Kurt back over to the bar. He reached behind and handed Kurt his jacket.

"Have a good weekend."

A/N2:...yeah. It's pretty bad, isn't it? :D But we'd just met, and we were just writing for ourselves after years of writer's block… it took a bit until we found our voices. We slowed this down A LOT, and decided to make Sebastian fall first, and have Kurt be unaware of it longer...and then, 8 chapters became 51! (see what we meant when we said editing takes a lot longer than the writing? ;) )