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"Cassie! You get back here! You got chores." Mrs. Weston yelled as her daughter galloped past on her father's best horse, leaving her mother in a cloud of dust.

The baby started crying and Mrs. Weston hefted her youngest daughter on her hip. "I tell you, when that girl gets home she's going to get such a lickin'." Mrs. Weston shook her head.

Cassandra Weston gripped the reins and dug her heels into the glossy black haunches of her father's horse. "Damn that woman," she grumbled as she sped past her father who ran out of the barn.

"Girl! Where you off too?" He cried out as a cloud of dust flew up into his face. He coughed and wiped his handkerchief across his mouth.

Cassie's backside bounced off the horse and she cursed as she tore the ribbon out of her hair. Her mother always insisted she wear them. No matter how much Cassie protested, Mrs. Weston was instant on turning Cassandra into the perfect young woman.

"How far from it am I?" She wondered, smirking. Cassie had never appreciated the constricting corsets or boiling petty coats, but instead had always preferred loose fitting boy's clothes.

Her mother had put up with it until Cassie was sixteen. Then instead of a new pair pants for Christmas, she got a nice new dress and a pair of glossy second hand boots.

She pressed her heels softly against Bullet's glossy black haunches, she shook her head and yanked her tight blouse from the waist of her billowing skirt.

Cassie wasn't watching what she was doing and all of a sudden there was a sharp yell. Bullet spooked and Cassie's head shot up. She cried out, fumbling for the reins, but it was too late and she slipped. Cassie toppled off Bullet and fell onto the hard dirt. She covered her head with her arms and Bullet stomped and whinnied in distress.

"Hey," a mans voice said softly, "hey," he repeated; he reached up and snagged Bullet's reins before the horse had a chance to rear again. "Calm down," Bullet nickered and the man laughed. "Calm down," he said again, dropping his hand onto Bullet's head. Cassie groaned and blinked, clutching her wrist which throbbed painfully.

"Hey, you okay?" The man asked and it took a moment for Cassie to realize he was talking to her. She pushed herself up onto her elbows and shielded her eyes with her good hand.

"Jesse?" Cassie wondered, sitting more upright. "Is that you Jesse James?"

"Cassie? Shit. You okay? That was quite a fall you took." Jesse reached out and grabbed a hold of Cassie's right hand and pulled her to her feet.

"You know me, ever graceful," Cassie grinned then caught sight of Frank, who was holding Jesse's horse. "Hey Frankie," she waved. Cassie turned back to Jesse and gave him a playful shove. "How you doin'?"

Jesse shrugged, "all right I guess, considering." Jesse took hold of Cassie's shoulder. "Are you hurt?"

"My wrist," Cassie replied, touching it gingerly. It hurt, but not bad enough to be broken. Cassandra Weston had had enough broken bones in her life to know the difference. "I think it's just twisted; it should be all right."

"Better go see Doc Mimms," Jesse said but Cassie shook her head.

"He's seen my face enough these past few years," Cassie brushed her tangled hair away from her face and closed her eyes against the sweltering sun.

"But if it's sprained, you should get it fixed."

Cassie waved Jesse away, "I'm sure Mama's got something around the house."

Jesse snorted and shook his head. He stood back, drawing in all of Cassie's features. They had been friends for ages--since the both of them had been in diapers. Cassie looked the same with her wild tangled black hair and bright blue eyes. Except she wasn't fat...and didn't look like a boy no more.

"I'll be fine Jesse. Now, where's that ugly cousin of yours?"

"You mean Cole?"

"No." Cassie replied sarcastically, "I mean Bob."

"At Ma's I guess."

"I'll come with you," Cassie flipped her hair behind her shoulder.

"But you're wrist..." Jesse began, knowing it was futile.

"Don't make me tell you again." Cassie threatened. Then she saw Jesse's smirk. "What?"

"Nothing," Jesse replied quickly.

"What's so funny?"

Jesse held up his hands, "I didn't say nothing."

"Shut up," she snapped. Cassie turned around and climbed onto Bullet the best she could with her throbbing wrist. "I know what you're thinking."

"Do you?" Jesse teased.

"Yeah I do, so shut up!"

"It's nothing to embarrassed about."

"Yeah, it is."

"You were twelve, I seriously doubt--"

Cassie narrowed her eyes again, "I told you to shut up Jesse James. You know I can beat the piss out of you, I always could."

"But I didn't say anything!"

"Would you two stop bitching at each other all ready?" Frank wondered, "come on Jesse, Ma's waitin'."

"I'll meet you back home," Jesse told Cassie as he climbed back onto his horse.

"Not if I get there first," Cassie grumbled.

"Oh Lord," Frankie mumbled to the sky, "can we not start this again?"

Bullet lurched forward and Cassie held on for dear life as she raced Jesse all the way home. He pulled a head of her just around the bend and Cassie cursed, pressing her heels more tightly against Bullet's haunches. By the time she reached Jesse's front yard, Ma James had both her sons wrapped in a tight hug.

"Cassandra Weston?" Ma James shouted, "that you?"

"Yes ma'am," Cassie said climbing off of Bullet, she quickly tethered him to a post by the trough.

"Come on," Ma James said to Jesse and Frank, "come on in, I just started serving lunch." She saw Cassie and waved, "come on Cassie you too." Cassie ran after Jesse and they burst in the front door.

"That ain't fair, you elbowed me," Cassie wheezed. Cassie looked up and saw Tom, Bob, Jim and Cole gathered around Ma James' kitchen table. It took Cole a moment to recognize her but when he did, he started.

"Cassie?" He mumbled, "shit."

"Cassandra?" Bob declared, slapping his hands against the table, "what the hell happened to you?"

"Grew taller I guess," Cassie replied, laughing as Bob flung his arms around her neck. Bob couldn't help but to stare at Cassie.

"Well..." he said, finding himself speechless, "well..." he repeated, he turned her to Cole, "look at her."

"She ain't so fat no more I guess."

"Aren't you observant," Cassie shot back, taking a seat beside Tom.

"Cassie, that's Tom our guide; Tom, Cassie." Jesse introduced.

"Who used to be fat," Bob said happily.

"Shut up," Cassie blushed.

"Hey," Ma James said, taking hold of Cassie's left wrist, Cassie gasped and pulled her hand away. "What happened?"

"Bullet threw me," Cassie muttered.

"I think I might have something for you." Ma James said, she disappeared then returned a few moments later. Cassie glanced at Cole and saw him looking at her; she quickly looked away as Ma James came back. She slowly wrapped Cassie's wrist in a handkerchief.

"It ain't much," Ma James said, patting it when she finished tying the knot, "but it'll do until you can get down to Doc Mimm's." Jesse snorted and Ma James picked up the bowl of potatoes. "Stop staring Cole, it ain't polite," she said slapping another helping onto his plate. "Cassie?" Ma James wondered as Frank and Jesse helped themselves.

"I don't think so," Cassie said standing up, "I better head home, before Mama sends the cavalry," she waved carefully at Ma James. "Nice to meet you Tom," she said pulling open the front door.

"You'll come back tomorrow?" Jesse wondered.

"I guess," Cassie shrugged.

"Come 'round noon," Frank said, "there's a wagon out back that needs mending."

"All right," Cassie said, closing the door behind her. She walked over to Bullet, calling out softly, as not to spook him. She untethered him and climbed onto his back, she tapped his haunches and he trotted off to the main road.

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