|\/ Prestidigitation Melodies \/|

He sat there, waiting impatiently for his award. Blue had gone to the top of the mountain and slain the fire bird 'Sazuku.' Now that he had done this. "Deed". his reward would be the shield card.

"Flowers. Flowers and girls," It was amazing how the purple haired musician, named lute, could keep his cool playing on a very old banjo. Plucking only one of the four strings he managed to bring order into the dull room.

Blue watched him pluck the strings of the funny looking object and immediately thought of his twin brother, Rouge. He assumed that Rouge probably found all of the runes and was moving on to the elimination of the Time Lord. or better yet the Space God. Blue shook his head and let Lute's music take control of his body. He must was getting soft, because normally he would tell Lute to end it.

Blue would have fell asleep had the laughter of the recently recruited, fun- loving; monster boy not pulled him out of his slumber. The furry creature could take on many forms, but the two that Blue allowed him to become while he was around was a strange human form and his funny looking doggy like form.

This monster danced around on the table like a gypsy; grape colored hair moved to his bodily beats. He almost stumbled when he did a double spin. Lutes music had some kind of "hold" on this out-of-region individual.

Lutes eyes sparkled as he sat there gaping up at Riki as if he was a piece of meat. He snickered from time to time, totally mixing up the beats as Riki danced along. He slowed the music down, looking over Riki when he turned to the side. Just thinking about him was making words within Lutes mind ease out.

"Bed. and Riki-"

The ticking of the clock; the echo of footsteps down the hall; and the patter of Blue's fingernail against the side of the steel-handled chair seemed to come to a halt. Within seconds, Blue had gone from sitting next to the window, all the way over to the desk where Lute was.

"Am I hearing things musician or did you just say." Blue let the words trail. He had no reason to finish all he did was gesture to the one who was suddenly devouring waxed fruit-- Riki.

"He's part of my song!" Lute placed his banjo on the wooden table, looking down at his almost viewable refection; he was turning red. Never before had he thought about something so hard. Usually it was about food or music. A funny feeling was stirring within his stomach a feeling that did not mean he was hungry.

"Sorry for the hold up," The brown double doors quickly slowly and a figure walked in. Flawlessly dressed and aiming for the wrong type of triumph, the figure approached the table. "How are-"


Blue's fist crashed down onto the table, startling Riki who had somehow ended up on the floor. "Fuse, your twenty-something minutes late!"

Fuse chuckled and reached into his navy blue pants pocket, grabbed something and pulled it out. "Easy now, my magic friend." He cleared his throat. "As a token of my appreciation, I present you and your teammates this card." He turns slightly, holding the card above his face to admire it within the light. "A strange mysterious card - a chocolate stain Wait. oh, nevermind."

"Give me that damn card!" Blue leaped over the table, snatched the card from Fuse, and lifted the card into the air. The sound of crashing thunder could be heard from outside. "At last, I have two of the four Arcane Cards. Soon I shall receive the gift and the world will be MINE!" Stops and thinks. Then shakes his head and repeats the last line. ".And the magic will be mine!"

The room went silent and soon the voice of the doggy boy slowly came to. "Wow Mr. Blue, you sure do know how to make something seem like it shouldn't have happened."

The room remained quiet, but this time they were trying to decode what Riki had said.

"Um. Tiki that made no sense."

"My name isn't Tiki, its Riki!" He glared at Fuse who was standing next to him, trying to pat him on the head.

"Um. okay whatever," Fuse moved towards the front of the table and leaned up against it. "So um. Blue, how are you going to find the next card?" He reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette, which he then placed between his lips.

"I plan to advance to Koorong. I have heard that there is a strange power there. I shall investigate and find out what it is, it might be a Card!" As he spoke, he pulled out a small map that looked similar to a normal map. "This is the Region Map, it can take me anywhere I want."

"Oh really. So you plan to use magic to get to Koorong."


"Okay," Fuse nodded and moved his hands around his waist. Where did he put those matches? "Well. have fun!"

Blue nodded and turned around to face the wall. He mumbled a few words of ancient tongue and threw the map in the direction the wall was. The map spun around and suddenly turned into a bunch of strange marble like objects. Each of them had their own image. Blue held open his hand and all but one of the marbles vanished. This was the Koorong region, the image inside the marble looked almost like a city. The marble vanished and then appeared within Blues hands. He looked back at the group and then threw the marble at the wall. It exploded, sending strange light everywhere. When Blue looked back at the wall, there was a circular portal.

"All aboard the Blue express." Blue held up two fingers, creating a peace sign. This was his second time using that spell. He was amazed at how it did not backfire in his face. Blue looked back at the group and then stepped through the portal, his voice called out. "Hurry. Once I get to the other side, I wont hesitate in closing the portal with you two still here."

"W-Wait for me Blue!" Lute picked up his banjo and ran in after Blue. He suddenly turned around quickly, his eyes falling on Riki. "Come on Riki." He turned back around and ran into the portal; image fading quickly.

Riki slowly walked over to the portal and then stopped. He turned around slowly and glanced at Fuse who was standing there looking at the portal. "Why don't you come with us? You look bored and you need some fun!"

Fuse shook his head, crossing his arms in the process. "No, No. I am fine. I don't need excitement." The cigarette bounced up and down as he spoke.

Riki gave him a funny look, and then ran over to him. "You lie. Come with me! Fun you will have!" He grabbed his arm and started pulling him towards the portal.

"Hey, no. I don't want to go." Fuse pulled back gently but kept on walking towards the portal. He really did want to go but just did not want to let them know. He let Riki pull him towards the portal until they both were gone.

"Mr. Fuse?" A young secretary stepped into the office just in time to see the portal close. She gasped and quickly ran out screaming. "Fuse has been up ducted! All personnel to the main office!"