038. Hug



It's not traditional for Iwatobi to hold a swimming party for the 2nd years. Gou isn't a swimmer. She barely knows how to float on her back, too busy complaining about getting frequent ear infections.

That's why he's not prepared for the bikini, white and polka-dotted in a strawberry red, neatly tied around Gou's neck and slim upper back.

Rin didn't volunteer for this — oogling after his sister. He knows he fucking shouldn't, but it's getting to him.

Gou preens obviously under the attention from her male classmates and lightly splashes Chigusa, giggling behind her hands. The same hands that dig under the material of the white-and-red bikini, pulling it out from the crack of Gou's plump, small ass. He's never wanted to be inside a woman this badly—

"Onii-chan!" she squeals, rushing over and throwing her arms around him. Gou's tiny, heated breasts smush up to Rin's exposed chest. Fuck.

He scowls, grabbing her shoulders and dragging her backwards, managing to keep his greedy stare off her cleavage. "For the last time, I'm not letting you guys play chicken in the school's p—"

"No, I need more sunscreen," Gou insists cheerfully, shimmying her hips and turning around.

At the sight of her tugging open her bikini-lacings, Rin can feel his cock simultaneously twitching to life and balls groaning in aching protest.

Holy fuck.

It's taking every bit of restraint he has left to not yank her over the unisex locker room and ease off the bottom portion of her swimsuit, force Gou to bend over against the shower-stall, legs spread, and fuck her pert, perfect ass into oblivion?

"Oops I didn't mean to do that," Gou murmurs, quickly crossing her arms over her front as someone wolf-whistles, grinning sheepishly.

Rin slaps a hand over his face, dragging his eyelids and making a helpless, sullen sound.



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