The giffin house hold was a graceful hol fil with graceful indi visuals. All needed was in a sight to the peter giffeth: the mail box.

"Oh boi, can't wait for the mail that I am being mailed ot regeeve." Peter said aloud to only himself outside his confort zene.

All in suddenly—as in RIGHT now!—a baby was approaching the father of his dreams. He was a super guiness manchild with what had a mission. He had now become Stasee, it was his way of saying that girls are hot and he was into the chicks. He was also going throo a bitz in moe phase as of the last year, which has been half his lafe spoon right now. Also he just happen to become a llleist, all of his friend was talking about it, and it was super-hot as well.

"Stasee, would liiiiike~ to knooow what father of miiiines would da thaaaaas!" Stasee said it in a super moe attritue with sudden pitch rises and finger ones as well, and was dressed as a magic girl for kiccs. Just and only kiccs, dressing in it for real now would be taking it 2 far. Seriously, just a prank. Okay?

"Oh boi, there is stewie or statsee or whatever. I was just at my mail box, obsevering my malebox and waiting for the mail box…"

"All aloooone?! Oh Peter…. Heeere~" Peter lifted her shift as side her or his ( they hadn't ceks even birth was not desided!) butt onto the step on the front of the front door where peter was. "Heeere~ have a Siiiiit~~!" Stasee did a cute wink that make peter goo all red with embarishment.

"Oh boi, I am happy for having a baby as cute as you are" Peter smiled and winked while sitting besieths the diaper magic girl.

Stasee bought out her magic ale wand and flittered it around like a brazen queen.

"heeere~. Here is some reeeeal~ maaagic, and I don't jist menst my moe skirt….." Statee wippled the wand forword into the mail box direction.

All of sudden;y, prufles! The mailman teledevelered the mail into the mailbox that were the staying of both cute babes—Peter also happen to have deep red eyeliner that stasee was totally into.

"oh BOOOOI, my super item has appreaded in my front. A NOTEBOOK THAT CHANGES RIGHT INTO REALTIY." Peter shuffed his hnads into his slevees.

"Woooooooooooooooooooow~ That muuust~ coooost crae! Butt I woulded waaa~nt to be in the hoooouse holddd that becooome in deeept by moooney leweddeing problems" Even with a serious tropical topic such as dept and poverity, stasee couldn't be hlped but of anime moe culture.

Peter started to write into the book, but what did he wrote? Foutn ot?