AN: It was written to get a breath of fresh ideas for my Alice in Wonderland fanfiction. It is rework of an old fanfiction that died during it ealry chapters. R&R. Help with grammar would be good. =)


"Operator has regained consciousness," – a soft woman-like synthetic voice greeted Hyun-Ae when she opened her eyes. There was only darkness around her. It seemed that she passed out in control tube during test drive because of some unpredicted side effect.

"Fortress class ship "Chang'E" sustained massive electromagnetic strike of unknown nature, all subsystems ceased to function three standard hours ago. Minor hull damage reported by repair drones, more information in specific record. Personnel status is unknown, internal scanners still not restored due to low priority…" – the same synthetic voice started to flood the girl with reports of the current situation aboard the ship.

Fortress class ship should be the most technologically advanced warship, being the testbed for new weapon, defense and auxiliary systems developed by central government. Hyun-Ae could not understand how such extensive damage happened to all non-crucial subsystems. According to reports, only A.I. core, self-repair system and life-support continued to function properly. There was no response even from internal security subsystem, probably due to some errors in it.

"Connection established with NUNS "Manticore", Rear Admiral Pavlov on line," – An image appeared in front of Hyun-Ae.

"Lieutenant, I am glad that you are alive. Listen carefully. I was not able to contact your ship for a while; the probability of others… others to be alive is low… You should not panic and stay still, we will try to get to you after we fix our fold drives," – The old man that was her direct commander looked quite beaten up, even his usually perfectly groomed white beard was in total disarray. His face was full of concern and after pondering for several seconds he added – "I authorize you to use all systems, girly. Just do not blow up allies out of scare. Authorization codes will be sent shortly. We lack energy for prolonged long distance communication. Wait for us, help is coming…"

"Connection with NUNS "Manticore" was lost…" – Hyun-Ae was left speechless. Was she really a single survivor on board of "Chang'E"?

"Yutu, put internal security subsystem priority at the top after crucial ones," – The locks on control tube were still flashing red, meaning that outside of it was not safe. A.I. acknowledged the change of repair priorities and reported that the bridge repairs should be completed in seven standard hours.

"Connection established with NUNS "Arrowhead", no survivors on board. Connection established with NUNS…" – The girl closed her eyes to cut of visual information while listening reports after reports that were said in monotone woman-like voice one after another.

The situation she got herself into was not good. Even though all ships in her sub-fleet survived the unknown disaster, there were no survivors besides her. "Chang'E" sustained minimal damage because of the sheer size and thickness of the armor while others, even two Battle Class ships were heavily damaged. She did not even know how she managed to survive. The only difference between her and people outside was that she was free floating inside control tube, partially protected by recently developed compact fold shields.

"Connections with all escort ships in vicinity had been established. Total estimated casualties are 329 761 personnel…" – She developed A.I. to lighten the burden on crews during deep space operation, another A.I. was developed to bypass limitations of neuro-link flight control systems which in return rekindled the research of neuro link systems in general. Now, there was no one around, only different types of A.I.s. She felt so vulnerable even though there were meters of armor surrounding her.

"Star system scanning completed. A habitable planet detected at 1.7 AUs. No NUNG presence detected. No allied governments detected. No fold signatures detected. Analyses of intercepted signals suggests a human colony on the planet…" – Yutu replayed some video and music fragments that really should belong to the human society of some kind. However, no fold signatures and no NUNG presence. Was it renegade colony? It was unlikely be anti-government forward base. After all, her derelict fleet was drifting in space for hours and still was not detected by the planet space force that scanning showed to her.

"Authorization codes were received from NUNS "Manticore", all weapon subsystems are unlocked. Advanced active stealth subsystem and auxiliaries are unlocked. The long range fold protocols are unlocked. Astrogator subsystem is unlocked…" – the list of unlocked subsystems continued for several minutes. Majority of them was a total mystery for Hyun-Ae and she redirected control over them to Yutu A.I.

The small factory that was used as HQ for research fleet found some asteroids nearby and begun production of spare part to boost repair of the most damaged ships. Hyun-Ae anxiety reduced a little. Even though, she was alone she was not left defenseless and everything would be good when the main fleet would come here to get her out of this predicament. Without anything to do and to slow down metabolism the girl decided to nap a little…

"Attention, unidentified ship on collision course detected!"