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"Whoa! What are you doing?" Catherine asked with wide eyes.

"He just wants to say hi." Grissom said calmly, not quite understanding the extent of Catherine's panic.

"Ok...stop right there, Grissom. I'm serious!" She held up a finger as if she was sure that would be enough to stop Grissom from
continuing to advance towards her.

"Stop yelling, Catherine. You're scaring him." He paused briefly to peek at the still creature on his palm.

"And you're scaring me!" She hissed, a little bewildered at how Grissom seemed to care more about the spider than her.

"He just wants to say hi." He shrugged.

"Can't he do that from over there?" She pointed at the far corner of the office.

"You're hurting his feelings."


"Fine." He sighed before gently letting the creature back into his glass cage on his shelf, "I don't understand why you couldn't just
say hi." Grissom shook his head with a boyish look of disappointment on his face.

"In all the years that you have known me, what made you think that I would want it...*him*," She corrected herself before Grissom
could, "...to say hi to me?"

"He's new here. I just wanted him to feel welcome, that's all." He pouted slightly.

Catherine smiled, forever amazed at how much Grissom could care about his spiders, "Is it really that important for me to say hi to him?"



"Because I know all about his world but he knows nothing about mine.  You're part of my world and that's why I wanted to introduce you to

Catherine wasn't sure if she should laugh at or be touched by Grissom's innocent logic, "Alright, but I'm only saying hi if he
stays in his cage."

Grissom grinned as he picked up the cage carefully and stuck it in front of Catherine, "Ok, say hi."

She kept a safe distance away from the glass as if she was afraid the spider could still get to her through it, "Hi."

"Robert." He peeked his head out from behind the glass cage. "His name's Robert."

She looked up at him with new bewilderment, "You name your spiders?"

Placing the cage back on the shelf, he said mockingly, "In all the years that you've known me, what made you think I didn't name my

She rolled her eyes, "You're so funny."

He smirked, checking on his other pets, "I know. I learn from the best."

The End