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P.O. V.: Cinder

Luckily, she didn't go falling down to her death, but she lost her balance and now she has to hold onto the wall of her apartment building to keep from falling, and that wall... is not easy to hold onto.

"Oh. Hehehe. I'm not jumping. It's the cat. She's stuck."

"It's okay. We can help you."

While the man "tried to talk her out of suicide" she got the cat into her arms.

"Hello pretty kitty!""

Cinder got annoyed with the man's ranting,"I told you. I am not jumping. IT WAS THE CA--!" The foothold she was using, loosened causing her to lose her grip even more. Trying to maintain your balance while holding onto a cat, wall, and a rickety ledge, is no easy task.

"What apartment number are you?!"

"117!" (What was her booth number?)

Cinder clutched the cat tight to her chest, making it squeak, as she heard her door open and feet thump down her hallway.

"YEET!!", somebody screeched as the man scooped Cinder back into her apartment. Yes. He is now Batman.

Oh, my lord... Cinder thought as she caught her breath.

"Thank you so much.", Cinder said looking down at her feet, as she is still catching her breath.

"You are --", he paused to breathe."-- most welcome."

She looked up to have a face along with the voice, and was surprised to see a beautiful man.

The man had the warmest copper eyes, and a fair complexion, with silky raven hair. He also had nice hands. Nearly puts Iko's hands to shame.

P. O. V.: Kai


"Are you alright?", I asked, because... it's my job... I think.

"To be all right implies an impossible phase.

For we hope for mostly right, on the best of our days."


The girl looked shocked. "Why, yes. You read books by Marissa Meyer?"

"Tisn't rude to rebuke an arbitrary greeting.

A nonsense question upon first meeting..."

The girl joined in, in an eery harmony.

"To be 'all right' implies an impossible phase.

We hope for mostly right, on the best of our days."

We stood staring at each other for what felt like an eternity until a small beeping sound filled the apartment.


The woman ran at hyper speed grabbing a metal contraption, a battery-like thing, and a bag. In her rush, she didn't notice a small military print wallet fall out of her bag.

Because I know how to not be an evil bean, I picked it up, and read the name on the I.D.

Cinder Linh

Huh, I thought, She's named after ashes... NeAt.

I started the trek to the wahmen's workplace.

Blackburn Corps

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