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In a quaint little cabin, found deep in the Great Forest, Sonic Hedgehog sat on the porch. A pad of paper rested on his lap and every now and then the hedgehog would write down a random thought.

Sonic hummed a sweet tune to himself. His thoughts were on a dream he had had the night before, one where he had died but was brought back to life by a kiss from his love. Sally had been on his mind ever since he had left Mobotropolis. He missed her dearly and waited impatiently for news from the city.

Sonic looked up when he heard the panting of a tired Mobian. The hedgehog smiled when he saw his old friend and servant, Mighty Armadillo.

"Mighty! It's so good to see you pal! What's up? Do you have letters from Friar Chuck? Is my father doing well? How is Sal? Everything is cool as long as she's all right!" Sonic smiled. But his smile faded when he looked at the expression on the armadillo's face.

"Then all is not cool! She's dead! I saw the Acorns bring her to the tomb with my own eyes!" Mighty cried.

"Say WHAT?! You can't be serious?!" Sonic shouted in disbelief.

"I'm telling the truth Sonic!" Mighty retorted. Sonic was silent for what seemed like forever. The look in Mighty's eyes told the hedgehog his servant wasn't lying.

"I have to go to her then!" Sonic rushed back into the cabin, not bothering to close the door.

"Sonic! Reconsider! You're in no mood to leave! Don't do anything stupid!" Mighty tried to persuade Sonic to stay. He feared the hedgehog would end up dead, too.

"I'm going Mighty! You can't stop me!" Sonic stepped out of the house, strapping his dagger to his waist.

"Maybe not, but I will go with you," Mighty insisted.

"Suit yourself..." Sonic shrugged as he started to walk into the forest. He glanced in each direction as if trying to choose the best route.

"What are you doing? Mobotropolis is that way," Mighty pointed in the direction of the city.

"I know," Sonic responded. "I'm trying to remember where it was that I saw that beat up drug store..."

"Drug store?! You're not thinking what I think you're thinking, are you?" Mighty asked.

"And what if I am?" Sonic stated as he started to walk through the forest. Mighty hurried to catch up to him. The armadillo tried to convince Sonic this was a stupid idea, but Sonic wouldn't listen. His one-track mind was set on one thing and one thing only.

It wasn't long until the two came across the sorry excuse for a drug store. The shack like store looked as if it was going to fall over at any minute, which was why Mighty decided to stay outside.

"Hello?" Sonic called as he entered the shack.

"Who is it? Who is there?" a nasally little voice asked from behind a makeshift counter. Sonic looked at the short, scrawny overlander that looked up at him. He wore a dirty green sweater and matching pants. He was almost bald except for the few strands of hair that stuck strait up from his head. His nose was abnormally long, which was probably why he sounded like he had a head cold. In a nutshell, he was a pretty sorry looking guy.

"Just a customer," Sonic stated, no emotion in his voice. "I need a bottle of poison, something really strong. Got any?"

"I have stuff that will kill a Mobian instantly! But the law states I can't sell it to anyone." The overlander sneered up at the hedgehog.

"Listen Needle-nose!" Sonic growled. "I'm willing to pay whatever it takes! Who's gonna find out you sold it to me anyway?" Sonic dropped a small pouch on the counter.

The overland took the pouch greedily and started to count the gold coins it contained. When he was satisfied with what he saw, he reached under the counter and pulled out a small bottle that contained a red liquid.

"Take it and leave!" the druggist hissed. Sonic glared at him and snatched the bottle off the counter. The hedgehog turned and stomped out the door and pasted Mighty.

"Let's juice," Sonic ordered. Mighty quickly obeyed him and hurried up beside the hedgehog. "Hold on tight and don't let go," he instructed. Mighty reluctantly held onto Sonic's shoulders. The blue hedgehog revved up his feet and blasted through the forest in a blue blur.


Friar Chuck paced his cell nervously. Since he couldn't find Mighty anywhere, he had sent a fellow priest to deliver the message to Sonic. The old hedgehog was hoping that his friend would be back soon.

The sound of the door opening made Friar Chuck jump. He turned to see an elderly badger enter the room.

"Brother John! Welcome back! Do you have news from Sonic?" Friar Chuck asked impatiently.

"No I don't. I'm sorry to inform you that I was never able to get to the Great Forest. I stopped to find another brother to accompany me. I found him in a house visiting the sick. The health inspectors thought that the house was infected with the plague and locked us in and wouldn't let us leave." Friar John explained.

"Then who brought my letter to Sonic?" Friar Chuck asked.

"No one, I still have it with me." the badger handed him the letter.

"Oh no! This letter was of great importance! Fetch me a crow bar!" Friar Chuck instructed.

"Right away Brother Chuck," Friar John obeyed and left to find one.

"I'll have to go and get Sally alone. She'll be awake in three hours! I'll just have to hide her here until I can write Sonic again." Friar Chuck nervously stated.

A chilling breeze blew through the churchyard and the Acorn's family tomb stood no more then a couple yards away. Antoine D' Coolette and one of his servants, a timid looking mouse, made their way through the darkened graveyard. The coyote carried a basket of flowers and the mouse carried a flaming torch. When they reached the locked doors of the tomb, Antoine turned to face his servant.

"Please to be giving moi your torch!" Antoine instructed as the mouse handed him the lighted torch. "Go and be waiting over zare. If you are to be hearing something, make zee noise with your lips."

"Do you mean whistling?" the mouse asked.

"Oui! Now go!" Antoine said. The servant obeyed and quickly scurried behind a tree so as not to be seen. It was thought to be disrespectful to enter a tomb. But Antoine didn't care. After opening the lock with the key he stole from the church, he entered the dark and musty tomb.

The coyote's nose wrinkled from the smell of rotting flesh, but he continued on. Soon he came across the very slab of concrete that Sally Alicia Acorn had been put to rest on the morning before. There she laid, stiff and motionless. She was dressed in a long violet gown.

Antoine held back tears at the sight of his dead fiancé. "Ah Sally, my love. Zees flowers I will be laying around your grave. Every night I am to be coming and doing zhis." Antoine said as he started to strew the flowers over the sleeping squirrel.

At the sound of a sharp whistle Antoine stopped what he was doing. "Zare ez someone 'ere? What fuel would be coming 'ere now?" The coyote snuffed out his torch and hurried behind a pillar in the tomb, hoping it would conceal him.

Outside the tomb Sonic and Mighty arrived, one bearing a torch, the other an ax. Sonic turned to his friend for one last goodbye and a few instructions.

"Take this letter to my father tomorrow. Now go! Do not follow me inside Mighty! Ignore anything you hear. And I swear if you take a single peak in that tomb, I'll tear you limb from limb! Understand?" Sonic stated firmly.

"I understand, Sonic," Mighty nodded. "Even though I still wish you would reconsider."

"I have to do this. Hand me the ax." Sonic whispered as he turned to the tomb doors. He was about to break the lock when he noticed it was already open. Confused at first, he just shrugged it off and threw the ax to the side. The hedgehog opened the doors and stepped inside, but turned around to face Mighty one last time.

"Take care of yourself bud. Tell Tails and my family I'm sorry." Before Mighty could answer, Sonic disappeared into the tomb.

Antoine looked out from his hiding place to see the blue hedgehog walking through the tomb. "Et ez that fuel Sonique Hedged-hog! He ez zee reason my Sally ez dead!" Antoine growled and stepped out from behind the pillar, his sword in his hand. "What ez et you are to be planning, evil hedged-hog? Et ez you who ez to be causing us all zhis pain! Prepare to die!"

Sonic dropped his torch and whirled around at the sound of the coyote. "Actually, I'm pretty much prepared as it is, thank you very much." Sonic stated as he patted the poison strapped to his belt. "Now if you don't mind, whoever you are, I really have to do this alone. So if you don't mind leaving..."

"None! I am not to be leaving, fuel! Et ez you who are to be leaving!" Antoine cut Sonic off.

"Now really, do we have to do this the hard way?" Sonic sighed.

With that, Antoine lunged at the hedgehog. Sonic acted quickly and reached the nearest object he could find. That object just happened to be the torch he had dropped. The tip of it still glowed from the burning embers. Sonic threw the torch up at Antoine, who's reflexes were definitely not as fast as Sonic's were. Taken by surprise from the burning torch, Antoine dropped his sword and ducked. Sonic wasted no time in picking up Antoine's sword. As Antoine turned around to face Sonic he didn't stop in time to dodge the hedgehog's sword. The sickening sound of the blade penetrating the coyote's flesh echoed through the tomb. Antoine fell to the ground in a bloody heap.

"I have been stab-ed! Lay-ed me in zee tomb with my Sally..." Antoine chocked out before he took his last breath.

Sonic looked down at the fallen coyote. "Will this killing ever end?" the hedgehog sighed. Sonic was a respectful Mobian and he complied with Antoine's request. He gently pulled the sword out of the coyote and dragged him over to the where Sally lay.

After finishing that task, Sonic slowly walked up beside Sally's resting bed. He carefully pulled back the thin sheet that covered her lifeless body. Tears welled up in the hedgehog's eyes at the sight of his dead wife. Even in death, she was still as beautiful as ever. Sonic glanced up at the other grave next to Sally's.

"Geoffrey..." he whispered to the departed skunk. Sonic took the poison from his belt and looked at it then back over at Geoffrey St. John. "What better favor can I do for you then killing myself," he said to the skunk. "Forgive me, cousin."

Sonic turned back to Sally. He loomed over her still form and ran his hand through her hair. "Even though you're gone, you're still the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I wish I could have been there for you, saved you from all of this." He whispered to her, letting the tears roll down his cheeks. The hedgehog reached for the poison and uncorked the bottle. "But I'll be there for you now..." With that, Sonic swallowed the poison till the bottle was empty. He looked back over at Sally and took her hand. Suddenly, Sonic dropped the bottle and clutched his chest in agony. The poison was starting to take affect on the hedgehog's body. A moment later, Sonic collapsed to the floor.

Outside of the tomb, Friar Chuck made his way through the graveyard. He stopped at the tomb door and reach under his tunic, producing a crow bar. "I have to hurry, Sally will awake soon!"

"Friar wait!" a voice called from behind him. Friar Chuck turned around to see the armadillo walking towards him.

"Mighty! What are you doing here?"

"I came here with Sonic."

"Sonic's here? Where is he?!" Friar Chuck asked.

"In the tomb..." Mighty trailed off.

"In the tomb? Why?!"

"He came to see Sally and I'm afraid to know what else he planned to do!" Mighty explained.

"Come with me," the friar said as he pushed open the doors. Mighty shook his head and took a step back.

"Sonic told me not to! I'll stay here," the armadillo refused.

"Then I'll go myself," Friar Chuck stated as he walked into the tomb. When he got to Sally's bedside he was appalled to find both Antoine and Sonic dead. The slight murmur of squirrel brought Friar Chuck out of his shocked state. "Sally!"

The teenager's eyes slowly fluttered open. "W...What? Where am I?" she moaned as her senses returned to her. The squirrel suddenly jolted awake when she remembered the events of the past few days. "Sonic! Where is my love?"

Friar Chuck was about to explain but a noise from outside the tomb scared him. "Child! We must leave! Lets us get away from this horrible place!" the friar urged as he helped the weak Sally off the slab of concrete.

"But what about..." Sally trailed off when she saw the bloody mess of Antoine on the floor. "Antoine! How did he..." she cut herself off again when she saw Sonic's lifeless form. All the color drained form Sally's face as she knelt down beside her husband. "No! What happened to him?"

"Sally we must go! Or they will see us!" Friar Chuck warned, but Sally wouldn't budge. The noise from outside scared the friar so much that he ran from the tomb, leaving Sally alone with Sonic.

"Oh Sonic!" Sally cried as she held his head in her lap. The bottle lying next to the hedgehog caught Sally's attention and she snatched it up. "Poison! Oh Sonic!" she wept. She didn't hesitate to put the bottle to her lips and try to drink what was left, but Sonic had swallowed it all. "No! You left none for me, my love! Perhaps..." Sally looked down at Sonic. "Perhaps there is still some left on your lips..." she thought. Sally pressed her lips against Sonic's, kissing her love for the last time. When she pulled away, she sobbed even more. "Nothing! Then I'll do this quickly!" Sally spotted Sonic's dagger strapped to his waist. She reached for it and held it above her heart. Sally bit her lip and then jabbed the blade into her chest. With an agonizing scream, the squirrel collapsed onto her husband.

Hearing the scream, a night watchman rushed into the tomb, only to find he was too late. A minute later, two other watchmen rushed in with Friar Chuck and Mighty.

"We found these two in the churchyard," one of the watchmen said.

"Keep them here! Someone get the Prince and bring him here! Alert the Acorn's and Hedgehog's as well!" the first watchman ordered.

As the Acorns and the Prince made their way to the churchyard, the watchman tried to question Friar Chuck and Mighty. But the friar was too upset to explain and Mighty was too shocked to speak. Moments later the Prince and families entered the tomb.

"What is going on here? Why have you waken us up in the middle of the night?" Prince Elias demanded. The watchman explained how they had found Antoine, Sonic and Sally dead in the tomb and had found Friar Chuck and Mighty in the churchyard.

"How is it that my daughter bleeds? She was dead before!" Lord Max stated in shock.

At that moment, Lord Jules entered the tomb. He was about to ask why he had been summoned to such a place but got his answer when he saw the body of his dead son. "Sonic! Not you too! Just last night my wife killed herself over our son's banishment! How has this happened?" Jules cried, demanding an answer.

"Yes! What HAS happened?" Prince Elias turned to Friar Chuck and Mighty.

The friar sighed as he opened his mouth to speak. "I know what has happened." Friar Chuck took a deep breath, getting ready to explain what had happened. "Sonic is Sally's husband and she is his wife. I married them in secret. But the day they were married, Geoffrey killed Sonic's friend Knuckles. In a fit of revenge, Sonic killed Geoffrey. After Sonic was banished, Sally cried for him, not her cousin. Worried over his daughter, Lord Max arranged for Sally to marry Antoine. Sally came to me for help, begging me to help her stop this second marriage. Desperate times call for desperate measures. So I gave her a potion that would make her appear dead. I wrote to Sonic that night to tell him of our plan, but the letter never got to him. I came to the tomb to wait for Sally when the potion would wear off, but when I arrived I found both Antoine and Sonic dead. I tried to get Sally to leave but she wouldn't. I ran from the tomb, leaving her with her husband. She must have killed herself when I left." Friar Chuck explained the events of the last few days.

"I understand, friar. But what about you, Sonic's servant I believe. What do you know about this?" Prince Elias questioned the armadillo.

"I was the one that told Sonic his wife was dead. This caused him to run back here to Mobotropolis to see her. He told me to give this letter to Lord Jules then he went into the tomb. I assume he killed himself after that." Mighty told the Prince what he knew.

"Let me see this letter," Prince Elias said, taking the letter from Mighty. "And what about Antoine? Why was he here?"

"I know why," Antoine's servant, the timid mouse, spoke up. "He had come to pay his respects to Sally. Then Sonic went into the tomb after him. I ran when I heard them fighting."

"I see," the Prince said as he opened Sonic's letter to his father. "This letter backs up what the friar has told us. It talks about his marriage to Sally and how he planned to kill himself with the poison he bought."
Everyone in the tomb was silent for a moment, reflecting on what they had just been told. But their silence was interrupted by a female voice.

"Acorns! Hedgehogs! See what your hate has done?" a gray vixen in a violet cloak shouted as she entered the tomb. Everyone turned to watch the vixen make her way through the small crowd. She walked over in front of the still forms of Sonic and Sally. "Heaven tried to stop your anger with love, but you were to blind with hate to see that! Now your love is dead! Do you see now how evil hate can be?"

Lord Max and Lord Jules lowered their heads in shame. Max was the first one to speak. "I understand now the power of hate and what it does. Jules, accept my deepest and most humble apologies for your son's death." The ground squirrel said as he shook the blue hedgehog's hand.

"I, too, am sorry for your daughter's passing. In honor of her I promise to build a statue of Sally out of pure gold to symbolize her pure and true heart." Lord Jules offered.

"I will do the same for Sonic. His statue will stand right next to hers." Lord Max smiled at his former foe.

The gray vixen smiled and opened her mouth to speak again. "A glooming peace this morning with it brings. The sun for sorrow will not show his head. Go hence to have more talk of these sad things. Some shall be pardoned, and some punished. Never was there a story of more tragedy, then this of Sonic and Sally."


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