AU: With so much love for Ant-man and the wasp going on, I just can't help but write about these two adorable humans. Paul and Evangeline totally kill it in this movie and my shipper heart has now left it's chest at all the new content Marvel provided. While I own nothing here but my ideas, I hope that I did these characters justice.

Without further ado...

Love Bug

The sun was shining brightly, barely a cloud in the sky on an unseasonably warm day in San Francisco. Hope Van Dyne was driving down the street, admiring the unique view only her miniaturized self could appreciate. Her little sedan zoomed along the pavement, narrowly avoiding cracks and bumps, ducking under passing cars who were oblivious to her driving below them. The paper bag full of homemade lunch items crinkled and rocked slightly in the passenger seat as she turned a corner, pulling into the alley next to the building containing X-Con Security Consulting. While perhaps not the located in the nicest part of town, or holding any real curb appeal, it wasn't the building itself that had brought her here, but rather, the people inside. Well, if she was honest, more like one person in particular.

Pushing the lever on the dash, the car zipped back into normal size, rocking slightly on its axels. Grabbing the large sack of food and her keys, she ducked out of the driver's side and into the building. Navigating the narrow stairway, she ascended to the third floor, approaching unit 5 with slight trepidation. Her stomach flipped a little before she mentally scolded herself. Honestly, it's not like you haven't been here before. Plus you see him like every day.

She readjusted the bag onto her hip and turned the worn brass door knob, entering the room to a collection of four men playing basketball with a tiny ball and hoop attached to their kitchenette cupboard. Shaking her head a little, she watched as the lean, muscular figure of her boyfriend fake dribbled through his knees, passing the ball skillfully behind his back to his Latino best-friend Luis. His two other partners attempted in vain to block the shot, the tall Russian with an affinity for the stylings of Grease, flailing widely. As the well built black guy (who looked suspiciously like a famous rapper she had seen on TV) closed in on Luis, pressuring him to make the shot. With a quick over-head pass to a now open Scott, he jumped, slam dunking the ball through the net, the hoop bouncing wildly as it attempted to stay connected with its flimsy frame. Luis and Scott cheered, mocking their opponents who were now hanging their heads and saying things like "Aww man!"

Giving Luis a high five, Scott turned to grab at the kitchen towel on the counter, only to spot the athletic, commanding figure of his beautiful girlfriend waiting patiently at his desk. She leaned against its wood enamel frame, her hands dug into the pockets of her simple, yet perfectly styled outfit, a large brown paper bag resting next to her on the desk. A smile spread across his features like wildfire. Grabbing the desired towel, he quickly sponged at his face before throwing it over his shoulder, sauntering over to her with the swagger of the biggest gorilla in the pack.

"Well hello little lady, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Dad's latest project. Mom and I are trying, but we are getting nowhere with it and I needed a break. So, I thought I'd make us some lunch." Resting his hands lightly on her hips, he leaned forward sniffing appreciatively at the bag behind her. Not getting much though, he reached a hand out to paw at the side of bag, attempting to peek inside. "You know you could just ask me what I made."

"Now where's the fun in that?" She rolled her eyes at him.

"It's nothing fancy. I had to whip up something quick. I made those teriyaki buddha bowls you like and grabbed us a couple of waters."

Scott frowned at her slightly. "No dessert?"

She shot him what was supposed to be a scolding look, but was really more of a bemused smile. "You are such a little kid. Don't worry, I packed you some chocolate pudding and gummy worms too."

"Yay!" he cheered. "Have I ever told you how wonderful you are?"

Hope giggled. "You might have...though it doesn't hurt to hear it again."

"Well in that case...You. are. the. most. wonderful. amazing. gorgeous. woman. in. the. world." said Scott, punctuating his words with kisses. Hope smiled against his lips, her arms wrapping around his neck.

"And?" she asked, quirking an eyebrow.

"And I'm the luckiest man in the world to be able to call you my partner." finished Scott.

"Damn straight." said Hope, sealing the matter with one more, slightly longer kiss. Pulling back, she gently rubbed the crinkles next to his eyes with her thumb, appreciating the way his whole face scrunched when he smiled. "I'm pretty damn lucky to have you too. Though you are a total cheese ball." Laughing, Scott nodded, letting go of her to fetch some chairs.

"Fair enough. But hey, who doesn't like cheese?"

Hope was about to quip back, making some comment about lactose intolerant people when Luis interrupted the conversation with a hello. "Hey you two love bugs, whatcha up to over here?"

Drawing the containers of food, utensils and bottles of water from the bag, Hope didn't pay much mind to the man. "Oh you know, just having some..."

"Wait." interrupted Scott. "Love bugs?"

Luis nodded, confirming what he said. "Yah man. Cause you know, you're an ant and everything and she's like a wasp, which is also an insect. Well, I pretty sure they are anyway. Oh are they like spiders? Which totally seem like bugs, but then because they have eight legs instead of six that means they gotta stay in their own family of arachnids. Nah, pretty sure their bugs. Anyway, its sorta like 'love birds' but like, cause you super bugs and all I thought love bugs would be more appropriate."

Turning from her spot, Hope eyed her boyfriend, who was standing there with a stupid grin on his face. He gave her that look. The one where he knew he was going to annoy the crap out of her but she was going to allow it anyway because she secretly loved it. "No. Don't even think about it."

"Oh come on love bug, don't be like that." His cheeks dimpled as his smirk grew wider. He was so enjoying this.

"Scott, I said no. You are not calling me that." She said, with what little sternness she had left in her.

"But love bug, it's such a perfect name for us. As Luis said, we are bugs when we have the suits on. Plus, we are totally in lurve."

Changing tactics she turned on the other man instead. "Really Luis? You had to put that in his head?"

Backing away defensively Luis tried desperately to get out of the situation. "I...I..I'm sorry miss Hope, I didn't think. You both were being all coupley and cute and whatnot, reminded me of me and my girl Juanita see just sorta came to me, you know?"

Joining the conversation, Scott's other two colleagues backed Luis up from their desk chairs. "It is cute name no?" said the Russian, Kurt. "I can think of worst things to be called. My girlfriend back in home country used to call me her nemnogo latke. Who wants to be called a little potato pancake?"

"Yeh, yeh. Homeboy gotta point." said Dave. "I had this girl once that called me the sappiest, goo-goo eyes names on the block. She had a killer backside, but a man can only take so much before he cracks, you know?"

Scott swiveled in his chair, turning to face his girlfriend who still stood, arms folded over her chest. "See? Even the guys agree. Great nickname. Love bug it is."

Throwing up her hands in defeat, Hope plopped down in the empty chair, situated across from Scott who was already digging furiously into his lunch. Grabbing her bowl and chopsticks, she did her best to look inconspicuous as her leg swung swiftly under the table.

"Oww!" said Scott, rubbing his injured shin. "What was that for?" She quirked an eyebrow at him. Scott sighed. "Yah, okay, fair enough. I guess I deserved that. You didn't have to kick so hard though."

She grinned mockingly at him. "What's the matter love bug, can't handle my bite?"