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Darkar's Castle

A figure was curled up in the darkness, deep in slumber, though he wouldn't be asleep for much longer. He sensed something powerful, it was so familiar. It was the-

"Dragon's Flame."

A large burst of dark magic exploded around the figure, he fell from the air and landed on the ground, lightly. After 16 long years, he was finally free. He could finally capture the Dragon's Flame but he needs help. He has no idea where the Ancestral Witches are and can't sense them.

"No matter. My magic is slowly regaining itself, soon I'll be strong enough to hunt down the Dragon's Flame and use the Ultimate Power," Darkar says, full of glee. "I need allies, and I know just where to find one." Darkar teleports to the archives of his castle searching for one book in particular. He found it instantly.

"Ah, here it is. 'The Legend of the One-Eyed King', the Dragon that will reset the world and life once he destroys it. A perfect companion to help me in my goals," Darkar grinned, maliciously, as he set out to make the perfect summoning.

Everything needs to go perfectly.

Tokyo Ghoul World

"I don't want to be unable to do anything," Kaneki tells Tsukiyama before pulling his mask back on. He leapt building to building sprinting to Anteiku. He needs to get to Anteiku before the CCG kills everyone, he needs to save his friends.

The second Kaneki's foot lands on the roof the next building an octagon summoning circle appears at his feet.

"What the f***!" Kaneki yells as he finds he can't move an inch, the light grew brighter until it was blinding and Kaneki disappeared from the roof. Kaneki was thrust through a wormhole made of darkness. Kaneki could feel the evil and negativity grow stronger and that scared him. He didn't want to go there, he didn't want to meet the monster that would undoubtedly be on the other side.

"No! Send me back! Send. Me. Back!" Kaneki screams and the wormhole explodes. Kaneki finds himself falling from the sky into the large tree branches, Kaneki grunts and shouts as he crashes into the branches and onto the ground. He lost consciousness after landing, vaguely noting that there was a school beside him.


Faragonda, Griselda and the other teachers were sitting together in a room, drinking tea. The college is starting up soon which means that there will be no more peace and silence for them so they take the time to enjoy the silence.

Their moment of silence was interrupted by the ground quaking and a large magical surge that swept the college.

"What is that?!" Palladium freaked out. All the teachers ran outside scanning the area but could find nothing. However, Faragonda walked closer to the entrance to the forest, the other teachers following her. They were shocked to find a white-haired adolescent dressed in leather with a strange mask, lying on the ground, knocked out cold. He was bleeding heavily, it was obvious he fell from a great height but the question is, how?

Ofelia immediately went to the body, "He's alive but I need to take him to my clinic." Ofelia transported everyone to her office and set out to give him healing potions. Once his life was out of danger, she removed his dirtied and damaged clothes and mask.

"Hmm," Faragonda studied the strange teen, she knew what he was but there was something off about him. He was from Earth but not from their Earth, he had a different aura from Bloom who was raised on Earth.

"Headmistress, is something wrong?" Griselda inquires as the rest of the staff turned to face him.

"I believe that this boy is a ghoul."

"What?!" DuFour gasps.

"Impossible!" Wizgiz exclaims.

"Ghouls have been extinct for centuries. The Wizards of the Black Circle exterminated every one of them after stealing the magic of the Earth fairies and trapping in them in their own kingdom. How is it possible for there to be a survivor?" Griselda asks Faragonda, she knew Faragonda was telling the truth but after so many centuries, how did they not know that Ghouls still existed?

"This boy is not from Earth in our realm, he is from another Earth," Faragonda explains.

"I guess it's not completely impossible, we still don't know every dimension that exists in and out the Magic Dimension," DuFour clarifies.

"What should we do with him?" Wizgiz questions.

"We need to watch him. An evil and dark being summoned him from his world and for that we need to watch him carefully, we don't know if whoever summoned him will come back for him," Faragonda warns.

"What shall we do with him in the mean time?" Ofelia inquires worried, he was still her patient.

"Simple, we can make him a student," Faragonda explains.

"Huh?" That was the only coherent reply that they could give the Headmistress.

"The summoning seems to have messed up his biology, he is now a fairy. I can sense the great power that he has. We can teach him how to defend himself," Faragonda decides. The other teachers could see where she was going with this.

"Alright, we'll discuss everything once he wakes up," Griselda declares. The teachers all leave except Ofelia who continues to watch over the teen.

Darkar's Castle

"No!" Darkar cursed. He was so close. The One-Eyed King was nearly in his grasp but somehow escaped at the last minute to Alfea. There was no way he could go there in his current state. "Tch, I can retrieve him later, right now I need to focus on getting stronger and I know just how to do that," Darkar laughed, malevolently.


The next day

Kaneki shot up from the bed, gasping and panting. He whipped his head left and right as he analysed the room, it looked like a nurses office except more fantasy-like.

"I see you're awake," a voice piped up. Kaneki turned to see a woman in her mid-forties.

"Who are you? Where am I?" Kaneki questioned, harshly. Normally, he wouldn't be so harsh but after what happened last night, he wasn't taking any chances of mercy if she kidnapped him.

"My name is Ofelia and I am the school nurse of Alfea," Ofelia introduced.

'Alfea?' Kaneki thought confused, he never heard of Alfea before. "How did I get here?"

"I believe I can shed some light on that," Faragonda answers as she enters the clinic. "Thank you for your care Ofelia, but I can handle things from here."

"Of course, Headmistress," Ofelia replies before leaving the two of them alone.

"My name is Faragonda and I am the Headmistress of this institute."

"Ken Kaneki."

"Now, I know you have a lot of questions and I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability."

"Where am I?" Kaneki inquired, his tone softer than before.

"Alfea College for Fairies, it is a boarding school in Magix," Faragonda answers.

"Fairies?" Kaneki scoffed in disbelief, "those tiny creatures that use magic, have wings and live in an enchanted forest and that s***?"

"Partially incorrect and I must ask you to watch your language otherwise I'll be forced to, what was the human saying, 'wash your mouth out with soap?'"

"Sorry but do you really expect me to believe in fairies?" Kaneki challenged.

"I expected your reaction," Faragonda acknowledges before lifting her hand in front of Kaneki. A green sphere of energy materialised in her hand. "Which is why I am showing you this."

Kaneki stared at energy ball in awe before admitting, "Ok, I'll give you that. Why am I here?"

"Someone summoned you from your world to the Magic Dimension, someone evil," Faragonda explains.

"If someone evil 'summoned' me then how'd I end up here? I know not to believe everything I see or read but as far as I'm concerned, fairies aren't evil," Kaneki throws back.

"Something must have gone wrong in the summoning," Faragonda decides.

"Urgh, I always have such horrible luck. If Touka was here, she'd kick my a-" Kaneki eyes widened once he remembered the attack happening at Anteiku, he jumps up from the bed. "Touka! How long have I been here?! How do I go back?! I need to go back! My friends are going to die otherwise!"

"Calm down, Ken-"

"Calm down!? I'm in another world while my friends are in danger! You want me to calm down?!"

"Ken!" Faragonda raises her voice but does not shout which causes Kaneki to shut up. "I know you are worried and scared for your friends but panicking will do no one no good so I want you to calm yourself and listen. My companions and I will help you find a way home but until then you'll be staying in Alfea."

Kaneki slumps down onto the bed, he had no choice but to take her offer. He knew nothing of all this magic and fairies c*** but the fact that he'll be living it comfy while the others are being hunted by the CCG is heart-breaking. Hinami, Banjou and the others are waiting for him. There's also the fact that he needs to eat every month. This place is full of students and there's no guarantee that he can consume fairy flesh. While Kaneki was lost in thought, Faragonda knew what he was worrying about.

"Ken, I do know about your status as a ghoul," Kaneki whipped his head so fast he nearly snapped his neck.


"Ghouls are species that once existed on Earth in the Magic Dimension, not your Earth though. From what I believe the species are exactly the same. You need human flesh to survive, you have an extra appendage which is called a kagune and your eyes turn red with a black sclera," Faragonda reveals.

Kaneki was shocked at what she knew and the first part confused him. "Once existed?"

"Yes. Centuries ago, a group of humans known as the Wizards of the Black Circle imprisoned the Earth fairies in their own kingdom and stole their magic which they then used to exterminate all Ghouls. None exist to this day," Faragonda discloses. "It was a shame. Ghouls are such misunderstood creatures, they were kind and gentle people who only wanted to coexist with humans but their biology prevented that."

Kaneki clenched his fists, will that happen to the others? Will ghoul's be nothing more than a distant memory in the future if the CCG succeeds?

"Coexistence was actually successful," Kaneki lifted his head up in shock at that piece of information. "Humans and ghouls did live side by side in peace, it was just those who suffered by the hands of bad ghoul's who wanted them gone."

"So... you're saying that peace can exist between humans and ghouls?" Kaneki's lips trembled.

"Yes," Faragonda reassures, smiling softly.

"Thank God," Kaneki praised, there was still hope. Kaneki then turned serious, "You know I'm a ghoul so will you be supplying me with food while I'm here?" Kaneki didn't want to ask but he knew he had to.

"There is no need to," Faragonda hints. "Due to the coexistence of humans and ghouls, a fruit was created to help quell the hunger of ghouls, it also improves the sense of taste, but ensure you do not eat too much as your stomach is still that of a ghouls," Kaneki breathed a huge sigh of relief, the one thing he missed most was his eating.

"So what will I do here?" Kaneki inquires, curiously, "I can't be a student since I'm not a fairy."

"Not exactly, you are a fairy," Faragonda discloses, "your body has absorbed the magic of the magic dimension as well as the being who summoned you. You will officially be stated into this school as a student. The school starts up next week so you will be training the whole week until you fully master your power, learn all basic spells and gain your winx form. You will be starting your 2nd year." Faragonda's face brightened as if she just remembered something, "ah, I must implore you to keep your kagune and kakugan hidden, it won't be good if the students or anyone outside figures out your a ghoul. Otherwise, you'll be placed under 24 hour protection as you are now a reintroduced species."

"Alright," Kaneki agrees, sweating slightly. Kaneki could see she was holding something back, "Is there anything else?"

"Actually, yes. You see, I wanted to ask you if you could watch over a certain student for me. Her name is Bloom and I fear that she'll attract trouble this year. She and her friends did save the school last year from the Trix but Bloom is a very special girl."

"You're worried that someone will go after her? It's no trouble," Kaneki reassures, she was doing all this for him the least he could do was soothe her worries by watching over this girl.

"Thank you," Faragonda says, grateful. "Now, let me introduce to your teachers..."

A week passed in a blink of an eye, Kaneki was a fast learner and absorbed all his lessons with ease. The teachers who all knew what he was were kind and understanding, never judging him once. He almost didn't want to leave. The downside was that he would be the only male student in the whole campus. A fact that Faragonda left out.

A 17 year old male teen who would be surrounded by hundreds of teenage girls. A dream come true for any other guy, but not for Kaneki. This is going to be a tough year.