Avalon's Office

"'-the being's sigil, this is important as the summoning ritual requires a definitive symbol to represent the being or creature as to prevent any crossover. In some cases, certain individuals have more than one symbol or could be combined with multiple objects'. I've read this already," Kaneki growls as he hurls the book across the room with all his strength causing a crack to form on the wall.

Avalon chuckles, unfazed with Kaneki's burst of anger, he picks up the book and brushes off the minuscule pieces of debris. "Now, now, dear boy, I believe the book has done nothing to warrant your anger," Avalon chastises softly before turning to face Kaneki who was slumped over in a chair, face in his hands, "at your age, you should know by now that nothing comes easy, we all need to put in the effort to find the answers we need."

Kaneki huffs at being scolded so he instead redirects the topic to something else, "Didn't you finish grading the papers of the other students who dealt with the monolith? Why'd you call me over?"

"Ah, yes. Thank you for waiting," Avalon replies as he looks over his desk, he takes out a piece of paper with some blank spots and places a small rectangular block of metal on the table in front of Kaneki. "You were supposed to do the test with the Winx but it seems Livy had forgotten to inform you which is why I called you over. I need to canvass your magic and skills," Avalon informs before explaining some more.

"Doesn't me knowing about the test kindly defeat the purpose of an evaluation?" Kaneki challenges, the corners of his lips twitching upwards as he tries to fight the smirk off his face.

"Very much so, but is imperative that I examine you abilities myself so that I know what to do to help you achieve your full potential. Now, I requested that Faragonda not tell me what each of your powers are so I have no idea what you control," Avalon then points to the metal block, "this is the exact same alloy that Faragonda created for the other students, it won't break so easily even if you continuously fire at it so please, show me what you've got."

Kaneki blinks a couple of times before slowly lifting his finger and casts a small Chaos Bomb which had no effect on the block.

"I know you can do better than that Kaneki," Avalon remarks, "or is it that your magic isn't strong enough?"

Something snapped in Kaneki's mind.

"Like hell I'm weak!" Kaneki bellows, baring his teeth as if he were a wild beast before summoning a large sphere of destructive energy and hurling it at the miniature monument. Unfortunately, due to the destructive force of it, the blast was powerful deafening and could be heard almost everywhere in the school. A huge cloud of dust was jam-packed into the room which meant that Kaneki and Avalon were coughing and hacking as they stumbled blindly to find a way out. Avalon managed to locate the window and swung it open, his upper body hanging out as he heaved for fresh air. Soon the dust settled and the two gained the perception of the room.

"Sorry... about that... professor," Kaneki spluttered, coughing into his hand as he saw the destruction he caused. The room was in complete disarray, there were burn marks on the ceiling and walls, his desk overturned and the papers on top were scattered all around the floor, some papers had parts or all of it disintegrated.

"Don't worry about those papers, they weren't really important," Avalon assures as he picks up the papers that were mostly intact, Kaneki helping. "The student's evaluations have been locked securely in the drawer of my desk. Nothing will harm it." True enough while the desk had been overturned. there were no scorch marks or any other signs of damage.

The two continue cleaning up until Avalon spotted the metallic shards dispersed near the desk and his face brightens in glee, "I can't believe it! You destroyed the block in one attack!"

"Is that good?" Kaneki questions, caressing his aching wrist. There was an unusual burning sensation flaring in his veins. Truth be told, it felt kinda good releasing that destructive energy blast.

"It's amazing," Avalon assures, nodding his head enthusiastically. "All the other students were nowhere near in shattering the monolith, well, except for Bloom. The stone was created so that no one would be able to break it but the raw magical ability you have... amazing. You truly are the fairy of destruction."

Kaneki continued to listen as Avalon marvelled over the shattered ceramic and his powers. Kaneki had mixed emotions about the last part of Avalon's sentence. A part of him is troubled that his magic powers are focused on destruction, but another part of him relished the strength, power and fear that came along with it.

Neither had noticed the figure behind the door who had been spying on for a while. "Fairy of destruction," the figure ponders before slinking away, intending to do some research and inform her friends about this revelation.

"-but your powers just don't focus on destruction, it also includes aspects of rebirth. Your powers represent the pinnacle point of death and life. It complements yet counters from Bloom's Dragon's Flame."

Kaneki couldn't help but puff his chest in pride at that. He read that the Dragon's Fire was the most powerful magic as it started the whole Magic Dimension. It is the very essence of life and power. To think, he's already so powerful.

Kaneki unconsciously caressed the tear of blood so lovingly as if it were his child. The thought of power was quite tantalising. To be the best, unrivalled and unparalleled, to have society grovelling at his feet as he stood above them as their God.

Wait, what?

Kaneki slapped both cheeks and shook his head to rid of the impure and unnatural thoughts he was having. Since when was he into subjugation? He wanted to be strong so he could protect his precious people, not to be a tyrant. These thoughts were happening more often. His temper grew as well. Maybe he should drop by the infirmary and be check by Ofelia... Nah, knowing himself he's probably just overreacting.

"Kaneki, are you alright?" Avalon inquires, brows scrunched in worry at Kaneki's strange actions. Avalon notes that the teen has not been himself lately, "You seem to be distracted nowadays. I have noticed that some of the Winx are being quite hostile to you. Is that problematic?"

"No. Not really," Kaneki replies, not really caring. "Tecna's just suspicious of me, not without reason though. I'm pretty sure Musa's hostility towards me is due to jealousy over not being picked for the mission and Stella is just annoyed at the comments I throw in her direction."

"Hmm," Avalon strokes his chin as he reflects the information given. "I see."

"It doesn't really matter. I'm not here to make friends."

"Really? I suppose everyone has their own social group. You just prefer to talk to certain students," Avalon notes. "But in response that leaves you more vulnerable."

"What?" Kaneki wonders if his ears deceived him.

"Nothing my dear boy. Why don't you head back to your room and practice some of your spells? You do need the experience."

"Yes professor," Kaneki responds as he heads back to his room. He borrowed some books from the library so he could develop more spells and techniques of his own. Afterwards, he could spend some quality time with Faith. Kaneki notes that he's been leaving his personal pixie on his own quite a lot and it was really having a toll on Faith so Kaneki figured he'd make it up to the little guy.

After all, rabbits die of loneliness.

Faith wasn't in their bedroom like when he first left but Kaneki figured he'd be hanging out with the other pixies and would retrieve him after he finished with his studies.

The next few hours were extremely productive in Kaneki's quest to become more powerful. He managed to develop a few new spells such as Mirror Barrier, Death's Door, Black Bolt and Noble Heart.

Now that he was finished he could hang out with Faith but first, he needs to head to the kitchen. Knowing Faith, the little pixie is most likely pouty from being left alone.

Aisha's Room

Immediately, Kaneki heads to Aisha's room and knocks on the door, true enough, Faith was there playing with the other pixies.

"Hey Kaneki," Aisha greets, happily.

"Evening Aisha," Kaneki replies before asking if he could come in which Aisha allows. The other pixies were ecstatic upon seeing him but Faith simply crossed his arms and turned away from Kaneki.


"Seems like he's really mad at you. Are you going to be okay?" Aisha inquires. She's never ever seen Faith exhibit such behaviour before and there's the fact that he practically worships Kaneki.

Kaneki smirks before putting his hand to the side of his mouth and whispering, "Don't worry. I have a sure-fire plan for him to forgive me. Watch and learn. Oh, Faith."

"I'm still mad at you," Faith asserts, his head held high.

"You are, huh?" Kaneki's grin grew wider before taking out a small clear bag out of his pocket, inside was a cookie. "Well, I guess I just have to give this freshly baked chocolate chip cookie I just made to Aisha." Faith froze, he tried to glance back without actually moving his head but that proved to be troublesome. "What a shame but if you're still mad at me then there's no point in letting it go to waste."

Aisha knew what Kaneki was doing and the effect it had on Faith so played along. "Why thank you, Kaneki. I'm sure it'll be absolutely delicious," Aisha says as she slowly yet loudly opens the packet. Faith is left appalled so lunges forward at the speed of light and bear hugs her hand before the cookie could go into her mouth.

"Noooo!" Faith cries/whines, large tears drops falling comically.

Both Kaneki and Aisha roll their eyes at his usual outburst, he always overreacts.

"Don't worry Faith, I'm not gonna eat it," Aisha hands him the cookie which he immediately starts chomping on.

"Flanth oo," with his cheeks stuffed, Faith resembled a chipmunk. The other pixies giggled at his appearance and started teasing him.

"So do you forgive me?"

"Hmm," Faith appears to think this over before flying over to Kaneki's shoulder and nuzzling into his cheek. "You're forgiven. Now let's party!"


"Can we join?" Chatta demands, excitedly.

"Sorry but it's bonding time for Faith and me," Kaneki explains. The other pixies all slumped down at that but perked when Aisha said they could do something else together. Kaneki and Faith said their goodbyes before heading out.

"So what are we going to do Kenny?" Faith inquires curiously. He was flying backwards with his hands behind his head.

"I figured we'd go by the lake, skip some stones and stargaze."

"Ooh, how romantic," Faith teases.

"You know what? I probably still have some homework left, why don't we reschedule our outing?" Kaneki retorts. Hiding away his grin as he expected Faith's next action.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Faith chants for forgiveness into Kaneki's shoulder effectively soaking his shirt.

Kaneki gently pats Faith's back with his finger. "Relax, I'm just joking."

Faith instantly stops sobbing and remarks, "You can joke?"

Kaneki stops at that comment and stares at Faith incredulously, "You really want me to cancel our outing, don't you?"

"Nope," Faith yelps, rapidly shaking his head so he appeared as a blur. Kaneki chuckles as they continued to the lake.

Night Fall

"-she spent the next 15 years as a bear before being sent up into the sky, along with her son, and lived as constellations," Kaneki finishes his explanation of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.

"Wow, you know so much," Faith notes. Both were laying down on the grass near the lake, staring up at the night sky and searching for constellations. The two stayed silent until Faith spoke up once again, his tone and demeanour shifting into unusual seriousness, "Hey Kenny? Are you ever going to tell me what you've been hiding?"

"What?" Kaneki never expected such a thing from Faith. The pixie always seemed to be in a happy go lucky manner.

"You're hiding things from me and acting suspiciously," Faith states, still looking up at the sky with a frown plastered on his face, "you're researching strange topics, you keep getting angry at everyone for the smallest of reasons and you keep a strange suit and mask locked up in the back of your wardrobe."

Kaneki's eyes widened exponentially at Faith's deduction. He shot up and was going to assure his reasoning. However, true to Faith's second point, Kaneki lost his cool.

"You went through my stuff?" Kaneki accused and Faith flinched at the cold response.

"I-I-I did-didn't mean to," Faith stammers, attempting to explain himself. "It was-was an acc-accident. I fou-found it by-by chance."

"'By chance'? As if. You were snooping weren't you?" Faith was unable to answer as he was left a stuttering mess. "Forget it. If you don't trust me then that's fine. Go find a new better fairy." Kaneki gets up and starts walking away from Faith who tried to chase after him.

"But Kenny..!" Faith exclaims.

"I don't need someone treating me like a criminal," Kaneki glared back at Faith who recoils at the hatred in his eyes.

"...Kenny..." Faith whimpers as he watched Kaneki walk away from, his heart breaking with every step his fairy took. Once Kaneki was out of sight, Faith let himself plunge to the ground.

He curled up on the ground, sobbing all by himself.

Poor Faith. He's a mixture of Kaneki and Hide's. He has Hide's happy personality but Kaneki's insecurities.

Sorry for the lateness, but I have so much writer's block. I'm stuck with all my stories.

In order for my story to make sense in certain parts, I had to add this chapter. Truth be told, I'm lost. Don't know what I'm doing. But I still plan on continuing.